Jews and Journeys

Jews and Journeys

Conclusion Tracing Jews' travels to Amsterdam offers a prism with which to bring into focus the emergence of shifting nostalgic, modern, and political perspectives upon a Jewish space and the various practices that it engendered and ...

Author: Joshua Levinson

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812297935

Category: Religion

Page: 408

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Journeys of dislocation and return, of discovery and conquest hold a prominent place in the imagination of many cultures. Wherever an individual or community may be located, it would seem, there is always the dream of being elsewhere. This has been especially true throughout the ages for Jews, for whom the promises and perils of travel have influenced both their own sense of self and their identity in the eyes of others. How does travel writing, as a genre, produce representations of the world of others, against which one's own self can be invented or explored? And what happens when Jewish authors in particular—whether by force or of their own free will, whether in reality or in the imagination—travel from one place to another? How has travel figured in the formation of Jewish identity, and what cultural and ideological work is performed by texts that document or figure specifically Jewish travel? Featuring essays on topics that range from Abraham as a traveler in biblical narrative to the guest book entries at contemporary Israeli museum and memorial sites; from the marvels medieval travelers claim to have encountered to eighteenth-century Jewish critiques of Orientalism; from the Wandering Jew of legend to one mid-twentieth-century Yiddish writer's accounts of his travels through Peru, Jews and Journeys explores what it is about travel writing that enables it to become one of the central mechanisms for exploring the realities and fictions of individual and collective identity.
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Cuban Jewish Journeys

Cuban Jewish Journeys

The Diego was my mother's Paternal Stepfather , a Spaniard who converted to Judaism and died when she was very young . " 24. According to Albert , " the ' Union Liberal Cubana ' was modeled after the Czech Liberal Union and other ...

Author: Caroline Bettinger-López

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 1572330988

Category: History

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Between ten and fifteen thousand persons of Cuban-Jewish heritage currently live in Miami. Until now, however, this vibrant community and its unique traditions have, to a large extent, escaped the notice of ethnographers, historians, and other scholars. In Cuban-Jewish Journeys, Caroline Bettinger-López remedies that neglect with an engaging, in-depth look at a people whose rich mix of cultures confounds typical ethnic images. The author begins by investigating the history and development of the Cuban-Jewish community, tracing its origins back to Jewish enclaves in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Mediterranean. She explores how these people came to Cuba in the first half of the twentieth century and how they eventually resettled in the United States as part of the larger Cuban migration that followed Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. In recounting this history, Bettinger-López draws heavily on numerous stories told to her by Cuban Jews in Miami and elsewhere. Those oral histories also form the basis of Bettinger-López's subsequent exploration of the identity and assimilation issues facing "Jewbans" (as many in Miami began calling themselves in the 1970s). She found that place and date of birth, for instance, may affect an individual's identification with a particular homeland and political ideology, which may in turn influence how the individual "remembers" Cuban-Jewish history. The future of Miami's Jewban community, she suggests, now lies in the hands of a generation that, for the most part, has grown up within the United States. Already, the community is transforming itself linguistically, culturally, and religiously to accommodate the younger generation. Skillfully interweaving historical analysis, personal reflections, inter-generational stories, theories of diaspora, photographs, and current debates on ethnographic writing, Cuban-Jewish Journeys will appeal not only to scholars but to anyone interested in the ever-changing face of multicultural America. The Author: Caroline Bettinger-López, a native of Miami, studied anthropology at the University of Michigan. Since her graduation, she has worked in various teaching and social-service positions in Miami. Most recently, she has taught disadvantaged children in Haiti.
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Africana Jewish Journeys

Africana Jewish Journeys

Jewish racism when it occurs, and this should not lead anyone to label those calling out racism either traitors or selfYhating Jews. NonYOrthodox white communities have achieved acceptance of nonYwhite Jews far more easily than those ...

Author: Edith Bruder

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527523456

Category: Religion

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The contemporary phenomenon of people’s attraction to Judaism around the world is remarkable. Additionally, millions of people who are not of Jewish descent are increasingly identifying themselves as Jews or are converting. In this volume, scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines explore multiple sources and meanings of this new shaping of modern Jewish identities in Africa, the United States, and India.
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I AM A Journey in Jewish Faith

I AM  A Journey in Jewish Faith

We need to be able to tell them who we are as individuals and as Jews, how we got to where we are, what we have learned, and how it relates to the fullness of our lives. They force us to review our Jewish journeys and learn or relearn ...

Author: Lewis John Eron

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532645679

Category: Religion

Page: 110

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I AM: A Journey in Jewish Faith is a spiritual/theological meditation on the Shema, the biblical statement of God’s oneness that rests in the heart of the Jewish people. Through poetry and prose, Rabbi Eron uses the words of the Shema—“Listen carefully all you people of Israel, the Eternal is our God, the Eternal alone!”—and the three biblical passages that follow it in the Jewish worship service to explore and express a contemporary understanding of the ties that bind each of us and God together. The two fundamental themes of the Shema—declaration of the oneness of God and proclamation that people and God are in a relationship—anchor Eron’s presentation of a deeply spiritual expression of monotheistic faith from a modern Jewish perspective. As we discover ourselves as unique individuals, we open our hearts and minds to the God who, like ourselves, is unique. This powerful symmetry provides the foundation upon which we can build the lasting and sustaining relationships that connect us not only to God but also to each other and to all creation.
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Three Jewish Journeys Through an Anthropologist s Lens

Three Jewish Journeys Through an Anthropologist s Lens

Author: Moshe Shokeid


ISBN: STANFORD:36105124117388

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This anthology collects 17 essays collected from a leading Israeli anthropologist's varied ethnographic work. It draws from, in particular, three published studies of physical and cultural dislocation.
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Journeys in Hungary

Journeys in Hungary

Author: Gerhard Salinger


ISBN: OCLC:137300916

Category: Jewish cemeteries

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Commentary on St Paul s Epistle to the Romans

Commentary on St  Paul s Epistle to the Romans

After each of his journeys Paul takes cares to clasp by a journey to Jerusalem the bond which should unite those two works among Gentiles and Jews . So deeply did he himself feel the necessity of binding the churches which he founded in ...

Author: Frédéric Louis Godet


ISBN: UOM:39015067251176

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Jewish Identities in Postcommunist Russia and Ukraine

Jewish Identities in Postcommunist Russia and Ukraine

Intermarriage and jewish journeys in the United States (Newton Centre, MA: National Center for Jewish Policy Studies at Hebrew College, 2008 ), 39. I inquired about the supposed custom on the List—serv H—Judaic.

Author: Zvi Gitelman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139789622

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Before the USSR collapsed, ethnic identities were imposed by the state. This book analyzes how and why Jews decided what being Jewish meant to them after the state dissolved and describes the historical evolution of Jewish identities. Surveys of more than 6,000 Jews in the early and late 1990s reveal that Russian and Ukrainian Jews have a deep sense of their Jewishness but are uncertain what it means. They see little connection between Judaism and being Jewish. Their attitudes toward Judaism, intermarriage and Jewish nationhood differ dramatically from those of Jews elsewhere. Many think Jews can believe in Christianity and do not condemn marrying non-Jews. This complicates their connections with other Jews, resettlement in Israel, the United States and Germany, and the rebuilding of public Jewish life in Russia and Ukraine. Post-Communist Jews, especially the young, are transforming religious-based practices into ethnic traditions and increasingly manifesting their Jewishness in public.
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The Scattered Nation

The Scattered Nation

Halle to the Jews , that his first circuit might be in their company . In this journey the three friends visited Polungen , where Schulz was first put to the proof at a Jewish inn , kept by the Rabbi of the village ; he not only ...



ISBN: HARVARD:32044098908007

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A Journey from Orenburg to Bokhara in the Year 1820

A Journey from Orenburg to Bokhara in the Year 1820

Kokan , and Kashgar have no Jewish inhabitants at all . The Jews of Bokhara bave very well - shaped heads , a pale complexion , and large fiery and expressive eyes . The Jews in Bokbara are only permitted to live in three streets ...



ISBN: OXFORD:N13207106

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