Life with Kenneth Connor

Life with Kenneth Connor

With a foreword by Jeffrey Holland, and recollections from many of Kenneth's friends and colleagues, Life with Kenneth Connor offers a fascinating and personal insight into the actor who passed away in November 1993.

Author: Jeremy Connor


ISBN: 1785102575

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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In this new publication, Kenneth Connor's son, Jeremy Connor, recalls many of the unique experiences that he shared with his much-loved father. At the same time, readers are given an engaging glimpse into life behind-the-scenes on many of the productions Kenneth worked on. With a foreword by Jeffrey Holland, and recollections from many of Kenneth's friends and colleagues, Life with Kenneth Connor offers a fascinating and personal insight into the actor who passed away in November 1993.
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Chemical Stability of Pharmaceuticals

Chemical Stability of Pharmaceuticals

This Handbook makes accessible to the pharmacist much of the information necessary to make pharmaceutical decisions about drug stability.

Author: Kenneth A. Connors

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 047187955X

Category: Medical

Page: 847

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Provides a sound theoretical basis for understanding chemical kinetics and its uses in studying drug stability. Treats the calculations, approximations, and estimates that are useful to the pharmacist in professional practice, and presents a collection of selected drug-stability data from the pharmaceutical literature. This Handbook makes accessible to the pharmacist much of the information necessary to make pharmaceutical decisions about drug stability. Changes in this edition include thorough revision of the chapter on oxidation, addition of a new chapter on solid-state stability, and a tripling of the number of stability monographs. All monographs figures have been redrawn, most of them from published data, and all sources are cited.
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Carry On Films

Carry On Films

Kenneth Williams: 'Wouldn't surprise me, after the way I've been mucked about.' /
Kenneth Connor: 'What's there to talk about?' Dora Bryan: 'Life!' Kenneth Connor:
'Life? Infection, decay and death, that's life.' / Dora Bryan: 'We must give ...

Author: Mark Campbell

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781843448624

Category: Performing Arts

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Infamy! Infamy! They've All Got It In For Me! Beginning with the feel-good conscription caper Carry On Sergeant (1958) and finishing up with the much-maligned sex farce Carry On Emmannuelle (1978), producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas tossed off a record-breaking thirty films, all with that unique 'naughty but nice' seaside postcard-style humour. A team of spot-on comedy performers, headed by Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Connor, provided the great unwashed public with brain-achingly corny gags, ridiculous slapstick antics and seminal scenes of mayhem and speeded-up chicanery that would have brought a smile to the most jaded of palates. The Carry On comedy partnership of Rogers and Thomas (later combined with the wit of scriptwriter Talbot Rothwell) was responsible for many a classic production. From historicals such as Carry On Cleo (1964) and Carry On...Up The Khyber (1968) - the latter quite possibly the funniest film ever made in Wales - to such contemporary rib-ticklers as Carry On Doctor (1967) and - possibly the most famous entry of all, thanks to Barbara Windsor's elasticised brassiere - the seminal Carry On Camping (1968). The series may have ended in the gutter with Carry On Behind (1975) and Carry On England (1976), but such was the sheer talent on display throughout those twenty years, we can forgive them this small failing. Any genre was up for ridicule - bored with Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)? Try Carry On...Follow That Camel (1967). Fed up with Hammer horror? Turn off the light and shudder at the spine-chilling Carry On Screaming! (1966). Everyone has a personal favourite Carry On film - look up yours in this concise introduction to the whole, extraordinary phenomenon. What's in it? Every film examined in detail, with full cast and crew listing, key scenes and dialogue gems, and an informed critique; brief biographies of the major players, TV shows and theatre plays; appendices that include an exhaustive bibliography and an overview of the best Carry On websites around; all rounded off with a fiendish quiz on all things Carry On.
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A Life Through the Lens

A Life Through the Lens

193 Lp: June Ritchie, Ian Hendry, John Hurt A south London housewife embarks
on an a›air with her mother's lodger. Carry On Cruising (¡962) Dir: Gerry Thomas
Lp: Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Sid James All aboard the cruise ship for

Author: Alan Hume

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786418039

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 220

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In a career spanning six decades, director of photography Alan Hume has worked on over 100 films and television shows and progressed through the ranks from a young clapper boy to one of the best lighting cameramen in the business. From early films with David Lean, through the popular Carry On series, Amicus horror, four James Bonds, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, A Fish Called Wanda, Shirley Valentine, Stepping Out, and others, Alan Hume has worked alongside some of the most acclaimed directors and producers and biggest film stars. The memoir, from his evacuation as a child in World War II to his retirement, includes a collection of rare photographs, both in front of and behind the camera. He explains technical details and insights of the industry while divulging anecdotes about celebrities and filmmaking. It concludes with a summary of the technological changes throughout his career and to the present, and a full filmography. With great good humor, Hume offers an incomparable tour behind the camera.
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I miss her because she was so full of life and joy ... her smile lit up my life for a
long time.' The Sykes television ... of the great props of my life.' Kenneth Connor
remarked that, 'However much she suffered she didn't talk about it or publicise it.

Author: Andy Merriman

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited

ISBN: 9781845138172

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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The hardback of this first and authorised biography received very good reviews and immediately reprinted. It tells the story of one of the heroines of post-war British comedy, on radio, film and TV. Hattie Jacques is known as the billowing, imposing Matron in the Carry On films, as the star of such BBC radio classics as ITMA, Educating Archie and Hancock’ s Half Hour, and as the fictional sister of Eric Sykes in his long-running TV sitcom. But the formidable, frumpy galleon-in-full-sail screen persona could not have been more at odds with the real-life woman, as this biography reveals for the first time. She had a tempestuous wartime affair with an American officer, and then a strange marriage to the actor John le Mesurier (Corporal Wilson in Dad’ s Army) whose dissatisfactions she circumnavigated by moving her lover, a flashy Cockney car dealer, into the matrimonial home. But as well as being warm and sexy and generous she was also, owing to her lifelong struggle with her weight, needy and melancholic, and rueful that her size persistently typecast her and excluded her from many roles. This biography has been written with full co-operation from Hattie’ s son, and show business friends like Barbara Windsor, Clive Dunn, Galton and Simpson and Ian Carmichael.
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The Jesus Machine

The Jesus Machine

The attorney was Ken Connor , who had succeeded Gary Bauer as president of
the Family Research Council and had recently left ... 15 By the time the op - ed
column appeared , Terri Schiavo ' s case had been a cause célèbre in the pro -
life ...

Author: Dan Gilgoff

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429917091

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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*The crucial Ohio get-out-the-vote effort that lifted Bush over Kerry. *The Terri Schiavo controversy. *The push for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. *Attacks on Roe v. Wade. *"Intelligent design" in our science curriculum. The evangelical right has pushed all of these initiatives, led by the immense behind-the-scenes influence of Dr. James Dobson, the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family: an organization that has grown from its roots as a local parenting advice center to a powerful ministry that broadcasts Dr. Dobson each day on more than 3,000 radio and 80 television stations in the U.S. alone. Dobson has supplanted Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Ralph Reed as the spokesman for tens of millions of American evangelical Christians--even though Dobson is not a minister, but a family therapist with a doctorate in child development. Dobson maintains that the American political and social spectrums are firmly rooted in a centuries-old Christian tradition--one that has come under siege beginning in the 1960s, spear-headed by court rulings that have undermined the necessity of religion in public life. With the support of evangelical followers, Dobson has garnered more and support than many ever thought possible and has harnessed this power to wage a crusade in support of strengthening abortion restrictions and establishing anti-gay rights litigation. The Jesus Machine is the first book to examine Focus on the Family as the cutting edge of the larger evangelical movement, backing what many view to be goals in common with the current political agenda of the Bush administration, as it works to become the voice of mainstream America. Through exhaustive research, Dan Gilgoff, a Senior Reporter for US News & World Report, exposes the intricacies of the Focus on the Family's rallying cry and the drastic implications they hold for the future of America's political system.
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Managing by Values

Managing by Values

Suggests that a company's success is measured more by quality service and job satisfaction than it is by placement on the Fortune 500 list, outlining a plan for use by organizations, groups, and individuals on how to design and implement a ...

Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 1576752747

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 154

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Suggests that a company's success is measured more by quality service and job satisfaction than it is by placement on the Fortune 500 list, outlining a plan for use by organizations, groups, and individuals on how to design and implement a set of ethical guiding values. Reprint.
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To Lay Down One s Life for You Brother

To Lay Down One s Life for You  Brother


Author: M. J. McCarthy

Publisher: Spread the Word Publishing, Incorporated

ISBN: UCSC:32106013664245

Category: Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Washington, D.C.)

Page: 430

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The Values Divide

The Values Divide

Pro - life activists were dismayed , saying that by allowing research to proceed on
the destroyed embryos , Bush had violated his pro - life principles . Kenneth
Connor , head of the Family Research Council , said , “ The president has ...

Author: John Kenneth White

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: UCSC:32106016635820

Category: Political Science

Page: 270

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John White's fascinating new book explores the increasingly dominant role values play in today's public and private life, concluding that a serious rift in political and cultural values in America produced the astounding tie between George W. Bush and Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election. White argues that while politically important, the present “values divide" goes much deeper than cultural conflicts between Republicans and Democrats. Today, citizens are reexamining their own intimate values––including how they work, live, and interact with each other––while the nation’s population is rapidly changing. Collectively the answers to these value questions, White contends, have remade both American politics and the popular culture. Features • Current––takes stock of the national mood in the aftermath of September 11th. • Thorough––compiles extensive current public opinion polling data from the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut at key moments in recent American history including during the Columbine tragedy, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, Clinton's impeachment, and the Election of 2000 to present a snapshot of American values at the outset of the 21st century. • Insightful––provides a compelling explanation for the outcome of Election 2000 and the prospects for the Republican and Democratic political agendas over the long term.
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West Shore Harrisburg Suburban Cumberland County Pa Directory

West Shore  Harrisburg Suburban  Cumberland County  Pa   Directory

W O O D W O R K Conner Kathryn A retd h210 11th St ( NC ) Conrad John h306
Lincoln St ( MA ) 774-6879 957-2489 CONSUMERS LIFE Conner Kenneth B &
Susan J ( Conner Conrad John L Jr h219 Rosemont Av ( NC ) Rich Kearney ...

Author: R.L. Polk & Co


ISBN: PSU:000019771335

Category: Cumberland County (Pa.)


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The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Larry Stephens , Eric Sykes , or Maurice Wiltshire could manufacture the script if
Milligan was wired up for electro - convulsive therapy ; Kenneth Connor played
Seagoon's Old Uncle Oscar if Secombe was indisposed . But Sellers , if ever he ...

Author: Roger Lewis

Publisher: Cornerstone

ISBN: 0099747006

Category: Actors

Page: 1108

View: 690

______________________________ From Strangelove to Clouseau, Peter Sellers was one of the screen's greatest ever comic actors. Yet his life was more complex and multilayered than most believe. In this gripping, classic biography, Roger Lewis draws on over three hundred interviews with Sellers's family, wives, mistresses, enemies and co-stars to show how Sellers succeeded, and why it was at such terrible cost to himself and to those whom he professed to love.
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Father for Life

Father for Life

"Risk Factors for Late-Life Suicide: A Prospective, Community- Based Study."
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 10 (2002): 398-406. Yeates, Conwell,
Paul R. Duberstein, Kenneth Connor, Shirley Eberly, Christopher Cox, and Eric D

Author: Armin A. Brott


ISBN: 0789207842

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 280

An essential guide for every dad by the award-winning author of "The Expectant Father, Father for Life" is the first book to look at the phases of fatherhood from the conception of a child through the grandfather years.
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Thomas Croak Family Tree about 1730

Thomas Croak Family Tree  about 1730

Notes for ANNE WINIFRED O ' NEIL : In obituaries of the family , Anna ' s
husband is listed as John Connor and Ed Connor . ... Mr . Connor was a son of
Squire William S . and Ann Walters Connor , pioneer Buchanan county residents
and lived all of his life at Winthrop where he was a member of the ... She was
preceded in death by a son , Kenneth Connor , and a daughter , Miss Gertrude
Connor ...

Author: Carol Lynne Hevey Melo


ISBN: WISC:89082428111

Category: Wisconsin


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... Bill Travers, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor
and the adorable Kay Kendall, toname but a ... Since I began writing my
autobiography, life forme has completely changed: 2005 and 2006 have been
the busiest ...

Author: Leslie Phillips

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409129158

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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The autobiography of a true national treasure, an actor who has featured in more British Number One box office smashes than anyone else. Leslie Phillips's story begins with a poverty-stricken childhood in north London, made all the worse when his father died when Leslie was just ten years old. Soon after, he began his acting career, and since then he has worked with all the greats, from Laurence Olivier to Steven Spielberg. Best known for his comic roles in the Carry On and Doctor series, he took the decision in later life to take on more serious roles in films such as Empire of the Sun, Out of Africa and Scandal, as well as performing in plays such as The Cherry Orchard. Packed with hilarious anecdotes, in this long-awaited autobiography he recalls some of the great characters he has worked with, and also highlights how different he is in real life from his onscreen persona as a bounder. It is a fascinating story, brilliantly told.
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Variety Portable Movie Guide

Variety Portable Movie Guide

This time the Carry On team returns to hospital life for its farcical goings - on . ...
CARRY ON ENGLAND 1976 , 89 mins , UK D D : Gerald Thomas A : Kenneth
Connor , Windsor Davies , Patrick Mower , Judy Geeson , Jack Douglas , Joan
Sims ...

Author: Derek Elley

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 0425175502

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1488

View: 827

Now in a handy pocket edition, this authoritative guide includes more than 8,700 reviews--from the dawn of film through every major release of 1999. Includes information on the casts, directors, Academy Award( nominees and winners, and movies on video, disc, and wide-screen formats. This updated edition has 100 new reviews.
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What Fresh Lunacy is This

What Fresh Lunacy is This

Life is a Circus (1958) Director: Val Guest Cast: Bud Flanagan, Teddy Knox,
Jimmy Nervo, Charlie Naughton, Jimmy Gold, ... TerryThomas, Janette Scott,
WilfridHyde White, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Kenneth Williams, Oliver Reed (

Author: Robert Sellers

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472101143

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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Oliver Reed may not have been Britain's biggest film star - for a period in the early 70s he came within a hairsbreadth of replacing Sean Connery as James Bond - but he is an august member of that small band of people, like George Best and Eric Morecambe, who transcended their chosen medium, became too big for it even, and grew into cultural icons. For the first time Reed's close family has agreed to collaborate on a project about the man himself. The result is a fascinating new insight into a man seen by many as merely a brawling, boozing hellraiser. And yet he was so much more than this. For behind that image, which all too often he played up to in public, was a vastly complex individual, a man of deep passions and loyalty but also deep-rooted vulnerability and insecurities. Why was a proud, patriotic, intelligent, successful and erudite man so obsessed about proving himself to others, time and time again? Although the Reed myth is of Homeric proportions, he remains a national treasure and somewhat peculiar icon. Praise for other books by Robert Sellers: Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole, and Oliver Reed: 'So wonderfully captures the wanton belligerence of both binging and stardom you almost feel the guys themselves are telling the tales.' GQ. Vic Armstrong: The True Adventures of the World's Greatest Stuntman: 'This is the best and most original behind-the-scenes book I have read in years, gripping and revealing.' Roger Lewis, Daily Mail. Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down: '...a rollicking good read... Sellers has done well to capture a vivid snapshot of this exciting time.' Lynn Barber, Sunday Times.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Halliwell s Film Video DVD Guide

Halliwell s Film  Video   DVD Guide

... some convincing emotion owing to Hopper's performance as a downtrodden
man discovering a renewed enthusiasm for life ... Kenneth Williams , Charles
Hawtrey , Joan Sims , Bernard Bresslaw , Barbara Windsor , Kenneth Connor ,
Peter ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123832326

Category: Motion pictures


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Mr Carry On

Mr  Carry On

The Life and Work of Peter Rogers Morris Bright, Robert Ross ... Series 2 * Under
the Round Table Kenneth Connor reigns supreme as good King Arthur , with
Jack Douglas providing the camp element and Bernard Bresslaw the beefcake .

Author: Morris Bright

Publisher: BBC Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105025327805

Category: Carry On films

Page: 256

View: 624

The Carry On films were the brainchild of Peter Rogers, one of Britain's most admired and respected film producers. This biography charts his career and his marriage to Betty Box, the country's first female producer, as well as documenting his 40-year partnership with director Gerald Thomas.
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Radio Times

Radio Times

A Festival of Ken Russell 5.20 ALL CHANGE with Chloe Ashcroft and Jonathan
Dennis who look at different kinds of entertainment Six ... which show already the
bizarre , larger than life quality that has become Russell's hallmark ; The Dotty
World of James Lloyd which ... a Million starring ARTHUR ASKEY SIDNEY
JAMES with Kenneth Connor Bernard Cribbins Directed by Lance Comfort
Screenplay by ...



ISBN: MINN:31951002801241E



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