You Deserve to Conquer the World

Author: Manoj K. Bhambu

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1945400978

Category: Self-Help

Page: 130

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You are a unique creation of God. You are here to achieve something special with your life i.e., your own unique Dharma, which you need to seek out and realize. This book will help you in your quest for Dharma and to stay focused on it till you achieve it. The acronym “You Deserve to Conquer the World” is a unique message from God Almighty to invoke the conqueror in you, via twenty-seven small, yet powerful chapters. Through this book, you will experience the magic of generating the enthusiasm necessary for a happier and fulfilling life. In your journey to success, the book will help you re-affirm your resolution when faced with a difficult situation. It will guide you to attain the essential skills required to connect with the right kind of people and evolve towards victory. Let the message “You Deserve to Conquer the World” embrace your sub-conscious mind.

Top Gear Drives of a Lifetime

Around the World in 25 Road Trips

Author: Dan Read

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473530091

Category: Travel

Page: 264

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Every year, Top Gear dispatches correspondents to cover many serious stories around the world. Wherever they go, they ask tough questions and leave no stone unturned in search of the cold, hard truth. Questions such as: Is it possible to drive a Ferrari up a Scottish ski slope? Exactly how far can you drive a bulldozer across the Antarctic before it falls down a big crack? And what happens when you drive a small 4X4 up a volcano, during an earthquake, with a high chance of eruption? The answers to all of the above – and more – can be found in Top Gear Top Drives, a new book featuring Top Gear’s best adventures, neatly arranged in precise geographic order: top, middle and bottom. These are not Sunday drives to country pubs. You will not find any mentions of freshly cut grass and picnics under oak trees. In fact, you are more likely to encounter roadside landmines and a pack of Chilean llamas with a relaxed approach to personal hygiene. Of course you will also find supercars on winding mountain passes, but this book goes much further, bringing you the most unusual combinations of car and tarmac – or lack of it – from across our planet. All of which are accompanied by a surprisingly useful collection of travel tips, featuring such useful advice as when to go, what the weather’s like and where to find a reasonably priced beer. Like any classic travel guide, you really shouldn’t leave home without it. Unless you write down the really important bits, in which case you’ll probably be OK.

The Default Line

The Inside Story of People, Banks and Entire Nations on the Edge

Author: Faisal Islam

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 1781854092

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

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How can a banking system become so unregulated that it offers a gold credit card to a dog? For Channel 4's Economics Editor Faisal Islam, these are examples of nations, institutions, and individuals crossing the 'default line', the point at which the optimism of economic boom flips into fiscal madness. Having exposed the Icelandic banking crisis, watched Lehman Bros crash, investigated emerging economies in India and China and interviewed a host of key international players from the Governor of the Bank of England to the head of the the Chinese sovereign wealth fund, Faisal Islam is the perfect guide to the global economic crisis. Juxtaposing vivid anecdotes with high-level exclusive interviews and trenchant economic analysis, THE DEFAULT LINE is a really accessible way of understanding the economic shape of the contemporary world.

Big Book of Land Rover

Author: Steve Vokins

Publisher: G2 Entertainment

ISBN: 9781909217492

Category: Transportation

Page: 144

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The Second World War proved, among other things, the value of a basic 4-wheel drive vehicle of rugged construction. The success of the American Jeep inspired the Wilkes' brothers Maurice and Spencer, who ran the Rover Car Company, that a British version was likely to be well received. Launched in 1948, customers were never in short supply for their creation, the Land Rover, although there were some unexpected owners for such a sparse and utilitarian car, including King George VI and Winston Churchill. Once the British Army embraced it as their vehicle of choice, the Land Rover's place in motoring's Hall of Fame was secured. Since those days, the company has gone on to invent the concept of the luxury 4x4 with the launch of the Range Rover in 1970, and has added further to the distinguished stable with the Discovery and the Freelander. The Land Rover has truly conquered the globe - find out how inside...

Expedition into Empire

Exploratory Journeys and the Making of the Modern World

Author: Martin Thomas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317630130

Category: History

Page: 242

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Expeditionary journeys have shaped our world, but the expedition as a cultural form is rarely scrutinized. This book is the first major investigation of the conventions and social practices embedded in team-based exploration. In probing the politics of expedition making, this volume is itself a pioneering journey through the cultures of empire. With contributions from established and emerging scholars, Expedition into Empire plots the rise and transformation of expeditionary journeys from the eighteenth century until the present. Conceived as a series of spotlights on imperial travel and colonial expansion, it roves widely: from the metropolitan centers to the ends of the earth. This collection is both rigorous and accessible, containing lively case studies from writers long immersed in exploration, travel literature, and the dynamics of cross-cultural encounter.

The Athenæum

A Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama

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Publisher: N.A



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