Hell Is Other Parents

Hell Is Other Parents

Hell. Is. Other. Parents. I. read No Exit, Sartre's famous existentialist play, in my early twenties, and I remember thinking at the time that it was interesting on a conceptual level but not on a literal one. Hell might very well be ...

Author: Deborah Copaken Kogan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781401394547

Category: Humor

Page: 224

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I read No Exit in my early twenties, and I remember thinking hell might very well be other people, okay, sure, but under what far-fetched conditions would anyone ever actually be trapped forever in the company of strangers with no sleep or means of escape? Then I became a parent. From Deborah Copaken Kogan, the acclaimed author of the national bestseller Shutterbabe, comes this edgy, insightful, and sidesplitting memoir about surviving in the trenches of modern parenting. Kogan writes situation comedy in the style of David Sedaris and Spalding Gray with a dash of Erma-Bombeck-on-a-Vespa: wry, acutely observed, and often hilarious true tales, in which the narrator is as culpable as any character. In these eleven linked pieces, Kogan and her husband are almost always broke while working full-time and raising three children in New York City, one of the most expensive and competitive cities in the world. In one episode, exhausted from a particularly difficult childbirth, Kogan finds herself sharing a hospital room with a foul-mouthed teen mother and her partying posse. In another, Kogan manages to crawl her way to her own emergency appendectomy, which inconveniently strikes the same week her infant's babysitter is away on vacation, her adolescents are off from school, her New York Times editor needs his edit, and the whole family catches the flu. And in the book's capper essay, she drives twelve hours, solo, with a screaming toddler in a rent-a-car in a futile effort to catch a glimpse of her eldest child in his summer camp play. Yes, Shutterbabe is all grown up and slightly worse for the wear, but her clear-eyed vision while under fire has remained intact: You've never read funnier war stories.
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The Best Australian Stories 2009

The Best Australian Stories 2009

Hell. Is. Other. Parents. Jo Case Vanessa and I collide at the school gate, in a tangle of dog leads and frantic barking. Her dog is a waist-high German Shepherd with a glossy coat and a fractious nature. Privately, I nickname him Kujo.

Author: Delia Falconer

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 9781458742254

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 520

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After searching high and low for the year's outstanding short fiction, Delia Falconer has selected masterful stories from some of the country's best-loved authors and exciting work from the up-and-coming. 'Stories don't have the novel's luxury of great swathes of time, its layerings, its wanderings, its counterpoints,' she observes. 'Instead, they must cut to the bone straightaway ... Sometimes they capture a shift in a whole world; at other times they put into words a mood or tone that we might not have seen, until it appears so beautifully before us.' With their wry humour, quiet intensity and elegant economy, these stories display Australian writing at its diverse, unpredictable best.
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Hell Is Other Parents

Hell Is Other Parents

The author discusses parenting as the greatest challenge of her life in a series of essays that describes her haphazard encounters with overprotective, competitive, and interfering fellow parents.

Author: Deborah Copaken Kogan


ISBN: 0316372994


Page: 90

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The author discusses parenting as the greatest challenge of her life in a series of essays that describes her haphazard encounters with overprotective, competitive, and interfering fellow parents.

The Poo Bomb

The Poo Bomb

Hell is Other Parents When I found out that my wife was going to be bearing my child , I made to myself one silent , sacred resolution . I was not going to let parenthood eat my brain . I was not going to turn into one of those parents ...

Author: Jeff Vogel

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740750453

Category: Humor

Page: 272

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Author Jeff Vogel did not go into parenthood with any delusions. He knew that he would love his daughter, and that was terrifying. What if he screwed up? And he knew that life with a baby would be different, that it would be filled with an endless stream of filthy diapers, unexplained wailing, and sleepless nights. Not to mention no sex. The parenting books painted a picture of smart, communicative babies and mindless, limitless joy, but he knew they were lying to him. So he wrote his own book. The Poo Bomb: True Tales of Parental Terror recounts, in a no-punches-pulled style, the first year of life of Cordelia, Jeff's freshly hatched, gooey human girl. The first year of parenthood isn't about joy or fulfillment. It is about menial labor, wiping up human waste, and marking time until the kid is old enough to run and play and thank you for its life. Jeff chronicles the journey through the morass of year one week by week. Rich with irreverent honesty and humor, The Poo Bomb is the reality show of parenting books: It reflects what most parents have sometimes guiltily felt about their not-so-delightful bundles of joy.
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The Gift of Forgiveness

The Gift of Forgiveness

RoN HALL Same Kind of Different As Me : A Modern - Day Slave , an International Art Dealer , and the Unlikely ... to Save Each Other DEBORAH COPAKEN Shutterbabe : Adventures in Love and War Between Here and April Hell is Other Parents ...

Author: Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781984878267

Category: Self-Help

Page: 226

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AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! “[The Gift of Forgiveness] will spark conversations across families, across friendships, at workplaces, everywhere.” –Maria Shriver A fresh, inspiring book on learning how to forgive, with firsthand stories from those who have learned to let go of resentment and find peace. "When we learn to embrace forgiveness, it opens us up to healing, hope, and a new world of possibility." --Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Written with grace and understanding and based on more than twenty in-depth interviews and stories as well as personal reflections from Schwarzenegger Pratt herself, The Gift of Forgiveness is about one of the most difficult challenges in life--learning to forgive. Here, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt shows us what we can learn from those who have struggled with forgiveness, some still struggling, and others who have been able to forgive what might seem truly unforgivable. The book features experiences from those well-known and unknown, including Elizabeth Smart, who learned to forgive her captors; Sue Klebold, whose son, Dylan, was one of the Columbine shooters, learning empathy and how to forgive herself; Chris Williams, who forgave the drunken teenager who killed his wife and child; and of course Schwarzenegger Pratt's own challenges and path to forgiveness in her own life. All provide different journeys to forgiveness and the process--sometimes slow and thorny, sometimes almost instantaneous--by which they learned to forgive and let go. The Gift of Forgiveness is a perfect blend of personal insights, powerful quotations, and hard-won wisdom for those seeking a way to live with greater acceptance, grace, and peace. A PAMELA DORMAN BOOKS/VIKING LIFE TITLE
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The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage

The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage

Deborah Copaken Kogan is the author of Shutterbabe, Hell Is Other Parents, Between Here and April, and The Red Book. A former columnist for The ... journalism have also appeared in The New Yorker and The New York Times, among others.

Author: Caroline M. Grant

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834828445

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

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Food is so much more than what we eat. The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage is an anthology of original essays about how we learn (and relearn) to eat, and how pivotal food is beyond the table. Without mantras or manifestos, twenty-nine writers serve up sharp, sweet, and candid memories; salty irreverence; and delicious original recipes. Just like you, these writers are parents, husbands, wives, children, and caregivers trying to feed their families and nourish their lives—pull up a chair and dig in. With essays from: • Keith Blanchard • Max Brooks • Melissa Clark • Elizabeth Crane • Aleksandra Crapanzano • Gregory Dicum • Elrena Evans • Jeff Gordinier • Caroline M. Grant • Phyllis Grant • Libby Gruner • Lisa Catherine Harper • Deborah Copaken Kogan and Paul Kogan • Jen Larsen • Edward Lewine • Chris Malcomb • Lisa McNamara • Dani Klein Modisett • Catherine Newman • Thomas Peele • Deesha Philyaw • Neal Pollack • Barbara Rushkoff • Bethany Saltman • K. G. Schneider • Sarah Shey • Stacie Stukin • Karen Valby
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No Sex No Sleep

No Sex  No Sleep

The important thing is that other parents come into your house and think they are doing a bad job themselves. Well done you! The Sand Jean Paul Sartre famously said that hell is other people. That's because he never visited Portmarnock.

Author: Pat Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781781175330

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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No Sex, No Sleep tells the unvarnished truth about fatherhood. Forget about magic moments and bonding, this is about puke, wet-wipes and enjoying the sex life of a hermit. Pat Fitzpatrick wants to tell new dads what they can expect in the first few years of their child's life, and give them a right good laugh along the way. The book is based on Fitzpatrick's popular 'Dad's View' column and covers everything from buggy shopping, the labour ward, naming your child, bringing them home and dealing with the in-laws, to later issues such as choosing a school, time-outs, toilet training and much more. Written in short, digestible chunks No Sex, No Sleep can be picked up and put down as the mood takes you, and will make an ideal present for a first-time dad. It will also strike a note with any dad with small kids, or any mom out there who wants to know what their man is really thinking. Which is not much, other than I'd love to go to sleep for a month.
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Adult Interactive Style Intervention and Participatory Research Designs in Autism

Adult Interactive Style Intervention and Participatory Research Designs in Autism

Initially the researchers presented to some parents different ways on how to approach the project and it was agreed ... 'at the moment we're going through pure hell' which encouraged other parents to acknowledge their own struggles.

Author: Lila Kossyvaki

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317515791

Category: Education

Page: 218

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Regardless of their cognitive and linguistic abilities, people with autism can often find it difficult to develop basic communicative skills that are necessary to gain full control over their environment and maintain their independence. Building on the author’s own cutting-edge research, Adult Interactive Style Intervention and Participatory Research Designs in Autism examines the impact that the interactive style of neurotypical individuals could have on the spontaneous communication of children with autism. This book provides clear and detailed guidance on how to conduct research into autism in real-world settings such as schools and homes. Kossyvaki critically evaluates a wealth of relevant case studies and focuses on a number of methodological issues that researchers are likely to face when carrying out research of this complex nature. The author walks the reader through present literature on the importance of spontaneous communication and the atypical way that this tends to develop in autism, before bringing the results of her own research to bear on the question of how the interactive styles of neurotypical individuals can impact on the spontaneous communication of people with autism. Adult Interactive Style Intervention and Participatory Research Designs in Autism is essential reading for academics, researchers, and postgraduate students in the fields of special educational needs, inclusion, autism, research methods, and educational and clinical psychology.
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A Parent s Guide to Raising Grieving Children

A Parent s Guide to Raising Grieving Children

This organization was doing things that might prevent other parents from going through this hell. After a while I found my wife needed to go on talking but I wanted to get involved and see some results. I joined the committee on ...

Author: Phyllis R. Silverman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199724710

Category: Family & Relationships


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When children lose someone they love, they lose part of their very identity. Life, as they knew it, will never be quite the same. The world that once felt dependable and safe may suddenly seem a frightening, uncertain place, where nobody understands what they're feeling. In this deeply sympathetic book, Phyllis R. Silverman and Madelyn Kelly offer wise guidance on virtually every aspect of childhood loss, from living with someone who's dying to preparing the funeral; from explaining death to a two year old to managing the moods of a grieving teenager; from dealing with people who don't understand to learning how and where to get help from friends, therapists, and bereavement groups; from developing a new sense of self to continuing a relationship with the person who died. Throughout, the authors advocate an open, honest approach, suggesting that our instinctive desire to "protect" children from the reality of death may be more harmful than helpful. "Children want you to acknowledge what is happening, to help them understand it," the authors suggest. "In this way, they learn to trust their own ability to make sense out of what they see." Drawing on groundbreaking research into what bereaved children are really experiencing, and quoting real conversations with parents and children who have walked that road, the book allows readers to see what others have learned from mourning and surviving the death of a loved one. In a culture where grief is so often invisible and misunderstood, the wisdom derived from such first-hand experience is invaluable. Filled with compassion and common sense, A Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving Children: Rebuilding Your Family after the Loss of a Loved One offers readers a wealth of solace and sound advice, and even--where one might least expect it--a measure of hope.
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For God s Sake

For God s Sake

Jane Caro The American wit Dorothy Parker once said, 'Hell is other people. ... I have since learnt that many other parents, particularly those with the means to do otherwise, who have sent their children to ordinary old public schools ...

Author: Antony Loewenstein

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Aus.

ISBN: 9781743289136

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Four Australian thinkers come together to ask and answer the big questions, such as: What is the nature of the universe? Doesn't religion cause most of the conflict in the world? and Where do we find hope? We are introduced to the detail of different belief systems - Judaism, Christianity, Islam - and to the argument that atheism, like organised religion, has its own compelling logic. And we gain insight into the life events that led each author to their current position. Jane Caro flirted briefly with spiritual belief, inspired by 19th century literary heroines such as Elizabeth Gaskell and the Brontë sisters. Antony Lowenstein is proudly culturally, yet unconventionally, Jewish. Simon Smart is firmly and resolutely a Christian, but one who has had some of his most profound spiritual moments while surfing. Rachel Woodlock grew up in the alternative embrace of Baha'i belief but became entranced by its older parent religion, Islam. Provocative, informative and passionately argued, For God's Sake encourages us to accept religious differences but to also challenge more vigorously the beliefs that create discord.
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