Towards a Post Human Universe

Towards a Post Human Universe

THE TWILIGHT OF MAN, THE DAWN OF POST-HUMANS Michael J Walsh ... Science and religion are two windows that people look through, trying to understand the big universe outside, trying to understand why we are here.

Author: Michael J Walsh

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 9781782228424

Category: Philosophy

Page: 78

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This book addresses a HUGE topic – the end of man’s reign as master of the earth and skies and his replacement by a super race with unimaginable powers. This is not science fiction. The forecast is based on solid scientific evidence. The universe has to date advanced in giant steps – from void to matter, to living cells, plants, animals, and human beings. Each step has been seismic in its consequences. There are more giant steps to come. The next one is already in preparation and we are unwittingly part of its genesis. The post-humans will arise from our own very midst. They will have access to the deepest secrets of the universe, hereto hidden to man. They will quickly become the new masters. A sobering re-assessment of man’s real role in the trajectory of the universe!
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The Human s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny

The Human   s Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny

Robert Flash Kingsley. IHE HIMA'S INVH'SH and - IS PRP|SEAN TESTIMW | - ROBERT FLASH KINGSLEY The Human's Universe and Its Purpose and Destiny ROBERT FLASH. Front Cover.

Author: Robert Flash Kingsley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504902250

Category: Philosophy

Page: 108

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The subject of God and our origin as humans has been at odds between science and religion for centuries until just recently. Now, due to the latest findings and the merging of both fields of study, a greater view of the concept of the Creator that applies to all people equally representing both disciplines is available to benefit our entire global society. The universal comprehension of the human spirit as an extension of the creative energy of the universe now arrives for us to utilize the unseen forces of life and creation to rebuild ourselves and the world for future development and prosperity. Unification through intelligent awareness is the only way we, as a civilization, can have a bright future.
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The Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition of Ezra Pound Gertrude Stein and Charles Olson

The Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition of Ezra Pound  Gertrude Stein and Charles Olson

606 Olson, “Human Universe,” in Human Universe and Other Essays, p. 9. 607 Charles Olson, “The Resistance,” in Human Universe and Other Essays, edited by Donald Allen (New York: Grove Press, 1967), pp. 47–48. 608 Charles Olson, “Human ...

Author: R. Bruce Elder

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9780889208162

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 584

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Since the late 1950s Stan Brakhage has been in the forefront of independent filmmaking. His body of work — some seventy hours — is one of the largest of any filmmaker in the history of cinema, and one of the most diverse. Probably the most widely quoted experimental filmmaker in history, his films typify the independent cinema. Until now, despite well-deserved acclaim, there has been no comprehensive study of Brakhage’s oeuvre. The Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition fills this void. R. Bruce Elder delineates the aesthetic parallels between Brakhage’s films and a broad spectrum of American art from the 1920s through the 1960s. This book is certain to stir the passions of those interested in artistic critique and interpretation in its broadest terms.
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Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists

Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists

Humans seek to be original and stand apart from others and yet at the same time feel the need to blend in. ... however, she refers to the core of nursing science and nursing's focus of concern as the human-universe-health process, ...

Author: Kathleen Sitzman

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763778163

Category: Medical

Page: 241

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A new and updated version of this best-selling resource! Jones and Bartlett Publisher's 2011 Nurse's Drug Handbook is the most up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing drug reference! It provides: Accurate, timely facts on hundreds of drugs from abacavir sulfate to Zyvox; Concise, consistently formatted drug entries organized alphabetically; No-nonsense writing style that speaks your language in terms you use everyday; Index of all generic, trade, and alternate drug names for quick reference. It has all the vital information you need at your fingertips: Chemical and therapeutic classes, FDA pregnancy risk category and controlled substance schedule; Indications and dosages, as well as route, onset, peak, and duration information; Incompatibilities, contraindications; interactions with drugs, food, and activities, and adverse reactions; Nursing considerations, including key patient-teaching points; Vital features include mechanism-of-action illustrations showing how drugs at the cellular, tissue, or organ levels and dosage adjustments help individualize care for elderly patients, patients with renal impairment, and others with special needs; Warnings and precautions that keep you informed and alert.
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Collected Prose

Collected Prose

Human Universe 155 " Human Universe " Published in Origin , no . 4 , Winter 1951-52 , and again in Evergreen Review 2 : 5 , Spring 1958 ; reprinted in SW and HU . An early version , titled " The Human Universe , " was sent in a letter ...

Author: Charles Olson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520919025

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 382

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The prose writings of Charles Olson (1910–1970) have had a far-reaching and continuing impact on post-World War II American poetics. Olson's theories, which made explicit the principles of his own poetics and those of the Black Mountain poets, were instrumental in defining the sense of the postmodern in poetry and form the basis of most postwar free verse. The Collected Prose brings together in one volume the works published for the most part between 1946 and 1969, many of which are now out of print. A valuable companion to editions of Olson's poetry, the book backgrounds the poetics, preoccupations, and fascinations that underpin his great poems. Included are Call Me Ishmael, a classic of American literary criticism; the influential essays "Projective Verse" and "Human Universe"; and essays, book reviews, and Olson's notes on his studies. In these pieces one can trace the development of his new science of man, called "muthologos," a radical mix of myth and phenomenology that Olson offered in opposition to the mechanistic discourse and rationalizing policy he associated with America's recent wars in Europe and Asia. Editors Donald Allen and Benjamin Friedlander offer helpful annotations throughout, and poet Robert Creeley, who enjoyed a long and mutually influential relationship with Olson, provides the book's introduction.
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Charles Olson and Alfred North Whitehead

Charles Olson and Alfred North Whitehead

What it comes to is ourselves , that we do not find ways to hew to experience as it is , in our definition and expression of it , in other words , find ways to stay in the human universe , and not be led to partition reality at any ...

Author: Shachar Bram

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838755577

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 164

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Annotation "Through a detailed and thoughtful study of the impact of Alfred North Whitehead's philosophy on Olson's aesthetic theory, this book points out the conceptual unity underlying what seems to be a sprawl of fragments in Olson's major work, The Maximus Poems." "On the one hand, concrete poetic units of The Maximus Poems serve as a starting point for clarifying how different elements are joined together in one unity. On the other hand, the book traces the blending of the whole poem at the macro level, following its course through a temporal progress in which the poem moves from one poetic unit to the next; that is, from a unity (of multiplicity) to a new unity (in which the previous unity is already part of the multiplicity building the new one). Thus the book illuminates Olson's theory of the Long Poem as an "all-containing" corpus, governed by metaphysical principles, equal to life itself, enacted in the process of working on The Maximus Poems."--BOOK JACKET. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Suitable Heresies

Suitable Heresies

We may extract the physical universe from the general universe [ 1 ] , the organic universe from the physical universe [ 2 ] and the human universe from the organic universe [ 3 ] , as shown by the arrows . Such a distracted gradient ...

Author: Graham Rabey

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1848760108

Category: Brain

Page: 353

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The theory suggests that there is a structural similarity between certain basic brain forms and certain basic mind forms and that the former provide a credible explanation for the latter. It does not suggest that the causative link has been proved thereby. What is claimed is that in the jungle of brain-mind research (where fundamental physical evidence for speculation is often in short supply) the theory provides a scientifically and philosophically arguable clearing and thus a hypothesis worthy of investigation by anyone interested in the mysteries of human thought. One implication of the theory amounts to a central heresy - namely that, on the accumulating evidence, our traditional and much-cherished one-truth thinking conventions will need to be replaced by two truth thinking conventions.Another implication of the theory is that it now seems entirely possible that the emergence and nature of philosophy itself have been crucially dependent on our long human struggle to extract single responses from thinking equipment that appears necessarily (i.e. anatomically) double and circular - the double cycles being mutually inverted.
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The Mind s Landscape

The Mind s Landscape

Yet the " human universe " is not essentially the same for everyone ; rather , the discovery and definition of the human universe takes place within a field of choices , whereby the specificity of that universe is manifest by the ...

Author: David Clippinger

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874139147

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, the poet WilliamBronk (1918-1999) was a significant voice in the American literarylandscape. Even though he spent nearly all of his life in Hudson Falls, NY, Bronk was a vital presence in American poetry as evidenced byhis connections to Robert Frost, Charles Olson, George Oppen, RobertCreeley, Wallace Stevens, Susan Howe, Rosemarie Waldrop, andothers. The Mind's Landscape attempts to present a freshperspective of twentieth-century literary history as seen through thelens of Bronk's life as a writer
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Reflections on Human Inquiry

Reflections on Human Inquiry

So, the human universe is an experienced universe; only in human experience does the universe carry its full metaphysical significance. The universe appears to us in all its variegated complexity because humans—only humans—are endowed ...

Author: Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811053641

Category: Science

Page: 203

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This original volume examines forms and limits of human inquiry from a largely sceptical point of view. Human beings are endowed with cognitive agency. Our grasp of the world, and of ourselves, are not merely responses to external stimuli; they are reflective products of human inquiry. At one point in human history it was thought that modern science, especially theoretical physics, is the paradigm of human inquiry. Where does this form of inquiry significantly apply? Are there limits on its claims of truth and objectivity? How much of the vast canvas of human experience does it cover? Where do other forms of inquiry, such as philosophy, religion, and the arts, attain their salience? With the emergence of the scientific study of the human mind itself, these critical questions have taken a more intriguing form in recent decades. Can human inquiry investigate its own nature? Can the scientific theory of language explain the richness of human expression? Can a science of the mind account for human experience? These probing questions on the scientific enterprise are usually addressed from the outside, as it were, by humanists and critical theorists. In these essays, they are examined from the inside by a philosopher whose primary academic work concerns the study of the human, linguistic mind. In that sense, the sceptical inquiry turns on itself.
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concept of primacy of relationships within the human experience , and that " human beings are a part of the world ... Community from Parse's ( 1999 ) view is a oneness of human - universe interconnectedness incarnating unique beliefs ...

Author: Rosemarie Rizzo Parse

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763715646

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 163

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Dr. Parse sets forth definitions and examples of original community change concepts and processes arising from the human becoming school of thought and expands the meaning of community beyond location and interest-related group.
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