Reshaping the Frontier Landscape: Dongchuan in Eighteenth-century Southwest China

Author: Fei HUANG

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004362568

Category: History

Page: 238

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Fei HUANG examines the process of landscape making in Dongchuan, the key copper-mining region in Southwest China in the eighteenth century. This book demonstrates how multiple landscape experiences developed among various people in dependencies, conflicts and negotiations in the imperial frontier.

Envisioning Landscape

Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage

Author: Dan Hicks,Lecturer-Curator in Archaeology of the Modern Period Dan Hicks,Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow School of Social Justice Laura McAtackney,Laura McAtackney,Graham Fairclough

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315429527

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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The common feature of landscape archaeology is its diversity – of method, field location, disciplinary influences and contemporary voices. The contributors to this volume take advantage of these many strands to investigate landscape archaeology in its multiple forms, focusing primarily on the link to heritage, the impact on our understanding of temporality, and the situated theory that arises out of landscape studies. Using examples from New York to Northern Ireland, Africa to the Argolid, these pieces capture the human significance of material objects in support of a more comprehensive, nuanced archaeology.

The Spatial Humanities

GIS and the Future of Humanities Scholarship

Author: David J. Bodenhamer,John Corrigan,Trevor M. Harris

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253355052

Category: History

Page: 203

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Trevor M. Harris, Karen K. Kemp, Gary Lock, L. Jesse Rouse, and May Yuan. --Book Jacket.

An Ethnography of the Neolithic

Early Prehistoric Societies in Southern Scandinavia

Author: Christopher Tilley

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521568210

Category: History

Page: 388

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Archaeological research in Sweden and Denmark has uncovered a startling array of evidence over the last 150 years, but until now there has been no comprehensive synthesis and interpretation of the material. An Ethnography of the Neolithic bridges this gap, giving an accessible and up-to-date analysis of a wide range of evidence, from landscapes to monumental tombs to portable artifacts. Christopher Tilley also uses this material as a basis for a provocative and novel reconstruction of late Mesolithic and earlier Neolithic societies in southern Scandinavia, over a period of 3,000 years. His skilful integration of archaeological evidence with new anthropological approaches makes this book an original contribution to an important topic, whose significance stretches outside Scandinavia, and beyond the Neolithic.

Eating Landscape

Aztec and European Occupation of Tlalocan

Author: Philip P. Arnold

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 287

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How do people meaningfully occupy the land? In sixteenth-century Mexico, Aztec and Spanish understandings of land formed the basis of their cultural identities. Their distinctive conceptions of land also established the traumatic character of cultural contract. Filling a gap in the coverage of Aztec cosmology, Eating Landscape brings hermeneutics to archaeology and linguistic analysis in new ways that will be of interest to historians of religion and archaeologists alike.

Landscape, Memory And History

Anthropological Perspectives

Author: Pamela J. Stewart,Andrew Strathern

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745319667

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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How do people perceive the land around them, and how is that perception changed by history? The contributors explore this question from an anthropological angle, assessing the connections between place, space, identity, nationalism, history and memory in a variety of different settings around the world. Taking historical change and memory as key themes, they offer a broad study that will appeal to a readership across the social sciences. Contributors from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Europe explore a wide variety of case studies that includes seascapes in Jamaica; the Solomon Islands; the forests of Madagascar; Aboriginal and European notions of landscape in Australia; place and identity in 19th century maps and the bogs of Ireland; contemporary concerns over changing landscapes in Papua New Guinea; and representations of landscape and history in the poetry of the Scottish Borders.

Negotiating Wilderness in a Culural Landscape

Predators and Saami Reindeer Herding in the Laponian World Heritage Area

Author: Åsa Nilsson Dahlström

Publisher: ACTA Universitatis Upsaliensis


Category: Social Science

Page: 534

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"The UNESCO appointment of the Laponian World Heritage Area in 1996 meant that Sweden accepted the assignment of protecting both the cultural and natural values of this area for all mankind and all generations to come. Located in northern Sweden, Laponia h"

Random Walks in Biology

Author: Howard C. Berg

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691000640

Category: Science

Page: 152

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This book is a lucid, straightforward introduction to the concepts and techniques of statistical physics that students of biology, biochemistry, and biophysics must know. It provides a sound basis for understanding random motions of molecules, subcellular particles, or cells, or of processes that depend on such motion or are markedly affected by it. Readers do not need to understand thermodynamics in order to acquire a knowledge of the physics involved in diffusion, sedimentation, electrophoresis, chromatography, and cell motility--subjects that become lively and immediate when the author discusses them in terms of random walks of individual particles.