How to Pray for Healing

How to Pray for Healing

How to Pray for Healing encourages readers to use the power of prayer as the primary method of extending Jesus ' healing ministry into a hurting world . This introduction to the subject of prayer and healing balances the miraculous with ...

Author: Che Ahn

Publisher: Gospel Light Publications

ISBN: 0830732438

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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This book is an account of the author's personal journey through healing and into a healing ministry. With a simple and down-to-earth style, the author demystifies the idea of healing the sick through prayer. His goal is to encourage others to use the power of prayer as a main line of defense. He explains the basic theology of healing and how to pray for yourself and others. There is also a section that discusses the times when God does not heal. Should we always expect healing? This introduction to the subject of prayer and healing balances the miraculous with the practical and draws from such well known sources a John Wimber, Francis McNutt, Smith Wigglesworth and others. Many personal stories included.
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How to Pray

How to Pray

'The will to pray is the essence of prayer.' I don't feel I have ever got much beyond this. Most of my prayer seems to be taken up with my longing for God and my longing to pray. Indeed, when I was first asked to write this book I was ...

Author: Stephen Cottrell

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 9780715144053

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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This highly accessible guide explores how to start, renew and expand your prayer life. It provides an ideal companion for new Christians and those wishing to go deeper with God through prayer. Previously published as Praying through Life.
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How God Answers Prayer How to Pray

How God Answers Prayer  How to Pray

When I was fasting for 40 days during the winter of 1998, I had prayed for at least two requests during this 40day fast. First, to know God intimately. The second, was for President Bill Clinton to be put out of office.

Author: Elmer Towns

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768495171

Category: Religion

Page: 237

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What happens when you pray? This book does not to tell you how to get answers to your prayers there are thousands of books like that.This a radically different book because it approaches prayer from God s perspective. Prayer is relationship with God. When you understand How God Answers Prayer, then you realize prayer is all about trusting your heavenly Father trusting Him to answer what is best for you, how it s best for you, and when it s best for you. Divided into three inspiring sections and bite-size chapters filled with full servings of biblical goodness, you will learn about the following...and much more: God answers when you wait in His presence for the answer. God can give you a vision of how the answer can come. God answers when you yield to His will. Use your faith supernaturally to move God s work forward. God may allow an obstacle to tell you No, it will not happen. When God answers your prayer differently from what you expected. God may say, No, I have a better plan for your life. Well-known author and respected Liberty University dean and professor, Dr. Elmer Towns sheds light on your innermost desire to communicate with your heavenly Father, and brings your relationship with Him to an even more intimate level of love.
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Teaching Children How to Pray eBook

Teaching Children How to Pray  eBook

There she discovered that some people did not pray the way she had been taught at home. And like many kids in this situation, she suddenly refused to pray out loud any more. What should parents doina case likethis?

Author: Anne McFarlane

Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

ISBN: 9781432101879

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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Parents want the best for their children and they want to give them the best. But what is the most important gift they can give their children? A university education? A car? Or perhaps a good value system? While all of these have merit, the greatest gift parents can give their children is to teach them to develop a relationship with their heavenly Father through prayer. In TEACHING CHILDREN HOW TO PRAY Anne McFarlane masterfully addresses this very important topic – the prayer life of parents and children. She looks at the subject from various angles, considers the classic and difficult questions that the topic elicits, but also provides concrete, practical and understandable answers to the questions children often have.
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How to Pray with the Bible

How to Pray with the Bible

You'll discover a lot of biblical guides weeping when they pray (Psalm 119:136), or combining prayer with fasting (2 Samuel 12:16). On the other hand you'll see King David, who prayed while dancing (2 Samuel 6:14), and the Canaanite ...

Author: Page McKean Zyromski

Publisher: Paraclete Press

ISBN: 9781557258120

Category: Religion


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Learn to pray with (every part of) the Bible. Do you already read the Bible and apply its teachings in your everyday life? Well, there's much more to how you might understand the words of the Old and New Testaments, according to popular educator Page Zyromski. Now—it's time to pray with the Bible, too! With lively reflections and experiential exercises, Zyromski takes you step-by-step through a variety of approaches to praying with Scripture. She encourages attentive listening and a sense of humor as you make God's Word a deeper part of your prayer life. Discover how to create "a posture of attention" and how to listen in ways you may not have thought possible. Learn ways to pray with every portion of the Bible, from Genesis through the prophets, the Gospel through the Book of Revelation—even the lists, genealogies, and those "tough" psalms. "This is a roll-up-your-sleeves sort of book. If you truly want to pray the Bible, and not just read about the Bible, let's start immediately!" - from the book
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Lord Teach Us To Pray Treatise On Prayer

Lord  Teach Us To Pray  Treatise On Prayer

None can teach like Jesus, none but Jesus; therefore we call on Him, 'LORD , teach us to pray.' A pupil needs a teacher, who knows his work, who has the gift of teaching, who in patience and love will descend to the pupil's needs.

Author: Andrew Murray

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4064066396763

Category: Religion

Page: 19

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray is a treatise on prayer written by South African teacher and Christian pastor Andrew Murray. The book is loaded with timeless lessons on prayer and can be looked a devotional meditation on the nature of prayer.
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Pray Like Jesus Learn to Pray to God as Father

Pray Like Jesus  Learn to Pray to God as Father

But Jesus in His goodness and graciousness gave us a template for how to pray. His disciples wanted to know how to pray, and Jesus responded with what we call today the Lord's Prayer. For starters, we need to make sure we are praying to ...

Author: Mark Driscoll

Publisher: Charisma House

ISBN: 9781629999265

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Praying like Jesus doesn't just change your prayer life; it changes your entire life. There are many books on prayer, and books on Jesus, but there is a need for a book about the prayer life of Jesus since His prayer life alone was the perfect prayer life. How did Jesus pray? Why did Jesus pray? Where did Jesus pray? These questions and more will be examined as we look at what Jesus taught about prayer, as well as what Jesus modeled in prayer. This book will be biblical, practical, and easy to read so that it is accessible to a broad audience. Many people, Christian and non-Christian alike, statistically value prayer and try to have some sort of prayer life. But most people struggle to build any momentum in their prayer lives when they fall into a rut. In Pray Like Jesus, Mark and Ashley want to help people build momentum in their prayer lives by experiencing the presence of God in an ever-deepening, life-giving, burden-relieving, and hope-lifting relationship with Jesus Christ.
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How to Pray

How to Pray

the consciousness of our utter inability to pray properly , we should look up to the Holy Spirit , casting ourselves utterly upon Him to direct our prayers . He must lead our desires and guide our utterance of them .

Author: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


ISBN: 0913367117



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Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray

Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray

And he wants us to know that our Heavenly Father is so great and good that he listens to our prayers . That is why Jesus taught his disciples what we call ' The Lord's Prayer . This one FJ51-3ST - 1K6P Sometimes it seems quite easy to ...

Author: Sinclair Ferguson

Publisher: Christian Focus

ISBN: 1857929845

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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What is it like to talk to God? Would you like to speak to someone who knows the answers to all your questions and loves you lots as well? That's what it is like to talk to God. Let Jesus teach you how to pray; how to talk to God our Heavenly Father. Sinclair Ferguson investigates God's word and the life of Jesus to find out what Jesus teaches about prayer.
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How to Pray

How to Pray

This slim volume, filled with analogies, parables, and relevant Biblical passages, contains step-by-step guidelines for anyone looking to develop a closer relationship with God.

Author: Ruben Torrey

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 9781602069961

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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The question of what prayer is and how exactly one goes about praying has been vexing Christians for centuries. For this reason, R.A. Torrey's How to Pray is as relevant now as it was when first published in 1900. This slim volume, filled with analogies, parables, and relevant Biblical passages, contains step-by-step guidelines for anyone looking to develop a closer relationship with God. Learn the ten reasons why prayer is important, the three secrets of effective praying, the seven hindrances to prayer, the seven ways to determine when to pray, and more. Clear, succinct, and written with the lay reader in mind, How to Pray is a book the devout Christian can turn to again and again. American pastor and writer REUBEN ARCHER TORREY (1856-1928) traveled worldwide, evangelizing and winning converts to Christianity. A prolific writer, his works include Baptism with the Holy Spirit (1895), What the Bible Teaches (1898), and How to Bring Them to Christ (1893).
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