Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold

A Hard to Play Novel Katie Rose ... She'd fallen for him hard, and while she wasn't ready to use the L word, she felt herself like Alice, spiraling helplessly ... Logan might be hard to hold, but impossible things happened every day.

Author: Katie Rose

Publisher: Loveswept

ISBN: 9781101968772

Category: Fiction

Page: 225

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“Katie Rose writes sexy, skilled sports heroes who know how to treat a woman right!” raves Wendy S. Marcus. Now the award-winning author of the Bad Boys of Baseball series introduces a team of soccer stars who score on and off the pitch. New Jersey Hurricanes striker Logan Hart lives for the grind of training, the adrenaline of competition, and all the perks of the road—until his ex hands him a baby and tells Logan to raise her on his own. He’s eager to pass this bundle of joy into more capable hands and get back to his hard-playing, hard-partying ways. But when a beautiful, blond drill sergeant of a nanny turns Logan’s life upside down, he sets a new goal: winning her heart. Isabella Bennett takes pride in teaching the rich and famous how to become loving families. Her no-nonsense style is just what Logan and his crying, copper-haired cutie need. So why can’t she get the image of Logan’s tanned, muscular body out of her head? Isabella’s here to whip a new father into shape, not fall for a sexy ladies’ man. But their chemistry is too tantalizing to ignore, much like the temptation to trust someone with her deepest secrets—and embrace a loving family all her own. Praise for Hard to Hold “Fast-paced and scintillating with plenty of romantic angst, this novel is an ideal read for anyone who likes their romance on the steamy side.”—Publishers Weekly “An entertaining read and I’m looking forward to more in this series. Bring on the hot soccer guys, please! Preferably shirtless, when possible.”—Becky on Books . . . and Quilts “I would recommend Hard to Hold by Katie Rose—TOP PICK”—Harlequin Junkie “Hard to Hold, overall, is a classic contemporary romance that will give you everything you want from a good book: swoony moments, cute babies, sexual tension, and a happy ending!”—The Book Disciple “Hard to Hold is a wonderful beginning to Katie Rose’s new Hard to Play series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next installment.”—Always YA at Heart “A sexy trek into the world of major league soccer with Katie Rose! I really enjoyed this story and the characters.”—Thoughts of a Blonde “Five stars—I loved reading this book. The heat between Isabella and Logan is hot but this book doesn’t have an overabundance of explicit sex and the story itself kept me interested enough I didn’t want to put it down. . . . I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.”—Xtreme Delusions Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.
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Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold

I've worked too long and too hard to abandon my business and home for some sick freak.” Nick snapped back to the present. “At least you're finally prepared to accept he is sick, that this is something more than a sad obsession.

Author: Incy Black

Publisher: Entangled: Ignite

ISBN: 9781622665358

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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Anna Key Marshall is about to get what she's always wanted: a baby. Granted, it's through a sperm donor instead of her ex-husband, but you can't have everything. She has no idea why someone wants her dead, but she'll do whatever it takes to protect her unborn child—even if it means turning to her ex, the Black Ops specialist who broke her heart. Five years ago, British Intelligence agent Nick Marshall slammed the door on the woman who betrayed him. But now Anna's back in his life with a vengeance, pregnant and full of attitude. He'd like nothing better than to walk away, but with her life on the line, he has no choice but to do what he does best—protect her at all costs. As old wounds resurface, Nick begins to doubt his version of what went down with Anna so long ago. And he begins to believe they might have a second chance together. But with Anna's would-be killer on the loose—it will take the full force and fury of his protective instincts, fueled by a powerful love he can't leave behind, to hold on to the woman he still loves. Each book in the Black Ops Heroes series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Hard to Hold Book #2 Hard to Forget Book #3 Hard to Protect
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Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold

Maddie flushed. “That's not why I'm nervous.” She hadn't actually given his Native American heritage much thought beyond an appreciation of how it had contributed to his dark good looks. No, it was Hard to Hold 130.

Author: Karen Foley

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373797905

Category: Fiction

Page: 218

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She was asking for trouble. She got it! Colton Black is amazed when the girl with whiskey-colored eyes levels a gun at him. First, he knows the gun is a child's toy. And second? She hasn't a clue that she's just taken a U.S. deputy marshal hostage! Maddie Howe has seventy-two hours to scrape together fifty thousand dollars—or her brother will die. And maybe taking the incredibly hot lawman hostage wasn't exactly her best moment. She needs to ditch Colton, find the rest of the money and get her brother back. But Colton isn't about to let her get away. And maybe it's the weirdest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, but the sexual tension between them is fierce. And if they're not careful, it could get someone hurt….
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Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold

He remembered the time when he'd thought a moment like this would be impossible —when his Tourette's would have made him a hard man to hold. Apparently, all he'd had to do was find the right woman because at this moment, all he wanted ...

Author: Julie Leto

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409128991

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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The True Romance series - the first series based on real-life love stories! Michael feels like he's had the rug pulled from under his feet when he meets Anne at a music concert. And it doesn't take long for him to realize that he's fallen hard when they wind up living in the same apartment. But, while he effortlessly holds her with his gaze, he withholds the embrace she longs for. Why is he so distant? Has Anne misread his signals? Though there is no doubt that she's under his skin when Mike confesses that he harbours two secrets. He has a neurological disorder that has shadowed him since childhood and, although he's mastered the physical tics so others don't notice, he may never be able to hold her in his arms at night for fear of the bruises he could inflict. Yet Anne isn't about to let Tourette's syndrome keep her from the man of her dreams. But Mike has a second secret. Will this secret be the one that even a grand passion cannot survive?
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To Have to Hold and to Never Let Go

To Have  to Hold  and to Never Let Go

Scorpio's are a fieriest sign, they are very strong people and sometimes hard to get along with. ... They also love hard and are giving individuals. ... They either try too hard 85 to Have, to Hold, and to never let Go.

Author: Cattina C. Coleman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479770366

Category: Self-Help

Page: 132

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I am a woman of many attributes and as impressive as my background is I too find it hard to juggle a relationship, family, friends, and my career. With a two year old son, a new found relationship with a handsome young man who is just a year younger then me but so much wisdom he could teach a teacher; still pursuing my Doctorate Degree in Business, and building a company from the ground up; has definitely put my life in the fast lane. The inspiration to my book was having seen male friends of mine who are battling their own love lives and or the family. I wanted to create a book to help guide them in a path where they too can understand where we women are coming from when we ask them a million and one questions about relationships and family. So in my book To Have, To Hold, and To Never Let Go, I am letting men know the inner thoughts and acts of women and show how we are not that much different from you guys in the sense of commitment. The same thoughts you men have us women have too; we just go about them a little differently. So in this book allow these chapters to guide you men on how To Have a Woman, Hold a Woman, and To Never Let Her Go.
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Lulu Taylor Bundle Heiresses Midnight Girls

Lulu Taylor Bundle  Heiresses Midnight Girls

Allegra woke up with a small cry, reaching out for someone, trying to hold on as hard as she could. Her eyes were terrified and unseeing, her face and body clammy with panic, and she was breathless. Under her urgent, grasping hands was ...

Author: Lulu Taylor

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448149285

Category: Fiction


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Two glamorous reads for the price of one from Lulu Taylor Heiresses They were born to the scent of success. Now they stand to lose it all... Fame, fashion and scandal, Jemima, Tara and Poppy Trevellyan are the height of success, glamour and style: Jemima's indulgent lifestyle knows no limits. Tara's one amibition in life is to be independent of her family and her husband, no matter the cost. Poppy wants to escape her wealthy family's stifling influence, without losing the comfort their money brings. But when the girls inherit the Trevellyan's vast ailing perfume empire, can they learn to work together to bring the company back from the brinkt? And in making a fresh start, can they face their family's dark past? Midnight Girls From the presitious dormitories of Westfield to the irresistible socialite scene of present-day London, everywhere Allegra McCorquodale goes, scandal follows. And in Allegra's shadow, are her closest friends since school: the Midnight Girls. Romily de Lisle: super rich, brilliant and bored. She's a force to be reckoned with; and Imogen Heath, pretty, timid she longs to be part of the glitzy high-society world where her friends move with such ease. But once out of school, greed, tragedy and sinister passions threaten their allegiance and each of them stand to lose what they love most...
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I Am Crying God

I Am Crying  God

... pray our way through it, with what appears to be of no avail. Sometimes we become more tired and more frustrated. Why? We feel God is not listening to our petition in matters that so greatly concern us. We attempt so hard to hold on ...

Author: Sharis Pitt Goines

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524538897

Category: Religion

Page: 48

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My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). This book is a cry to the souls of humanity. It uncovers the unhealthy mind-sets that have penetrated the church, causing leaders to surrender their wills to a false deception of the Word of God, leaving his people in a fragile and vulnerable state. Churches have been destroyed, families divided, and marriages shattered. It demonstrates how Gods people have allowed the spirit of deception to manipulate, control, divide, and conquer. It brings to the forefront the seriousness and undeniable need for emotional healing amongst the people of Goda healing that affects the hearts and minds, restoring health and wholeness in our very existence.
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Carmella : Angela , hold your brother's hand now . I don't want anyone getting lost . It looks like the ship is getting ready to dock . It's been a long , hard trip , and I'm glad it's almost over . I can't wait until we see Papa again ...

Author: Harriet Isecke

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1433305496

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 626

Act out the story of two families who immigrate to America in hopes of having a better life! This title teaches children about the hardships of the journey that immigrants endured and the payoff of American citizenship. The roles in this script are written at varying reading levels, allowing teachers to use differentiation strategies to assign specific roles to students who are at different reading levels. This feature allows all students to engage in the activity, participating, performing, and feeling successful while building fluency! By performing this charming story with their peers, students will also practice important skills like reading aloud, interacting cooperatively, and using expressive voices and gestures. An accompanying poem and song are also included in the script, providing students with additional fluency practice. All of the features in this colorful, leveled script make it the perfect tool to get all students to enjoy participating and practicing fluency.
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Worth Fighting For A Warrior Fight Club Big Sky Novella

Worth Fighting For  A Warrior Fight Club Big Sky Novella


Author: Laura Kaye

Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781948050609

Category: Fiction


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From New York Timesand USA Todaybestselling author Laura Kaye… Getting in deep has never felt this good... Commercial diver Tara Hunter nearly lost everything in an accident that saw her medically discharged from the navy. With the help of the Warrior Fight Club, she’s fought hard to overcome her fears and get back in the water where she’s always felt most at home. At work, she’s tough, serious, and doesn’t tolerate distractions. Which is why finding her gorgeous one-night stand on her new dive team is such a problem. Former navy deep-sea diver Jesse Anderson just can’t seem to stop making mistakes—the latest being the hot-as-hell night he’d spent with his new partner. This job is his second chance, and Jesse knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But spending every day with Tara’s smart mouth and sexy curves makes her so damn hard to resist. Joining Tara’s wounded warrior MMA training program seems like the perfect way for Jesse to blow off steam—except now they’re getting in deep and taking each other down day and night. And even though it breaks all the rules, their inescapable attraction might just be the only thing truly worth fighting for. The Kristen Proby Crossover Collection features a new novel by Kristen Proby and six books by some of her favorite writers: Kristen Proby – Soaring with Fallon Sawyer Bennett – Wicked Force KL Grayson – Crazy Imperfect Love Laura Kaye – Worth Fighting For Monica Murphy – Nothing Without You Rachel Van Dyken – All Stars Fall Samantha Young – Hold On
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Ancient A M M Paranormal Romance

Ancient  A M M Paranormal Romance

The transformation from man to vampire, however, was a difficult sight. ... He fought hard to hold onto life, but Neku had nothing but time, so he continued to hold him, watching for every expression, whether it was pain or sorrow, ...

Author: Rain Carrington

Publisher: Rain Carrington


Category: Fiction

Page: 230

View: 319

The first book of a new series, one that will take the reader from ancient Egypt to modern-day America. Vampires, witches, and other creatures lurk in the pages of these books, but what is most important is the love they share. Buckle up, you’re about to go for a ride!! The most ancient of beings who has roamed the earth for countless centuries is ready to take to his slumber, to isolate himself and retreat from society. His nest begged him not to go, but he knew it was time. Fate stepped in, however, because before he could reach his resting place, he smelled the fear and blood of a human below, and the delicious combination was too hard to resist. He finds a young man, bloody and bruised, nearly dead from the beating he’d received from the vilest of humans. Neku’s rage at the injustice ends the bigots and he flies away with the dying man. Knowing that he was near his end, Neku delved into the mind of the human, finding the joy and goodness he thought gone from the world. He couldn’t let this pure soul perish. Adam was running from his home after he and his sister, Anna, killed their father. He was abusive and terrible, but he knew no one would have believed them. Protecting Anna is what started everything, so he couldn’t fail to protect her now. Waking in the home of vampires, he is heartbroken that he is one, and that he can’t be with his beloved sister. He could accidentally kill her, the lust for blood was so strong in him. Then there was his maker, a vampire as ancient as the sands of Egypt, where he was born five thousand years before…and more beautiful than anyone Adam had ever known. Will Adam survive his new life? Will the quiet one come for them and unleash an army more terrible than they could imagine? Find out in Ancient Blood, the new series by international bestselling author, Rain Carrington!
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