In the School of Contemplation

In the School of Contemplation

In this book we enter "a school of contemplation" wherein the monastic experience enlightens our lives and service to the world and the Church.

Author: Andre Louf

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780879074876

Category: Religion

Page: 206

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Dom André Louf (+2010) was abbot of the Trappist-Cistercian monastery of Mont-des-Cats in northern France from 1963 to 1997. This book brings together talks given to a variety of audiences in which he shared his spiritual experience from both his life of prayer and his life in community. Each chapter offers inspiring insights on the spiritual experience, the priority of love, and other areas of our Christian life: community life, obedience, prayer, psalms, the liturgy, and more. In this book we enter "a school of contemplation" wherein the monastic experience enlightens our lives and service to the world and the Church.
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Holy Wisdom

Holy Wisdom

CHAPTER I. $$ 1 , 2. That the proper school of contemplation is solitude . § 3.

Author: Augustine Baker


ISBN: BML:37001103795865

Category: Asceticism

Page: 667

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Monks in the World

Monks in the World

When the school for Contemplative living gathers, you won't know who the clergy
are and who the lay people are. You will know that they have enrolled in the
school by their air of inner stillness, and yet see they are barely beginning the ...

Author: William Thiele

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630878498

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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In this moving spiritual memoir, Dr. William Thiele shares inspiring stories of the birthing of a monastery without walls among everyday women and men around New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Along the way, core contemplative attitudes, practices, and principles were discovered. He offers these stories of birthing a School for Contemplative Living as a challenging call to a frantic and polarized world. Readers will be drawn toward their own spiritual transformation as they encounter imperfect monks with messy lives who are practicing God's presence and learning to serve the world from that presence. He encourages readers to join these monks in the world by forming contemplative communities who radiate loving-kindness as their first priority.
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The Contemplative Mind in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Contemplative Mind in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Both developmental and educational psychologists remind us that in most cases
these losses occur when we begin school and the alienation of the contemplative
from teaching and learning begins. Modern educational systems, from ...

Author: Patricia Owen-Smith

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253033352

Category: Education

Page: 162

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In The Contemplative Mind in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Patricia Owen-Smith considers how contemplative practices may find a place in higher education. By creating a bridge between contemplative practices and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Owen-Smith brings awareness of contemplative pedagogy to a larger audience of college instructors, while also offering classroom models and outlining the ongoing challenges of both defining these practices and assessing their impact in education. Ultimately, Owen-Smith asserts that such practices have the potential to deepen a student’s development and understanding of the self as a learner, knower, and citizen of the world.
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The Christian Contemplation of a Benefactor s Death

The Christian Contemplation of a Benefactor s Death

... easy and void of pain . Miss Catlin had , amid other anxious endeavours to
promote the welfare of the people among whom she dwelt , labored assiduously
for many years as the Teacher of the Sunday School : and her labor was not in
vain ...

Author: Robert Boyd Kidd


ISBN: BL:A0022667576


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The Contemplative Practitioner

The Contemplative Practitioner

The ACMHE supports members in the development of contemplative pedagogy,
research methodology, epistemology and ... Professional schools that have
developed contemplative programs include Brown Medical School, University of

Author: John P. Miller

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442668140

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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Meditation is a simple and practical activity that can enrich our lives and work in innumerable ways. It allows us to connect more deeply to ourselves and others and to the environment. In this book, John P. Miller, an expert in the field of holistic education, looks at mediation and how it can be integrated into one’s work and daily life. Twenty years after it was first published, Miller’s book remains one of the best guides to applying contemplative practice, covering a variety of theoretical, empirical, historical, and cross-cultural approaches. For this new edition, Miller has updated the text to reflect the growth of the mindfulness movement, new research into the brain, and his years of experience teaching and practising contemplation in teacher education. Whether one is interested in exploring how meditation can be used in the classroom or the workplace, or simply seeking to integrate it into one’s personal life, The Contemplative Practitioner is the perfect companion.
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The Great Universal Contemplation

The Great Universal Contemplation

THE GREAT UNIVERSAL CONTEMPLATION - - philosophical poemsaudacity,
and, of the adventure of the spirit, in the ... Ph.D. Lecturer Laura Lazăr Zăvăleanu:
"Intellectual formed at the school Bucharest, but sensing the need to claim it ...

Author: Sorin Cerin

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781720831259

Category: Philosophy

Page: 112

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PhD Professor Elvira Sorohan - An existentialist poet of the 21st Century:"Move forward with reading, being curious to see you how the poet remains on same chord of background, and how deep, how seriously lives in this idea, not at all new. And it is not new for that the roots of the existentialism, reformulated modern, draw their sap from the skepticism of biblical, melancholic Ecclesiastes, discouraged, in the tragic consciousness of finitude as destiny. It is the King biblical, an, existentialist avant la lettre. He discovers that " weather is to you be born, and a time is to die", otherwise "all is hunting of wind". What else can be said new in our time, even in personal formula, when the existentialism has been intensively supported philosophically, in centuries XIX, and, XX, from Kierkegaard and up to Sartre, with specific nuances. A poem in the terms, of the existentialism status, more can interested the being of the our days, slave of the visual image and the Internet, only through adaptations or additions updated, complementary the central idea, and not finally, by the power of the return over of the self. It is about what you are trying to achieve the poet Sorin Cerin, leaving us, from the beginning, the impression that he lives the miracle creative, the inspiration."
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Aristotle on the Uses of Contemplation

Aristotle on the Uses of Contemplation

The task of reconciling Aristotle's views on contemplation in the human good with
his general views on the good for living ... A certain traditional view of this
relationship – which I call, after Raphael's painting, the “School of Athens picture”

Author: Matthew D. Walker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108421102

Category: Philosophy

Page: 250

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Provides an original, up-to-date, and systematic account of Aristotle's views on contemplation's place in the human good.
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The Book of Contemplation

The Book of Contemplation

Gibb H. A. R. Gibb, book review of Philip K. Hitti, An ArabSyrian Gentleman and
Warrior in the Period of the Crusades, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and
African Studies 6 (1943), pp. 1003–11 Hitti Usama ibn Munqidh, Kitab al-I'tibar,

Author: Usama ibn Munqidh

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141919171

Category: History

Page: 400

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The volume comprises lightly annotated translation of a key medieval Arabic text that bears directly on the Crusades and Crusader society and the Muslim experience of them.
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Contemporary Landscapes of Contemplation

Contemporary Landscapes of Contemplation

He is a Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Design School
where he teaches courses in landscape architectural history, theory, and criticism
. He received his A.B. from Harvard University and his Ph.D. from the University ...

Author: Rebecca Krinke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135994723

Category: Architecture

Page: 232

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Contemplative landscape and contemplative space are familiar terms in the areas of design, landscape architecture and architecture. Krinke and her highly regarded contributors set out to explore definitions, theories, and case studies of contemplative landscapes. The contributors, Marc Treib, John Beardsley, Michael Singer, Lance Neckar, Heinrich Hermann and Rebecca Krinke have spent their careers researching, critiquing, and making landscapes. Here they investigate the role of contemplative space in a post-modern world and examine the impact of nature and culture on the design or interpretation of contemplative landscapes. The essays, drawn from both scholarship and personal experience explore the links between spaces designed to provide health benefits and contemplative space.
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Contemplation and Action 1902 14

Contemplation and Action  1902 14

As early as 12 September 1894 , for instance , he had written to Alys : “ I should
almost like to start a co - education school for the purpose of applying my theories
" about how to overcome a Puritan bias against sexuality . His interest in the ...

Author: Bertrand Russell

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415104629

Category: Philosophy

Page: 612

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'With admirable clarity, Mrs Peters sums up what determines competence in spelling and the traditional and new approaches to its teaching.' -Times Literary Supplement
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The School of Charity

The School of Charity

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ambiguity about basic values. For instance the term
contemplative life,” already in some ways suspect theologically today, is used
more and more negatively as the “non-active” life. In other words “contemplation

Author: Thomas Merton

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429966375

Category: Religion

Page: 458

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As the third volume in the series including The Hidden Ground of Love (1985) and The Road to Joy (1989), this collection features Thomas Merton's letters to members of religious communities around the world. Merton's questions about the monastic life, sometimes radical and disturbing, either arose from what was happening in his own experience or reflected the extraordinary changes that followed Vatican Council II.
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Cloister of the Heart Association of Contemplative Sisters

Cloister of the Heart  Association of Contemplative Sisters

Association of Contemplative Sisters Ann Denham & Gert Wilkinson ... the high
school where my three sons attended, I was introduced to contemplation as a
way of being for all people. I was blessed with excellent spiritual direction during

Author: Ann Denham & Gert Wilkinson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453518622

Category: History

Page: 129

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CLOISTER OF THE HEART tells the story of the Association of Contemplative Sisters: its gestation, its inception in 1969, and what has transpired since then. In those forty years ACS has developed from an organization which served only monastic communities into an Association of women, both religious and lay, who live in a diversity of ways a life of prayer. Its three sections include a narrative history, followed by eleven essays written by individual members, describing their experience of ACS. It concludes with an appendix of important data.
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The portrait art The school of Boiardo Mediaeval love Epilogue Appendix

The portrait art  The school of Boiardo  Mediaeval love  Epilogue  Appendix

the holy men admitted to its contemplation . A sense that holy things ought to be
old - fashioned , a respect for Byzantine inanity which invariable haunted the
Giottesques in their capacity of idealistic decorators , of men who replaced with ...

Author: Vernon Lee



Category: Civilization, Medieval


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Categories: Civilization, Medieval

Educating for Wisdom and Compassion

Educating for Wisdom and Compassion

As noted at the beginning of this chapter, contemplation and action are
connected. Michael Dallaire, who has worked as an ecumenical chaplain in
public housing projects and as a secondary school chaplain, develops the case
for what he ...

Author: John P. Miller

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483361710

Category: Education

Page: 184

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Essential principles of timeless learning include attention, contemplation, connection, participation, and responsibility; helping students achieve a sense of purpose; and improving alertness and mental health.
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Contemplation and Incarnation

Contemplation and Incarnation

... enterprise in the contemplative experience. In seeing the advent of modern
times as a source of major concern for the Church, Chenu belongs to a long
tradition of Catholic theologians ranging from the beginnings of the Tubingen
school in ...

Author: Christophe Potworowski

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773522557

Category: Religion

Page: 330

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Marie-Dominique Chenu was a key figure in the re-vitalization of theology and renewal of the Church that culminated in the Second Vatican Council. He successfully combined a return to the medieval sources of theological reflection with a new sensitivity to the contemporary circumstances of the Church while grounding the theological enterprise in the contemplative experience.
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Action and Contemplation

Action and Contemplation

... and treated in the context of a more general discussion involving the main
contemporary German philosophical schools, ... school of Hegelian-Marxist
inspiration (Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and the young Jiirgen Habermas),
Chapter 1: ...

Author: Robert C. Bartlett

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791442519

Category: Philosophy

Page: 333

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European and North American scholars explore the political philosophy of Aristotle, with particular attention to questions arising from the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics.
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Chambers s Encyclop dia

Chambers s Encyclop  dia

No school consists of 58 members , who are sworn pursuant was to be admitted
to government aid in any form to a sign ... and maintenance of elementary
schools throughout In contemplation of the close of the apprenticeEngland and
Wales ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433003243486

Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries


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The Church School Journal

The Church School Journal

The Editor of the Journal has long held in New Sunday Schools . contemplation a
journey through Bible lands . The Report of the Sunday School Union of the Had
he foreseen twenty years ago that his work in Methodist Episcopal Church for ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112087629223

Category: Religious education


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Chambers s encyclop dia

Chambers s encyclop  dia

School Society , founded under the patronage of In 1846 , the first step seems to
have been George III . ; and the National Society , of more ... In contemplation of
the close of them England and Wales . ship of pupil - teachers , it was further res !

Author: Chambers W. and R., ltd


ISBN: OXFORD:600046768



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