Help in the Classroom

Help in the Classroom

AIM To consider what has been learnt in and about classroom partnerships between teachers and assistants in the school; the balance that exists within them of clhallenge and support and the ways in which what has been learnt could be ...

Author: Margaret H Balshaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134096060

Category: Education

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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Working with Support in the Classroom

Working with Support in the Classroom

Classroom help has been around for years and has, to a certain extent, always caused some controversy. Regular help in a classroom is not a new concept. However, the way that the help fits together with the role of the teacher is ...

Author: Anne Campbell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781848600744

Category: Education

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'Readers at all levels of experience will be able to reflect on how to develop creative and constructive paths leading to a partnership of professionals, and to make teams work in a way that really benefits the learning of children in their care' - Min Wilkie, School of Education, University of Leicester Over recent years, there has been a vast increase in the number of people who support children's learning in classrooms and other educational settings, both as employees and as volunteers. This book provides teachers with advice on how to work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes. Using stories of successful practice, the book explores the roles that can be played by people other than qualified teachers.
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Memory at Work in the Classroom Strategies to Help Underachieving Students

Memory at Work in the Classroom  Strategies to Help Underachieving Students

develop at school become powerful components of their autobiographical memory, which in turn strongly affects how they function at school. Our students' everyday experiences with classroom learning combine and generalize to help produce ...

Author: Francis Bailey

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 9781416617570

Category: Education

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Why do some students struggle to understand and retain information, while other students don't? The answer may well lie in the memory system, which is the root of all learning. In Memory at Work in the Classroom, Francis Bailey and Ken Pransky expertly guide you through the aspects of human memory most relevant to classroom teachers. Real classroom examples help to deepen your understanding of how memory systems play a central role in the learning process, as well as how culture plays a sometimes surprising role in memory formation and use. The memory systems covered in the book are * Working Memory: the gateway to learning * Executive Function: the cognitive skills children need to independently orchestrate their memory systems in service to learning *Semantic Memory: the storehouse of a person's knowledge of the world, including academic concepts, and the part of the memory system most affected by culture * Episodic Memory: rich, multisensory personal memories of specific events * Autobiographical Memory: one's sense of self, tied directly to student motivation Although the techniques described apply to all students, the authors concentrate on explaining the source of struggling students' academic challenges and provide effective strategies for helping students become better learners. Whether you're a new or a veteran teacher, this book will offer fresh insights into your students' learning difficulties and move you to explore classroom practices that align with the functioning of memory and the ways students learn.
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Help There s a Computer in My Classroom

Help  There s a Computer in My Classroom

It is important, in the classroom, for access to be as quick as possible. By changing the layout of the display it can be made more accessible. Older children can be shown how to locate and open programs and files using the start menu ...

Author: Alison Ball

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136780646

Category: Education

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Mastering basic computer skills can be a daunting task for any busy teacher. This book provides a solution with simple instructions backed up by pictures of what the computer screen should look like at each stage of an activity. Use this book to: find out what your computer can do; save and organise work on your computer; create activities for chil
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Can Music Help Special Education Students Control Negative Behavior in the Classroom

Can Music Help Special Education Students Control Negative Behavior in the Classroom

A study conducted by Shawn E. Mueske (1994) determined the effects ofbackground music in a classroom. His study determinedthe effects ofbackground music on attitude, achievementin the class; spent ontask behavior.

Author: Pennie Rockerfeller

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499063721

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Music therapy has been researched and found to have a calming relaxing effect on students who fear large crowds, especially in classrooms. Music therapy has been proven to have a calming effect on those students who display signs of distress, or who have been diagnosed with psychological or physiological disorders. Some students show stress when taking tests. Research has proven that music significantly reduces stressful behaviors in these students. Background music has proven to have a positive effect on students who are assigned to inclusion classes. Music has been used as an effective intervention for maintaining and improving active involvement, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Music therapy has had positive effects on these students who deal with psychological stressors or physiological complications. Thus, it has been researched and proven that students who receive music therapy over a long period of time have a success rate that is higher than those students who receive music therapy over a shorter period. Long-term music therapy indicates that music sessions were most effective in increasing self-control, relaxation and comfort levels inside the classroom, allowing more time for teaching.
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AIMSSEC Maths Teacher Support Series Mathematical Thinking in the Lower Secondary Classroom

AIMSSEC Maths Teacher Support Series Mathematical Thinking in the Lower Secondary Classroom

When the class has made the models they might be hung up from the ceiling of the classroom. Repeated reference to the names of the shapes and to their properties will help the learners to visualise and to remember them.


Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316503621

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 209

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This series is for maths teachers who want to develop their maths teaching skills. This book is for teachers and educators who want to develop their maths teaching skills where English is the language of instruction. It has been written by the international group of educators based at AIMSSEC, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre. The book provides practical classroom activities underpinned by sound pedagogy and recent research findings. The activities are designed for teachers working alone or in 'self-help' teachers' workshops. They are designed to develop mathematical thinking and offer immediate practical tools to help deliver this approach.
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SAGE Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

SAGE Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

With the exception of the LEI, there exist brief versions of these general classroom judgment measures that are easier to ... students respond to questions such as “In this class, I am able to depend on other students for help” (student ...

Author: James H. McMillan

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452262055

Category: Education

Page: 577

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The Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment provides scholars, professors, graduate students, and other researchers and policy makers in the organizations, agencies, testing companies, and school districts with a comprehensive source of research on all aspects of K-12 classroom assessment. The handbook emphasizes theory, conceptual frameworks, and all varieties of research (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) to provide an in-depth understanding of the knowledge base in each area of classroom assessment and how to conduct inquiry in the area. It presents classroom assessment research to convey, in depth, the state of knowledge and understanding that is represented by the research, with particular emphasis on how classroom assessment practices affect student achieventment and teacher behavior. Editor James H. McMillan and five Associate Editors bring the best thinking and analysis from leading classroom assessment researchers on the nature of the research, making significant contributions to this prominent and hotly debated topic in education.
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Building Classroom Communities

Building Classroom Communities

Rituals help the class flow from moment to moment within each school day while facilitating a sense of selfresponsibility along with the sense of safety that comes from a shared predictable experience. Common Language, Unity, and the ...

Author: David Levine

Publisher: Solution Tree Press

ISBN: 9781936765775

Category: Education

Page: 136

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Create a unified, caring classroom in which all students love to learn and feel a sense of belonging. Developed from the author’s experience, this resource helps you create an emotionally safe environment, teach empathy as a primary skill, and much more.
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School Libraries Matter Views From the Research

School Libraries Matter  Views From the Research

QUESTION NUMBER STATEMENT Question 1 School librarians should be responsible for teaching reading. ... Question 5 School librarians should help classroom teachers design and plan lessons and units of instruction.

Author: Mirah J. Dow

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610691628

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 173

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As school districts across the United States increasingly question the need for trained librarians, this collection of research-based evidence helps make the case for a state-licensed librarian in every school. • Utilizes evidence-based findings to explain why school libraries—and trained librarians—matter • Illustrates the progression of ideas around current education debates • Shares numerous examples of quantitative and qualitative research design and application • Summarizes the importance of each study and its practical application for working school librarians
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Handbook of Motivation Science

Handbook of Motivation Science

Classroom observation studies can also be useful in that they often employ a combination of students' self-reports and classroom observations, ... They found that there were differences in help seeking between classrooms, and that this ...

Author: James Y. Shah

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462515110

Category: Psychology

Page: 638

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Integrating significant advances in motivation science that have occurred over the last two decades, this volume thoroughly examines the ways in which motivation interacts with social, developmental, and emotional processes, as well as personality more generally. The Handbook comprises 39 clearly written chapters from leaders in the field. Cutting-edge theory and research is presented on core psychological motives, such as the need for esteem, security, consistency, and achievement; motivational systems that arise to address these fundamental needs; the process and consequences of goal pursuit, including the role of individual differences and contextual moderators; and implications for personal well-being and interpersonal and intergroup relations.
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