Economic Considerations for Libraries Archives and Museums

Economic Considerations for Libraries  Archives and Museums

Library and Archives Canada: A case study of a national library, archives, and museums merger. ... artefacts_hum/ Government of Canada. (2019). Museums and Archives. Retrieved March 20, 2021 from ...

Author: Lorraine A. Stuart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000473520

Category: Art

Page: 294

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Economic Considerations for Libraries, Archives and Museums provides insight into the economics of collaboration across Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAMs) and cultural heritage funding. Drawing together a series of global reflections on the past, present and future of cross-sector approaches to preserving and promoting cultural heritage, this volume examines the economic prospects of LAMs from a variety of facets. Divided into five sections, the book covers the five most important areas in the development and sustainability of collaborative LAM projects: the digital environment; collaborative models; education; funding issues; and alternate sources of funding. Responding directly to the issue of a lack of adequate funding for maintaining and providing access to cultural heritage resources globally, the book argues that cultural heritage institutions must seek creative methods for funding and collaboration at all levels to achieve shared goals. Economic Considerations for Libraries, Archives and Museums will be of interest to all those engaged in the study of library and information science, archival studies, museum studies and digital preservation. Administrators and practitioners will also find much to interest them within the pages of the book.
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Humanizing LIS Education and Practice

Humanizing LIS Education and Practice

Retrieved from cept.pdf. Ciccone, M. (2018). Equitable public library services for Canadians with print disabilities. ... Investing in the middle class: Budget 2019.

Author: Keren Dali

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000203066

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 180

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Humanizing LIS Education and Practice: Diversity by Design demonstrates that diversity concerns are relevant to all and need to be approached in a systematic way. Developing the Diversity by Design concept articulated by Dali and Caidi in 2017, the book promotes the notion of the diversity mindset. Grouped into three parts, the chapters within this volume have been written by an international team of seasoned academics and practitioners who make diversity integral to their professional and scholarly activities. Building on the Diversity by Design approach, the book presents case studies with practice models for two primary audiences: LIS educators and LIS practitioners. Chapters cover a range of issues, including, but not limited to, academic promotion and tenure; the decolonization of LIS education; engaging Indigenous and multicultural communities; librarians’ professional development in diversity and social justice; and the decolonization of library access practices and policies. As a collection, the book illustrates a systems-thinking approach to fostering diversity and inclusion in LIS, integrating it by design into the LIS curriculum and professional practice. Calling on individuals, organizations, policymakers, and LIS educators to make diversity integral to their daily activities and curriculum, Humanizing LIS Education and Practice: Diversity by Design will be of interest to anyone engaged in research and professional practice in Library and Information Science.
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New Libraries in Old Buildings

New Libraries in Old Buildings

2019. Ontario Heritage Act, RSO 1990, c O.18. Updated 2019. Statistics Canada. 2017. Windsor, CY [Census subdivision], Ontario and Essex, CTY [Census division], Ontario (table). Census Profile.

Author: Petra Hauke

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110679724

Category: Social Science

Page: 388

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This book focuses on difficulties and opportunities in revitalization of old, derelict or abandoned buildings into a library and investigates the transformation of buildings which originally had a different purpose. The publication shows worldwide best practice examples from different types of libraries in historic environments, both urban and rural, while maintaining a focus on sustainability concerning the architecture and interior design.
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Canada s Storytellers Les grands crivains du Canada

Canada s Storytellers   Les grands   crivains du Canada

Roméo LeBlanc,” The Governor General of Canada: Former Governors General, 16 July 2010, accessed 15 May 2019, ... 20 « Catherine Banks », PGC: Playwrights Guild of Canada, 2013, consulté le 2 janvier 2018, ...

Author: Andrew David Irvine

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 9780776628059

Category: Reference

Page: 800

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For over three-quarters of a century, the Governor General’s Literary Awards have been awarded annually in a variety of evolving categories. Fifteen Governors General have served as their patron. The impressive list continues to grow apace: between 1936 and 2018, the awards recognized 719 books in English and French and have been presented to 580 authors, illustrators, and translators. This beautifully illustrated bilingual compendium presents the biographies of all 580 award laureates, many accompanied by stunning archival portraits. This is the final instalment in Andrew Irvine’s remarkable and comprehensive research into what has become a touchstone of Canada’s literary culture. Together with Canada’s Best and The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada: A Bibliography, this work provides readers with a definitive overview of this literary prize. By itself, Canada’s Storytellers is an invaluable reading companion for anyone wanting to be introduced to many of our most influential authors, illustrators, and translators working in both French and English over the past decades. It belongs on the shelf of every enthusiast of Canadian literature. Bilingual edition.
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Handbook of Research on the Role of Libraries Archives and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities

Handbook of Research on the Role of Libraries  Archives  and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities

Taher, Mohamed. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). (2019). Communications monitoring report. ... Public Library Quarterly, 32(1), 1–20. doi:10.1080/01616846.2013.760310 Cohen, D. L. (2017).

Author: Taher, Mohamed

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799883654

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 565

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In achieving civic engagement and social justice in smart cities, literacy programs are offered in the society by three essential information service providers: libraries, archives, and museums. Although the library and museum services are documented in literature, there is little evidence of community-led library or museum services that make a full circle in understanding community-library, community-archive, and community-museum relationships. The Handbook of Research on the Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Achieving Civic Engagement and Social Justice in Smart Cities examines the application of tools and techniques in library and museum literacy in achieving civic engagement and social justice. It also introduces a new outlook in the services of libraries and museums. Covering topics such as countering fake news, human rights literacies, and outreach activities, this book is essential for community-based organizations, librarians, museum administrations, education leaders, information professionals, smart city design planners, digital tool developers, policymakers engaged in diversity, researchers, and academicians.
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Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities

Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities

2002-11: Repertoire expansion in the universal character set for Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2019]. Canadian Federation of Library ...

Author: Spencer Acadia

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429997907

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 444

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Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities serves as a key interdisciplinary title that links the social sciences and humanities with current issues, trends, and projects in library, archival, and information sciences within shared Arctic frameworks and geographies. Including contributions from professionals and academics working across and on the Arctic, the book presents recent research, theoretical inquiry, and applied professional endeavours at academic and public libraries, as well as archives, museums, government institutions, and other organisations. Focusing on efforts that further Arctic knowledge and research, papers present local, regional, and institutional case studies to conceptually and empirically describe real-life research in which the authors are engaged. Topics covered include the complexities of developing and managing multilingual resources; working in geographically isolated areas; curating combinations of local, regional, national, and international content collections; and understanding historical and contemporary colonial-industrial influences in indigenous knowledge. Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities will be essential reading for academics, researchers, and students working the fields of library, archival, and information or data science, as well as those working in the humanities and social sciences more generally. It should also be of great interest to librarians, archivists, curators, and information or data professionals around the globe.
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Social Justice Design and Implementation in Library and Information Science

Social Justice Design and Implementation in Library and Information Science

Relationality in the classroom : Teaching indigenous LIS in a Canadian context . Portal : Libraries and the Academy , 21 ( 2 ) , 205–218 . Project MUSE , doi : 10.1353 / pla.2021.0012 Canadian Association of University Teachers . ( 2019 ...

Author: Bharat Mehra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000528213

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 332

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Social Justice Design and Implementation in Library and Information Science presents a range of case studies that have successfully implemented social justice as a designed strategy to generate community-wide changes and social impact. Each chapter in the collection presents innovative practices that are strategized as intentional, deliberate, systematic, outcome-based, and impact-driven. They demonstrate effective examples of social justice design and implementation in LIS to generate meaningful outcomes across local, regional, national, and international settings. Including reflections on challenges and opportunities in academic, public, school, and special libraries, museums, archives, and other information-related settings, the contributions present forward-looking strategies that transcend historical and outdated notions of neutral stance and passive bystanders. Showcasing the intersections of LIS concepts and interdisciplinary theories with traditional and non-traditional methods of research and practice, the volume demonstrates how to further the social justice principles of fairness, justice, equity/equality, and empowerment of all people, including those on the margins of society. Social Justice Design and Implementation in Library and Information Science will be of great interest to LIS educators, scholars, students, information professionals, library practitioners, and all those interested in integrating social justice and inclusion advocacy into their information-related efforts to develop impact-driven, externally focused, and community-relevant outcomes.
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Edelman and Kudzma s Canadian Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E Book

Edelman and Kudzma s Canadian Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span   E Book

Retrieved from Library/CCSA-Motivational-Interviewing-Summary-2017-en.pdf. Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. (2019). Better how? Our commitment to a culture of engagement.

Author: Shannon Dames

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781771722261

Category: Medical

Page: 704

View: 180

Learn the ins and outs of health promotion and disease prevention in Canada with Edelman and Kudzma’s Canadian Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan. This all-new, comprehensive text grounds you in the Canadian health objectives for promotion and prevention which aims to improve the health of the entire population and to reduce health inequities among population groups. Among the text’s chapters you’ll find extensive coverage of growth and development throughout the life span — including coverage of the normal aspects, the unique problems, and the health promotion needs that are found in each age and stage of development. Separate chapters discuss each population group — the individual, the family, and the community — and highlight the unique aspects of caring for each of these groups. In all, this comprehensive and culturally relevant text provides all the tools needed to stay up on the latest research and topics in Canadian health promotion.
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The Urban Library

The Urban Library

... Central Library, Nova Scotia, Canada: “A Vital. Alcaldía Medellín. (2007). Proyectos Estrátegicos 2004–2007. Retrieved June 4, 2019 at https:// ...

Author: Julia Nevárez

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030579654

Category: Political Science

Page: 111

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This book examines the role, history and function of public libraries in contemporary societies as motors that drive development. It analyses through case studies, how contemporary libraries have been redesigned to offer a new kind of public space while also reshaping neglected areas in cities. Broadly understood the book seeks to comprehend contemporary library design, urban development and the revitalization of specific urban areas. Important and world famous architects – star-architects – have designed signature architecture in the contemporary libraries selected for this volume. The examples to be showcased in the book include the main Seattle Public Library, Salt Lake City Public Library, New York Public Library, Spain Library Medellin, Colombia, Halifax Central Library Nova Scotia, Canada and Library of Alexandria in Egypt to offer examples of what constitute the approach to libraries and urban development in many cities around the world nowadays. Data in the form of interviews to library directors, librarians and users, tours of libraries, visual documentation and archival research have been collected for most public libraries included as case studies for the book. The impulse to archive has been framed and understood in the literature as a modern desire to control fleeting reality. Libraries as such respond to this desire by collecting, storing and circulating resources (books and other kinds of media). But more recently there has been an emphasis on the public character of library spaces in which people gather not only to obtain information and read by themselves but also to experience the very urban quality of proximity to others in more informal and less structured environments as public space. Community events characterize the programming of all the libraries included in the book. The design of these new libraries fit into urban development initiatives where libraries – like other iconic cultural spaces of cities – become central components to market cities for the consumption of culture. Libraries become sites to be visited and explored by tourists while providing services for residents. They are also machines to accelerate urban development especially in areas previously neglected by development.
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Fundraising for Impact in Libraries Archives and Museums

Fundraising for Impact in Libraries  Archives and Museums

Final Report,” Australian Library and Information Association, March 2013, 4. “Value of GLAMs in Canada: Report for the Ottawa ...

Author: Kathryn K. Matthew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000533064

Category: Art

Page: 280

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Fundraising for Impact in Libraries, Archives, and Museums provides practical advice that will help LAMs reassess how to leverage their organizational assets in ways that support communities and help to forge productive relationships with foundation, individual, corporate, and government funders. Drawing on the insights gleaned from interviews with more than 100 international LAM practitioners, the book examines the common fundraising challenges that LAM institutions of all types and sizes face. During today’s dynamic times, when many LAMs are seeking to remain relevant and viable, Matthew emphasizes how vital it is for them to demonstrate and communicate how they benefit their communities. The book presents five frameworks used in community development and philanthropy and illustrates how they can help an institution to assess and communicate its impact, focus its mission-related activities, and effectively deploy proven fundraising strategies. Vignettes from the interviews are presented throughout, along with pointers, to illustrate actionable approaches that the reader can adapt as they seek contributed financial resources. The reader will explore various fundraising scenarios to help secure resources including appeals, special events, moves management, digital media, and corporate philanthropy. Fundraising for Impact in Libraries, Archives, and Museums is essential reading for library, archive, and museum practitioners and fundraisers working around the world.
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