Italian Verb Conjugation Card

Author: Marcel Danesi

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated

ISBN: 9780764129544

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 6

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The most-often-used Italian regular and irregular verbs are presented with English translations in this quick-reference format. The six-panel card is laminated for long life and punched to fit either a two-ring or a three-ring notebook. The verb tenses are listed and explained in both active and passive voices, with information on how to use them in sentences, which makes this title a fine supplement for language students and travelers to Italy. Italian is the latest in BarronÂ's new series of Foreign Language Verb Conjugation Cards. Others are available in French, German, and Spanish. All are printed in full color on laminated card stock.

501 Italian Verbs

Author: John Colaneri,Vincent Luciani,Marcel Danesi

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN: 9781506260662

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 650

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The original and most trusted verb book in the market with over 50 years of proven excellence! Barron’s 501 Italian Verbs provides students, travelers, and adult learners with fingertip access to the 501 most common and useful Italian verbs in all 15 tenses and moods. Fluency in Italian begins with a knowledge of correct verb formation and usage. Having a quick reference guide such as this classic book is an absolute essential for those learning the language or those who just need a quick refresher. The authors provide clear, easy-to-follow instruction along with synonyms, antonyms and idiomatic expressions. Each verb is listed alphabetically in chart form—one verb per page along with its English translation. Highlights of this brand new edition include: One verb per page conjugated in all tenses and moods Synonyms, antonyms and idiomatic phrases for each verb The 55 most essential Italian verbs highlighted and used in context A pull-out reference card featuring the most essential verb An extensive index including many more regular verbs conjugated like the book's 501 model verbs Passive and active voice formations Even more entries in the English-Italian verb index covering impersonal verbs, weather expressions, and more Online practice and exercises to reinforce verb conjugations and usage Audio program to model native speaker rhythms and intonation New pronoun chart on the inside front cover

Easy Spanish Phrase Book

Over 770 Basic Phrases for Everyday Use

Author: Dover Publications, Inc

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486280868

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 68

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Contains more than 770 basic Spanish words, phrases, and sentences for travelers, grouped by category, and covering greetings, customs, tickets, transportation, dining, shopping money, and many other topics.

How to Get Really Good at Italian

Learn Italian to Fluency and Beyond

Author: Polyglot Language Learning

Publisher: Language Mastery Publishing

ISBN: 1950321037

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 84

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Millions of people learn Italian but only a very small percentage of learners can actually speak it fluently. Why is that? People in general are quick to point out that some are naturally built more than others to learn Italian and other languages. This is not necessarily true, however, since we have all come to learn and speak our native language fluently. If you find yourself overwhelmed trying to memorize thousands of Italian grammar rules and vocabulary words or are struggling to speak Italian with native speakers, try this book! This is not a basic Italian for beginners textbook designed to teach Italian but a book that will teach you how to learn Italian the smart way and get you to fluency faster using highly effective language learning methods and techniques. There exists hundreds of Italian language coursebooks, Italian phrase books, and basic Italian for beginners textbooks, but without smart language learning techniques and strategies, you are likely to forget what you have studied and reviewed and especially during a conversation. There exists an easier and more fun way to build your overall Italian language ability. In How to Get Really Good at Italian, discover how you can easily conquer Italian language learning using highly effective methods and strategies used by polyglots (language learning experts). These methods and techniques can even be used to learn Italian grammar, phrases, and vocabulary from TV shows, videos, music, and video games. Learn Italian smarter and faster starting today!

Language Acquisition and Development

A Generative Introduction

Author: Misha Karen Becker,Kamil Ud Deen

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: 0262043580

Category: Children

Page: 336

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"This textbook provides an introduction to the study of first language acquisition in children from a formal/generative theoretical standpoint. It covers the main areas of linguistic theory: phonetics and phonology (covered in terms of children's speech perception and production), the lexicon and morphology (covered in terms of children's acquisition of word meaning and word structure), and syntax (covering several aspects of children's acquisition of sentence structure). In addition, there is one chapter devoted to different theoretical approaches to the study of language acquisition, non-typical language acquisition (late language acquisition, language acquisition in blind and deaf children and with language or cognitive disorders), and bilingual language development. This textbook is unique in that the scope encompasses all of the core areas of linguistics (including phonology), at a level that is accessible to students with little background in linguistics, but takes a generative theoretical perspective. The intent of the book is to provide students with the tools of analyzing children's grammar so that they can go on to study children's language acquisition in more depth in a more advanced course, on their own, or in other languages"--

Starting Out in Spanish

Author: Living Language

Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN: 1400024625

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 3

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Teaches basic Spanish in short lessons that focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, structure, and conversation.