Jacques Hadamard

A Universal Mathematician

Author: Vladimir G. Mazʹja,T. O. Shaposhnikova

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 9780821819234

Category: Hadamard, Jacques - Biographie

Page: 574

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This book presents a fascinating story of the long life and great accomplishments of Jacques Hadamard (1865-1963), who was once called 'the living legend of mathematics'. As one of the last universal mathematicians, Hadamard's contributions to mathematics are landmarks in various fields. His life is linked with world history of the 20th century in a dramatic way. This work provides an inspiring view of the development of various branches of mathematics during the 19th and 20th centuries.Part I of the book portrays Hadamard's family, childhood and student years, scientific triumphs, and his personal life and trials during the first two world wars. The story is told of his involvement in the Dreyfus affair and his subsequent fight for justice and human rights. Also recounted are Hadamard's worldwide travels, his famous seminar, his passion for botany, his home orchestra, where he played the violin with Einstein, and his interest in the psychology of mathematical creativity. Hadamard's life is described in a readable and inviting way.The authors humorously weave throughout the text his jokes and the myths about him. They also movingly recount the tragic side of his life. Stories about his relatives and friends, and old letters and documents create an authentic and colorful picture. The book contains over 300 photographs and illustrations. Part II of the book includes a lucid overview of Hadamard's enormous work, spanning over six decades. The authors do an excellent job of connecting his results to current concerns.While the book is accessible to beginners, it also provides rich information of interest to experts. Vladimir Mazya and Tatyana Shaposhnikova were the 2003 laureates of the Insitut de France's Prix Alfred Verdaguer. One or more prizes are awarded each year, based on suggestions from the Academie francaise, the Academie de sciences, and the Academie de beaux-arts, for the most remarkable work in the arts, literature, and the sciences. In 2003, the award for excellence was granted in recognition of Mazya and Shaposhnikova's book, ""Jacques Hadamard, A Universal Mathematician"", which is both an historical book about a great citizen and a scientific book about a great mathematician.

Irresistible Integrals

Symbolics, Analysis and Experiments in the Evaluation of Integrals

Author: George Boros,Victor Moll

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521796361

Category: Mathematics

Page: 306

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The problem of evaluating integrals is well known to every student who has had a year of calculus. It was an especially important subject in nineteenth century analysis and it has now been revived with the appearance of symbolic languages. The authors use the problem of exact evaluation of definite integrals as a starting point for exploring many areas of mathematics. The questions discussed are as old as calculus itself. In presenting the combination of methods required for the evaluation of most integrals, the authors take the most interesting-rather than the shortest-path to the results. They illuminate connections with many subjects, including analysis, number theory, algebra and combinatorics. This is a guided tour of exciting discovery for undergraduates and their teachers in mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering.

History of Shock Waves, Explosions and Impact

A Chronological and Biographical Reference

Author: Peter O. K. Krehl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540304215

Category: Science

Page: 1288

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This unique and encyclopedic reference work describes the evolution of the physics of modern shock wave and detonation from the earlier and classical percussion. The history of this complex process is first reviewed in a general survey. Subsequently, the subject is treated in more detail and the book is richly illustrated in the form of a picture gallery. This book is ideal for everyone professionally interested in shock wave phenomena.

Sharp Real-Part Theorems

A Unified Approach

Author: Gershon Kresin,Vladimir Maz'ya

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540695745

Category: Mathematics

Page: 145

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This volume contains a coherent point of view on various sharp pointwise inequalities for analytic functions in a disk in terms of the real part of the function on the boundary circle or in the disk itself. Inequalities of this type are frequently used in the theory of entire functions and in the analytic number theory.

Exploring the Riemann Zeta Function

190 years from Riemann's Birth

Author: Hugh Montgomery,Ashkan Nikeghbali,Michael Th. Rassias

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319599690

Category: Mathematics

Page: 298

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Exploring the Riemann Zeta Function: 190 years from Riemann's Birth presents a collection of chapters contributed by eminent experts devoted to the Riemann Zeta Function, its generalizations, and their various applications to several scientific disciplines, including Analytic Number Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Complex Analysis, Probability Theory, and related subjects. The book focuses on both old and new results towards the solution of long-standing problems as well as it features some key historical remarks. The purpose of this volume is to present in a unified way broad and deep areas of research in a self-contained manner. It will be particularly useful for graduate courses and seminars as well as it will make an excellent reference tool for graduate students and researchers in Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Engineering and Cryptography.

New Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Author: Noretta Koertge

Publisher: Scribner


Category: Science

Page: 7

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Also available online as part of the Gale Virtual Reference Library under the title Complete dictionary of scientific biography.