Listening to the Body

Listening to the Body

Author: Robert E. L. Masters

Publisher: Delta

ISBN: 0385285779

Category: Awareness

Page: 253

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Categories: Awareness

Listening to Our Bodies

Listening to Our Bodies

Argues that a woman's body is a source of spiritual insight and examines ways in which bodily experiences can lead women to feminine knowledge and spiritual truths

Author: Stephanie A. Demetrakopoulos

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)

ISBN: UOM:39015015297032

Category: Social Science

Page: 199

View: 354

Argues that a woman's body is a source of spiritual insight and examines ways in which bodily experiences can lead women to feminine knowledge and spiritual truths
Categories: Social Science

Listening to My Body

Listening to My Body

"Listening to My Body is an engaging and interactive picture book that introduces children to the practice of paying attention to their bodies.

Author: Gabi Garcia


ISBN: 099895800X

Category: Emotions

Page: 34

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Listening to My Body is an engaging and interactive picture book that introduces children to the practice of paying attention to their bodies. Through a combination of story and simple experiential activities, it guides them through the process of noticing and naming their feelings and the physical sensations that accompany them, while helping them build on their capacity to engage mindfully, self-regulate, and develop a better sense of well-being. From "buzzing" and "tingly" to "wiggly" and "squirmy," Listening to My Body gives children a vocabulary to name their sensations and cultivates the message that whatever sensation or feeling they experience is okay. Putting these concepts into practice will help children get better at figuring out what they need to show care and kindness for themselves, especially when they experience difficult emotions. Listening to My Body is a wonderful resource for parents, counselors and teachers! "Great book for kiddos! Every parent should have this book for their child!" - Amazon review "I'm an adult and this book helped me! This is a great book to help kids listen to their bodies and learn how to discriminate between sensations and feelings. Highly recommended." - Amazon review "My four-year-old and me have been enjoying this book quite a bit. It is really helpful in having him learn about sensations and feelings!! I am a psychotherapist and I am really glad there are books like this out there!" -Amazon review "I work as a counselor in public schools and am a mom to a 4-year-old girl. I have read this book with children from 4-11 years old and every child has been engaged and interested in the story. The interventions throughout the book really get the kids involved in conversation about the concepts of feelings and sensations, both when they are calm and after getting a little dysregulated (from jumping, wiggling and rubbing hands together). A fantastic way to start conversations about these very important concepts!" - Amazon review
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Listening to Reason in Plato and Aristotle

Listening to Reason in Plato and Aristotle

As for the natural world , plants are not graceful or kalon by imitating good
character , and the same applies to bodies . I would suggest that Socrates only
means to apply his moral theory to the representational arts . Consider the claim
that ...

Author: Dominic Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198863328

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 654

Plato and Aristotle used moral philosophy to influence the way people actually live. Focusing on the Republic and the Nicomachean Ethics, this book examines how far they thought it could succeed in this.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body

Once you become more in tune with your body,yourtasteformeatwill diminish.
Youwillalsoloseyourtaste for polluted water. Listen carefully to your body. It
knows what it needs and it is your best friend - treat it with love and respect.
Remember ...

Author: Lise Bourbeau

Publisher: Les Éditions E.T.C. inc.

ISBN: 9782920932029

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 220

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This book was written for those who have made a conscious decision to improve the quality of their lives and have decided to take control. The author provides the tools and the guidelines necessary for step by step personal development in every area of life. Based on the concept of Whole Mind Integration, the book is presented in five parts. Excercises at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity for guided practical application of the concepts presented.
Categories: Health & Fitness

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Body

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Body

When I listen to sounds produced in the moment my listening skills differ from
those I experience when I am listening to ... It becomes much more to do with the
ear digesting the sound rather than the body, which for me is not so satisfying.

Author: Dr. Youn Kim

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190859626

Category: Music

Page: 368

View: 291

The presence of the phenomenological body is central to music in all of its varieties and contradictions. With the explosion of scholarly works on the body in virtually every field in the humanities, the social as well as the biomedical sciences, the question of how such a complex understanding of the body is related to music, with its own complexity, has been investigated within specific disciplinary perspectives. The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Body brings together scholars from across these fields, providing a platform for the discussion of the multidimensional interfaces of music and the body. The book is organized into six sections, each discussing a topic that defines the field: the moving and performing body; the musical brain and psyche; embodied mind, embodied rhythm; the disabled and sexual body; music as medicine; and the multimodal body. Connecting a wide array of diverse perspectives and presenting a survey of research and practice, the Handbook provides an introduction into the rich world of music and the body.
Categories: Music

Body Work in Health and Social Care

Body Work in Health and Social Care

black bodies and older bodies Black, P. bodily adjustment through moments of
mismatch in overseas doctors body ... spatial malleability and weekend working
body pedagogics body-stories body-subject body-talk, listening to body
techniques ...

Author: Julia Twigg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444345841

Category: Social Science

Page: 182

View: 900

The first book to fully explore the multiple ways in which body work features in health and social care and the meanings of this work both for those employed to do it and those on whose bodies they work. Explores the commonalities between different sectors of work, including those outside health and social care Contributions come from an international range of experts Draws on perspectives from across the medical, therapeutic, and care fields Incorporates a variety of methodological approaches, from life history analysis to ethnographic studies and first person accounts
Categories: Social Science

Sonic Bodies

Sonic Bodies

We have to learn to listen. In fact, listening is little short of a synonym for learning.
1 This is certainly the case with the audio engineers who – as sonic bodies
themselves – have to be fine-tuned just like the sound system sets of equipment
they ...

Author: Julian Henriques

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441144294

Category: Music

Page: 352

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Categories: Music

Research Methods in Theatre and Performance

Research Methods in Theatre and Performance

... As the project evolved, the research method that became most valuable was
listening to the bodies of one's subjects. The juxtaposition of the 'wasted' pig
bodies with Schiavo's began to present difficult corporeal linkages and questions
of ...

Author: Baz Kershaw

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748688104

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 246

How have theatre and performance research methods and methodologies engaged the expanding diversity of performing arts practices? How can students best combine performance/theatre research approaches in their projects? This book's 29 contributors provide
Categories: Performing Arts

Listening to Trauma

Listening to Trauma

But it is through this breakdown of the legal framework that history emerges in the
courtroom and in the legal body of the witness. (JU, 404–5) In The Scandal of the
Speaking Body, you say that language and the body are bound up in the ...


Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421414461

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 392

View: 570

This new collection from Cathy Caruth features interviews with a diverse group of leaders in the theorization of, and response to, traumatic experience in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Crossing the boundaries of discipline and profession, Caruth’s subjects include literary theorists and critics, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, political activists, filmmakers, public intellectuals, institutional leaders, and researchers. Exploring the intertwining of the intellectual and personal dimensions of experience, each interview is accompanied by Caruth's intimate photographic portrait of its subject. Caruth chose her subjects because of their impact on her thinking as well as their significant role as witnesses to the collective and cultural significance of trauma. The individuals profiled here are innovators in the theory of trauma (Part I), in the clinical, activist, or testimonial interventions in trauma (Part II), or in the creation or modification of institutions that provide therapeutic, artistic, or legal responses to traumatic events (Part III). Two of the interviews first appeared in Caruth's landmark 1995 work, Trauma: Explorations in Memory. The rest were conducted between 2011 and 2013 after the field of trauma studies expanded significantly. Representing both the foundation of trauma research and cutting-edge approaches to the topic, this collection will be useful to practitioners with an interest in post-traumatic stress disorder as well as scholars exploring the multiple dimensions of profound human experience. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will go to the Grady Nia Project for abused, suicidal, and low-income African American women.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Listening to Patients

Listening to Patients

Body. as height, weight, temperature, and heart rate and more complicated ones
such as cholesterol levels and red and ... The nurse also performs a physical
examination of the patients corporeal body in which the body is scanned for any ...

Author: Sandra P. Thomas

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826197191

Category: Electronic books

Page: 294

View: 639

While addressing a wide readership, this book focuses particularly on the nurse clinician and student, demonstrating how a humanistic philosophy and research methodology has the potential to illuminate the deeper meanings of health crises and universal human experiences like pain and spiritual distress.
Categories: Electronic books

We Listen to Our Bodies

We Listen to Our Bodies

In this story, Mr. B helps Deja understand what her body is telling her by asking her to describe what her body is feeling"--

Author: Lydia Bowers


ISBN: 1631985000

Category: Emotions in children

Page: 36

View: 715

Deja helps young children recognize their emotions by listening to their bodies.
Categories: Emotions in children

Mestizos Come Home

Mestizos Come Home

We started this discussion by attempting to listen to what the bodies of Acosta,
Rodriguez, Serros, and Rivera had to say about themselves and their life in the
Americas. We end this discussion by still listening to bodies, and we need to be ...

Author: Robert Con Davis-Undiano

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806158075

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 608

Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano has described U.S. and Latin American culture as continually hobbled by amnesia—unable, or unwilling, to remember the influence of mestizos and indigenous populations. In Mestizos Come Home! author Robert Con Davis-Undiano documents the great awakening of Mexican American and Latino culture since the 1960s that has challenged this omission in collective memory. He maps a new awareness of the United States as intrinsically connected to the broader context of the Americas. At once native and new to the American Southwest, Mexican Americans have “come home” in a profound sense: they have reasserted their right to claim that land and U.S. culture as their own. Mestizos Come Home! explores key areas of change that Mexican Americans have brought to the United States. These areas include the recognition of mestizo identity, especially its historical development across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the re-emergence of indigenous relationships to land; and the promotion of Mesoamerican conceptions of the human body. Clarifying and bridging critical gaps in cultural history, Davis-Undiano considers important artifacts from the past and present, connecting the casta (caste) paintings of eighteenth-century Mexico to modern-day artists including John Valadez, Alma López, and Luis A. Jiménez Jr. He also examines such community celebrations as Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo, and lowrider car culture as examples of mestizo influence on mainstream American culture. Woven throughout is the search for meaning and understanding of mestizo identity. A large-scale landmark account of Mexican American culture, Mestizos Come Home! shows that mestizos are essential to U.S. national culture. As an argument for social justice and a renewal of America’s democratic ideals, this book marks a historic cultural homecoming.
Categories: History

Body Positive

Body Positive

... coping strategy; acceptance of their bodies as well as gratitude for what their
bodies were still able to do; being media-literate so they could ignore
sociocultural pressures about the ideal body; and listening to and taking care of
their bodies.

Author: Elizabeth A. Daniels

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108419321

Category: Medical

Page: 296

View: 791

Explains what makes people love and appreciate their bodies, and offers advice on how we can all do the same.
Categories: Medical

The Wisdom of Listening

The Wisdom of Listening

Listen to this description of how this practice works in the case of the Ozark
Regional Land Trust: Every piece of land in the Ozarks has been ... This practice
involves taking time to be with ourselves, and to listen to what our bodies are

Author: Mark Brady

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780861719860

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 607

The benefits of practicing true listening are very real. Through refining our listening skills, we not only understand just what to say; we also understand when not to say anything at all. We become more open, present, and responsive. In turn, we renew the sense of peace within ourselves. And the effects on our romantic, family, and professional relationships are undeniable. In The Wisdom of Listening, award-winning author, teacher, and trainer Dr. Mark Brady and contributors that include Ram Dass and A.H. Almaas, help us to develop the "listening warrior" inside us all. Inspiring and easy to follow, the lessons here can transform the ways that we interact with others, whether in a large meeting or in a face-to-face encounter. Listening is almost a lost art: some of us may have forgotten how to do it; some of us may have never quite learned. The Wisdom of Listening gives readers the skills to overcome our culture's tendency towards distraction and reaction, and to be more fully in the world.
Categories: Religion

Anorexic Bodies

Anorexic Bodies

... they would attain a weight that was 'natural' to them by listening to their body
tell themwhatand how muchfood toeat(1978). The suggestion here isthatthe body
'knows' which foodsandwhat quantitiesit needs; without social interference we ...

Author: Morag MacSween

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136103407

Category: Medical

Page: 280

View: 435

This book explores the ways in which anorexic women use their eating to control their bodies. It argues that the female body in modern Western culture is understood as open and accessible and female appetite as dangerous and voracious. Anorexia attempts to resist both these constructions in the creation of a closed, desireless body. Since anorexic women resist the power of collective ideologies their resistance cannot work - the closed body becomes its own prison.
Categories: Medical

Body Matters

Body Matters

For example, when we feel abandoned—when we are overtaken by panic, sep-
aration and loneliness—we are not listening to our connections to the safety net
of the universal life force simmering inside our bodies. When you listen, you ...

Author: Darca Lee Nicholson, BFA, MA, CMT


ISBN: 9781873671306

Category: Hymns, English

Page: 246

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Categories: Hymns, English



As a child, you were trained to interpret the signals your body was giving you,
and then you took steps to respond to those signals accordingly—to eat when
you're ... We have gotten out of the habit of listening to what our bodies are telling

Author: Willie Carter

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452565446

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 114

View: 849

You designed this journey on planet Earth before you were born, and you left yourself a map and a guidance system for what you wanted to experience in this lifetime. This map is written in your dreams and desires, in the patterns of your family experience, your body, and your name. Your guidance system is encoded in your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. You chose to come to planet Earth to play, manage, and create with universal energy. You are a creator in training. When you were born, you set an intention to experience a variety of circumstances in your life that would facilitate the learning and expansion you want to accomplish during this lifetime. You are guided moment to moment to live the life that you have designed for yourself, and you will know when you are on track by what you notice, by what grabs your attention. Working in partnership with Spirit, your job is to get clear about and ask for what you want. Your longings and desires are clues about what wants to be born and expressed through you. Your perspective is your unique gift to the world. I now invite you to go on this journey with me and explore your world through your eyes!
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

Spinoza Beyond Philosophy

Spinoza Beyond Philosophy

IIIP2S). In Part IV, for example, he places listening to music alongside 'pleasant
food and drink, scents, green plants and decoration' as ways to nourish the body
that promote the mind's capacity to 'understand many things at once' (E IVP45S).

Author: Beth Lord

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748656073

Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

View: 475

This book of 10 engaging and original essays brings Spinoza outside the realm of academic philosophy, and presents him as a thinker who is relevant to contemporary problems and questions across a variety of disciplines.
Categories: Philosophy

Queer Postcolonial Narratives and the Ethics of Witnessing

Queer Postcolonial Narratives and the Ethics of Witnessing

haphazardly take on the responsibility for listening to the unspoken.4 I am
interested in how histories are shared without ... Although the suicide bomber
highlights the contemporary political salience of how we need to listen to bodies
and how ...

Author: Donna McCormack

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441113788

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 428

Queer Postcolonial Narratives and the Ethics of Witnessing is a critical study of the relationship between bodies, memories and communal witnessing. With a focus on the aesthetics and politics of queer postcolonial narratives, this book examines how unspeakable traumas of colonial and familial violence are communicated through the body. Exploring multisensory epistemologies as queer and anti-colonial acts of resistance, McCormack offers an original engagement with collective and public forms of bearing witness that may emerge in response to institutionalized violence. Intergenerational, communal and fragmented narratives are central to this analysis of ethics, witnessing, and embodied memories. Queer Postcolonial Narratives and the Ethics of Witnessing is the first text to offer a sustained analysis of Judith Butler's and Homi Bhabha's intersecting theories of performativity, and to draw out the centrality of witnessing to the performative structure of power. It moves through queer, postcolonial, disability and trauma studies to explore how the repetition of familial violence – throughout multiple generations –may be lessened through an embodied witnessing that is simultaneously painful, disturbing and filled with pleasure. Its focus is selected literary texts by Shani Mootoo, Tahar Ben Jelloun and Ann-Marie MacDonald, and it situates this literary analysis in the colonial histories of Trinidad, Morocco and Canada.
Categories: Literary Criticism