Langstroth's Hive and the Honey-Bee

The Classic Beekeeper's Manual

Author: L. L. Langstroth

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486433844

Category: Nature

Page: 409

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This influential guide by "the father of modern beekeeping," originally published in 1853, constitutes the first descriptive treatise of modern bee management. Its innovations allowed people to engage in actual beekeeping, rather than simply handling bee domiciles and extracting the honey. The techniques it explains and illustrates are still employed 150 years later--including the author's patented invention, a movable frame hive. In a reader-friendly, enthusiastic style, Langstroth addresses every aspect of beekeeping: bee physiology; diseases and enemies of bees; the life-cycles of the queen, drone, and worker; bee-hives; the handling of bees; and many other topics. Unabridged republication of the classic 1878 (fourth) edition.--Publisher description.

Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee

Author: L. Langstroth

Publisher: Xist Publishing

ISBN: 1681955814

Category: Fiction

Page: 329

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An Essential Beekeepers Manual . Learn about the classic approach to Beekeeping from an expert. This was one of the first books about modern bee management and still proves an invaluable resource. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

Speaking for Nature

The Literary Naturalists, from Transcendentalism to the Birth of the American Environmental Movement

Author: Paul Brooks

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486781437

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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Narrative portraits of America's great literary naturalists offer a 200-year history of wildlife conservation: Thoreau, Burroughs, Muir, Beebe, Carson, and many others. "Brisk and illuminating." — The New York Times Book Review.

Identifying Animal Tracks

Mammals, Birds, and Other Animals of the Eastern United States

Author: Richard Headstrom

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486244423

Category: Nature

Page: 141

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Hunters, naturalists, scouts, and nature lovers will appreciate this comprehensive guide, featuring tracks of more than 100 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and invertebrates common to the eastern United States.

Frontier Days in Crescenta Valley

Portraits of Life in the Foothills

Author: Jo Anne Sadler

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1625850425

Category: History

Page: 144

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Modern Crescenta Valley practically defines the notion of quiet suburbia with its lovely homes and tree-lined streets. Yet the communities that lie north of Los Angeles between the Verdugo and San Gabriel Mountains once formed a vast, isolated, treeless, windstorm-swept dell. The settlers who stayed in this valley found day-to-day subsistence challenging. They farmed, hunted, tried bee ranching, gathered greasewood, cultivated vineyards and dodged rattlesnakes. As settlement in the area continued to develop, such refinements as literature and photography flourished. Join author Jo Anne Sadler as she brings the Valley's frontier days to life, recounting such quirks as a visit from a "rainmaker" and the reasons behind the construction of the gaudy local landmark the Gould Castle.

Top-bar Beekeeping

Organic Practices for Honeybee Health

Author: Les Crowder,Heather Harrell

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 1603584617

Category: Nature

Page: 175

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Discusses top-bar hives as an organic approach to raising bees without antibiotics, miticides, and other chemicals, and reviews the basics of beekeeping and how to manage the hive through the seasons.