Imaginative Writing

Imaginative Writing

This new chapter introduces writers to important skills such as reading like a writer, journaling, and participating in the writer's workshop. This book offers lots of ideas and encouragement at a great price!

Author: Janet Burroway

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: PSU:000068148867

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 394

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Janet Burroway's bestselling Imaginative Writng: The Elements of Craft explores the craft of creative writing in four genres: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Creative Nonfiction. A trade author as well as a professor of creative writing, Burroway brings her years of teaching and writing to this book. "Try-This" exercises appear throughout each chapter. Provocative and fun, these exercises help writers develop the specific writing skills discussed within the text. “Working toward a draft” exercises encourage writers to develop their ideas into complete drafts. In response to reviewer requests, the preface “Invitation to the Writer” has been expanded into a full chapter. This new chapter introduces writers to important skills such as reading like a writer, journaling, and participating in the writer's workshop. This book offers lots of ideas and encouragement at a great price!
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Cambridge IGCSE First Language English 4th edition

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English 4th edition

Imaginative (writing) Imaginative writing is writing that is not concerned with giving factual information but which creates a story and setting from the writer's imagination. Impersonal Has a meaning similar to 'objective' – a neutral ...

Author: John Reynolds

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781510420274

Category: Study Aids

Page: 256

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Exam board: Cambridge Assessment International Education Level: IGCSE Subject: English First teaching: September 2018 First exams: Summer 2020 This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020. Inspire students with a new theme-based approach while supporting them with practical advice and accessible explanations; ensure full coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE First Language English syllabus (0500/0990) with a fully updated Student's Book, written by an experienced author and examiner. - Motivate students with engaging themes such as travel and exploration and people and community. - Develop reading comprehension, analysis and evaluation with a variety of text types and genres, plus annotations to aid understanding. - Improve writing skills with model responses and teacher commentary, and establish a strong background in spelling, punctuation and grammar. - Expand communication skills with advice on holding presentations and responding to questions confidently. - Consolidate learning with activities and study tips, as well as extra questions, practice tests and answers to selected questions online. Available in this series: Student Textbook Fourth edition (ISBN 9781510421318) Workbook (ISBN 9781510421325) Study and Revision Guide (ISBN 9781510421349)
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Modern Painters pt 3 Of the imaginative and theoretic faculties 4th ed

Modern Painters  pt  3  Of the imaginative and theoretic faculties  4th ed

Fourth Edition . ... and exact observation of nature ,more enlightened and serious enthusiasm , and more eloquent writing than it would be easy to match , not merely in works of its own class , but in those of any class whatever .

Author: John Ruskin


ISBN: OXFORD:400262339

Category: Aesthetics

Page: 266

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CliffsNotes Praxis I PPST 4th Edition

CliffsNotes Praxis I  PPST  4th Edition

For some, the term creative writing seems to imply precious writing, useless writing, imaginative writing, writing that is self-expressive rather than a necessity, something that is produced during leisure or as a hobby.

Author: Jerry Bobrow

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544183384

Category: Study Aids

Page: 411

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Your guide to a higher score on Praxis I: PPST Why CliffsNotes? Go with a name you know and trust Get the information you need—fast! About the Contents: Part I: Introduction Overview of the test FAQs Proven study strategies and test-taking tips The computer-based test Part II: Analysis of Exam Areas Reading Mathematics Writing—Multiple-choice and essay Part III: Mathematics Review Symbols Terminology Formulas Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Part IV: Selective Review of Grammar and Usage Part V: Four Full-Length Practice Tests Three in paper-based format One in computer-based format Complete answers and explanations for all questions
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Writing For Children 4th Edition

Writing For Children  4th Edition

Be imaginative. Don't write your first idea as soon as you think of it: dig deeper and think harder. Create dynamic characters and vivid settings. Why not try mixing two genres? SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER READING These books will help you ...

Author: Pamela Cleaver

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781848036833

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

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This new edition combines Pamela Cleaver's bestselling Writing a Children's Book with her Ideas for Children's Writers. In it you will learn about plotting and planning, beginnings, middles and endings, how to research and how to revise and how to find a publisher. There are: * Lists of attributes to help you create interesting and believable characters * Lists of plots and themes * Genres - what's hot and what's not * Locations and how much description to use * List of do's and don'ts regarding submitting manuscripts * Symbols for correcting your proofs * Tips on how to publicise your book. There is no one right way to write a children's book but if you are armed with a knowledge of certain techniques that have worked for other writers you will be more likely to succeed. Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Limbering Up; 2. Plotting; 3. Story People: the Characters in Your Book; 4. Genres; 5. Where and When?; 6. Starting the Story; 7. Telling the Tale; 8. Writing for the Younger Set; 9. Happy Ever After?; 10. Research and Revision; 11. Writing a Non-Fiction Book; 12. Getting Published; 13. If Your Book is Accepted; 14. If Your Book is Rejected; Useful Information for Writing Children's Book; Index.
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Philosophy Fourth Edition

Philosophy  Fourth Edition

As a result, her philosophical thinking is filled with imaginary concepts, and her imaginative writing is filled with philosophical ideas. things like a garden, a wilderness, a city, a university,. Cavendish wrote numerous philosophical ...

Author: Jay Stevenson PhD

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781615645374

Category: Philosophy

Page: 352

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Beginning with the pre-Socratics and Eastern philosophers, including religious philosophy, all major philosophers and schools are covered, right up to present day. The new edition includes more visual illustrations and pictures to further explain and enhance the subject of philosophy. Included are: - The pre-Socratics - Eastern philosophers and philosophies - Renaissance humanism - Enlightenment philosophers - Idealism - Modern philosophers and philosophy - Existentialism - Post-Structuralism and post-modernism
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The Broadview Guide to Writing fourth edition

The Broadview Guide to Writing  fourth edition

Note: An excellent guide to the peculiarities of exam-writing is Making Your Mark by Catherine Taylor et al., published by ... The more imaginative and independent, however, will set out to discover new insights, seeking to arrange and ...

Author: Doug Babington

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1770480927

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 617

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The Broadview Guide to Writing is a concise yet uncommonly thorough text with a fresh approach to the craft of essay writing. The first part of the book discusses the style and structure of essay writing, and includes a useful discussion of the intangibles involved in the writing process—such as confidence, perseverance, and a willingness to deal with criticism constructively. The second part of the book provides thorough coverage of grammar and usage in a comprehensive reference guide, ranging from the simplest mechanical issues (such as subject verb agreement) to subtle distinctions between words that have similar meanings. A wide range of examples is included throughout the book. The fourth edition has been extensively updated and now incorporates the 2008 changes to MLA Style guidelines for documentation. Particular attention is paid throughout to the needs of Canadian students.
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The Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing Fourth Edition

The Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing   Fourth Edition

Yet separating ideas into paragraphs remains an important aid to the processes of both reading and writing. ... But does this running commentary detract from the primary imaginative experience of Northanger Abbey?

Author: Doug Babington

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781460405246

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 277

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The Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing is a concise volume presenting essential material from the full Broadview Guide to Writing. Included are summaries of key grammatical points; a glossary of usage; advice on various forms of academic writing; coverage of punctuation and writing mechanics; helpful advice on how to research academic papers; and much more. For the fourth edition the section on citation and documentation (in four commonly used styles―MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE) has been substantially expanded as well as updated. Also expanded is coverage of academic argument; of writing and critical thinking; of writing about literature, and of issues in writing related to gender, race, class, religion sexual orientation, etc.
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Guide to the Pianist s Repertoire Fourth Edition

Guide to the Pianist s Repertoire  Fourth Edition

Variations (bMc). set of serial variations, economical writing. M-d. Sonata on Jazz Elements (Gen 1958) 13 min. imaginative writing, avoidance of clichés. d. Short Suite (Gen 1968). Prelude; close-up; March; canvas; Game. M-d.

Author: Maurice Hinson

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253010230

Category: Music

Page: 1216

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Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire continues to be the go-to source for piano performers, teachers, and students. Newly updated and expanded with over 250 new composers, this incomparable resource expertly guides readers to solo piano literature. What did a given composer write? What interesting work have I never heard of? How difficult is it? What are its special musical features? How can I reach the publisher? It’s all here. Featuring information for more than 2,000 composers, the fourth edition includes enhanced indexes. The new "Hinson" will be an indispensable guide for many years to come.
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Writing Directing and Producing Documentary Films and Videos Fourth Edition

Writing  Directing  and Producing Documentary Films and Videos  Fourth Edition

The basis of writing most narration is finding interesting facts and presenting them in the most gripping or imaginative way to the viewer. Facts are the raw material of commentary. The writer's job is to use them judiciously to make ...

Author: Alan Rosenthal

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809387724

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 449

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As Alan Rosenthal states in the preface to this new edition of his acclaimed resource for filmmakers, Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos is “a book about storytelling—how to tell great and moving stories about fascinating people, whether they be villains or heroes.” In response to technological advances and the growth of the documentary hybrid in the past five years, Rosenthal reconsiders how one approaches documentary filmmaking in the twenty-first century. Simply and clearly, he explains how to tackle day-to-day problems, from initial concept through distribution. He demonstrates his ideas throughout the book with examples from key filmmakers’ work. New aspects of this fourth edition include a vital new chapter titled "Making Your First Film," and a considerable enlargement of the section for producers, "Staying Alive," which includes an extensive discussion of financing, marketing, festivals, and distribution. This new edition offers a revised chapter on nonlinear editing, more examples of precise and exacting proposals, and the addition of a complex budget example with explanation of the budgeting process. Discussion of documentary hybrids, with suggestions for mastering changes and challenges, has also been expanded, while the “Family Films” chapter includes updated information that addresses rapid expansion in this genre.
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