Harry Tiebout

Harry Tiebout

The Collected Writings Harry Tiebout, Anonymous. In Memory of Harry ' By the time this issue of the Grapevine reaches its readers , the whole world of AA will have heard of the passing of our well - beloved friend , Dr. Harry M. Tiebout ...

Author: Harry Tiebout

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN: 1568383452

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Dr. Harry M. Tiebout was one of the first psychiatrists to fully support and endorse Alcoholics Anonymous. Part of the Hazelden-Pittman Archives, this compilation of Tiebout's most important writings will appeal to recovering alcoholics, long-time AA members, and other individuals interested in the history of AA and the treatment of alcoholism.
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Harry Tiebout

Harry Tiebout

This collection of writings by Harry Tiebout, one of the first psychiatrists to describe alcoholism as a disease, are seminal documents in the history, treatment, and understanding of alcoholism.

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This collection of writings by Harry Tiebout, one of the first psychiatrists to describe alcoholism as a disease, are seminal documents in the history, treatment, and understanding of alcoholism. One of the first psychiatrists to describe alcoholism as a disease rather than a moral failing or criminal activity, Harry M. Tiebout was also one of the first to wholeheartedly endorse Alcoholics Anonymous as an effective force in the struggle against compulsive drinking. This volume brings together, for the first time, some of Tiebout's most influential writings. Many of these pieces--from explorations of the therapeutic approach to alcoholism to instructive discussions of the act of surrender so crucial to recovery--are seminal documents in the history, treatment, and understanding of alcoholism. Together, they represent the significant contribution of one man to the countless lives shaken by alcoholism and steadied with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, psychiatric intervention, and the foresight and commitment of doctors like Harry Tiebout.
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Pathways To Reality Erickson Inspired Treatment Aproaches To Chemical dependency

Pathways To Reality  Erickson Inspired Treatment Aproaches To Chemical dependency

Dr. Harry Tiebout was a psychiatrist with close ties to early members of Alcoholics Anonymous. He ran a hospital where many early A.A. members first attained sobriety, and he was the psychotherapist who treated Bill W., the cofounder of ...

Author: John D. Lovern

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134853656

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Considers the use of Erickson-inspired therapeutic techniques in the treatment of chemical dependency. It also provides an overview of Erickson-Inspired Approaches To Treatment, Including Motivation, utilization, confusion, trance, the indirect approach and ordeals.
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A Biography of Mrs Marty Mann

A Biography of Mrs Marty Mann

Tiebout couldn't get over the drastic change in her because of AA. ... So was Grennie, who had become Tiebout's patient and followed Marty into AA. ... Bill Wilson later described the impact on Tiebout: Harry was electrified.

Author: Sally Brown

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781616491413

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Marty Mann was the first woman to achieve long-term sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, and she inspired thousands of others, especially women, to help themselves. The little-known life of Marty Mann rivals a Masterpiece Theatre drama. She was born into a life of wealth and privilege, sank to the lowest depths of poverty and despair, then rose to inspire thousands of others, especially women, to help themselves. The first woman to achieve long-term sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, Marty Mann advocated the understanding that alcoholism is an issue of public health, not morality. In their fascinating book, Sally and David Brown shed light on this influential figure in recovery history. Born in Chicago in 1905, Marty was favored with beauty, brains, charisma, phenomenal energy, and a powerful will. She could also out drink anyone in her group of social elites. When her father became penniless, she was forced into work, landed a lucrative public relations position, and a decade later was destitute because of her drinking. She was committed to a psychiatric center in 1938-a time when the term alcoholism was virtually unknown, the only known treatment was "drying out," and two men were compiling the book Alcoholics Anonymous. Marty read it on the recommendation of psychiatrist Dr. Harry Tiebout: it was her first step toward sobriety and a long, illustrious career as founder of the National Council on Alcoholism, or NCA.In the early 1950s, journalist Edward R. Murrow selected Marty as one of the 10 greatest living Americans. Marty died of a stroke in 1980, shortly after addressing the AA international convention in New Orleans.This is a story of one woman's indefatigable effort and indomitable spirit, compellingly told by Sally and David Brown.
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This Strange Illness

This Strange Illness

His name was Harry Morgan Tiebout ( 1896-1966 ) , the alcoholic patient whom he brought to the " Big Book " was a woman named Marty M. , and he later treated Bill W. His writings on alcoholism ( from the Quarterly Journal of Studies on ...

Author: Jared Lobdell

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412839947

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This brilliant work, both personal and professional in character, is a study of alcoholism, of a movement aimed at its cure, and of an individual participant in this development. The author develops an interlinked theory and scientific research program that describe an illness of the mind, body, and spirit. He does so without allowing the assumptions underlying the way we look at one area of illness, say the mind, to contradict the assumptions underlying the way we look at the human body or for that matter the human spirit. That Lobdell carries this project to a successful conclusion makes this a compelling work for everyone in the field of alcohol studies and social pathology. Lobdell, who has written on a broad range of subjects, here argues the originality and importance of recognition of alcoholism as a tripartite illness, and of congruent treatment for the three parts. He thus accepts a medical view of this vast social problem, but also recognizes dimensions within it that go beyond the ordinary limits of medical practice, as well as the complexity of its treatment. His book is at once an intellectual history of Bill W.'s vision; a short history of alcohol addiction and the culture of that addiction; a treatise on the psychological, biochemical, and spiritual aspects of the illness and its treatment; and a scientific research program for the future. Norman K. Denzin of the University of Illinois has hailed the book "as a wonderful story brought to a sophisticated readership, and will widely appeal to the recovering population." Matthew J. Raphael, intimate with the subjects as well as the concerns of this book says, "This Strange Illness is an astounding book. Jared Lobdell, a brilliant polymath, traverses a spectrum of disciplines û from biogenetics and chaos theory to psychology, sociology, and theology û in search of a sufficiently complex and comprehensive understanding alcoholism. This is the most intellectually rigorous study I have ever seen in the field." Jared C. Lobdell is author or editor of a dozen books in history and criticism and a number of articles in fields ranging from alcohol studies to systems analysis. He has served as a fellow at the Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Studies, Brown University. His current positions are at Millersville University of Pennsylvania and adjunct professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania.
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The Public Financiers

The Public Financiers

The first son of Harry and Ethel, Harry M. Tiebout, Junior, was born on November 3, 1921. In later years he went on to study at his father's alma mater, Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, during the war years 1941–45, ...

Author: Colin Read

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137341341

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To follow.
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American Protestantism in the Age of Psychology

American Protestantism in the Age of Psychology

... estimates of AA's harnessing or surpassing of the best psychological principles.72 In particular, Wilson's psychiatrist, Harry Tiebout, who became an AA trustee, argued that AA was a superior form of psychotherapy for two reasons.

Author: Stephanie Muravchik

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139499613

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Many have worried that the ubiquitous practice of psychology and psychotherapy in America has corrupted religious faith, eroded civic virtue and weakened community life. But an examination of the history of three major psycho-spiritual movements since World War II – Alcoholics Anonymous, The Salvation Army's outreach to homeless men, and the 'clinical pastoral education' movement – reveals the opposite. These groups developed a practical religious psychology that nurtured faith, fellowship and personal responsibility. They achieved this by including religious traditions and spiritual activities in their definition of therapy and by putting clergy and lay believers to work as therapists. Under such care, spiritual and emotional growth reinforced each other. Thanks to these innovations, the three movements succeeded in reaching millions of socially alienated and religiously disenchanted Americans. They demonstrated that religion and psychology, although antithetical in some eyes, could be blended effectively to foster community, individual responsibility and happier lives.
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Bill W

Bill W

Through Marty, Bill had been introduced to Dr. Harry Tiebout, the chief psychiatrist at Blythewood Sanitarium. In the late thirties and early forties, American psychiatry was just moving out of its adolescent stage, but there was still ...

Author: Robert Thomsen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781592859559

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Robert Thomsen's biography describes the story of Bill W., a stirring spiritual odyssey through triumph, failure, and rebirth, with vital meaning for men and women everywhere. This is the story of a man whose discovery and vision have changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Robert Thomsen's biography takes readers through the events of Bill W.'s life, all the while detailing Bill's growing dependence on alcohol. Thomsen writes of the collapse that brought Bill to the verge of death and of the luminous instant of insight that saved him. This turning point led Bill to the encounter in 1935 with Dr. Bob and the start of what was to be a new beginning for countless others who despaired of finding rescue and redemption. Every night at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings around the world, a speaker says, "Our stories disclose in a general way what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now." This describes the story of Bill W., a stirring spiritual odyssey through triumph, failure, and rebirth, with vital meaning for men and women everywhere.
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The Baby King Must Die

The Baby King Must Die

Harry Tiebout, a well-known New York psychiatrist during the l930's and an early friend of Alcoholics Anonymous, claimed to have found the basic ego flaws that keep alcoholics hopelessly trapped in addiction. In an article titled, ...

Author: Robert W. Fuller

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781604770629

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Fuller's insightful book provides addicts, counselors, and laypeople with deeper insight into the already complicated lives of addicts whose selfish brains produce the erratic behaviors that cannot be turned off with demands, threats, or pleadings. (Motivation)
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Anya Seton

Anya Seton

Her response was, at last, to go into psychotherapy in Greenwich, and again with Harry Tiebout, whose patient she had been briefly in the late 1940s. “I don't know what else to do,” she said, on October 25, 1955, when she made her ...

Author: Lucinda H. MacKethan

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781641600897

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Anya Seton was the bestselling author of 10 historical novels, including the masterpieces Katherine and The Winthrop Woman, which are still widely beloved over 60 years after their original publication. Yet there has never before been a book-length biography of this great American writer. Ann Seton was born in 1904 the daughter of two celebrity writers: Ernest Thompson Seton, a renowned naturalist and illustrator, and Grace Gallatin Seton, a women's suffrage leader who received medals for her service in France during World War I. The pair's literary output gave them enduring fame. As a teenager, Ann explicitly rejected her parents' careers because, she said, they showed her the drudgery of a writer's life. Still, she was always confident that she had inherited her parents' talent. At age 36 and self-renamed Anya, she placed her first novel with a major publisher. Anya the author was protective of her private life yet also mused, &“I suppose I write myself over and over again in my heroines.&” She reinvented herself within carefully researched historical settings and biographical materials that provided both escape and wish-fulfillment. In journal entries, letters, and &“self-analyses,&” she provides an intimate study of what it meant to her to be a writer. She describes her creative process along with the difficulties of balancing writing with th duties of homemaking and raising three children, and she expresses her gratitude or more often frustration toward editors and reviewers. A compelling portrait emerges of a deeply dedicated writer whose life was full of inner turmoil, most of it self-inflicted. She wrote probably her own best epitaph while working on her masterpiece, Katherine, published in 1954: &“My forte is story, and a peculiarly meticulous (fearful, yes) desire to weave historical fact into story. Make history come alive and as exciting as the past is to me.&”
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