Existential Psychology East West Volume 2

Existential Psychology East West  Volume 2

Existential Psychology East–West (Volume 2) has been nearly nine years in the making. We wish to thank the contributors to this volume for their persistence and patience in seeing this project to completion. We owe special gratitude to ...

Author: Louis Hoffman

Publisher: University Professors Press

ISBN: 9781939686411

Category: Psychology

Page: 290

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Existential-Psychology East-West (Volume 2) emerged from continued dialogues on existential psychology, particularly existential-humanistic psychology, in Southeast Asia. This volume includes authors from Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Europe, and the United States, including Xuefu Wang, Louise Sundararajan, Mark Yang, Louis Hoffman, Al Dueck, Albert Chan, Donna Rockwell, Ilene Serlin, Rainbow Tin Hung Ho, Rochelle Suri, Meili Pinto, and Anthony K. Nkyi. The book is divided into three sections: 1) Theory and Practice, 2) Applications and Case Illustrations, and 3) Existential Perspectives on Cultural Myths. The first three chapter focus on Zhi Mian Therapy, an indigenous Chinese approach to existential psychology. These chapters are the most comprehensive overview of Zhi Mian Therapy in English to date. Other theory chapters include a discussion of international psychology from an existential-humanistic perspective, the concept of Sui Wu Fu Xing, men’s violence against women, Sunyata, and the concept of savoring. The second section focuses on a variety of case illustrations to illuminate the practice of existential therapy in different cultural contexts. The final section expands upon existential perspectives of myths as developed in Rollo May’s The Cry for Myth and Existential Psychology East-West (Volume 1). Seven myths from different cultural contexts are examined from an existential perspective. Along with Volume 2, Existential-Psychology East-West (Volume 2) represents a landmark contribution to the existential psychology literature.
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Java Persistence for Relational Databases

Java Persistence for Relational Databases

This book is wholly concerned with the problem and solution of storing Java objects in relational databases. There are many different solutions to this problem. I want to give an overview that will help developers maximize their time ...

Author: Richard Sperko

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430208167

Category: Computers

Page: 368

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Sperko focuses on the overall problem of how to store the primary component of any Java application, the Java object, in the most common business tool: the relational database.
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Opening Doors Life and Work of Joseph Schumpeter

Opening Doors  Life and Work of Joseph Schumpeter

His continued effort, however, attests to the persistence and near masochism of a man who will not give up and ... on the theory book, Schumpeter wrote to his colleague Seymour Harris about yet another project—the long-contemplated ...

Author: Robert Loring Allen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351501514

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 369

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"The author puts this book in the best possible context by referring to the ""magisterial and paradoxical Dr. Schumpeter"". A figure in a rare class with John Maynard Keynes, Friedrich von Hayek, and Alfred Marshall, the work of Joseph Schumpeter is equalled only in monumental significance by his personal trials and tribulations. The work is divided into two volumes - the first covering his career in Europe and the second his life and achievements in America.Walt Rostow, in his Foreword, sums up Robert Loring Allen's achievement in biography and intellectual history thus: ""In dealing with Schumpeter's life, Allen exhibits a rare consciousness of the extraordinary complexity and only limited penetrability of the human personality Schumpeter's closely interwoven personal and professional life unfolds, Allen develops without dogmatism a pattern of linkages for the reader to contemplate. In a splendid final passage, he provides a memorable summation.""What makes this enormous effort so successful is the linkage of the personal and the professional, the biographical with the intellectual. Indeed, it is Schumpeter's single-minded determination to explain within a single, formal theory, the dynamics of capitalism that bridges the gap in space, time, and personality. To his books The Theory of Economic Development, and Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, both published by Transaction, is now added the specific contexts in which these and his other works were written.The author of this biography, like the subject himself, is a masterful student of the craft of economics, and its place within the larger social science contexts that Schumpeter worked. In this work, we are introduced into the main current of European and American social science alike. The title of the book, Opening Doors, derives from Schumpeter's life long aim to appeal to inquiring minds to move through such doors in an effort to create the social science of the"
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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit Volume 2

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit  Volume 2

Every time you “fix” a slow piece of code with a cache, you are giving up on trying to really fix the problem, and eating up a bit more RAM on your server. As you begin to increasingly use ColdFusion's caching, you may want to learn a ...

Author: Ben Forta

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0321694465

Category: Computers

Page: 600

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Written by the best known and most trusted name in the ColdFusion community, Ben Forta, The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit is the best-selling ColdFusion series of all time - the books that most ColdFusion developers used to learn the product. This second volume of the series begins by introducing important code organization and management techniques, and then progresses to topics that include integrating with all sorts of other technologies (including PDF, Adobe Flex and Data Services, Ajax, advanced SQL and databases, ORM), debugging, and optimizing performance. From design and planning, to application deployment and troubleshooting, this instructional reference is all you need to successfully work, create, and progress with ColdFusion 9. Complete coverage of ColdFusion 9 is included in "Volume 1, Getting Started" (0-321-66034-X) and "Volume 3, Advanced Application Development" (0-321-67920-2).
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A Legacy of Preaching Volume Two Enlightenment to the Present Day

A Legacy of Preaching  Volume Two   Enlightenment to the Present Day

I (Kevin) would like to thank Ben Forrest, whose inspiration, creativity, and persistence brought this project from its inception to its completion. ... I also want to thank my two other coeditors, Bill Curtis and Dwayne Milioni.

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310538271

Category: Religion

Page: 560

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A Legacy of Preaching, Volume Two--Enlightenment to the Present Day explores the history and development of preaching through a biographical and theological examination of its most important preachers. Instead of teaching the history of preaching from the perspective of movements and eras, each contributor tells the story of a particular preacher in history, allowing these preachers from the past to come alive and instruct us through their lives, theologies, and methods of preaching. Each chapter introduces readers to a key figure in the history of preaching, followed by an analysis of the theological views that shaped their preaching, their methodology of sermon preparation and delivery, and an appraisal of the significant contributions they have made to the history of preaching. This diverse collection of familiar and lesser-known individuals provides a detailed and fascinating look at what it has meant to communicate the gospel over the past two thousand years. By looking at how the gospel has been communicated over time and across different cultures, pastors, scholars, and homiletics students can enrich their own understanding and practice of preaching for application today. Volume Two covers the period from the Enlightenment to the present day and profiles thirty-one preachers including: Charles Simeon by Darrell Young Robert Murray M’Cheyne by Jordan Mark Stone Alexander Maclaren by R. Scott Pace Catherine Booth by Roger J. Green Charles Haddon Spurgeon by Thomas J. Nettles Rodney “Gipsy” Smith by Bill Curtis George Liele by Terriel Byrd Charles Finney by Robert W. Caldwell III John Jasper by Alfonza W. Fulwood and Robert Smith Jr. Henry Ward Beecher by Michael Duduit John Albert Broadus by Hershael W. York Phillips Brooks by Charles W. Fuller D. L. Moody by Gregg L. Quiggle B. H. Carroll by Robert Matz and Jerry Sutton Billy Sunday by Kristopher K. Barnett Karl Barth by William H. Willimon Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Keith W. Clements D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Carl Trueman John Stott by Greg R. Scharf Harry Emerson Fosdick by Dwayne Milioni R. G. Lee by Charles A. Fowler Aimee Semple McPherson by Aaron Friesen W. A. Criswell by David L. Allen Gardner C. Taylor by Alfonza W. Fulwood and Robert Smith Jr. Billy Graham by John N. Akers Martin Luther King Jr. by Alfonza W. Fulwood, Dennis R. McDonald, and Anil Sook Deo Adrian Rogers by Daniel L. Akin and Bill Curtis E. V. Hill by Dante D. Wright I Jerry Falwell by Edward E. Hindson J. I. Packer by Leland Ryken and Benjamin Hernández Volume One, available separately, covers the period from the apostles to the Puritans and profiles thirty preachers including Paul, Origen of Alexandria, Augustine of Hippo, Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, George Whitefield, and more.
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But I swear to God, atthis moment, I want nothing more than to make it happen. And if there is one thing I learned-and taught myself—with that last book, it was discipline and persistence. That may sound odd, considering I'm giving up ...

Author: Rebecca Agiewich

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345493330

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Blog: an online diary. My Blog: How I got over the worst, most humiliating breakup in web-recorded history–and became stronger, smarter, and better off without the biggest Loser on the face of the earth. Life is sweet for Rachel. She’s living with her boyfriend of two years in Seattle and is starting a new high-paying job at the same snazzy computer company where he works. Then Rachel’s system crashes. Her supposedly adoring almost-fiancé cheats on her, lies to her, dumps her, and hooks up with someone else–specifically, her own boss’s boss’s boss. Talk about tacky. Heartbroken, beyond depressed, and stuck in nine-to-five hell, Rachel follows a recovery regimen that features an arsenal of meds (including General Celexa: "the holy pink pill"), deliciously detailed daily entries in her newly inaugurated weblog Breakup Babe, and a string of dates–from the irresistibly bad Little Rockclimbing Spy, who proves to be full of surprises, to the high-flying ladies man Sexy Boy, who loves weed almost as much as he loves women. With her shoulder-perched alter egos Sensible Girl and Needy Girl vying for her sanity, and a growing legion of supportive online fans threatening to snap her out of her grand funk, Rachel somehow survives, thrives, and discovers just how risky and liberating love, loss, and blogging can be.
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Candid Conversations With Broadway Pros

Candid Conversations With Broadway Pros

I think thinking of them as another tool, thinking of them as imagery, is interesting and it's something we're exploring right now with a project with Jerry Mitchell in a way that we haven't explored before. It's an interesting process ...

Author: Ken Davenport

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329876460

Category: Art


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In Candid Conversations with Broadway Pros, Producer Ken Davenport sits down to talk with professionals from the theater industry to get their perspective on the Great White Way.
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Treasures Grade 4 Approaching Practice Book A

Treasures Grade 4 Approaching Practice Book A

Name Vocabulary identified enterprising persistence venture 1. People who choose a more difficult ... 2. People with persistence a . like to travel . b . will not give up . c . do not get it . 3. If someone has been identified a . he or ...

Author: 편집부


ISBN: 0021936161

Category: English language

Page: 222

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California Treasures is a research-based reading and language arts program for Grades K-6 that: builds a lifelong love of reading through explicit systematic instruction coupled with time-honored classics, contemporary nonfiction, and rich literature; addresses the four key aspects of language arts every day: listening, speaking, reading, and writing; integrates print resources with digital resources providing teachers with options for teaching styles; offers an equitable parallel Spanish program, California Tesoros de lectura; follows California's revised English language development standards by incorporating the required English language support into the program and providing a complete English language development component to assist students transitioning into English.
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Theology of Work Bible Commentary Volume 4 Matthew through Acts

Theology of Work Bible Commentary  Volume 4  Matthew through Acts

THEOLOGY OF WORK PROJECT,INC ... But it also has two applications for those who work in positions of leadership. ... But we must never give up hope, and never stop working for the greater good[7] in the midst of the imperfect systems ...


Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

ISBN: 9781619706484

Category: Religion

Page: 177

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The Theology of Work Bible Commentary is an in-depth Bible study tool put together by a group of Bible scholars and business-people. The content is from TheologyofWork.org, and has never before been in print. It reveals what the Bible says about all kinds of work and offers insight from every single book of the Bible. This volume, of the multi-volume series, covers Matthew through Acts.
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Occupational Therapies without Borders Volume 2 E Book

Occupational Therapies without Borders   Volume 2 E Book

(Pla ́cido) Despite the persistence of stigma: 'We are in a society where people who do not fit the standards are ... 'What Martı ́i Pol wrote was very nice [your hands will be made of wind and light] ... that if you want, you can.

Author: Frank Kronenberg

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702049118

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 400

The companion text to Occupational Therapy without Borders - Volume 1: learning from the spirit of survivors! In this landmark text writers from around the world discuss a plurality of occupation-based approaches that explicitly acknowledge the full potential of the art and science of occupational therapy. The profession is presented as a political possibilities-based practice, concerned with what matters most to people in real life contexts, generating practice-based evidence to complement evidence-based practice. As these writers demonstrate, occupational therapies are far more than, as some critical views have suggested, a monoculture of practice rooted in Western modernity. Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu captures the ethos of this book, which essentially calls for engagements in the service of a purpose that is larger than the advancement of our profession's interests: "Your particular approach to advancing our wellbeing and health strikes me as both unique and easily taken for granted. Whilst you value and work with medical understandings, your main aim seems to go beyond these. You seem to enable people to appreciate more consciously how what we do to and with ourselves and others on a daily basis impacts on our individual and collective wellbeing. As occupational therapists you have a significant contribution to make [.] allowing people from all walks of life to contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of others." Links philosophy with practical examples of engaging people in ordinary occupations of daily life as a means of enabling them to transform their own lives Includes contributions from worldwide leaders in occupational therapy research and practice Describes concrete initiatives in under-served and neglected populations Looks at social and political mechanisms that influence people’s access to useful and meaningful occupation Chapters increase diversity of contributions – geographically, culturally and politically Emphasis on practice, education and research maintains academic credibility A glossary and practical examples in nearly every chapter make text more accessible to students
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