House of Commons - Transport Committee: Ready and waiting? Transport Preparations for Winter Weather - HC 681

Transport Preparations for Winter Weather, Tenth Report of Session 2013-14, Report, Together with Formal Minutes Relating to the Report

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780215065995

Category: Transportation and state

Page: 30

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The last few years have seen a number of periods when severe weather has led to widespread travel disruption, exposing a lack of preparedness across all modes of transport in terms of infrastructure, resources, and looking after the interests of passengers. Pro-active decision-making by rail and aviation operators to reduce or cancel services ahead of a major event has reduced disruption. However there is scope for further improvement. The Highways Agency should review the barriers to providing comprehensive realtime information to drivers. The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) should ensure that train operating companies develop more robust procedures to identify how long a period of disruption is likely to last and to communicate this clearly to passengers. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) should set out how it will evaluate the impact of the new airport licence conditions on passenger welfare, by Spring 2015. The CAA must also ensure that best practice on the provision of information and on passenger welfare is shared across all UK airports. The availability of salt for gritting roads has improved with the establishment of the strategic salt reserve. More, though, should be done to keep pavements clear of ice and snow. However, winter weather is about more than just snow, as illustrated by the 'St Jude' storm across southern England and the more recent storm stranding thousands at Gatwick. The transport sector must continue to work closely with the Met Office and other forecasters. Finally, embedding a culture of continuous review and improvement must remain a priority.

Preparing for Winter

An 1896 Western Adventure

Author: R. Hess

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 152450954X

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

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Summer over and winter quickly approaching, Preparing for Winter An 1896 Western Adventure is fi lled with action, character, historical happenings, and dozens of family recipes of the era. It is a companion story from her fi rst novel, Second Chance A Western Adventure. Arriving in Burns, Oregon, from Brockport, New York, Rachael Carver settled into her daily duties during the summer months as cook and housekeeper. Now fall fi nds her learning many new tasks as she helps the Preston family prepare for the upcoming winter. With the garden produce nearly canned, fruit dried, and jams sealed, she discovers the many ways of preserving meat. With the fall roundup over and cattle moved to winter pasture, the cowboy chores are nearly halted while the buildings are repaired, equipment cleaned, and wood cut and stockpiled. Th e annual event is about to begin. All family members are expected to help prepare the ranch for winter. No one escapes these dutieschildren or bunkhouse crew. Over the next several weeks the repairs that were postponed during the long work hours of summer, horse training, moving cattle, riding fences, and tending gardens which kept everyone busy, are now high priority before winter sets in and the fi rst snow falls. With her past still haunting her, Rachael continues to keep her emotional distance. Always in constant motion, she is beginning to appreciate her new life while learning to rebuild a level of trust among the members of the Preston family and their bunkhouse crew.

Treasures Stored for Winter

Author: Joan Burstyn

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491721553

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

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Joan Burstyn’s fourth book of poems, Treasures Stored for Winter, draws the reader into the author’s life from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. At times, personal and political events combine—as happens on the evening of June 30, 1982, when the last state legislature rejected the Equal Rights Amendment. At that moment, Burstyn stood with other women around a pond in South Orange, New Jersey, as they raised their voices in protest as remembered in “Waiting to Rise Again.” I felt braided into others’ lives, mingled beyond extrication. We stood together in darkness, each with candle flooding the pond with light, hope filling our eyes even as the Equal Rights Amendment was snuffed out, swiftly as a candle’s flame ... In this collection, Burstyn makes clear that life demands both awe and optimism from us. “My first dip into Treasures Stored for Winter brings up a small package, “After Snow”; it bursts open with imagery so vibrant and glowing that I can’t help myself. I dip again, bring out “While the House Sleeps”; with its commanding imagery metaphorically I become “... a matador/swirling my red cloak/before the bull, prodding it with my words.” —Joanna Chrzanowski, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor; chair, English Department, Jefferson College

Longing For Winter

A Black Man's Saga

Author: Sylvester Hillard

Publisher: Medu Neter Publications


Category: Drama

Page: 131

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Longing For Winter: A Black Man's Saga is a biographical novel, spoken through the words of Noel Sheridan, the main character. I chose to write this book as a catharsis of sorts. While most of the characters in this work are fictitious, as are some of the scenarios, the main storyline is factual. With respect to the characters that are based on actual individuals, such as myself, the names have been changed. Being that I have endeavored to address such a controversial subject: race relations, and exposed aspects of American society that are taboo, some may be taken aback by what they read. Further, the reader may wonder if some of the things mentioned in this story actually take place in our society; I can say yes, emphatically! I am most confident in making such a bold statement, because it is rooted in truth. In fact, as I submit this work, I am totally dispossessed. Having experienced such a tumultuous ten years, I wanted to set the record straight about how horribly African American men are far too frequently treated in our society.

A Bad Boy For Winter

Author: Sierra Rose

Publisher: Dark Shadows Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Riley has never had a one-night stand before. But when she meets a bad boy from her past, she can’t fight the undeniable chemistry. A bet is made. If she wins, he’ll walk out of her life forever. If she loses, she is promised a wild, scorching night of passion. She’s screwed one way or the other. Come meet the sexy men of Blue Ridge! This is an eight book series. Each bad boy has his own book.

A Rose For Winter

Author: Laurie Lee

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407073273

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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Andalusia is a passion - and fifteen years after his last visit Laurie Lee returned. He found a country broken by the Civil War, but the totems of indestructible Spain survive: the Christ in agony, the thrilling flamenco cry-the pride in poverty, the gypsy intensity in vivid whitewashed slums, the cult of the bullfight, the exultation in death, the humour of hopelessness-the paradoxes deep in the fiery bones of Spain. Rich with kaleidoscopic images, A Rose for Winter is as sensual and evocative as the sun-scorched landscape of Andalusia itself.

Italian Recipes for Winter

Easy Traditional and Modern Italian Recipes for Hearty Meals

Author: Martha Stone

Publisher: Martha Stone


Category: Cooking

Page: 62

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Italy is well known-known for producing succulent dishes with rich aroma, mouth-watering presentations and distinctive tastes all throughout the year. But the winter season is made lighter, warmer and brighter by the selection of dishes found within the Italian Recipes for Winter This book holds an interesting array of appetizers, salads, main dishes and soups and stews that are best served and enjoyed during the winter season. The Italian Recipes for Winter were carefully handpicked for their ingredients and procedure that will make any unseasoned cook whip up a dish or two perfect for the cold seasons in Italy, or wherever you happen to be. The Italian Recipes for Winter is a gastronomic experience, from the preparations down to the actual consumption. Our easy-to-follow recipes will help you provide festive, authentic Italian meals, from the appetizers, salads, main entrees to desserts. Cooking with this book guarantees a satisfying experience for you, and a filling one for your family and guests.

The Big House

A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home

Author: George Howe Colt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439124914

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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National Book Award Finalist and a New York Times Notable Book of the Year Faced with the sale of the century-old family summer house on Cape Cod where he had spent forty-two summers, George Howe Colt returned for one last stay with his wife and children. This poignant tribute to the eleven-bedroom jumble of gables, bays, and dormers that watched over weddings, divorces, deaths, anniversaries, birthdays, breakdowns, and love affairs for five generations interweaves Colt's final visit with memories of a lifetime of summers. Run-down yet romantic, The Big House stands not only as a cherished reminder of summer's ephemeral pleasures but also as a powerful symbol of a vanishing way of life.

Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces

The Art of Stress-Free Interior Design

Author: Sharon Hanby-Robie,Deb Strubel

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9781575675985

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Today's fast pace allows little room for time-consuming trips to decorating stores. Or perhaps the lack of funds keeps us from furnishing and redecorating our homes. This is a Bible study to understand how to build and maintain a biblical atmosphere in our homes. Designed to meet the needs of today's woman, BeautifulPlaces, Spiritual Spaces is the ideal companion for women navigating the uncharted territory of life - offering daily, short, inspirational mediations, and creative decorating how-to's.

The Norse Discovery of America

Author: Arthur Middleton Reeves

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1625582072

Category: History

Page: 191

View: 1227


This work brings together for the first time the interpretation of the best authorities respecting the evidences, historical, archaeologic, inscriptive, and deductive, of Norse discovery, occupation, and colonization of America five centuries before the time of Columbus. The subject, though it has engaged in a general way the attention of historians for a long time, has only within recent years been brought into great prominence by a serious study of the Saga writers of Iceland and Scandinavia. The beginning of this interest dates from 1837 in which year was published, by the Royal Danish Society of Northern Antiquaries, a large quarto volume of old Icelandic documents, in which the proofs were set forth that the discovery credited to Columbus was anticipated by sea-roving Norsemen five hundred years earlier. This great work was edited by Prof. C. C. Rafn, founder of the Royal Danish Society, and was the result of painstaking labor and expensive research by that very distinguished antiquarian.