Jericho s War

Jericho s War

Jericho wore padding under his shirt and against his stomach: there was no actual problem with the ... He had done Cold War before MidEast, but reckoned that Yemen provided greater challenges than anything else he had worked at.

Author: Gerald Seymour

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473617773

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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Selected by The Sunday Times as one of the four top thrillers of the year, JERICHO'S WAR is the new paperback from 'the best thriller writer in the world' (Daily Telegraph) In a moment of nerve-shredding suspense that will affect many thousands of lives, a handful of men and women converge on a barren stretch of Yemeni desert. The mission is to take down a high-value player in the war against Al-Qaeda. It is the brainchild of an old, fat fool called Jericho. In his striped cricket blazer, never without a G&T, he is a sweating figure of fun among the ex-pats across the border in Muscat. Yet perhaps he is not quite as old, or foolish, or even fat as he appears. Nor as harmless... Welcome to Jericho's War: its weaponry is state-of-the-art, its brutality as timeless as the desert.
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Bladefoot Evolved Tales from the Late Cretaceous

Bladefoot Evolved  Tales from the Late Cretaceous

Amongst all the heated decisions, Jericho had a sense that both Preston and Bladefoot's futures could be wrapped in violence. Tonight, the jungle won't witness battle ... Jericho screams a war-cry which echoes throughout the cavern.

Author: David Pratt


ISBN: 9780244940799

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

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It's sixty-five million years ago. In the wild treacherous landscape of ancient North America, dinosaurs and many other species struggle daily to survive. Each of these creatures have their own stories, and this collection of tales takes place before and during the events of Bladefoot. Preston the baby troodon, who learns fast to reach adulthood and follows in Bladefoot's footsteps. Axel the young dakotaraptor, who strives to earn his place in the pack. Flo the elasmosaurus, who must navigate an ocean filled with deadly predators. Tyler the mosasaurus, the blood-thirsty killer of the Pierre Seaway. Sky Rider the Quetzalcoatlus, the winged giant that masters the air. Rumble the triceratops, and his great ambitions to rule his own herd. Cutter the wounded troodon, who tries to find peace at a waterhole, but will receive anything but... All these stories have climatic endings, although some individuals will be more fortunate than others.
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Chronologisch geographische Einleitung in das Leben Jesu Christi Nebst vier Karten und Pl nen etc

Chronologisch geographische Einleitung in das Leben Jesu Christi     Nebst vier Karten und Pl  nen  etc

Jericho . In der Gegend , wo der Jordan in das todte Meer sich ergiesst , bildet der Ghor auf der Westseite des ... “ Die Oase Jericho's war im Zeitalter Jesu wegen ihrer Balsam- und DattelpalmenCultur weltberühmt ; sie hat durch den ...

Author: Christian Eduard CASPARI


ISBN: BL:A0019329885


Page: 263

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Holy Wars

Holy Wars

Latch of the Land of Israel 19 alerted Jericho that trouble was literally on the horizon. Walls dam- aged by recent tremors were hastily repaired. People living outside the city sought refuge within Jericho's protective walls, ...

Author: Gary L. Rashba

Publisher: Casemate

ISBN: 9781612000190

Category: History

Page: 281

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“A compelling tale of how this spiritually and politically charged area of the globe has long been a place of pivotal battles” (Library Journal). Today’s Arab-Israeli conflict is merely the latest iteration of an unending history of violence in the Holy Land—a region that is unsurpassed as witness to a kaleidoscopic military history involving forces from across the world and throughout the millennia. Holy Wars describes three thousand years of war in the Holy Land with the unique approach of focusing on pivotal battles or campaigns, beginning with the Israelites’ capture of Jericho and ending with Israel’s last full-fledged assault against Lebanon. Its chapters stop along the way to examine key battles fought by the Philistines, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, and Mamluks—the latter clash, at Ayn Jalut, comprising the first time the Mongols suffered a decisive defeat. The modern era saw the rise of the Ottomans and an incursion by Napoleon, who only found bloody stalemate outside the walls of Akko. The Holy Land became a battlefield again in World War I when the British fought the Turks. The nation of Israel was forged in conflict during its 1948 War of Independence, and subsequently found itself in desperate combat, often against great odds, in 1956 and 1967, and again in 1973, when it was surprised by a massive two-pronged assault. By focusing on the climax of each conflict, while carefully setting each stage, Holy Wars examines an extraordinary breadth of military history—spanning in one volume the evolution of warfare over the centuries, as well as the enduring status of the Holy Land as a battleground.
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Der Brief an Die Hebr er

Der Brief an Die Hebr  er

30 Mittelst Glaubens fielen die Mauern Jericho's , nachdem sie sieben Tage lang umzogen worden waren . 31 Mittelst Glaubens kam Rahab ... An die Bewohner Jericho's war ebenso wie an Rahab die Kunde von den großen Thaten Gottes für sein ...

Author: Johann Heinrich Kurtz



Category: Bible

Page: 436

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Waging War

Waging War

Figure 1.2 Tower at Jericho. that the archaeological evidence for prestate warfare in the agricultural Neolithic (fortification, settlement destruction, paintings, and weapons development) seems at least as undeniable as that for the ...

Author: Wayne E. Lee

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199797455

Category: Military art and science

Page: 560

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Waging War: Conflict, Culture, and Innovation in World History provides a wide-ranging examination of war in human history, from the beginning of the species until the current rise of the so-called Islamic State. Although it covers many societies throughout time, the book does not attempt to tell all stories from all places, nor does it try to narrate "important" conflicts. Instead, author Wayne E. Lee describes the emergence of military innovations and systems, examining how they were created and then how they moved or affected other societies. These innovations are central to most historical narratives, including the development of social complexity, the rise of the state, the role of the steppe horseman, the spread of gunpowder, the rise of the west, the bureaucratization of military institutions, the industrial revolution and the rise of firepower, strategic bombing and nuclear weapons, and the creation of "people's war."
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The History of Jericho Vermont

The History of Jericho  Vermont

JERICHO MEN AS SOLDIERS . The men of Jericho have always willingly performed their share of the military service demanded by their country . This was true in the Revolutionary War , in the struggle against the greed and tyranny of New ...

Author: Jericho, Vt. Historical committee


ISBN: NYPL:33433081902870

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Operation Jericho

Operation Jericho

I am grateful to those authorities who gave me permission to use material in their possession, and to copy photographs and maps, especially the Imperial War Museum, the Australian War Memorial, the RAF Museum Hendon, Le Mémorial de Caen ...

Author: Robert Lyman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472851963

Category: History

Page: 80

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This is the story of Operation Jericho, the spectacular prison break staged by an elite group of British, Australian and New Zealand bomber pilots, who flew a daring low-level mission to blow holes in the walls of Amiens jail and free French Resistance prisoners under the sentence of death during World War II. With D-Day looming, early 1944 was a time of massive intelligence activity across northern France, and many résistants were being captured and imprisoned by the Germans. Among the jails full of French agents was Amiens, where hundreds awaited likely execution for their activities. To repay their debt of honour, MI6 requested an air raid with a seemingly impossible brief: to simultaneously blow holes in the prison walls, free as many men and women as possible while minimizing casualties, and kill German guards in their quarters. The crews would have to fly their bomb-run at an altitude of just 20ft. Despite the huge difficulties, the RAF decided that the low-level specialists of No. 140 Wing had a chance of success. With the aid of first-hand accounts, explanatory 3D diagrams and dramatic original artwork, the eminent historian Robert Lyman explains how one of the most difficult and spectacular air raids of World War II was pulled off, and debunks some of the myths over why the raid was ordered in the first place.
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Advent of Silver

Advent of Silver

Jericho turned up the volume when he heard an announcer speak: “Our residents at Kyrion have the luxurious opportunity to live the captivating life and thriving culture of our city. A dream city built for the future - untouched by war ...

Author: Atilla K. Zengin

Publisher: Atilla K. Zengin

ISBN: 9780463083550

Category: Fiction

Page: 383

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It is the year 2141 on Earth – a futuristic world where weaponry besides pre-modern are banished and all continents have collided by the magical embargo embedded into the world by the mysterious entity that appeared in the sky – halting the Third World War in an instant almost a century ago. A man with silver eyes named Jericho has been confined in prison for murder - he lives in constant trauma ever since his mother cast aside her life in order to save his from his father. Jericho’s life took a dramatic turn when a man broke into his cell and claimed to be his brother – Dantanian – whose identity has been hidden from their tyrannical father. After their successful escape, Dantanian informs Jericho about their father’s true intentions - total world domination. They decide to work together and stop their father from lifting the limiting embargo from the world and unleashing weapons of mass destruction. The journey that conspires will continue to surprise Jericho – carrying his cursed sword - as he begins to discover shocking new discoveries about the properties and true origins of magic, this new found world…and himself.
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The Soldiers Record of Jericho Vermont

The Soldiers  Record of Jericho  Vermont

In them , I have endeavored to give a correct , but brief record of the honorable part Jericho has borne in the bloody war of the Rebellion , now happily terminated , and the names of the noble men who enlisted for our town , the age ...

Author: E. H. Lane



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