Summary: Lincoln on Leadership

Review and Analysis of Philips' Book

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The must-read summary of Donald T. Phillips' book: "Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times". This complete summary of the ideas from Donald T. Phillips' book "Lincoln on Leadership" analyzes Abraham Lincoln's leadership style, his character, his communication techniques and how he moved the country forward. In his book, the author explains how Lincoln was a master of creating consensus and inspiring others. His preferred method was to suggest a course of action, generally through humorous stories with strong morals, and then empower people to use their own initiative. This summary reveals the leadership secrets of Abraham Lincoln, all of which you can learn and apply to your own leadership style. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your leadership skills To learn more, read "Lincoln on Leadership" and find out how you can learn from the greatest leader and start getting the best out of people.

You The Leader

Author: Phil Pringle

Publisher: PaX Ministries Pty Ltd

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You the Leader is a ‘must-read’ for any person who feels called to Leadership in the body of Christ. The insight in this book, gained from over 30 years of pastoral ministry, is practical, biblically based, and includes thinking in the area of leadership that is revolutionary in today’s contemporary church.

Run to Win

Vince Lombardi on Coaching and Leadership

Author: Donald T. Phillips

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429979348

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Vince Lombardi, whom many believe to be the greatest football coach in the history of the sport, is both a household name and an icon. He is not only renowned in the sports world, but also in business and industry for his exceptional leadership skills. In Run to Win, acclaimed author Don Phillips examines Lombardi's famous coaching style by painting a picture of a fascinating individual, a man whose ingenious leadership helped lead his teams to nine playoff victories in a row, including wins in the first two Super Bowls. By extracting powerful lessons from a man who could both lead and inspire, Phillips gets to the heart of what made Lombardi great and shows readers what it takes to be a winner. At the same time, this groundbreaking book tells the inspiring story of Lombardi's ten-year career with the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins, complete with anecdotes, quotes, and Lombardi Principles that show why this legendary coach continues to be a role model for effective leadership in business today. Totally accessible and utterly fascinating, Donald T. Phillips's Run to Win empowers readers with the knowledge to succeed in business, while entertaining them with tales of a man whose ability to win under any circumstance is unsurpassed in the history of professional sports.

Leadership Reconsidered

Becoming a Person of Influence

Author: Ruth A. Tucker

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 158558780X

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While books and articles on leadership abound, most of them are written by "successful" men who look at the world through the lens of a Western business model. The standard for success is based on the bottom line--financial growth in both the personal and corporate realms. This perspective has infected Christian leadership literature as well. In Leadership Reconsidered, Ruth A. Tucker calls for a revised definition--one that abandons the love of power and success for the eternal value of legacy. She challenges the assumption that a leader must by definition have followers, be an extrovert, crave recognition, and dominate others. Instead, legacy encompasses the values of behind-the-scenes influence that are available to everyone and last beyond the grave. This unique and refreshing perspective on leadership is accessible and engaging and will make an impact on anyone who takes it to heart.

Getting Unstuck

Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence

Author: Ralph Jacobson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466596430

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Humans are naturally wired to solve problems. Implement the right solutions and the problems generally go away. Paradoxes are quite different. They consist of opposites that do not appear to be able to coexist, but must. Most of the issues that keep organizations from achieving strategic success are not problems, they are paradoxes. Practical approaches to address our most important paradoxes do exist. By reading this book you will learn how to address the paradoxes commonly encountered in organizations and in life. Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership to Execute Paradoxes with Confidence will teach you how to balance key paradoxes to achieve greater long-term growth and enhanced sustainability than those who rely on financial data and problem solving methods alone. It addresses the issues that are the most troublesome to people and the organizations they work for. Describing how to think and work more strategically, the book introduces the language and tools you need to share innovative approaches to dilemmas within your organization and to develop better working relationships, both internally and externally. It provides a practical and powerful platform to help you develop new possibilities and achieve your strategic objectives. You will learn how to see conflict with a fresh set of eyes, how to redefine your roles, and how to become more effective professionally and personally. If you have experienced trouble implementing strategic objectives, difficulties getting people from different parts of your organization to work together; if you want to achieve a higher level of success, if you feel stuck, then read this book. Filled with examples of real-world paradoxes, it supplies valuable insights into the root causes of workplace conflicts to help you execute change with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Leading Up

Transformational Leadership for Fundraisers

Author: Lilya Wagner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471754242

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Fundraisers at all levels discover the art of leading up Fundraisers know that in order to be successful in their demandingprofession, they have to get things done. And to get things done,they need to exercise leadership from whatever rank or positionthey hold--often from the middle. This concept is called "leadingup." Recognizing that all fundraisers must be leaders, Leading Upteaches professionals the skills and traits they need to besuccessful in their philanthropic roles. Leading Up centers around author Lilya Wagner's unique model, whichexemplifies the concept of leading up. Here, fundraisers willdiscover: how to get things done when they're not in charge; how tomotivate others when they don't have formal authority; how toconvince or persuade their colleagues and superiors about theirneed for action and involvement; and how to lead when they're notrecognized leaders by virtue of power or position. Focusing on problem-solving concepts, Leading Up is packed withthought provoking questions, exercises, and practical applicationsteps that allow professionals to practice and implement theprinciples they've just learned. The book also includesinspirational quotes on leadership from recognized and successfulprofessionals and leaders. Leadership qualities have to be learned and practiced by all whowish to achieve success in fundraising, whether boss or not.Leading Up provides readers with the groundwork they need to notonly build up their causes and organizations, but also influence aprofessional field that is still developing.

How to Influence People

Make a Difference in Your World

Author: John C. Maxwell,Jim Dornan

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1400204798

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You can make a difference! Believe it or not, the most effective way to make an impact on the world is to make an impact on individual people. How do you do that? Through influence. In How to Influence People, leadership guru John C. Maxwell and his friend Jim Dornan tell you how to make a positive impact on every person in your life, from your children and coworkers to your customers and the barista at the coffee shop. How to Influence People will empower you to become a potent and positive influence in the lives of those around you without using a position or title. By “pouring your life into other people” (Dr. Maxwell’s definition of mentoring), “you can truly make a difference in their lives.” And when you make a difference in the lives of others, it makes a difference in your life too. Learn to perceive the stages of influence in your relationships and skillfully navigate your progress from perfect stranger to helpful confidant, to inspiring mentor and multiplier of influencers. Let this book impact your relationships, great and small, and make you a positive influencer and better leader in the lives of those around you.

Moral problems in American life

new perspectives on cultural history

Author: Karen Halttunen,Lewis Perry

Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780801432705

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American history is filled with moments of grave moral doubt and institutional crisis, with conflicts over fundamental values, with ethical dilemmas and paradoxes. This volume surveys the moral landscape of the American past from slavery to the Vietnam War. Bringing together fourteen of the most original historians practicing today, the book illuminates a critical dimension of American history, even as it shows how historical study contributes to present-day debates about values and the moral life. These essays examine a wide range of questions that have engaged past generations of Americans and persist into the present -- questions about the composition of a moral community and the case for civil disobedience, about the appropriate responses to injustices and inequalities, and about the ethical implications of artistic expression, school curricula, sexual behaviors, and popular media. Focusing on the impact of moral problems on everyday experience, the authors consider these questions in light of reform movements and religious practices; changing social institutions such as marriage, public schools, labor unions, and penitentiaries