Knowing and Acting in Medicine

Knowing and Acting in Medicine

The first volume in the rapidly growing field of philosophy of medicine to focus on the relationship between knowledge and clinical practice and policy.

Author: Robyn Bluhm

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International

ISBN: 1783488093

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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The first volume in the rapidly growing field of philosophy of medicine to focus on the relationship between knowledge and clinical practice and policy.
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Thinking Knowing Acting Epistemology and Ethics in Plato and Ancient Platonism

Thinking  Knowing  Acting  Epistemology and Ethics in Plato and Ancient Platonism

Thinking, Knowing, Acting: Epistemology and Ethics in Plato and Ancient Platonism aims to offer a fresh perspective on the correlation between epistemology and ethics in Plato and the Platonic tradition from Aristotle to Plotinus, by ...

Author: Mauro Bonazzi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004398993

Category: Philosophy

Page: 340

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Thinking, Knowing, Acting: Epistemology and Ethics in Plato and Ancient Platonism aims to offer a fresh perspective on the correlation between epistemology and ethics in Plato and the Platonic tradition from Aristotle to Plotinus, by investigating the social, juridical and theoretical premises of their philosophy.
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The book comes in two parts: the first deals with the constitution of international relations and the role of theoretical norms in guiding decisions, in areas such as sanctions, the punishment of international crimes, governance and ...

Author: Friedrich Kratochwil

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108561877

Category: Political Science


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Praxis investigates both the existing practices of international politics and relations during and after the Cold War, and the issue of whether problems of praxis (individual and collective choices) can be subjected to a 'theoretical treatment'. The book comes in two parts: the first deals with the constitution of international relations and the role of theoretical norms in guiding decisions, in areas such as sanctions, the punishment of international crimes, governance and 'constitutional' concern, the second is devoted to 'theory building'. While a 'theorization' of praxis has often been attempted, Kratochwil argues that such endeavours do not attend to certain important elements characteristic of practical choices. Praxis presents a shift from the accepted international relations standard of theorizing, by arguing for the analysis of policy decisions made in non-ideal conditions within a broader framework of practical choices, emphasizing both historicity and contingency.
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The Knowing doing Gap

The Knowing doing Gap

Knowing by doing is, unfortunately, a less cost-efficient way of transmitting
knowledge. There is less ability to leverage the Internet or to put lots of people in
a large room with one instructor, which are, unfortunately, the modes of
instruction at ...

Author: Pfeffer

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1578511240

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 314

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"Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton, identify the causes of the knowing-doing gap and explain how to close it."--Jacket.
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Action in Context

Action in Context

Ontological and Rational Relationships Between Knowing and Acting We know
and we act. We usually realise this upon not knowing something or upon failing
to act in a situation demanding action. Errors and ignorance, or a weak will and ...

Author: Anton Leist

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110898798

Category: Philosophy

Page: 398

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The book illustrates the concept of action in three different contexts - the justification of actions, people’s life history, and pragmatism. Because of its comprehensive view, this volume marks a departure from the atomistic approach of action theory. This in itself raises a number of questions, which the ten contributors to this volume deal with in an instructive manner.
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Motivational Science

Motivational Science

INTRODUCTION TO PART 3 Bridging the Gap between Knowing and Doing A
simple way to think about motivation is as ... that bridges the gap between
cognition and behavior ; that is , the gap between knowing what is out there , and
acting ...

Author: Edward Tory Higgins

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0863776965

Category: Psychology

Page: 454

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A current collection of articles that define the field of motivational science.
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Identity Personal Identity and the Self

Identity  Personal Identity  and the Self

As with other agent - relative roles , there are special ways of knowing and acting
that are associated with identity . If Mach had wished to know , during the interval
while he was confused , if the shabby pedagogue he was seeing had lint on his ...

Author: John Perry

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 0872205207

Category: Philosophy

Page: 280

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This volume collects a number of Perry's classic works on personal identity as well as four new pieces, 'The Two Faces of Identity', 'Persons and Information', 'Self-Notions and The Self' and 'The Sense of Identity'. Perry's Introduction puts his own work and that of others on the issues of identity and personal identity in the context of philosophical studies of mind and language over the past thirty years.
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Knowing Becoming Doing as Teacher Educators

Knowing  Becoming  Doing as Teacher Educators

public our knowing that to extract meaning from the bubbling mass that is
experience we must focus À we must be “looking” ... We recognize that we work
from our perspective and that what we contribute emerges from our knowing,
acting, and ...

Author: Stefinee E. Pinnegar

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781784411398

Category: Education

Page: 416

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ART was established to provide state-of-the-art conceptualization and analysis of the processes involved in functioning as a classroom teacher. These include not only the behaviors of teachers that can be observed in the classroom, but also the planning, thinking, and decision making that occur before, during, and after interaction with students.
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Perceiving Acting and Knowing

Perceiving  Acting and Knowing

Originally published in 1977, the chapters in this volume derive from a conference on Perceiving, Acting and Knowing held by the Center for Research in Human Learning at the University of Minnesota in 1973.

Author: Robert Shaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315467917

Category: Psychology

Page: 500

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Originally published in 1977, the chapters in this volume derive from a conference on Perceiving, Acting and Knowing held by the Center for Research in Human Learning at the University of Minnesota in 1973. The volume was intended to appeal, not just to the specialist or the novice, but to anyone sufficiently interested in psychology to have obtained a sense of its history at the time. Through these essays the authors express a collective attitude that a careful scrutiny of the fundamental tenets of contemporary psychology may be needed. In some essays specific faults in the foundations of an area are discussed, and suggestions are made for remedying them. In other essays the authors flirt with more radical solutions, namely, beginning from new foundations altogether. Although the authors do not present a monolithic viewpoint, a careful reading of all their essays under one cover reveals a glimpse of a new framework by which theory and research may be guided.
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Knowing Doing Winning

Knowing  Doing  Winning

Passion is about: What matters to you Something that you do without thinking
about money Exploring the feelings when something blocks you from acting What
you most want from life Setting up your own blog because you want to share your

Author: Kwai Yu

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9781904235873

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

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Throughout this book, I will ask you to take coffee breaks. These breaks are designed to break up your learning and reflections in bite- size chunks. In many cases, the breaks direct you to a video or an article on the internet. The coffee breaks are designed to give you time and space to reflect; not only to reflect on what I have said but also to reflect on what you are saying to yourself. The secret to using this book is in understanding that the book isn't about me. It's about YOU. The only thing that matters is what you find yourself saying. This book isn't about copying 'my success formula' because I don't have one. I would be lying if I said I had. If there was a one-size- fits-all success formula, I think someone would have invented it and patented it by now. So, if someone tells you they have the formula to success, they are lying. The best way to capture and explore your own thinking is to catch yourself saying, 'I disagree with this!' and replace that thought with 'Why does that person think differently to me?' This book is about finding your own courage and tenacity to become a pioneering leader, a trailblazer who knows and wants to build something worth- while in your lifetime.
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The Art of Film Acting

The Art of Film Acting

It is having trust in your “child-mind,” living in the moment, not knowing, and
centering your mind through concentration. You need these abilities of
awareness to become a great film actor, and they are used by great actors,
knowingly or not.

Author: Jeremiah Comey

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136047213

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 290

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This guide for actors and directors develops a valid method for training performers to act from their core--whether they are cold reading, auditioning, or performing for film or television. This book teaches actors how to achieve and respond to believable and honest emotions before the camera, and it maintains that the key to a successful performance lies in how the actors relate to one another and to the circumstances. Exercises, including script examples, throughout the book give readers an easy resource for practicing the principles outlined. The Art of Film Acting applies a classic stage acting method (Stanislavsky) to the more intimate medium of performing before a camera, teaching readers to experience an emotion rather than to indicate it.
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Knowing Doing in Heidegger s Being Time

Knowing   Doing in Heidegger s Being   Time

The most primordial way in which human Dasein as a finitely limited being is
capable of coming upon other beings at all , and what must precede the most
primordial taking possession of such beings ( i . e . , doing ) , is knowing . In virtue
of ...

Author: Gerold Prauss


ISBN: UOM:39015047503365

Category: Philosophy

Page: 80

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Prauss (philosophy, Albert Ludwing U., Freiburg, Germany) restates the relation of theory and praxis derived from an analysis of Heidegger's approach. He shows how an understanding of the relationship between theory and practices, based on the ideals of transcendental philosophy and carried out with
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Studies in Symbolic Interaction

Studies in Symbolic Interaction

KNOWING. AND. ACTING. Homer (Iliad and Odyssey, c. 700 BCE) and Hesiod (
Theogony and Works and Days, c. 700 BCE) are generally acknowledged as the
most consequential of the earliest poetic authors of record. Other especially ...

Author: Norman K. Denzin

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781846639302

Category: Social Science

Page: 452

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Emphasizes critical approaches to the study of race, identity and self, as well as developments in interactionist theory, ethics and dramaturical studies.
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One exampleof thesubtlety can beseen by comparing paragraph 17, where
righteousness is “knowing and acting,” with paragraph 18, righteousnessis “
being at peaceand acting.” Onepossible explanationforthis slight differenceisthat
the ...

Author: Kenneth Holloway

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199888153

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Fourteen years ago, a corpus of bamboo-strip texts was found in a late-fourth-century-BCE tomb at Jingmen, Hubei province in central China. The discovery of the "Guodian" texts, together with other recently discovered Warring States manuscripts, has revolutionized the study of early Chinese intellectual history. Kenneth Holloway argues that the Guodian corpus puts forth a political philosophy based on the harmonious interconnection of individuals engaged in moral self cultivation. This unique worldview, says Holloway, cannot meaningfully be categorized as "Confucian" or "Daoist," because it shares important concepts and vocabulary with a number of different textual traditions that have anachronistically been characterized as competing or incompatible "schools" of thought. He finds that within the Guodian corpus familiar philosophical concepts and texts are applied in distinctive ways, presenting a worldview that is quite different from the received textual traditions. In addition to contributing to our understanding of this particular body of texts, Holloway proposes a methodology for assessing a corpus of texts without relying on assumptions and definitions that derive from two millennia of scholarship.
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Golf On The Chemical Edge The 7 Big Mental Mistakes That Most Golfers Make

Golf On The Chemical Edge   The 7 Big Mental Mistakes That Most Golfers Make

... know clearly what is expected of me and I like the results I perceive that will
come from it I can see how acting in this ... conscious mind) for acting in this way
or from the results of acting in this way I can feel secure knowing that acting in ...

Author: Keith S Forbes


ISBN: 9781447881346



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Political Criticism

Political Criticism

I begin by arguing that there is a basic human interest in knowing and acting on
the truth, in acting authentically, and I show how this claim flows out of the
argument of the previous chapter. To say that people have an interest in knowing
and ...

Author: Ian Shapiro

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520913124

Category: Philosophy

Page: 352

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Since the 1960s a resurgence of interest in the moral foundations of politics has fueled debates about the appropriate sources of our political judgments. Ian Shapiro analyzes and advances these debates, discussing them in an accessibly style. He defends a view of politics called critical naturalism as a third way between the neo-Kantian theory of John Rawl's and the contextual arguments of Richard Rorty, Michael Walzer, Alasdair MacIntyre and others. He formulates a new justification for democratic politics and an innovative account of the nature of political argument.
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Doing Justice Knowing God

Doing Justice  Knowing God

... for the Catholic doctrine of“caritative wisdom,” the nonconceptual wisdom
which characterizes the highest levels of mystical experience, where acting with
a perfect divine love and justice,we in effect become divine ourselves and in
knowing ...

Author: Anthony Mansueto

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621899778

Category: Religion

Page: 270

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Doing Justice: Knowing God represents a fundamentally new departure in ethical theory. Drawing on the work of Alasdair MacIntyre, John Milbank, and Franklin Gamwell, it argues that that modern and postmodern moral theory is fundamentally inadequate, and that the current crisis of values can be resolved only on the basis of a substantive vision of the Good. But it goes beyond these thinkers to argue that such a vision must be grounded metaphysically in a revitalized doctrine of Being. The result is a radically historicized natural-law ethics. This ethics argues that not only human individuals but human societies and indeed the universe as a whole grow and develop toward God. The fundamental moral law is to act in such a way as to promote this development. The book draws out the implications of this insight for our understanding of the virtues as well as for social justice.
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Vedic Creationism

Vedic Creationism

To briefly recapitulate, I discussed how creation proceeds through the five stages
of thinking, feeling, willing, knowing and acting. Each of the stages of creation is
supported by one kind of instrumental cause: thinking is supported by chitta ...

Author: Ashish Dalela

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595525737

Category: Philosophy

Page: 448

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The idea that the universe was created by God often meets hostile opposition from proponents of rationality and science because unlike science that creates empirical laws, religious theories seem to make no verifiable predictions. But in Vedic Creationism, author Ashish K. Dalela shows that a personal theistic account of creation given in the Vedas has radical implications for the study of matter and questions of creation, including new verifiable predictions based upon a different conception of reality. An expansive examination of the meaning of the universe by comparing and contrasting varying philosophical vantages, Vedic Creationism covers the journey from Vedic notions on God's personality and conscious mind to the implication these ideas have for the origins of life and the attainment of quantum gravity. Dalela relates the ideas in Vedic philosophy with the current state of affairs in modern science including the mind-body problem, the unification of quantum and relativity theories, and the question of evolution and origins of life. Presenting new, forward-looking ideas, Vedic Creationism will help put the age-old wisdom of Vedas in a modern light and open new areas of dialogue.
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Directors Tell the Story

Directors Tell the Story

The experience of walking a mile in an actor's shoes, even for a short period of
time, brings both awareness and compassion to bear on the creative
collaboration between actor and director. What Do You Want Directors to Know
About Acting?

Author: Bethany Rooney

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136039379

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 326

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Move over, movies: the freshest storytelling today is on television, where the multi-episodic format is used for rich character development and innovative story arcs. Directors Tell the Story offers rare insight and advice straight from two A-list television directors whose credits include Monk, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Weeds, and more. They direct dramas and comedies using the same process that Steven Spielberg (or any other movie director uses)-just with less money and time. Learn what it takes to become a director: master the technical aspects, appreciate aesthetic qualities, and practice leadership, all while exuding that "X factor that distinguishes the excellent director from the merely good one. Covering everything from prep, the shoot, and post, the authors emphasize how aspiring directors can develop a creative vision-because without it, they are just technicians. Hands-on and practical, this book lets you not only read about the secrets of directors, it also includes exercises using original scripted material. The companion web site includes scenes from the authors' own TV shows, along with the scripts, shot lists, and other materials that made the scenes possible. Key Features * Highly experienced Hollywood directors share inside information about what it really takes to be a director, giving the advice that readers covet. * Covers everything a director needs to know: the creative vision, how to translate script into a visual story, establishing the look and feel, selecting and leading a crew, coaching actors, keeping a complex operation on time and on budget, overseeing the edit, and troubleshooting through the whole shoot. * "Insider Info sections feature interviews, advice, and tips from film and TV luminaries whose productions include Private Practice, Monk, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, The Informant, American Beauty, and more! * Hands-on exercises help you understand and master the craft of directing.
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