Heaven Plus Earth

Global Warming : the Missing Science

Author: I. R. Plimer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780958240154

Category: Global warming

Page: 503

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Published by Howling at the Moon, the publishing arm of Ian Wishart's Investigate magazine, Heavan and Earth is written by Professor Ian Plimer, one of Australia's best known geologists. Reviews of Heavan and Earth has said, "a damning critique of the 'evidence' underpinning manmade global warming". "A wonderfully comprehensive and fearless book...If there are any willing to hear some truly inconvenient truths on the stampeding advocacy of global warming, Mr. Plimer's book is a collection of some of the sternest." "..a brilliantly argued book... Heaven and Earth is an evidence-based attack on conformity and orthodoxy"

How to Get Expelled from School

Author: Ian Plimer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780852448021

Category: Climatic changes

Page: 252

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Are pupils, parents and the public being fed political propaganda on climate change? Now is your chance to find out. Professor Plimer gives 101 simple questions with answers for you to ask teachers, activists, journalists and politicians. The climate industry adjusts the temperature record and withholds raw data, computer codes and information from scrutiny. Computer predictions of a scary future don't agree with measurements. Past natural climate changes have been larger and more rapid than the worst-case predictions, yet humans adapted. Is human-induced global warming the biggest financial and scientific scam in history? If it is, we will pay dearly. This book is a must for those that respect scientific enquiry based on measured rationality and solid empirical evidence. It systematically exposes the hysteria and misinformation that drives the manufactured political consensus on anthropomorphic global warming. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for teaching ideology in the place of balanced scientific theory in our schools. Ian Plimer's sequel to his international best-seller Heaven and Earth will further nudge the global warming zealots and extremists to the fringes of this debate. In his new book Plimer debunks the theory that the world is facing a climate emergency, embarrasses those who dishonestly argue that the science is settled and will undoubtedly put fear into the hearts of those who need or want the world to believe we are facing a global environmental catastrophe. In every classroom where global warming is discussed Plimer's How to get expelled from school is a must-have text for every student to ensure that they are exposed to a more rational evaluation of this debate and not just the views of the alarmists and their far-left green adherents. Professor Ian Plimer (University of Adelaide) is Australia's best-known geologist. He is also Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where he was Professor and Head of Earth Sciences (1991-2005) after serving at the University of Newcastle (1985-1991) as Professor and Head of Geology. He was on the staff of the University of New England, the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University. He has published more than 120 scientific papers on geology. This is his eighth book written for the general public, and follows his best-seller Heaven and Earth: Global Warming The Missing Science (Quartet Books).

The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change

Author: Rex J. Fleming

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030168808

Category: Science

Page: 176

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This book provides a complete review of the role of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere and reveals detailed information about the subject of climate change. Many different science disciplines are visited and discussed and each area is introduced with a brief summary written to appeal to a broader audience. The logic of CO2 involvement in changing the climate is investigated from every perspective: reviewing the historical data record of Ice Ages with vast ice sheets, noting the interglacial periods of little or no ice, examining in further detail the 20th century data record and evaluating the radiation role of CO2 in the atmosphere. The radiation calculations, using the appropriate equations and data are reviewed in great detail. The results of this review and examination reveal no role of CO2 in any change of the Earth’s climate. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this book belong solely to the author.


Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and Other Earth-Shattering Disasters

Author: Donald R. Prothero

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421401478

Category: Nature

Page: 360

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Eerie, fascinating, and often moving, these tales of geologic history and human fortitude and folly will stay with you long after you put the book down.

The Climate Change Debate

An Epistemic and Ethical Enquiry

Author: David Coady,R. Corry

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113732628X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 122

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Of the two kinds of philosophical questions – epistemic and ethical - raised by the public debate about climate change, professional philosophers have dealt almost exclusively with the ethical. This book is the first to address both and examine the relationship between them.

The Vulnerable Subject

Beyond Rationalism in International Relations

Author: A. Beattie,K. Schick

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137292148

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

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This book develops a concept of vulnerability in International Relations that allows for a profound rethinking of a core concept of international politics: means-ends rationality. It explores traditions that proffer a more complex and relational account of vulnerability.

Merchants of Despair

Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism

Author: Robert Zubrin

Publisher: Encounter Books

ISBN: 1594035695

Category: Political Science

Page: 328

View: 435


There was a time when humanity looked in the mirror and saw something precious, worth protecting and fighting for—indeed, worth liberating. But now, we are beset on all sides by propaganda promoting a radically different viewpoint. According to this idea, human beings are a cancer upon the Earth, a horde of vermin whose aspirations and appetites are endangering the natural order. This is the core of antihumanism. Merchants of Despair traces the pedigree of this ideology and exposes its pernicious consequences in startling and horrifying detail. The book names the chief prophets and promoters of antihumanism over the last two centuries, from Thomas Malthus through Paul Ehrlich and Al Gore. It exposes the worst crimes perpetrated by the antihumanist movement, including eugenics campaigns in the United States and genocidal anti-development and population-control programs around the world. Combining riveting tales from history with powerful policy arguments, Merchants of Despair provides scientific refutations to all of antihumanism’s major pseudo-scientific claims, including its modern tirades against nuclear power, pesticides, population growth, biotech foods, resource depletion, and industrial development.