Let There Be Water

Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World

Author: Seth M. Siegel

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466885440

Category: Nature

Page: 320

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New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestseller! As every day brings urgent reports of growing water shortages around the world, there is no time to lose in the search for solutions. The U.S. government predicts that forty of our fifty states-and 60 percent of the earth's land surface-will soon face alarming gaps between available water and the growing demand for it. Without action, food prices will rise, economic growth will slow, and political instability is likely to follow. Let There Be Water illustrates how Israel can serve as a model for the United States and countries everywhere by showing how to blunt the worst of the coming water calamities. Even with 60 percent of its country made of desert, Israel has not only solved its water problem; it also had an abundance of water. Israel even supplies water to its neighbors-the Palestinians and the Kingdom of Jordan-every day. Based on meticulous research and hundreds of interviews, Let There Be Water reveals the methods and techniques of the often offbeat inventors who enabled Israel to lead the world in cutting-edge water technology. Let There Be Water also tells unknown stories of how cooperation on water systems can forge diplomatic ties and promote unity. Remarkably, not long ago, now-hostile Iran relied on Israel to manage its water systems, and access to Israel's water know-how helped to warm China's frosty relations with Israel. Beautifully written, Seth M. Siegel's Let There Be Water is and inspiring account of the vision and sacrifice by a nation and people that have long made water security a top priority. Despite scant natural water resources, a rapidly growing population and economy, and often hostile neighbors, Israel has consistently jumped ahead of the water innovation-curve to assure a dynamic, vital future for itself. Every town, every country, and every reader can benefit from learning what Israel did to overcome daunting challenges and transform itself from a parched land into a water superpower.

Let There Be Light

Modern Cosmology and Kabbalah: A New Conversation Between Science and Religion

Author: Howard Smith, Ph.D.

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577317467

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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In Let There Be Light, Howard Smith, a research astrophysicist and traditionally observant Jew, explores how modern scientific understandings of the cosmos complement Judaism's ancient mystical theology, the Kabbalah. He argues that science and religion are not only compatible, but that a healthy, productive dialogue between the two sheds light on ethics, free will, and the nature of life, while at the same time rejecting fundamentalist misinterpretation and the pseudoscience of creationism. Written for a general audience, yet supported by the most current and accurate scientific research, the book discusses topics such as modern quantum mechanics and mystical notions of awareness; how Kabbalah's ten sefirot mirror the developing phases of an inflationary universe; and the surprising parallels that exist between the Big Bang theory and Kabbalah's origin theory. Smith delves into complex ideas without resorting to jargon or mathematical equations, creating an intelligent, authoritative work accessible to all readers.

Early Creationist Journals

Author: Ronald L. Numbers

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780815318101

Category: Religion

Page: 629

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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

An Introduction to a General System of Hydrostaticks and Hydraulicks, Philosophical and Practical

Wherein the Most Reasonable and Advantageous Methods of Raising and Conducting Water, for the Watering Noblemens and Gentlemens Seats, Buildings, Gardens, &c., are Carefully (and in a Manner Not Yet Publish'd in Any Language) Laid Down ... Illustrated and Explain'd by Sixty Copper Cuts, Done by the Best Hands ... Collected from the Best of the Italian and French Designs (together with Some New Ones of the Author's Own Invention) ...

Author: Stephen Switzer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Hydraulics

Page: 413

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Let There Be Bluebirds

Author: Ann Johnson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1552124711

Category: Fiction

Page: 335

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The story of two English children evacuated from their home to live with strangers at the onset of World War II. A portion of the proceeds of the royalties of Let There Be Bluebirds will go towards leukemia research and to the families of those coping with leukemia.

First Law Of Physics, Let There Be Light

Author: Miles Pelton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493130269

Category: Science

Page: 134

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Rather than recognize a divine almighty powerful creator, the scholars studying and teaching the behavior of the universe adopted and followed a theory that the universe and everything in it is self-perpetuating, negating the need for a source of energy. While instilling a very anticreation mind-set, those beliefs have set the community of physicists off chasing hypotheses, trying to prove the flawed, archaic conservation of energy theory. After a lifelong career in engineering, frustrated with illogical theories and meaningless explanations of physics, the author has set out to challenge physicists to open their eyes and minds to the fundamental principles that are being hidden by an anticreation mind-set and by so doing open the door to understanding scientific and religious mysteries right here on earth.

Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America

Author: Almon Fackrell

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434928691

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America By Almon Fackrell ." . . And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice . . ." (John 10:14-16) The Bible, being the most revered book of the Christians, along with the collected treasures of Mayan and Aztec antiquities, testifies: Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America. Being an enthusiast of Bible versions, and after visiting the Aztec and Mayan ruins in Mexico, Almon Fackrell was prompted to have this study and reveal the parallels of Christian belief and Ancient America's religion. With it, Almon Fackrell was able to account for 276 similarities, which prove that Israelites were in Ancient America! Discover for yourself the facts that have been written both in the Bible and the Popol Vuh. About the Author Almon Fackrell was born in Pingree, Idaho and raised in Arimo, Idaho. In 1953, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and was assigned to a Special Weapons Detachment in New Mexico at Sandia Base, Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Proving Grounds. He attended the University of New Mexico and graduated at Sandia Corporation Engineering Trade School in Albuquerque. After thirty-seven years of drafting, designing, and engineering in the Aerospace Industry, he retired as a senior support engineer from Parker Hannifin Corporation in Irvine, California.

Greek Science of the Hellenistic Era

A Sourcebook

Author: Georgia L. Irby-Massie,Paul T. Keyser

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113455639X

Category: History

Page: 432

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We all want to understand the world around us, and the ancient Greeks were the first to try and do so in a way we can properly call scientific. Their thought and writings laid the essential foundations for the revivals of science in medieval Baghdad and renaissance Europe. Now their work is accessible to all, with this invaluable introduction to c.100 scientific authors active from 320 BCE to 230 CE. The book begins with an outline of a new socio-political model for the development and decline of Greek science, followed by eleven chapters that cover the main disciplines: * the science which the Greeks saw as fundamental - mathematics * astronomy * astrology and geography * mechanics * optics and pneumatics * the non-mathematical sciences of alchemy, biology, medicine and 'psychology'. Each chapter contains an accessible introduction on the origins and development of the topic in question, and all the authors are set in context with brief biographies.

Reports of the Late John Smeaton

Author: John Smeaton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108069800

Category: History

Page: 246

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Celebrated as the builder of the Eddystone Lighthouse near Plymouth, John Smeaton (1724-92) made major contributions to civil engineering. Posthumously published between 1812 and 1814, this four-volume illustrated set contains Smeaton's complete reports on the various engineering works he constructed during his career, and his technical papers.