Shatters of My Broken Heart

   Shatters of My Broken Heart

~*Inevitable Heart Breaker*~ I decided since I love girls and put my all into them when I do love them, trying to prevent them from ever hurting or feeling pain but at the end of the relationship still hear, “you're a heart breaker you ...

Author: YaRonnica Harris-Wright

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463467906

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 200

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INTRODUCTION The following literature was derived from when I was younger and making attempts to be in love only to grow older and realize that all along, I was only in love with a thought. I was in love with the idea of being in love, just imagining the cozy comforting feelings of all the elements that love possesses within one's heart shared with another. Desires to fulfill the urges inside of M3 that wanted so vulnerably to care for a young lady demonstrating the actions of a gentleman, being that I am a girl, I call myself a Gentlewoman. I live to provide for special ladies in my life. The affectionate compassion of my hearts' mentality is only to show that there is good in relationships, there is love in hearts, there are truths in words and there is trust in promises. Though my intentions were miraculous, I've been taking for granted, branded and broken down, but stand strong to this day; you'll be Auhmazed to hear through it all, what I've found. With the Shatters of My Broken heart, I present to you, My Music Book of Poetry. This is my music book of poetry emotions that hung pain over M3, speak of my exes, they ain't over M3. How I made it, that's how it's posed to be. I only dared to let certain ones get close to M3. They played my love, say I broke their hearts, scarred my emotions, blamed M3 that we're apart, and still is in denial that I loved em from the start. But my angel fell from the stars at the time I stopped looking for love. I thank the lord, now I can't be without her, I can't give her up. This is my music book of poetry, loves that really tried to lower M3. My ex females live by no loyalty, all I wanted was love and in return I would spoil thee. Instead they left M3 with crazy stories that dropped my heart from a building of endless stories. I can chuck up the deuces counting my few exes that weren't worthy. Oh yea, in God I trust I had no worries. All my focus now is to get this money and provide for my family, cuz at the end of the day I know I only have God, My Love, them and M3. Enjoy this Journey as you explore My mind.
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Your Own Song to Sing Volume 2

Your Own Song to Sing  Volume 2

Chorus (Male) Hey, hey I'm a love maker, not a heart breaker. Hey hey hey, what ya say, give a guy a chance, I'll show you a real romance. Member I'm a love maker, I'm a love maker, yes there were times, a few hearts did break.

Author: Saverio

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456887735

Category: Music

Page: 397

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Writing has taken over my life.. in a good way. My thoughts continually are geared towards my next song. Sometimes I get a few lines in my head when I am driving and I have to pull over the car and write them down! No matter where I am, I get the urge to write. I could be talking to a neighbor, or be in the middle of mass at church and a word or phrase will pop into my head and whoa! -a new song is born! More than anything I love, love, love, the peace of mind songwriting allows me to have. Most of my lyrics take me 15 to 30 minutes to write. There was a time when I was writing 6-8 lyrics in a day. Sometimes I would sit there and stare at my pencil asking why did you stop? I swear at times the pencil kept moving like I wasnt even thinking of what to write. This is my first edition. I hope to continue with future editions as I am still writing new songs everyday. Someday I hope to put my lyrics to my own music and I recently started taking piano lessons. Hey, we all know life is a learning process; a learning curve, we need to experience the turns with the ride! I wish you all success with this book and look forward to seeing some of you with me when it comes to award times!
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Love is a force,” your father said to you. “You understand me?” your father asked. You were thirteen years old. You were at your desk in your flannel nightgown. You had new braces on your teeth that made your mouth bleed.

Author: Claudia Dey

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781524798932

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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The love between a daughter and her mother—and the dark secrets they keep from each other—are at the heart of this wildly imaginative novel that combines elements of The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks. “I love Heartbreaker’s outlandishness, its sizzling energy—the bright, fierce music in every sentence.”—Leni Zumas, author of Red Clocks It’s 1985. Pony Darlene Fontaine has lived all her fifteen years in “the territory,” a settlement founded decades ago by a charismatic cult leader. In this strange town run on a sinister economic resource, the women crimp their hair and wear shoulder pads, and the teenagers listen to Nazareth and Whitesnake on their Walkmans. Pony’s family lives in the bungalow at the farthest edge of town, where the territory borders the rest of the wider world—a place none of the townspeople have ever been. Except for Billie Jean Fontaine, Pony’s mother. When Billie Jean arrived in the territory seventeen years prior—falling from the open door of a stolen car—the residents took her in and made her one of their own. She was the first outsider they had ever laid eyes on. Pony adores and idolizes her mother, but like everyone else in the territory she is mystified by her. Billie Jean refuses to describe the world she came from. One night, Billie Jean grabs her truck keys, bolts barefoot into the cold October darkness—and vanishes. Beautiful, beloved, and secretive, Billie Jean was the first person to be welcomed into the territory. Now, with a frantic search under way for her missing mother, Pony fears: Will she be the first person to leave it too? Told from the three unforgettable perspectives of a daughter, a killer dog, and a teenage boy named Supernatural, this novel is startling in its humor and wrenching in its wisdom about the powers, limits, and dangers of love. Heartbreaker is an electrifying page-turner about a woman reinventing herself in order to survive—and a daughter who must race against the clock to untangle the mysteries left in her mother’s wake. Praise for Heartbreaker “A fierce exploration of memory and zeitgeist . . . Heartbreaker is a darkly comedic weirdo of a book that pulls the string of nostalgia from one side while unraveling it from the other.”—The Paris Review “This is a book like no other. It’s eerie, it's cult-y, it's so very exciting, and I never wanted it to end.”—Buzzfeed, Best Books of Fall 2018 “Claudia Dey renders 1985 in perfectly crimped, shoulder-padded detail. . . . Come for the Shyamalanian premise. Stay for the hard-rock soundtrack.”—Chicago Tribune
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The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker

And what kind of pleasure do the clients get from paying for such a travesty of love?” “A great deal of physical satisfaction! \Ve're not all after love, you know!” “Oh, but I think we are,” says Nicholas at once. “VVe all need to love ...

Author: Susan Howatch

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307417091

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

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Deftly combining the sacred and the profane—the unmistakable hallmark of her fiction over the past decade—Susan Howatch gives us a spellbinding, suspenseful and psychologically intense new novel. The financial heart of London—the City—is an adrenaline-charged square mile deep in recession in the 1990s, a place where sex is just another commodity to be bought and sold in the marketplace. And the City is where the life of Gavin Blake, who sells sex to high flyers, is finally about to unravel. In the center of the City is St. Benet’s, a church that ministers to the casualties of this affluent but amoral society. Carta Graham, the St. Benet’s fundraiser, is at once attracted to Gavin when they meet through a mutual friend, but slowly she realizes that she has entered a relationship far more complex than she could ever have imagined. Gavin is desperate to escape from his world of prostitution, pornography and violence, but as his involvement with Carta and St. Benet’s deepens, the dangers that encircle him escalate until his life itself is on the line. Carta is determined to help him—but will their mysterious journey together be lifesaving or soul-destroying? All she can do is fight her hardest to help Gavin survive. Consistently surprising and powerfully moving, The Heartbreaker is Susan Howatch’s most gripping novel yet.
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The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker

I love you. Say you'll marry me, love. I'm begging you. You'll break my heart forever if you don't.” If she hadn't seen the truth in his eyes, and felt the insistence in his hold, those simple words might not have been enough to make ...

Author: Rexanne Becnel

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504067362

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

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A rake seeks to mend his ways, but his new governess could quickly unravel that plan, in this Regency romance by the bestselling author of The Bridemaker. After returning home from adventures in the Orient, James Lindford, Viscount Farley, causes quite a stir in London society. The viscount’s womanizing past has caught up with him, and he decides he must take his illegitimate children into his household to raise. Doing the right thing, unfortunately, costs him both his fiancée and his political aspirations. With the gossip hounds soon on the prowl, he escapes to the calm of his country estate. But between his rowdy children and the beautiful woman next door, James is not about to get any peace. Phoebe Churchill’s quiet life of raising her niece and tending to her cottage is quickly upended upon the arrival of her new neighbor. When she discovers his daughter is stealing from her, James entreats her to be the children’s governess. It is a job Phoebe accepts with great caution. Though she yearns for the viscount’s kiss, she cannot ignore her mother’s warning—that all men are lustful creatures not to be trusted . . . Perfect for fans of the Bridgerton series! Praise for the Matchmaker Series “[A] sensual roller coaster of a book.” —Booklist on The Heartbreaker “Becnel gives us true insight into the human spirit and does not stint on creating the ideal atmosphere and recreating the era to near perfection.” —RT Book Reviews on The Matchmaker “Sparkling romance . . . Playful in tone and rich in character, this book is fun, breezy entertainment.” —Publishers Weekly on The Bridemaker
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Reforming the Heartbreaker A Hollywood Heartbreakers Novella

Reforming the Heartbreaker  A Hollywood Heartbreakers Novella

“I love you,” Ryder said, then he lowered his mouth onto hers and brought her back to the place where her heart had always belonged. you THANK for reading REFORMING THE HEARTBREAKER! I hope you loved Addison and Ryder as much as I do.

Author: Christine Glover

Publisher: Christine Glover

ISBN: 9781393074953

Category: Fiction

Page: 106

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When a scandal threatens mountain bike champion Ryder Bennett’s career, he’s forced to rely on a public relations makeover by a woman who doesn’t want anything to do with him. After all, he’s the man who broke her heart. But Addison Carrington’s willing to salvage his career if the payoff proves that she’s ready to takeover her family’s agency. There’s only one problem—he’s not the jerk she believed he was all those years ago. Nor can she deny the heat flaring between them. Can they keep things strictly professional, or will they risk causing another super sexy scandal for a chance at love?
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Personal Social and Moral Education

Personal  Social and Moral Education

... A thing to be thrown away A spotty blob An immature brat A girl's galore A ball of mud A heart breaker A waist [s/c] of time While largely negative, ... Other examples of this were 'kind kisser', 'hansom person' and 'a girl's love'.

Author: Fred Sedgwick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000044683

Category: Education

Page: 164

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Originally published in 1994, this book enables primary school teachers to take steps to make Personal, Social and Moral Education (PSME) central to the work of their schools. Links to the National Curriculum are implicit and explicit throughout the book, and the author covers ways in which whole staffs are to be involved in the development of PSME. Case studies of good reflective teaching are taken from many curriculum areas and from rural and urban schools. The author draws out the lessons they impart with insight, precision and principle, emphasising the values of openness, encouragement, sensitivity and respect for the children and adults engaged in the development of personal, social and moral values.
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Lone Star Heartbreaker

Lone Star Heartbreaker

He couldn't fathom the fact that not only was she refusing the prize money; she was also rejecting his love and his marriage proposal. His heart was breaking in two. His chest constricted so painfully, he thought he might pass out from ...

Author: Anne Marie Novark

Publisher: Anne Marie Novark Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 923

AUTHOR'S WARNING: This is the hotter and sexier version of Lone Star Heartbreaker. The love scenes are steamier and more graphic. For a sweeter read, check out Lone Star Heartbreaker in The Diamondback Ranch Sweeter Series. BLURB: Tyler McCade is the youngest McCade brother in Salt Fork, Texas, and the biggest heartbreaker of them all. Or he was--until a plane crash wrecks his body and sends his crop-dusting company into a tailspin. Needing time to heal and form a new business plan, he retreats to the Diamondback Ranch, where he spends too much time alone tormented over the possibility that the accident might have been his fault. Caitlyn Ross lives to fly planes. Accepting the job as pilot for Lone Star Wings seems like a dream come true. But when she packs up everything she owns and finds herself working for the brooding Tyler McCade, her defenses go on high alert. The sexual tension sizzles, but does she have what it takes to help him heal? And is she even brave enough to try? EXCERPT: "It's getting late and it's been a long day," Tyler said. "I'll see you in the morning." He started past her toward the door. Before Caitlyn could think better of it, she grabbed the sleeve of his shirt to stall his departure. "Wait." He stared at her hand on his arm, then at her, but didn’t pull away. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked in a dangerously soft voice. Obviously playing with fire, that's what. Caitlyn quickly dropped her hand. She didn’t know what had prompted her to touch Tyler, but that brief contact left her fingers scorched and her heart racing. "Ignoring the situation isn't going to make it go away," she said. "What the hell’s that supposed to mean?" His voice went softer, more dangerous. His hot blue eyes lasered in on her. "What situation?" She swallowed hard. Anger mixed with the strong sexual vibes pulsated between them. “I’ve been here for almost a month,” she said. “Except for that first day when we had dinner together, you’ve been avoiding me like the plague." He stepped toward her, his big body seemingly growing, expanding with his anger. Irritation. Something. “I taught you what you needed to know to be an ag pilot, didn't I?" Caitlyn stepped back. "Yes." Tyler took two steps forward. "I didn't avoid you then, did I?" he said between gritted teeth. "No. Not exactly." God, the man was tense. And now he was invading her personal space. How could she have thought for a moment that she'd imagined those sparks of awareness shooting between them? They were brighter and more intense than fireworks on the Fourth of July. "But you can't deny you've been avoiding me since then, can you?" Tyler stood directly in front of Caitlyn and stared into her eyes. He was close enough to smell her fragrance, feel the heat from her body. Her windblown hair tumbled around her face in wild disarray. His fingers itched to run themselves through the silken tangles. He wanted to feel her body close to his. Unable to help himself, he reached out one hand and touched her soft cheek. She closed her eyes and her dark lashes made feathery crescents against her creamy skin. He'd been dying to touch her again. To feel her warmth and vitality. He rubbed his thumb across her bottom lip. Back and forth. Back and forth, until her eyes flew open. Keeping his gaze locked on hers, he leisurely traced his finger down her jaw line and the curve of her neck, only stopping when he reached the top of one rounded breast. "This is why I've been avoiding you . . ." KEYWORDS: Texas romance, cowboy romance, small town, alpha male, tortured hero, rancher, western romance, contemporary romance
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The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker

“I guess the part about not having love if you live in the world.” “So you think you have love in your heart?” “Jah. I think so.” “Really? For who? These women that you've shared the marriage bed with—that you were not married to—how ...

Author: J.E.B. Spredemann

Publisher: Blessed Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 261

View: 231

To Miriam Yoder, Michael Eicher is everything she doesn’t want. Prideful, cocky, arrogant. A defector from the Amish life. Why would a gut Amish woman like Miriam even consider being his friend again? Especially after what he’d put her through—professing his affection then skipping town. She didn’t have the heart to go through that again. It was easier to keep her heart sealed up and hidden away, than to chance vulnerability. And she’d be fool to ever trust Michael again. Michael has lived most of his youth as an irresponsible worldly young man. But when he’s forced to return home, his eyes are opened to the community he’s neglected. He’s only genuinely cared for one woman, Miriam Yoder. Will he be able to convince Miri to give him a second chance? Can this self-centered man who’d only lived for himself find something—or Someone—greater to live for? A faith-filled story of second chances and learning what true love is, that’s sure to pull on your heartstrings.
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