Leading and Loading

Author: Kelly Marks

Publisher: J. A. Allen, Limited

ISBN: 9780851317960

Category: Pets

Page: 23

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Using the methods practised so successfully on her Intelligent Horsemanship courses, Kelly Marks helps the reader to overcome two of the most common problems encountered by horse and pony owners. In this book, Kelly shows the reader how to lead a reluctant horse. Her methods are based on kindness and basic horse psychology. She then goes on to demonstrate ways of loading a horse into a horsebox at any time and in any situation without causing stress or trauma to either the handler or the horse.

Wool and Iron

Author: BrianJ. Croasdell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595310591

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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The newly elected Emperor needed a successful military operation to survive. Britain was the chosen target. When all was ready, the famed Roman army faltered and refused to embark. The official reason was that the tough, professional citizen-soldiers feared to cross the Ocean even though armies under Julius Caesar had twice done so before. This book offers a different reason. The failure of male-dominated Roman planning to take into account the family concerns of ordinary soldiers almost broke the back of the Imperial project. Despite rigorous army discipline, long-service legionaries refused to leave their unofficial families alone on the Continent when they left for Britain for ever. The reader will be held spellbound by this re-enactment of Roman history, seeing how Aurelius Victorinus of the Urban Cohorts, the embryonic police service of the City, became one of the instruments of the survival of the Emperor and the launching of the Invasion across the Ocean.

Great Australian Horse Stories

Author: Anne Crawford

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1743316801

Category: Pets

Page: 310

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Great Australian Horse Stories brings to life the exploits—funny, poignant and sometimes dramatic—of horses from all over the nation, including outback legends, loyal carthorses, spectacular high jumpers, and trusty stock horses. Among them are animals that have defied the odds to win—or simply to live. Just as special are the people who make horses their lives: drovers and dressage riders, bush brumby runners, the famous horse handlers on film sets, and rags-to-riches metropolitan trainers. These are riders who have persevered through accident and adversity to stay in the saddle. From the traditions of old-timers to new methods that challenge the way we think about horses, these stories capture the essence of that special bond between humans and horses. They will resonate with horse-lovers and anyone who enjoys a great Australian yarn.

Congressional Serial Set

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Category: United States

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Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.