Max Scheler's Acting Persons

New Perspectives

Author: Stephen Frederick Schneck

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042015906

Category: Philosophy

Page: 181

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This book gathers six trenchant new analyses of the idea of the person as raised by the German philosopher and social theorist Max Scheler (1874–1928). The issues raised in the volume are both timely and perennial, from considerations of postmodernity, phenomenology, and metaphysics, to sharp-edged comparisons with other thinkers, including Immanuel Kant, Martin Heidegger, Emmanuel Levinas, Eric Voegelin, Richard Rorty, and Hannah Arendt.

Early Modern Natural Law Theories

Context and Strategies in the Early Enlightenment

Author: M. J. B. Allen,T. Hochstrasser,P. Schröder,Tim J. Hochstrasser Peter Schr der,J. R. Armogathe,A. Gabbey,T. Gregory,J. Henry,J. D. North,J. Popkin,G. A. J. Rogers,Th. Verbeek

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402015694

Category: History

Page: 332

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The study of natural law theories is presently one of the most fruitful areas of research in the studies of early modern intellectual history, and moral and political theory. Likewise the historical significance of the Enlightenment for the development of `modernisation' in many different forms continues to be the subject of controversy. This collection therefore offers a timely opportunity to re-examine both the coherence of the concept of an `early Enlightenment', and the specific contribution of natural law theories to its formation. The works of major thinkers such as Grotius, Hobbes, Locke, Malebranche, Pufendorf and Thomasius are reassessed, and the appeal and importance of the discourse of natural jurisprudence both to those working inside conventional educational and political structures and to those outside - such as in the Huguenot diaspora - is evaluated. This volume will therefore be of importance to all those readers concerned to study the character of the debates in the period 1650-1750 surrounding moral and political agency, sovereignty and obligation, and the legitimation of religious toleration in the divergent states and patriotic contexts of Europe.

Love's Transcendence and the Problem of Theodicy

Author: Claudia Welz

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161495618

Category: Philosophy

Page: 437

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Since the problem of theodicy concerns all dimensions of human existence and cannot be reduced to a logical problem of consistency, it cannot be resolved by means of a theodicy, a rational defense of God before the tribunal of human reason. But how can we deal with 'the wound of negativity?' Claudia Welz explores responses that do not end up in a theodicy. Instead of asking about the origin and sense (or non-sense) of evil and suffering, she considers God's (non)phenomenality, the dialectics of God's givenness and hiddenness. Neither God nor evil is given 'as such;' rather, God and evil are determined for someone as something within specific contexts of experience. How does God appear in human life, and how is his phenomenal presence or non-presence related to the ambiguities of our lives? In the center of the book, Kierkegaard's and Rosenzweig's answers, their reasons for having no reason to defend God and their ethics of love are discussed 'between' German idealism and French phenomenology. Both of them follow Kant's practical turn of the problem of theodicy, oppose Hegel's theodicy through history and anticipate Levinas' idea to look for the traces of God's transcendence in human movements of self-transcendence. Moreover, they have remarkable contributions to the current debates on 'metaphysics of presence' and 'onto-theology.' In dialogue with Levinas, the presence of God's love is in question, in dialogue with Derrida God's presence as a gift, and in dialogue with Marion the gift of God's presence as a so-called 'saturated' self-giving phenomenon . In conclusion to these discussions, theology is developed as semiotic phenomenology of the Invisible.

Main Philosophical Writings and the Novel Allwill

Author: Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773564128

Category: Philosophy

Page: 704

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Jacobi's polemical tract Concerning the Doctrine of Spinoza in Letters to Herr Moses Mendelssohn propelled him to notoriety in 1785. This work, as well as David Hume on Faith, or Idealism and Realism, Jacobi to Fichte, and the novel Allwill, is included in George di Giovanni's translation. In a comprehensive introductory essay di Giovanni situates Jacobi in the historical and philosophical context of his time, and shows how Jacobi's life and work reflect the tensions inherent in the late Enlightenment.

Kierkegaard and His Danish Contemporaries: Philosophy, politics and social theory

Author: Jon Bartley Stewart

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754668725

Category: Social Science

Page: 329

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The present volume features articles that employ source-work research in order to explore the individual Danish sources of Kierkegaard's thought. The volume is divided into three tomes in order to cover the different fields of influence.Tome I is dedicated to exploring the sources that fall under the rubrics, Philosophy, Politics and Social Theory. With regard to philosophy, Kierkegaard read the works of all the foremost Danish thinkers of the time and their German antecedents, in particular Cont, Schilling and Hegel. While he was sympathetic to individual ideas offered by this tradition, he was generally keen to criticise the German model of philosophy and to propose a new paradigm for philosophical thought that was more in tune with lived existence. Kierkegaard also experienced the dynamic period in history that saw the great upheavals throughout Europe in connection with the revolutions of 1848 and the First Schleswig War. While it has long been claimed that Kierkegaard was not interested in politics, recent research supports a quite different picture. To be sure, he cannot be regarded as a political scientist or social theorist in a traditional sense, but he was nonetheless engaged in the issues of his day, and in his works one can certainly find material that can be insightful for the fields of politics and social theory.

From Luther to Kierkegaard

A Study in the History of Theology

Author: Jaroslav Pelikan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 171

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The great early church and Luther scholar, Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan, in this one of his earliest published works, offers in this volume an analysis of the relationship between philosophical thought and Lutheran theology since the time of the Reformation.

Medien - Wissen - Bildung

Explorationen visualisierter und kollaborativer Wissensräume

Author: Ronald Maier,Theo Hug

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3902719656


Page: 229

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Der vorliegende Band befasst sich mit Dynamiken und Transformationsprozessen an den Schnittstellen medialer, sozialer und organisationaler Entwicklungen. Die Beitr ge zielen auf die Erkundung inter- und transdisziplin rer Diskursfelder. Sie thematisieren kontempor re und zukunftsweisende Formen der Visualisierung und kollaborativen Nutzung von Wissensr umen.