A Guide for Using James and the Giant Peach in the Classroom

A Guide for Using James and the Giant Peach in the Classroom

The groups may define the words, find them in the context of the book, and present the information to the class to ... and retain the vocabulary in James and the Giant Peach by providing them with interesting vocabulary activities.

Author: Kathee Gosnell

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

ISBN: 9781557344410

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A collection of cross-curricular lessons to accompany the novel by Roald Dahl offers sample lesson plans, vocabulary lists, quizzes, cooperative learning activities, and book report ideas.
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Roald Dahl Literature Activities James and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl Literature Activities  James and the Giant Peach

James. and. the. Giant. Peach. During. the. Book. (cont.) Chapters 33-39 • Chapters 33-36: Point of view. Discuss how the events of the Giant Peach landing in New York made the peach group very happy, but it made the New York people ...

Author: Caroline Nakajima

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 9781480783041


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These quick, engaging activities help students enjoy the humorous literature of Roald Dahl. Cross-curricular before-, during-, and after-reading activities are provided for a comprehensive study of James and the Giant Peach.

James the Giant Peach Lit Link Gr 4 6

James   the Giant Peach Lit Link Gr  4 6

Teacher Planning Guide 1. Depending on the level of independence of your students you may wish to have them read and complete the Chapter Questions as a whole group or small group activity. Alternatively, you may wish to have students ...


Publisher: On The Mark Press

ISBN: 9781770722903

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James discovers some very strange friends living inside the giant peach. Together they begin a series of adventures as passengers in the giant peach. Novel by Roald Dahl. Reproducible chapter questions, plus comprehension questions, a story summary, author biography, creative and cross curricular activities, complete with answer key.
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James and the Giant Peach Literature Kit Gr 3 4

James and the Giant Peach   Literature Kit Gr  3 4

Reading. Comprehension. The activities in this resource engage and build the full range of thinking skills that are ... WHOLE-CLASS, SMALL GROUP AND INDEPENDENT STUDY James and the Giant Peach is a novel that may be groupings to allow ...

Author: Marie-Helen Goyetche

Publisher: Classroom Complete Press

ISBN: 9781553198574

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Gain a sense of wonder as you travel across the Atlantic in a giant peach. Help students understand reading comprehension and aid them with higher-order thinking questions. Make predictions about what will happen next, and get into the heads of the characters by explaining what they mean with their dialog. Think about the magic power that changes the peach and imagine how it would affect a person, insect or animal. Write a sentence using alliteration to describe an object or event. Complete a KWL Chart on one of the creatures from the book. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, additional crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included. About the Novel: A humorous and entertaining fairy tale about the adventures of a boy named James and his insect friends. An old man gives James green magical crystals that do wonders on a peach as it grows bigger than a house. With his insect friends, James flies from England to New York City with the help of 502 seagulls, and lands on the pinnacle of the Empire State Building. His friend, Old-Green-Grasshopper, becomes part of the New York Symphony Orchestra. Silkworm and Miss Spider set up a factory and make ropes for tightrope walkers. Ladybug gets married to the Head of the Fire Department. Glow-worm becomes the light inside the Statue of Liberty. Centipede is made Vice-President of a high-class firm of boot manufacturers. Earthworm makes commercials for a face cream company.
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Choosing and Using Fiction and Non Fiction 3 11

Choosing and Using Fiction and Non Fiction 3 11

There is an example of script writing arising from Dahl's book James and the Giant Peach in Chapter 14. ... These books are often structured by photographs of children's activitiesdiscussion, drama, scriptwriting and so on – and ...

Author: Margaret Mallett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351385343

Category: Education

Page: 400

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Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11 is a guide for primary teachers to the many kinds of texts children encounter, use and enjoy in their nursery and primary school years, providing an invaluable insight into the literature available. Addressing important issues and allowing for the voices of teachers, reviewers and children to be heard, it contains suggestions of best practice which offer a more creative approach to learning. Including both fiction and non-fiction, with genres ranging from picture books to biographies, this fully updated second edition features: New coverage on recent books Discussion of new changes in concepts of literacy, particularly focused on technological advances in moving image media and virtual worlds The balance between print and screen-based texts on developing children’s visual and multi modal literacy Annotated booklists for each genre for different age groups New sections on equality, diversity and translation Exploring fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Choosing and Using Fiction and Non-Fiction 3-11 is an invaluable resource, supporting teachers as they help children on their journey to becoming insightful and critical readers of non-fiction, and sensitive and reflective readers of fiction.
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Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers

Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers

This year she starts by reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl (1961). Jeremy has already read this book over the summer before kindergarten. This revelation challenges Mrs. Saari's reading plan until her creative mind seeks ...

Author: Vicki Caruana

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781475847116

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Gifted and accelerated readers are often not a part of reading instruction in a traditional or inclusive classroom. Their needs go unattended in favor of those who struggle with basic reading and foundational skills. All children should have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and skills in literacy. This book provides teachers who have one or more gifted/accelerated or those who are "keenly interested" students in their class ways in which they can differentiate reading instruction that is equitable. Literacy Strategies for Gifted and Accelerated Readers provides educators with practical, research-based strategies and advice to address the unique needs of gifted readers. Attention to required specially designed instruction that aligns to both the content standards and the NAGC PreK-12 Gifted Programming Standards ensures that gifted readers make progress through literacy instruction. This book provides insight and expertise to general education teachers, teachers of the gifted, special education teachers, homeschool educators, professional developers, and higher education faculty.
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Voice Whizardry

Voice Whizardry

Classroom Discovery A wonderful source of colorful dialogue is Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach. The chapters are short and lend themselves well to reading aloud. I love to use Chapter 12 for this activity.

Author: Maity Schrecengost

Publisher: Maupin House Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780929895673

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"Tired of dull, formula-driven writing from students? Discover Voice Whizardry and reawaken their slumbering voices! Easily adaptable to any balanced language arts program, these 36 Discovery Activities teach students in grades 4-8 how to identify the subtle elements of voice and use them skillfully in any writing situation. With literary models and student writing samples for narrative and expository writing throughout, this resource will show teachers and students how to: •Recognize voice in the writing of others •Choose writing topics carefully •Personalize and focus responses to write-on-demand prompts •Adapt writing voice to different audiences and genres •Expand vocabulary --essential for writing growth Plus, each Discover Activity includes a new kind of mini-lesson that helps teachers explore their own voice before introducing the skill to the class --perfect for Professional Growth and/or Development Plans."
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The Big Georgia Reproducible Activity Book

The Big Georgia Reproducible Activity Book

The Scenic Route Imagine that you are the official tour guide for your class and you're taking them on a trip to some famous Georgia places . Watch out for that giant peach , James ! Circle these sites and cities on the map below ...

Author: Carole Marsh

Publisher: Gallopade International

ISBN: 0635063301

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 100

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The Big Georgia Activity Book! 100+ activities, from Kindergarten-easy to Fourth/Fifth-challenging! This big activity book has a wide range of reproducible activities including coloring, dot-to-dot, mazes, matching. word search, and many other creative activities that will entice any student to learn more about North Carolina. Activities touch on history, geography, people, places, fictional characters, animals, holidays, festivals, legends, lore, and more.
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Schooling Without Labels

Schooling Without Labels

The class is now reading Roald Dahls James and the Giant Peach ( 1962 ) . This may engender an activity with peaches - for example , cooking with peaches — in which Jacob can have a central part . At the secondary level , in the same ...

Author: Douglas Biklen

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9780877228769

Category: Education

Page: 215

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Douglas Biklen closely examines the experiences of six families in which children with disabilities are full participants in family life in order to understand how people who have been labeled disabled might become full participants in the other areas of society as well. He focuses on the contradictions between what some families have achieved, what they want for their children, and what society and its social policies allow. He demonstrates how the principles of inclusion that govern the lives of these families can be extended to education, community life, and other social institutions. The parents who tell their stories here have actively sought inclusion of their children in regular schools and community settings; several have children with severe or multiple disabilities. In discussing issues such as normalization, acceptance, complete schooling, circles of friends, and community integration, these parents describe the challenge and necessity of their children's "leading regular lives." In the series Health, Society, and Policy, edited by Sheryl Ruzek and Irving Kenneth Zola.
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Teaching Fantasy Novels

Teaching Fantasy Novels

Invite volunteers to read their new chapter to the class. How does reading James and the Giant Peach and engaging in the various activities suggested above help students meet the 12 NCTE/IRA English Language Arts Standards? 1 .

Author: Phyllis J. Perry

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781563089879

Category: Education

Page: 185

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Capitalize on the child appeal of fantasy literature to create challenging activities that address the 12 Standards of the English Language Arts sponsored by NCTE and IRA. This guide contains practical ideas that enable the teacher or librarian to incorporate acclaimed fantasy literature in the elementary and middle school curriculum, and also serves as a reference guide to parents seeking outstanding examples of fiction for students. Each fantasy novel is accompanied by a plot summary and list of major characters, a comprehension check, a vocabulary exercise, discussion questions, reference topics, and suggested multidisciplinary extension activities. Fantasy book selection includes: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire The Hobbit The Dark is Rising Tuck Everlasting Poppy James and the Giant Peach Ella Enchanted The Amber Spyglass
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