Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

Three Tenant Families

Author: James Agee,Walker Evans

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618127498

Category: History

Page: 416

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An illustrated portrayal of three Alabama sharecropper families in 1936 examines their everyday existence in poverty.

Interpreting Visual Ethnography

Texts, Photos and the Construction of Sociological Meanings

Author: Erkan Ali

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317108426

Category: Social Science

Page: 190

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Focusing on the use of text in relation to a specific category of image - the photographic image - this book argues for a new appreciation of the relationship between texts and photographs in an age that seems to be dominated by visual images. With reference to a range of traditional and new media forms, and addressing such issues as gender, ethnicity, class, identity politics and biography, the author introduces a new perspective for the use and understanding of the symbiotic relationships that can exist between photographs and texts in the production of sociological, cultural and historical narratives: lamination. Drawing on the work of Barthes and Benjamin, the book explores the material forms of publications that involve the combination of photographs and texts, such as newspapers and journalism, documentary archives, visual ethnographies and on-line social networks, showing how text and image are contexts for one another and so negotiate meaning between themselves. A challenge to the recent 'visual turn' in sociology and cultural studies, which argues - without privileging text or image - for the significance of text in relation to visual images and the production of combined meanings, Interpreting Visual Ethnography will appeal to scholars of sociology, anthropology and media studies with interests in theory, visual methods and text and meaning.

Penguin Modern Classics: The Complete List

The Complete List

Author: N.A

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141970316

Category: Reference

Page: 96

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'A classic is a book which has never exhausted all it has to say to its readers' from Why Read the Classics? by Italo Calvino Penguin Modern Classics have been shaping the reading habits of generations since 1961. This 50th anniversary catalogue offers a complete list of all the titles in print across the Modern Classics list, from Chinua Achebe to Stefan Zweig via George Orwell and everything else in between. It also contains Italo Calvino's inspiring essay on what makes a classic a classic.

Retroactivity and Contemporary Art

Author: Craig Staff

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350009962

Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

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Contemporary art is often preoccupied with time, or acts in which the past is recovered. Through specific case studies of artists who strategically work with historical moments, this book examines how art from the last two decades has sought to mobilize these particular histories, and to what effect, against the backdrop of Modernism. Drawing on the art theory of Rosalind Krauss and the philosophies of Paul Ricoeur, Gerhard Richter, and Pierre Nora, Retroactivity and Contemporary Art interprets those works that foreground some aspect of retroactivity – whether re-enacting, commemorating, or re-imagining – as key artistic strategies. This book is striking philosophical reflection on time within art and art within time, and an indispensable read for those attempting to understand the artistic significance of history, materiality, and memory.

The Past Is Not Dead

Essays from the Southern Quarterly

Author: Douglas B. Chambers

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1617033057

Category: History

Page: 352

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The Past Is Not Dead is a collection of twenty-one literary and historical essays that will mark the 50th anniversary of the Southern Quarterly, one of the oldest scholarly journals (founded in 1962) dedicated to southern studies. Like its companion volume, Personal Souths, The Past Is Not Dead features the best of the work published in the journal. Essays represent every decade of the journal’s history, from the 1960s to the 2000s. Topics covered range from historical essays on the French and Indian War, the New Deal, and Emmett Till’s influence on the Black Panther Party to literary figures including William Faulkner, Robert Penn Warren, Richard Wright, Eurdora Welty and Carson McCullers. Important regional subjects like the Natchez Trace, the Yazoo Basin, the Choctaw Indians, and Mississippi blues are given special attention. Contributors range from noted literary critics such as Margaret Walker Alexander, Virginia Spencer Carr, Susan V. Donaldson, James Justus, and Willie Morris to scholars of African-American studies such as Robert L. Hall and Manning Marble and historians including John Ray Skates, Martha Swain, and Randy Sparks. Collectively, the essays in this volume enrich and illuminate our understanding of southern history, literature, and culture.

A Death in the Family

Author: James Agee

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 014310571X

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

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Agee's portrayal of the sweetness of day-to-day familial relations are powerful and poignant. His masterfully drawn characters take on a haunting reality in this vivid recreation of life -- and sudden death.

The Postwar African American Novel

Protest and Discontent, 1945-1950

Author: Stephanie Brown

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604739749

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

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Americans in the World War II era bought the novels of African American writers in unprecedented numbers. But the names on the books lining shelves and filling barracks trunks were not the now-familiar Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison, but Frank Yerby, Chester Himes, William Gardner Smith, and J. Saunders Redding. In this book, Stephanie Brown recovers the work of these innovative novelists, overturning conventional wisdom about the writers of the period and the trajectory of African American literary history. She also questions the assumptions about the relations between race and genre that have obscured the importance of these once-influential creators. Wright's Native Son (1940) is typically considered to have inaugurated an era of social realism in African-American literature. And Ellison's Invisible Man (1952) has been cast as both a high mark of American modernism and the only worthy stopover on the way to the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s. But readers in the late 1940s purchased enough copies of Yerby's historical romances to make him the best-selling African American author of all time. Critics, meanwhile, were taking note of the generic experiments of Redding, Himes, and Smith, while the authors themselves questioned the obligation of black authors to write protest, instead penning campus novels, war novels, and, in Yerby's case, "costume dramas." Their status as "lesser lights" is the product of retrospective bias, Brown demonstrates, and their novels established the period immediately following World War II as a pivotal moment in the history of the African American novel.


Communist Fortnightly Review

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Communism

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Postmodernism and After

Visions and Revisions

Author: Regina Rudaitytė

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub


Category: Social Science

Page: 216

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The present collection of academic articles is an attempt to reflect on new openings and recent developments in literature, literary theory and culture which seem to point beyond postmodernism and register a return to traditional concepts, theoretical premises and authorial practices. Interestingly enough, forty years after the publication of John Barth's seminal essay The Literature of Exhaustion (1967), the book is trying to diagnose the exhaustion of postmodernism, which was predicted by David Lodge already two decades ago. It also attempts to trace the signs in contemporary literature indicating that postmodernism is past its heyday, that it is losing or has lost its shine, fascination and attraction and that writers have been turning to the old or pre-modern forms, practices and strategies. Herbert Grabes' comprehensive and illuminating article From the Postmodern to the Pre-Modern: More Recent Changes in Literature, Art, and Theory which opens and sets the tone for this collection of essays is a major assessment of new developments in literary culture, focusing on the evolution of the postmodern to the premodern mode; it also highlights the role and current popularity of cultural studies and cultural history - theoretical movements which have been prevailing for some time now after the end of deconstruction. The articles assembled in this collection are on diverse thematics and written from diverse theoretical perspectives; they differ in scope and methodology, and their focus ranges from the postmodern, intertextual aspect to the open questioning of it and to more recent developments in the literary culture. Focusing on literary icons like A.S. Byatt, John Banville, Margaret Atwood, Umberto Eco, Vladimir Nabokov (but also extending into a less-known regions - geographically as well), they invite reconsideration and reconceptualization of such key notions as truth, meaning production, textuality and literary interpretation. This book aims at opening fresh discussion, debate and reflection on the new age reaching beyond postmodernism, and the budding literary mode, whatever labels we might stick to it.