Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier

Author: Brenda Fowler

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226258232

Category: Social Science

Page: 315

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Featuring a new Afterword, this is the spectacular story of the 1991 discovery of a Stone Age man in the Alps, a lonely frozen figure who offers clues about the world of 3000 B.C. 33 halftones.

The Summits of Modern Man

Author: Peter H. Hansen

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674074521

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 392

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Mountaineering has served as a metaphor for civilization triumphant. A fascinating study of the first ascents of the major Alpine peaks and Mt. Everest, The Summits of Modern Man reveals the significance of our encounters with the world’s most forbidding heights and how difficult it is to imagine nature in terms other than conquest and domination.


An Introduction

Author: Kevin Greene

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134569424

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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This fourth edition constitutes the most extensive reshaping of the text to date. In a lucid and accessible style Kevin Greene explains the discovery and excavation of sites, outlines major dating methods, gives clear explanations of scientific techniques, and examines current theories and controversies. New features include: a completely new user-friendly text design with initial chapter overviews and final conclusions, key references for each chapter section, an annotated guide to further reading, a glossary, refreshed illustrations, case studies and examples, bibliography and full index a new companion website built for this edition providing hyperlinks from contents list to individual chapter summaries which in turn link to key websites and other material an important new chapter on current theory emphasizing the richness of sources of analogy or interpretation available today. This new edition provides students with a sound introduction to the field of archaeology and guides them towards further study.

Measuring and Reasoning

Numerical Inference in the Sciences

Author: Fred L. Bookstein

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107729203

Category: Mathematics

Page: 544

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In Measuring and Reasoning, Fred L. Bookstein examines the way ordinary arithmetic and numerical patterns are translated into scientific understanding, showing how the process relies on two carefully managed forms of argument: • Abduction: the generation of new hypotheses to accord with findings that were surprising on previous hypotheses, and • Consilience: the confirmation of numerical pattern claims by analogous findings at other levels of measurement. These profound principles include an understanding of the role of arithmetic and, more importantly, of how numerical patterns found in one study can relate to numbers found in others. More than 200 figures and diagrams illuminate the text. The book can be read with profit by any student of the empirical nature or social sciences and by anyone concerned with how scientists persuade those of us who are not scientists why we should credit the most important claims about scientific facts or theories.

The Story of Men's Underwear

Author: Shaun Cole

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 1780428820

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

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Men’s fashion, particularly the trends involving undergarments, was once reserved for the elite; today it has become democratised, clear proof of social progress.The aestheticism of the body so highly valued by the Greeks seems to have regained a prominent place in the masculine world. Mirroring the evolution of society’s values, the history of underwear also highlights the continuous, dancing exchange that exists between women’s styles and men’s fashion. Undergarments are concealed, flaunted, stretched or shortened, establishing a game between yesterday’s illicit and today’s chic and thereby denouncing the sense of disgrace that these simple pieces of clothing used to betray. In this work, Shaun Cole endeavours to re-establish for the first time, through well-researched socio-economic analysis, the importance of men’s underwear in the history of costume from ancient times to today. A reflection of technological progress, this study is full of surprises and powerful reflections on man’s relationship with his body.

Noble-Western Civilization

The Continuing Experiment

Author: Thomas F. X. Noble

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division


Category: History

Page: 601

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Western Civilization leads the market as the first western civilization text to include a separate chapter on Late Antiquity and the first to use the new political history, the effect of power and politics on all members of society, at the center of its narrative. Recognizing that European history was affected by factors outside the continent, this text looks at Europe by examining its place in the world. With an emphasis on the experimental nature of political and social history, the text challenges students to explore why and how history unfolded as it did.

Cassette books

Author: Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reference

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Kiki Smith


Author: Elizabeth Ann Brown

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Photography

Page: 207

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This book surveys a generous selection by Kiki Smith of her never-before-seen photographs along with previously published photos selected by the author. Part survey, part artist's book, this long-awaited look at the full range of Kiki Smith s photography allows that body of work to be recognized as an essential part of her working process and of the acclaimed body of work that includes her sculpture, installations, drawings, prints, and books. Over the three decades of her career, Smith has experimented with photography as a working tool, a means of personal expression, and simply as a medium in which she can explore space, composition, color, and texture. I don t think my work is particularly about art, Smith has said. It's really about me, being here in this life, in this skin. I'm cannibalizing my own experience, my surroundings. Smith's selection of unseen photos for this book parallels the four concerns discussed in Elizabeth Brown s essay studio process, reflecting and constructing identity, making stories, and recording her own artworks and allows us to intimately share her unique vision.


Down to Earth

Author: Robert L. Kelly,David Hurst Thomas

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Social Science

Page: 271

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This new brief edition pairs two of archaeology's most recognized names--David Hurst Thomas of the American Museum of Natural History and Robert L. Kelly of the University of Wyoming. The authors' passionate, down-to-earth introduction to archaeological method and theory makes the book ideal for all students, whether or not they intend to pursue a career in archaeology. Students will gain an immediate, concrete impression of what the practice of archaeology involves. The authors include well-chosen examples to show how archaeologists have worked through actual problems in the field and in the lab. After using this text, students will be better able to ask questions, solve problems, and discern "truth" from "fiction." They will learn about the nature of archaeological data and how archaeologists do such things as archaeological survey and excavation. They will also develop their sense of scientific logic and gain a better understanding of career opportunities available to archaeologists. This edition is enhanced with a new full-color design that improves the visual presentation and enables students to more clearly see the key points of an image. A rich array of supplemental resources includes a new companion website as well as the option to use the DOING FIELDWORK: ARCHAEOLOGICAL DEMONSTRATIONS CD-ROM, Version 2.0, also developed by the authors.