Lesbian Rule

Lesbian Rule

Yet, Amy Villarejo argues, there is no final ground upon which to explain why that image of Hepburn signifies lesbian or why such a cross-dressing Hollywood fantasy edges into collective consciousness as a lesbian narrative.

Author: Amy Villarejo

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822385356

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

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With hair slicked back and shirt collar framing her young patrician face, Katherine Hepburn's image in the 1935 film Sylvia Scarlett was seen by many as a lesbian representation. Yet, Amy Villarejo argues, there is no final ground upon which to explain why that image of Hepburn signifies lesbian or why such a cross-dressing Hollywood fantasy edges into collective consciousness as a lesbian narrative. Investigating what allows viewers to perceive an image or narrative as "lesbian," Villarejo presents a theoretical exploration of lesbian visibility. Focusing on images of lesbians in film, she analyzes what these representations contain and their limits. She combines Marxist theories of value with poststructuralist insights to argue that lesbian visibility operates simultaneously as an achievement and a ruse, a possibility for building a new visual politics and away of rendering static and contained what lesbian might mean. Integrating cinema studies, queer and feminist theory, and cultural studies, Villarejo illuminates the contexts within which the lesbian is rendered visible. Toward that end, she analyzes key portrayals of lesbians in public culture, particularly in documentary film. She considers a range of films—from documentaries about Cuba and lesbian pulp fiction to Exile Shanghai and The Brandon Teena Story—and, in doing so, brings to light a nuanced economy of value and desire.
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Lesbian Images

Lesbian Images

Jane Rule’s fourth book explores lesbianism as portrayed by authors from Gertrude Stein to Colette, from Vita Sackville-West to May Sarton and Willa Cather Lesbian Images opens with a disclaimer from the author: “This book is not ...

Author: Jane Rule

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480429499

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

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Jane Rule’s fourth book explores lesbianism as portrayed by authors from Gertrude Stein to Colette, from Vita Sackville-West to May Sarton and Willa Cather Lesbian Images opens with a disclaimer from the author: “This book is not intended to be a comprehensive literary or cultural history of lesbians.” Rather, as Jane Rule goes on to tell us, her goal is to present her own attitudes and measure them against the images of lesbianism as depicted by other female authors. Thus, chapters titled “Gertrude Stein 1874–1946,” “Willa Cather 1876–1947,” and “Ivy Compton-Burnett 1892–1969,” among many others, reveal how the concept of love between women can be filtered through one’s personal experiences and perceptions. There are also chapters about lesbian myths and morality; the effect of the women’s movement on lesbianism; the inherent conflicts between lesbianism and feminism; how Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness changed fifteen-year-old Rule’s life; and what it means to be labeled a lesbian writer. At once astute and nonjudgmental, Lesbian Images is a deeply engaging work that sounds a powerful note of hope for the future.
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Gay Lesbian Literature

Gay   Lesbian Literature

Written just after the American Psychiatric Association had lifted the stigma of
mental illness from homosexuality , but before the advent of women's studies or
lesbian studies on campus , Rule's was a trailbreaking study . Rule's fiction was ...

Author: Wayne R. Dynes

Publisher: St James Press

ISBN: UOM:49015002915065

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 488

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Biographical, bibliographical, and critical information on more than four hundred authors who have figured prominently in gay and lesbian literature and culture since 1900.
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The Gay Lesbian Literary Companion

The Gay   Lesbian Literary Companion

JANE RULE “ THE SILENCE HAS finally been broken . ” With these words , Jane
Rule Essay by ended the introductory chapters to her 1975 book Lesbian Images
and MARIE J. KUDA opened the floodgates of lesbian scholarship . Lesbian ...

Author: Sharon Malinowski


ISBN: UOM:49015002915099

Category: Gays' writings

Page: 585

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Includes material on 45 writers, including biographies, critical essays, and literary selections.
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Lesbian Bisexual Identities

Lesbian   Bisexual Identities

I mean, each little group has its own particular rules." Alex Goldman was explicit
about the rule making she saw in the lesbian community. "In my own case, and
this is purely personal, I feel like the groups that I was interested in breaking into

Author: Kristin Esterberg

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1566395100

Category: Social Science

Page: 201

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A revealing examination of how lesbian and bisexual women come to see themselves and what those identities mean to them.
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Lesbian out law

Lesbian  out law

As les-bian legal theory, Ruthann Robson--author of Cecile and The Eye Of A Hurricane, and an attorney on the faculty of the CUNY Law School--asks the question: How can lesbians use the law without being used by it?"--BOOK JACKET.

Author: Ruthann Robson


ISBN: UOM:39015029967190

Category: Social Science

Page: 185

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"Lesbians are both outside the law and within it. Lesbians are always under the rule of law, under the rule of men. As les-bian legal theory, Ruthann Robson--author of Cecile and The Eye Of A Hurricane, and an attorney on the faculty of the CUNY Law School--asks the question: How can lesbians use the law without being used by it?"--BOOK JACKET.
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Congressional Record

Congressional Record

The American peo- against gay and lesbian Americans , or terrible rule . And I
encourage my col ple understand that a vote for the Can- whether it occurs
against Native Amerleagues to follow the leadership of the tor - Adams bill is a
vote to ...

Author: United States. Congress


ISBN: OSU:32437123595148

Category: Law


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Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II

Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II

Inscribing a Lesbian Reader, Projecting a Lesbian Subject: A Jane Rule Diptych
SUMMARY. This diptych represents two takes on the short fiction of Jane Rule,
the Canadian lesbian novelist whose 1964 novel, Desert of the Heart, was ...

Author: Sonya L Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317971153

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II chronicles the multifaceted explosion of gay and lesbian writing that has taken place in the second half of the twentieth century. Encompassing a wide range of subject matter and a balance of gay and lesbian concerns, it includes work by established scholars as well as young theoreticians and archivists who have initiated new areas of investigation. The contributors’examinations of this rich literary period make it easy to view the half-century from 1948 to 1998 as the Queer Renaissance. Included in Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II are critical and social analyses of literary movements, novels, short fiction, periodicals, and poetry as well as a look at the challenges of establishing a repository for lesbian cultural history. Specific chapters in this groundbreaking work trace the development of gay poetry in America after World War II; examine how AIDS is represented in the first four Latino novels to deal with the subject matter; and chronicle the birth of lesbian-feminist publishing in the 1970s--showing how it created a flourishing gay literature in the 1980s and 1990s. Other chapters: outline the history of The Ladder from its initial publication in 1956 as the official vehicle of the Daughters of Bilitis to its final issue as a privately published literary magazine in 1972 examine Baldwin’s 1962 novel Another Country and discuss the complicated critical history of this work and its relation to Baldwin’s literary reputation--racial, sexual, and political factors are taken into account chart how Other Voices, Other Rooms, by Truman Capote, and The House of Breath, by William Goyen, reveal contradictory genderings of male homosexuality--suggesting an absence of a unified model of mid-twentieth-century male homosexuality argue that the 1976 novel Lover, by Bertha Harris, can be considered an exemplary novel within discussions of both postmodern fiction and lesbian theory. (The author calls for Harris to be added to the group of writers such as Wittig, Anzaldúa, Lorde, and Winterson, who are discussed within the context of a postmodern lesbian narrative.) examine the short fiction of Canadian lesbian novelist Jane Rule in an effort to shed light on lesbian creative practice in the homophobic climate of postwar North America argue for an understanding of Dale Peck’s novel Martin and John as an attempt to link two apparently different processes of import to contemporary male subjects through examination of the novel alongside selected passages from Nietzsche and Freud focus on the pragmatic issues of developing and maintaining accessible research venues from which to cultivate the study of racial and cultural diversity in lesbian lives Document the history of the Lesbian Herstory Archives, one of the first lesbian-specific collections in the world, from its birth in the early 1970s to the present.
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Lesbian Ethics

Lesbian Ethics

Thus the word actually means “ self - rule ” and usually applies to states or
national groups . Now , the idea of ' self - rule ' conjures up the idea of ' other -
rule ' and independence from it . But as lesbians in patriarchy we are not
independent of ...

Author: Sarah Lucia Hoagland

Publisher: Inst of Lesbian Studies

ISBN: STANFORD:36105002502784

Category: Social Science

Page: 349

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Challenging control in lesbian relationships, this book develops an ethics relevent to lesbians under oppression.
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Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English

Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English

No , I wanted to be Wolfe still , and Kerouac and Dreiser . Little by little , though , I
began to wonder what a lesbian Wolfe would sound like . Much later Jane Rule '
s work came into my life . The Desert of the Heart , first published in 1964 , put ...

Author: William J. Spurlin

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UCSC:32106015157016

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 326

View: 444

This international collection of essays presents a contemporary overview of issues of sexual identity as they relate to teaching and learning in English from elementary through university levels. Coming from teachers in classrooms in India to North America to South Africa to Europe, the essays theorize lesbian, gay, and transgendered positions in the classroom, offer pedagogical strategies for teaching lesbian and gay studies, and examine the broader social and political contexts that shape classroom discourse and practices. Following the introduction by the editor, the 16 essays are: (1) "Cruising the Libraries" (Lee Lynch); (2) "When the Cave Is a Closet: Pedagogies of the (Re)Pressed" (Edward J. Ingebretsen, S.J.); (3) "Blame It on the Weatherman: Popular Culture and Pedagogical Praxis in the Lesbian and Gay Studies Classroom" (Jay Kent Lorenz); (4) "On Not Coming Out: or, Reimagining Limits" (Susan Talburt); (5) "(Trans)Gendering English Studies" (Jody Norton); (6) "The Uses of History" (Lillian Faderman); (7) "'What's Out There?' Gay and Lesbian Literature for Children and Young Adults" (Claudia Mitchell); (8) "Creating a Place for Lesbian and Gay Readings in Secondary English Classrooms" (Jim Reese); (9) "Shakespeare's Sexuality: Who Needs It?" (Mario DiGangi); (10) "Coming Out and Creating Queer Awareness in the Classroom: An Approach from the U.S.-Mexican Border" (tatiana de la tierra); (11) "'Swimming Upstream': Recovering the Lesbian in Native American Literature" (Karen Lee Osborne); (12) "Reading Gender, Reading Sexualities: Children and the Negotiation of Meaning in 'Alternative' Texts" (Debbie Epstein); (13) "Fault Lines in the Contact Zone: Assessing Homophobic Student Writing" (Richard E. Miller); (14) "Queer Pedagogy and Social Change: Teaching and Lesbian Identity in South Africa" (Ann Smith); (15) "The Straight Path to Postcolonial Salvation: Heterosexism and the Teaching of English in India Today" (Ruth Vanita); and (16) "Rememorating: Quilt Readings" (Marcia Blumberg). (NKA)
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Great Events from History 1848 1983

Great Events from History  1848 1983

Source : Jane Rule , Preface to Lesbian Images . of them wrote from personal
experience about intense emotional and physical relationships among women .
Rule begins her book with a personal essay , and she tells her readers that she is

Author: Lillian Faderman


ISBN: 1587652641

Category: Gay community

Page: 785

View: 565

Chronicles important historical events from around the world that have identified, defined, and legally established the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals.
Categories: Gay community

Documentation Sur la Recherche F ministe

Documentation Sur la Recherche F  ministe

If the class in Canadian Women Writers is to proceed as a lesbian desire might
image resistance . One possibility is the ... Rule's understanding of lesbian
identity does not entail the same politics , as she has demonstrated , in actions in
If it ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105016957552

Category: Women


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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Organizing

Lesbian  Gay  Bisexual   Transgender Campus Organizing

There are , however , less formal ways of using a majority rule process .
representation on the steering committee ( a steering committee at a coed school
comprised of eight white men , for instance , is problematic ) . If the members of
the ...

Author: Curtis Frederic Shepard

Publisher: National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

ISBN: PSU:000032982572

Category: Social Science

Page: 334

View: 336

Bound to be the definitive work for years to come, this user-friendly manual contains resources, strategies, suggestions, tips, photographs, charts, lists, and other information for gaining antidiscrimination protections, forming support groups, increasing visibility, and securing equality in higher education.
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The Advocate

The Advocate

Nonetheless, the survey found that there are gay and lesbian franchise owners in
nearly every type of franchise ... By Steve Friess An Internal Revenue Service
ruling made public this year means that some gays and lesbians will end up ...





Page: 72

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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

Lesbian Psychologies

Lesbian Psychologies

I have developed the following series of rules about food intake and body size
that I believe women are required to adhere to ; it is my theory that distortions of
body image , fear of fat , and inaccurate strategies of self - feeding in women
result ...

Author: Boston Lesbian Psychologies Collective

Publisher: Urbana : University of Illinois Press

ISBN: UOM:39015021490134

Category: Psychology

Page: 375

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Feminist writers, therapists, and teachers discuss lesbian identity, relationships, community, and therapy, and try to assess the impact of lesbianism on women's lives
Categories: Psychology

Lesbian Fiction

Lesbian Fiction

Phoenix " was reprinted as “ The Bath ” in Lesbians Home Journal . Rule , " My
Father ' s House , " The Ladder , Vol . 15 , No . 3 and 4 ( December / January ,
1970 - 1971 ) . Rule was a frequent contributor to The Ladder beginning in 1968 .

Author: Elly Bulkin

Publisher: Alyson Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015034650971

Category: Fiction

Page: 295

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Categories: Fiction

Love Politics and rescue in Lesbian Relationships

Love  Politics and  rescue  in Lesbian Relationships

Lesbian writer Jane Rule once observed that [ a ] s Lesbians who have until
recently had no community , whose relationships have been themselves
considered immoral if not criminal , we are for the first time in a position of
declared ...

Author: Diana Rabenold


ISBN: UOM:39015049487237

Category: Lesbian couples

Page: 14

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Offers lesbians a particularly effective set of tools for identifying and resolving relationship problems on our own, demystifying and suggesting solutions for such problems as fusion, loss of sexual expression, and breakdowns in communication.
Categories: Lesbian couples

Lambda Book Report

Lambda Book Report

All of Jane Rule ' s work is luminous with fine characterizations and
compassionate intelligence , and her prose is splendid and powerful . When a
long - overdue exploration of the work of one of our most significant 20th century
lesbian writers ...



ISBN: IND:30000075143697

Category: Gays' writings


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Substance Use Disorders in Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Clients

Substance Use Disorders in Lesbian  Gay  Bisexual  and Transgender Clients

Ethical and Legal Issues laws and regulations are 42 U.S.C. and 42 CFR Part 2 (
hereafter referred to as Part 2). ... Substance abuse treatment programs that are
subject to HIPAA must now comply with the Privacy Rule, which parallels the ...

Author: Sandra C. Anderson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231512695

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 646

Internalized homophobia, alienation, poor support structures, and high levels of depression all contribute to substance abuse among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, with social activity at bars and clubs reinforcing addictive behavior. The threat of bias in treatment programs also prevents many from seeking help. An essential resource for human service professionals searching for the latest research on these unique issues, this volume features both state of the art practice methods for treating substance use disorders and up-to-date analyses of sexual orientation and gender identity issues, heterosexism, and the ethical challenges of working with the LGBT community. Sandra Anderson discusses practice with individuals, couples, families, and small groups, as well as practice at the program level. Drawing on case studies with her own clients and from social service agencies that treat LGBT clients, Anderson emphasizes evidence-based treatment models, including motivational enhancement therapy, contingency management, the matrix model, and community reinforcement. Packed with recommendations for effective practice, this singular volume confronts the obstacles faced not only by clients with addictions but also by the LGBT population as a whole.
Categories: Social Science