Letters to the Church Study Guide

Letters to the Church  Study Guide

Ultimately, the purpose of this study and the book is to point us back to the Bible and cause us to fall in love with God's original design for the Church. USING THE STUDY GUIDE ON YOUR OWN Whether you are doing this study with a group ...

Author: Francis Chan

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780830776276

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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What does God want for His Church? For your church? Building on each of the nine chapters of his latest book, Letters to the Church, Francis Chan urges Christ-followers to ask honest questions about the structure and values of our churches; study God’s commands for the body of Christ; pray in expectation of the Spirit’s power; and get excited about doing whatever it takes to be the Church God desires. Journey with those around you—in your community, your church, or your small group—and take intentional steps toward living out the biblical principles that fueled a world-changing movement. Don’t settle for just going to church. Be the Church. With the Letters to the Church Study Guide, be challenged and guided to passionately pursue Christ and His magnificent, beautiful vision for His Bride. Designed to be used with the Letters to the Church Video Series (available separately).
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SCM Studyguide Church History

SCM Studyguide Church History

SCM Study Guide Stephen Spencer. The other major source of information is the letters of Paul. The earliest of these is generally recognized to be 1 Thessalonians, written to the church at Thessalonika in Greece.

Author: Stephen Spencer

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334051534

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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An introduction to the study of the ways the church has evolved in its corporate life since its birth in the first century. Special attention is given to studying its changing relationship and interaction with the surrounding societies in which it has existed. The intended readership will be those training for ministry in English speaking churches, so the studyguide will concentrate on those aspects of this subject of most relevance to this group. This means there will be greater attention to developments in the West than in the East, especially in later centuries, and to topics such as the nature of ministry, the sacraments, places of worship, authority in the church and mission. These will be examined at each period of church history, in each chapter, to provide reference points of comparison throughout the book. Each chapter will also contain a specific case study, presenting extracts of some key documents with notes, commentary and questions for discussion, to allow readers to develop skills in historical research. General discussion questions and reading lists will be provided at the end of each chapter. The final chapter will provide guidance for the study of the history of the student’s own church and community.
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To All the Saints Paul s Letter to the Church at Philippi

To All the Saints  Paul s Letter to the Church at Philippi

"Study Guide for Philippians 4 by David Guzik." Blue Letter Bible. Accessed January 20, 2016. https://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/guzik_david /StudyGuide_Phl/Phl_4.cfm?a=1107001. Hall, Katie. 2016. "Letters to the Church: Philippians.

Author: Rebecca Minelga

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780998297408

Category: Religion

Page: 362

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In the more intimate vein of personal Bible study and commentary pioneered by Beth Moore, lay aside the staid and sometimes boring vision of Paul as an early church patriarch and instead explore an in-depth study of the historical, political, and social traditions from which he wrote to understand the ways in which his own journey was being impacted, even as he traveled and ministered to others. Far from being tedious, as he so often seems, Paul was passionate, eloquent, politically discerning, and utterly human. Through extensive exegetical study and personal narrative, Paul's life becomes a compelling example by which to live, and his words to the Philippians become one of God's greatest love letters to His church.
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SCM Studyguide The Books of the New Testament

SCM Studyguide The Books of the New Testament

Even Philemon is addressed not simply to the firstcentury Christian whose name it bears, but also to Apphia, Archippus, and 'the church in your [presumably Philemon's] house'. Thus their subsequent wider treatment as 'letters for the ...

Author: Ian Boxall

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334048039

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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SCM Study Guide: New Testament Books, together with its companion volume on "New Testament Interpretation", offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to this fast-changing area of theological study. Aimed at level one students, it encourages interaction with the New Testament texts and provides pointers for further reading and learning. The book describes the world out of which the New Testament came, and what can be known of the key figures of Jesus and Paul, before discussing the 27 books in turn. At every stage, attention is paid to the range of questions New Testament interpretation raises - historical, literary, theological - with worked examples from specific passages. Topics of particular interest include: What can be known about Jesus? Why are there four gospels? What is the Legacy of Paul? Does Revelation predict the End of the World?
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The Once and Future Church Study Guide

The Once and Future Church Study Guide

E. EXERCISE: In the following line of letters, cross out six letters so the remaining letters, without altering their sequence, will spell a familiar English word. BSAINXLEATNTEARS2 Let your group play with this puzzle for several ...

Author: Gilbert R. Rendle

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781566996648

Category: Religion

Page: 53

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Church boards, congregational planning groups, judicatory study groups, and people exploring their own religious experiences in the congregation will find themselves in new territory, using their own insights as well as Mead's. Can be used independently with either or both of Mead's books; includes suggestions for Bible study and group exercises.
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Israel and the Church Study Guide

Israel and the Church Study Guide

Taking This Lesson to Heart What truth or principle had the greatest impact on you in chapter 8 of Israel and the Church? In the letters to the seven churches, Christ was very forthright about any negative qualities He saw.

Author: Amir Tsarfati

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736982726

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Discover God’s Plans for Israel, the Church, the End Times, and Beyond In his book Israel and the Church, bestselling author and native Israeli Amir Tsarfati illuminates God’s current and future plans for His chosen ones—the Jewish people and the Christian church. With this instructive companion, you’ll learn more about why these topics are so relevant today. Get ready to… understand and apply Bible prophecy to your daily life grow more aware of how God is working in Israel right now learn why it’s so vital that Christians support Israel appreciate God’s faithfulness to both the Jewish people and Christians To accurately comprehend what God has in store for the future, it’s vital to understand His promises to Israel for all time. The Israel and the Church Study Guide will help you do exactly that, equipping you to explore the Bible’s many revelations about what we can expect in the days and ages to come.
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SCM Studyguide Liturgy 2nd Edition

SCM Studyguide  Liturgy  2nd Edition

How new material like 'the apostles' teaching' came over time to be regarded as Scripture is most certainly closely related to its use in the Church's worship. In the book of Revelation we find letters sent to various churches ...

Author: Stephen Burns

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334056805

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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The SCM Studyguide: Liturgy, 2nd Edition is an introduction to liturgy that considers the basic 'buliding blocks' needed to grasp the subject area. It outlines the essential shape and content of Christian worship and explores a range of liturgical dynamics of which both students of liturgy and leaders of liturgy need to be aware. This 2nd edition of the popular Studyguide is fully revised, updated and expanded. The book takes account of new developments in scholarship, engages with new contexts for liturgical celebration (notably, fresh expressions as part of a mixed economy of church), encompasses recent revisions in liturgy and seeks to broaden the engagement beyond the British context to consider the wider global context.
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SCM Studyguide Church Leadership

SCM Studyguide  Church Leadership

examples of ancient Israel, the letters show an established church in Ephesus grappling with the passing on of the torch of leadership. Paul is the apostle who planted the church, and Timothy is his 'loyal child in the faith' who has ...

Author: Jon Coutts

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 9780334057789

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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It is increasingly being acknowledged that current generation of church leaders are inundated with well-intentioned but nonetheless economically-defined leadership measures and strategies which threaten to corrupt the basic thrust of ministry and pervert the common life known as church. Reflecting theologically on the nature of leadership at the same time as considering the reality of its practicalities, this Study Guide seeks to call it back to theological essentials, locate it in the unique context of the Church, and then re-address modern pressures and needs from within a decidedly Christian framework. Resisting the urge to instruct with a more polemical voice, the SCM Studyguide to Church Leadership will encourage ordinands and trainee church leaders to reassess modern pressures and priorities and to re-orient creatively around the callings, giftings, and approaches that are suitable to Christ and particular to the Church.
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Revelation Jensen Bible Self Study Guide

Revelation  Jensen Bible Self Study Guide

They are like a mirror for the reader, as he sees himself and his church described in the letters. And who is not interested in reading about himself and his associates? I. PREPARATION FOR STUDY Consider for a few minutes why these two ...

Author: Irving L Jensen

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802477526

Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 213

Exploring the Bible's message is easy and exciting with these complete do-it-yourself Bible study guides. Each study includes helpful outlines, charts, maps, diagrams, and explanations. Excellent for personal, group, or classroom use.
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The Living Church

The Living Church

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