Paul s Line of Thought in 2 Corinthians 4 16 5 10

Paul s Line of Thought in 2 Corinthians 4 16 5 10

θαρρούντες ουν πάντοτε Paul restates his apostolic confidence in the face of
suffering and death . Paul is , to all appearances , about to conclude his train of
thought by expressing his confidence in the midst of sufferings and his
preference for ...

Author: Fredrik Lindgård

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161484444

Category: Religion

Page: 282

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By analyzing 2 Cor 4:16-5:10, Fredrik Lindgard contributes to the discussion about the character of Pauls language concerning eschatology and anthropology. He demonstrates the fruitful use of a wide rhetorical approach when reading Paul's letter.
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Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought

One of the most striking qualities of this book is the way in which Brodsky Lacour opens up broader historical, philosophical, and literary perspectives, pertaining particularly to present discussions of Modernity and deconstruction, by ...

Author: Claudia Brodsky


ISBN: UOM:39015037440784

Category: Philosophy

Page: 164

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It is considerably easier to say that modern philosophy began with Descartes than it is to define the modernity and philosophy to which Descartes gave rise. In Lines of Thought, Claudia Brodsky Lacour describes the double origin of modern philosophy in Descartes's Discours de la méthode and Géométrie, works whose interrelation, she argues, reveals the specific nature of the modern in his thought. Her study examines the roles of discourse and writing in Cartesian method and intuition, and the significance of graphic architectonic form in the genealogy of modern philosophy. While Cartesianism has long served as a synonym for rationalism, the contents of Descartes's method and cogito have remained infamously resistant to rational analysis. Similarly, although modern phenomenological analyses descend from Descartes's notion of intuition, the “things” Cartesian intuitions represent bear no resemblance to phenomena. By returning to what Descartes calls the construction of his “foundation” in the Discours, Brodsky Lacour identifies the conceptual problems at the root of Descartes's literary and aesthetic theory as well as epistemology. If, for Descartes, linear extension and “I” are the only “things” we can know exist, the Cartesian subject of thought, she shows, derives first from the intersection of discourse and drawing, representation and matter. The crux of that intersection, Brodsky Lacour concludes, is and must be the cogito, Descartes's theoretical extension of thinking into material being. Describable in accordance with the Géométrie as a freely constructed line of thought, the cogito, she argues, extends historically to link philosophy with theories of discursive representation and graphic delineation after Descartes. In conclusion, Brodsky Lacour analyzes such a link in the writings of Claude Perrault, the architectural theorist whose reflections on beauty helped shape the seventeenth-century dispute between “the ancients and the moderns.” Part of a growing body of literary and interdisciplinary considerations of philosophical texts, Lines of Thought will appeal to theorists and historians of literature, architecture, art, and philosophy, and those concerned with the origin and identity of the modern.
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Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought

We also remember fictional stories in terms ofthe causal changes that compose
their main plot line, remembering less about events falling on dead-end side
plots (Trabasso & Sperry, 1985). We sometimes attribute causal powers to
concrete ...

Author: Lance J. Rips

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195183054

Category: Psychology

Page: 441

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How can we think about maths, despite the immateriality of numbers, sets, and other mathematical entities? How are we able to think about what might have happened if history had taken a different turn? Questions like these turn up in nearly every part of cognitive science and are central to our human position of having limited knowledge of what is true.
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The Aesthetic Turn in Political Thought

The Aesthetic Turn in Political Thought

He cannot reach that point because he can't follow his mother's line of thought. It
is a “line of flight” he does not wish to undertake. It is not so much a line of flight,
however, as it is a line of descent, a descent into darkness. To follow that line of ...

Author: Nikolas Kompridis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441185167

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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The growing exploration of political life from an aesthetic perspective has become so prominent that we must now speak of an “aesthetic turn” in political thought. But what does it mean and what makes it an aesthetic turn? Why now? This diverse and path-breaking collection of essays answers these questions, provoking new ways to think about the possibilities and debilities of democratic politics. Beginning from the premise that politics is already “aesthetic in principle,” the contributions to The Aesthetic Turn in Political Thought from some of the world's leading political theorists and philosophers, disclose a distinct set of political problems: the aesthetic problems of modern politics. The aesthetic turn in political thought not only recognizes that these problems are different in kind from the standard problems of politics, it also recognizes that they call for a different kind of theorizing – a theorizing that is itself aesthetic. A major contribution to contemporary theoretical debates, The Aesthetic Turn in Political Thought will be essential reading to anyone interested in the interdisciplinary crossroads of aesthetic and politics.
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Line of Thought

Line of Thought

The Essential Collection of artwork by Peter 'Draws' Deligdisch.

Author: Peter Deligdisch

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1490405666

Category: Art

Page: 74

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The Essential Collection of artwork by Peter 'Draws' Deligdisch. Included are scans of his personal 'doodle book' and various other pieces he has completed over the past couple of years. Look through it, get inspired, and create something of your own.
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Lines of Thought

Lines of Thought

This book brings together twelve essays published between 1983 and 2015.

Author: Paul Scott Derrick

Publisher: Universitat de València

ISBN: 9788491341789

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 196

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This book brings together twelve essays published between 1983 and 2015. They reveal the author's continuing interest in what is argued here to be the central, although subversive and recessive line of thinking in American and western society. This romantic thread is followed mainly from Ralph Waldo Emerson through Emily Dickinson to Martin Heidegger and Stanley Cavell. Este libro reúne doce ensayos publicados entre 1983 y 2015, que revelan el continuo interés del autor en lo que se argumenta aquí como la línea de pensamiento central, aunque subversiva y no dominante, de la sociedad americana y occidental. Este hilo romántico es seguido principalmente desde Ralph Waldo Emerson hasta Martin Heidegger y Stanley Cavell, pasando por Emily Dickinson.
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A Neglected Line of Study strongly recommended to the Rich By the author of Morning Clouds i e Anne Judith Penny

A Neglected Line of Study strongly recommended to the Rich  By the author of  Morning Clouds   i e  Anne Judith Penny

It is needless to specify the subjects of perplexing thought to which I here allude .
The common drift of newspapers , of periodicals , and books more carefully
written , supplies an endless variety of agitation for weak intellects , and deep
interest ...

Author: Anne Judith Penny


ISBN: BL:A0023602630


Page: 32

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The Post human Condition

The Post human Condition

That is, the path that represents a thought is not linear in the sense that it travels
from Haling Broadway to Ongar on the Central line, or even that it might be
diverted at some junction to a different line. The thought may travel from Ealing ...

Author: Robert Pepperell

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1871516455

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 206

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Where humanists saw themselves as distinct beings in an antagonistic relationship with their surroundings, posthumans regard their own being as embodied in an extended technological world.
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Truth Thought Reason

Truth  Thought  Reason

But when one regards senses, as one should, as ways of thinking, the line of
thought is more deeply unacceptable. I have already remarked on the absurdity
of step (a'), which is a near-consequence of the view we are discussing. The view

Author: Tyler Burge

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 0191557382

Category: Philosophy

Page: 434

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Tyler Burge presents a collection of his seminal essays on Gottlob Frege (1848-1925), who has a strong claim to be seen as the founder of modern analytic philosophy, and whose work remains at the centre of philosophical debate today. Truth, Thought, Reason gathers some of Burge's most influential work from the last twenty-five years, and also features important new material, including a substantial introduction and postscripts to four of the ten papers. It will be an essential resource for any historian of modern philosophy, and for anyone working on philosophy of language, epistemology, or philosophical logic.
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Idealistic Thought of India

Idealistic Thought of India

I GENERAL NATURE Buddhism offers an excellent example of how a line of
thought which starts as naive realism or eVen materialism becomes an idealism
of the highest speculative type by continuous and thoroughgoing self-criticism
and ...

Author: P T Raju

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134543434

Category: Reference

Page: 458

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When first published in 1953, metaphysical idealism was still the dominant philosophy of India. This volume depicts the metaphysical strands of the life and philosophy of India in the light of those of the West and brings out the deeper implications of idealistic metaphysics.
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Other Minds

Other Minds

This conversation is represented in Wittgenstein's writings by an interplay of
voices: on the one side there is the voice that represents a particularly tempting
line of thought, on the other side there is the voice that tries to draw us away from
that ...

Author: Anita Avramides

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135199388

Category: Philosophy

Page: 352

View: 217

How do we know whether there are other minds besides our own? The problem of other minds raises many questions which are at the root of all philosophical investigations - how it is we know, what is the mind and can we be certain about any of our beliefs? In this compelling analysis of 'other minds' Anita Avramides traces the question from the Ancient Sceptics through to Descartes, Malebranche, Locke, Berkeley, Reid and Wittgenstein. The second part of the book explores the views of influential contemporary philosophers such as Strawson, Davidson, Nagel and Searle. Other Minds provides a clear insightful introduction to one of the most important problems in philosophy. It will prove invaluable to all students of philosophy.
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Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought

Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought

Kant was thought to have made an error, and sciences proceeded to “correct" not
only his mathematics but his entire ... Einstein paid tribute to Kant, although he
argued, more on the romanticist line of thought, that the imaginativeintuitive ...

Author: Vladimir Tasic

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195349954

Category: Mathematics

Page: 200

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This is a charming and insightful contribution to an understanding of the "Science Wars" between postmodernist humanism and science, driving toward a resolution of the mutual misunderstanding that has driven the controversy. It traces the root of postmodern theory to a debate on the foundations of mathematics early in the 20th century, then compares developments in mathematics to what took place in the arts and humanities, discussing issues as diverse as literary theory, arts, and artificial intelligence. This is a straightforward, easily understood presentation of what can be difficult theoretical concepts It demonstrates that a pattern of misreading mathematics can be seen both on the part of science and on the part of postmodern thinking. This is a humorous, playful yet deeply serious look at the intellectual foundations of mathematics for those in the humanities and the perfect critical introduction to the bases of modernism and postmodernism for those in the sciences.
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Web Without a Weaver on the Becoming of Knowledge

Web Without a Weaver  on the Becoming of Knowledge

Within this thesis different lines of thought, of different theoretical origins are
collected and explored. Each line of thought provides suggestions about how,
within anthropology, we are to address and theorise the social constitution of ...

Author: Camilla Hald

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781612337548

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

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The dissertation describes the processes surrounding the production of investigative knowledge within the Danish Police based on in-depth analyses of how investigators seek out, discover, and produce knowledge that can assist in the production of evidence for identification and prosecution. The central question informing the dissertation is the question of how knowledge comes about, and how such processes of knowledge can be studied anthropologically. The dissertation develops a theoretical frame for the study of knowledge, which addresses the becoming of knowledge as the effect of the interaction of heterogeneous 'parts' producing knowledge as a complex 'whole'. This is done by investigating how tacit and embodied forms of knowledge (experience or 'craft knowledge') as well as more abstract forms and 'fields' (e.g., natural, medical or forensic sciences, or legal and technical procedures) contribute to and impact the creation of knowledge of a particular crime. The central point of argumentation of the dissertation is that the becoming of knowledge cannot be ascribed to one 'part'. Knowledge creation must be analysed and theorised as a result of the complex interaction between investigator, environment, objects, technology, theory, procedure, etc. and the 'structures of possibility' individual 'parts' contribute to the workings of the 'whole'. It is this interaction and the space which arises from it that this dissertation seeks to investigate, analyse, and theorise.
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An Outline of the History of Economic Thought

An Outline of the History of Economic Thought

This line of thought was transplanted to America in the 1930s and there, after the
Second World War, bore diverse and notable fruits. ... Finally, in Chapter 10 we
spoke of the influence exerted by these lines of thought on the development 437

Author: Ernesto Screpanti

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191647765

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 584

View: 730

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the development of economics from its beginnings, at the end of the Middle Ages, up to contemporary developments. It is strong on contemporary theory, providing extensive coverage of the twentieth century, particularly since the Second World War. The second edition has been revised and updated to take account of new developments in economic thought.
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The Western Theory of Tradition

The Western Theory of Tradition

Line. of. Thought. Was man nicht erfliegen kann, muss man erhinken. ...
furthermore, which in Beyond the Pleasure Principle becomes available to Freud
in his anciently derived “line of thought”(Gedankengang).1 In Beyond ...

Author: Sanford Budick

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300081510

Category: Philosophy

Page: 293

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A study of cultural tradition. Sanford Budick reveals an operative concept of Western cultures: according to this concept, the art of freely receiving and handing on cultural tradition and the act of achieving moral and aesthetic freedom in sublime representation are the same phenomenon.
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Organizational Capabilities and Bottom Line Performance

Organizational Capabilities and Bottom Line Performance

In this two-dimensional field, four generic 'strategic lines of thought' have been
positioned: Table 1.1 Positioning of four generic strategy models (from: Zegveld,
2002) Concerning the time orientation, two basic explanations of the
performance ...

Author: Bart Eikelenboom

Publisher: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.

ISBN: 9789059720633

Category: Industrial organization

Page: 242

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increments of time , of force and of pitch , turns the reading into scanning and
makes each foot an equally important unit in the expression of the thought .
Emphasizing the parallelism of rhyme in the same way makes each line a co -
equal unit ...

Author: National Speech Arts Association


ISBN: UOM:39015048885746



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Black Talk Blue Thoughts and Walking the Color Line

Black Talk  Blue Thoughts  and Walking the Color Line

Dispatches from a Black Journalista Erin Aubry Kaplan. PUBLiCATiOn CrEdiTS
Full or partial versions of the following pieces first appeared in the LA Weekly and
are reprinted here by permission: “The Butt,” “Black Like I Thought I Was,” “Fire ...

Author: Erin Aubry Kaplan

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555537548

Category: Social Science

Page: 278

View: 987

This lively and thoughtful book explores what it means to be black in an allegedly postracial America
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china is poorer than we thought but no less successful in the fight against poverty

china is poorer than we thought  but no less successful in the fight against poverty

new data set of national poverty lines gives an estimate of the log poverty line of
3.52 ($33.75 per month) for the expected poverty line in the poorest country in the
sample, with a White standard error of 0.105. Figure 2 also gives a more flexible ...

Author: Martin Ravallion

Publisher: World Bank Publications




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Karl Marx s Social and Political Thought

Karl Marx s Social and Political Thought

... the conditions and numbers of Irish workers in Manchester could have started
Engels thinking along the lines of searching ... for the immigration of the workers
into England in Ireland itself , and could have set Marx along the line of thought ...

Author: Bob Jessop

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415193281

Category: Communism

Page: 592

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