I Want a Healthy Pregnancy

Author: Alia Almoayed

Publisher: eBooks2go

ISBN: 1618130269

Category: Health & Fitness

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Is pregnancy different for a nutritionist? Does pregnancy get easier when you’re eating well? Does nutrition really make a difference for mother and baby during this important stage? Find out how to have a healthy and vibrant pregnancy the natural way! I Want a Healthy Pregnancy is a must for every mother-to-be who wants a natural, comfortable and stress-free pregnancy. In a light and simple manner, Nutritional Therapist Alia Almoayed explores her own pregnancy journals to help you find simple and natural approaches to conception, pregnancy and delivery. Discover how an optimum diet and lifestyle can enhance your pregnancy experience and give you amazing results – a healthy pregnancy, a vibrant mummy and a super baby! Learn How to maximise your nutrient intake; How to address nausea, fatigue and digestive issues; How to deal with cravings, appetite and weight; How to use natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms; How to handle pregnancy’s emotional rollercoaster; How to boost your immune defences; How to optimise pregnancy during travel, work and fasting; How to plan a healthy menu and exercise routine; How to have a happy, natural and drug-free delivery … and much more. Packed full of first-hand, tried and tested advice that really works, I Want a Healthy Pregnancy will be your best friend throughout your amazing journey to motherhood.

Simple Principles for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Author: Benito Villanueva, Dr. M.D.,Alex A. Lluch,Elizabeth Lluch

Publisher: WS Publishing Group

ISBN: 193438626X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 290

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Pregnancy is a fascinating and exciting experience. This book helps readers enhance this experience by outlining the most important tips for staying healthy and preparing for a new baby. It will reveal all the secrets to having a joyful, healthy pregnancy and is the perfect gift for mothers-to-be and their families. Simple Principles™ for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy offers 200 unique and useful pieces of advice that will help expecting moms have a safe, stress-free, and fun pregnancy. In an easy-to-read style, this book provides guidance on topics such as nutrition, exercise, choosing a healthcare provider, safety for the mother and baby, the mother’s relationship with her partner, creating a birth plan, expectations for labor, and bringing the new baby home. Both first-time mothers and experienced parents will discover insight and wisdom from this book. These 200 simple principles will ensure that mom-to-be, her partner, and baby all experience a happy, healthy pregnancy.

The Healthy Pregnancy Book

Month by Month, Everything You Need to Know from America's Baby Experts

Author: Martha Sears,William Sears

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316250716

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 464

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From America's leading authorities in childcare comes the definitive guide to having a healthy pregnancy--and a healthy baby. THE HEALTHY PREGNANCY BOOK guides expectant mothers and fathers through all stages of pregnancy from preconception through birth, focusing on how to enhance the health of mother and baby. How to grow a smarter and healthier baby How your baby is developing, and how you may be changing both emotionally and physically Eating right for two, with a helpful list of pregnancy superfoods Exercise and keeping fit during your pregnancy Concerns and questions you may have about test and technology, genetic counseling, and childbirth options How to protect the womb environment and recognize potential household hazards Advice on working while pregnant Choosing the right healthcare provider and childbirth class The transition into parenthood And much more... Written in the Searses' trademark reassuring tone that makes their books long-term bestsellers--THE HEALTHY PREGNANCY BOOK is the must-have resource to fit the greater demands of today's savvy parents.

Healthy Pregnancy Over 35

Author: Laura Goetzl,Regine Harford

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: 9780756609542

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 160

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A reassuring and practical handbook addresses the specific concerns of women over the age of thirty-five in regard to a safe pregnancy, covering everything from fertility issues and labor options to juggling a family and career, remedies for common pregnancy-related ailments, and trimester plans for diet, exercise, and relaxation. Original.

Carrying the Lost Heir's Child

Author: Jules Bennett

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460344677

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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"I'm pregnant." Two words that will rock one man's world forever. On location for a film about a horse-racing dynasty, Lily Beaumont is drawn into a sizzling affair with sexy stablehand Nash James. Now she has to trust him with the truth about their baby. Even though the undercover millionaire is on a mission against his hated rival, he won't walk away from Lily or their unborn child. It will mean coming clean about his true identity—and the decades-old secret that brought him to Kentucky horse country. But will the truth cost him the woman and family he now craves?

Super Easy Drinks, Soups, and Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy

Quick and Delicious Meals-on-the-Go Packed with the Nutrition You and Your Baby Need

Author: Fiona Wilcock

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 1592335209

Category: Cooking

Page: 128

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Offers several recipes for smoothies, soups, and drinks that are easy and quick to prepare and will keep pregnant women and nursing mothers nourished and energized.

The Gifts of Infertility

A True Story of Heartbreak and Hope

Author: Sandy Hickman

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 144974592X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 184

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This is a true story of the author's struggle with infertility and with the path that God placed her and her husband on trying to become parents. It is a raw look into her emotions and the grief that overcame her and how she dealt with the pain and heartbreak. It is also a story of the amazing way God worked in their lives to bring a child into their family and the gifts she has learned from her experience with infertility.

Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy

From Pregnancy Through Labor and Delivery . . . A Doctor's Step-by-Step Guide for Parents for Twins, Triplets, Quads, and More!

Author: Gila Leiter,Rachel Kranz

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0307834034

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

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Twins...triplets...quads...finally! The book that answers all your questions about multiple birth--written by a doctor who is a mother of twins herself Over ten years ago when Dr. Gila Leiter, herself an OB/GYN,was pregnant with twins, the book she desperately needed wasn'tavailable. Now it is: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy. Taking you step-by-step through the processes of pregnancy and birth, Dr. Leiter shares her professional and personal expertise, providing answers to all your questions, plus practical know-how, psychological support, and extensive resources for this most joyous--and overwhelming--experience, whether you're having two babies...or four! Learn: The latest in fertility treatments and reproductive technology,and the probable outcome What to expect, trimester by trimester Concrete suggestions for working through your hopes, fears, and fantasies Who should seek genetic counseling How to avoid preterm labor and premature delivery--and what to do if it's unavoidable Recommended vitamins and minerals--plus do's and don'ts All about medications: what you can take, can't take, must take What you should know if you're going to have a C-section Specific ideas for nurturing yourself and reducing stress The birthing process and what to expect in the delivery room Twelve questions to ask the doctor you're considering choosing for your pediatrician What it's like to bring babies home--and what you'll needto manage your new family And much more

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!

Author: By the pregnancy experts at Mayo Clinic

Publisher: Good Books

ISBN: 9781561487172

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 509

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This pregnancy book is the work of a team of world-class pregnancy experts from Mayo Clinic, who find nothing in medicine more exciting and satisfying to experience than the birth of a child. A trusted companion and an essential pregnancy resource for parents-to-be By doctors who are also parents. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is your trusted companion—if you're considering becoming pregnant, or if you are pregnant. Full color throughout. Here in one book is: The best medical advice available on the subject; Answers to "I'm-too-embarrassed-to-ask" questions; A roadmap to a positive experience, answering both commonly asked and difficult questions; An atmosphere of extraordinary wonder about being pregnant, even when you might have lost sight of it! Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is your wise friend. Absorb its information and wisdom in your own time, and refer back to it whenever you want. Among the questions it covers are: Is the time right? How can I make time for a child? What if I can't get pregnant? What exactly should I eat—and how much? What's the right amount of weight to gain? Can I control this? What sort of care provider should I choose? What alternative and complementary medicine can I safely use? Can those around me survive my mood swings? Can we still have enjoyable sex? What's happening to my baby—and to me—week by week? Breast or bottle? What does labor feel like? Can we manage as parents? Imagine the world's best medical experts in a room with your most trusted and no-nonsense friend who is a mother. Then ask them everything you'd like to know about being pregnant, day or night. This is Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. In full color!