Handbook of Migration and Health

Author: Felicity Thomas

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781784714772


Page: 576

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Migration is now firmly embedded as a leading global policy issue of the twenty-first century. Whilst not a new phenomenon, it has altered significantly in recent decades, with changing demographics, geopolitics, conflict, climate change and patterns of global development shaping new types of migration. Against this evolving backdrop, this Handbook offers an authoritative overview of key debates underpinning migration and health in a contemporary global context.Handbook of Migration and Health is organised into six main sections: theories and models of migration; rights and deservingness; vulnerability and precarity; specific healthcare needs and priorities; healthcare provision; and transnational and diasporic networks. Chapters focus on a wide range of migrant groups including refugees, asylum seekers, trafficked people, international students, healthcare workers and diasporic communities.Bringing together the contributions of 58 leading researchers and drawing on case studies and examples from across the globe, this Handbook is intended as a scholarly, yet accessible reference tool for researchers, students and practitioners interested in the field of migration and health.

International Handbook of Migration and Population Distribution

Author: Michael J. White

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401772827

Category: Social Science

Page: 636

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This Handbook offers a comprehensive collection of essays that cover essential features of geographical mobility, from internal migration, to international migration, to urbanization, to the adaptation of migrants in their destinations. Part I of the collection introduces the range of theoretical perspectives offered by several social science disciplines, while also examining the crucial relationship between internal and international migration. Part II takes up methods, ranging from how migration data are best collected to contemporary techniques for analyzing such data. Part III of the handbook contains summaries of present trends across all world regions. Part IV rounds out the volume with several contributions assessing pressing issues in contemporary policy areas. The volume’s editor Michael J. White has spent a career studying the pattern and process of internal and international migration, urbanization and population distribution in a wide variety of settings, from developing societies to advanced economies. In this Handbook he brings together contributors from all parts of the world, gathering in this one volume both geographical and substantive expertise of the first rank. The Handbook will be a key reference source for established scholars, as well as an invaluable high-level introduction to the most relevant topics in the field for emerging scholars.

Routledge International Handbook of Migration Studies

Author: Steven James Gold,Stephanie J. Nawyn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415779723

Category: Social Science

Page: 613

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The current era is marked by an unparalleled level of human migration, the consequence of both recent and long-term political, economic, cultural, social, demographic and technological developments. Despite increased efforts to limit its size and consequences, migration has wide-ranging impacts upon social, environmental, economic, political, and cultural life in countries of origin and settlement. Such transformations impact not only those who are migrating, but those who are left behind, as well as those who live in the areas where migrants settle. The Handbook of Migration Studies offers a conceptual approach to the study of international migration, exploring clearly the many modes of exit, reception and incorporation which involve varied populations in disparate political, economic, social and cultural contexts. How do these movements also facilitate the transmission of ideologies and identities, political and cultural practices and economic resources? Uniquely among texts in the subject area, the Handbook also provides a section devoted to exploring methods for studying international migration. Featuring forty-seven essays written by leading international and multidisciplinary scholars, the Routledge International Handbook of Migration Studies offers a contemporary, integrated and comprehensive resource for students and scholars of sociology, politics, human geography, law, history, urban planning, journalism, and health care.

Handbook of Managerial Behavior and Occupational Health

Author: Alexander-Stamatios G. Antoniou

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1848447213

Category: Psychology

Page: 480

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The reader will find the articles themselves very well-written and well-researched. . . this book would best be utilized as a reference tool for a researcher or as a reader for a masters- or doctoral-level course in organizational studies, industrial or organizational psychology. . . this text will be extremely valuable. Jeffrey D. Yergler, Leadership & Organization Development Journal This exciting Handbook provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of managerial behavior and occupational health. Containing both theoretical and empirical contributions written by eminent academics, the Handbook covers a range of factors that influence behavior including migration and health, job insecurity, the impact of age diversity, work stress and health in the context of social inequality as well as occupational health from a psychological perspective. It is an essential reference tool to further research on psychology, stress and understanding the behaviors of health within working environments. The book will be invaluable to academics and students in the fields of occupational health.

Handbook on Migration and Security

Author: Philippe Bourbeau

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785360493


Page: 488

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This Handbook provides a state-of-the-art analysis of the critically important links between migration and security in a globalising world, and presents original contributions suggesting innovative and emerging frontiers in the study of the securitization of migration. Experts from different fields reflect on their respective conceptualisations of the migration-security nexus, and consider how an interdisciplinary and multifaceted dialogue can stimulate and enrich our understanding of the securitisation of migration in the contemporary world.

Handbook of Immigrant Health

Author: Sana Loue,Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Ohio Director Center for Minority Public Health of the School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Ohio Sana Loue, Dr

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780306459597

Category: Medical

Page: 654

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This cross-disciplinary work examines the current health situation of US immigrants, integrating the literature of diverse fields - epidemiology, health services research, anthropology, law, medicine, social work, health promotion, and bioethics - to explore the diversity of the immigrant population from a culturally-sensitive perspective. This resource examines methodological issues, issues in clinical care and research, health and disease in specific immigrant populations, patterns of specific diseases in immigrant groups in the US, and offers insights for the future.

Health, Migration and Return

A Handbook for a Multidisciplinary Approach

Author: Peter J. van Krieken

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9789067041287

Category: Law

Page: 437

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What can and should be done if a rejectee or an illegal alien claims to suffer from a serious illness which can only be treated in the country where a residence permit has been sought and/or refused? Should health be considered and accepted as a ground for granting an alien access to a specific country and its health services? This Handbook, with contributions by experts from the WHO, IOM and academia, contains a wealth of relevant background documents, including an overview of praxis and of Strasbourg case-law. It offers a complete overview of theories from various disciplines and serves as a basis for wider debate covering the right to health, medical norm-setting, ethics, the right to migration, the duty to return, the need for information and harmonization. It will provide important tools to the legal and medical professions, policy makers and all others interested in issues of migration.

The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Author: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh,Gil Loescher,Katy Long,Nando Sigona

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191645885

Category: Political Science

Page: 800

View: 2260

Refugee and Forced Migration Studies has grown from being a concern of a relatively small number of scholars and policy researchers in the 1980s to a global field of interest with thousands of students worldwide studying displacement either from traditional disciplinary perspectives or as a core component of newer programmes across the Humanities and Social and Political Sciences. Today the field encompasses both rigorous academic research which may or may not ultimately inform policy and practice, as well as action-research focused on advocating in favour of refugees' needs and rights. This authoritative Handbook critically evaluates the birth and development of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and analyses the key contemporary and future challenges faced by academics and practitioners working with and for forcibly displaced populations around the world. The 52 state-of-the-art chapters, written by leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers working in universities, research centres, think tanks, NGOs and international organizations, provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of the key intellectual, political, social and institutional challenges arising from mass displacement in the world today. The chapters vividly illustrate the vibrant and engaging debates that characterize this rapidly expanding field of research and practice.

Handbook of Seafood Quality, Safety and Health Applications

Author: Cesarettin Alasalvar,Kazuo Miyashita,Fereidoon Shahidi,Udaya Wanasundara

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444347760

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 576

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The global market for seafood products continues to increase year by year. Food safety considerations are as crucial as ever in this sector, and higher standards of quality are demanded even as products are shipped greater distances around the world. The current global focus on the connection between diet and health drives growth in the industry and offers commercial opportunities on a number of fronts. There is great interest in the beneficial effects of marine functional compounds such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Seafoods are well-known as low calorie foods, and research continues into the nutritional effects on, for example, obesity and heart disease. In addition, by-products of marine food processing can be used in nutraceutical applications. This book is a resource for those interested in the latest advances in the science and technology of seafood quality and safety as well as new developments in the nutritional effects and applications of marine foods. It includes chapters on the practical evaluation of seafood quality; novel approaches in preservation techniques; flavour chemistry and analysis; textural quality and measurement; packaging; the control of food-borne pathogens and seafood toxins. New research on the health-related aspects of marine food intake are covered, as well as the use of seafoods as sources of bioactives and nutraceuticals. The book is directed at scientists and technologists in academia, government laboratories and the seafood industries, including quality managers, processors and sensory scientists.

Handbook of the Economics of International Migration

Author: Barry Chiswick,Paul Miller

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 044463388X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1702

View: 1703

The economic literature on international migration interests policymakers as well as academics throughout the social sciences. These volumes, the first of a new subseries in the Handbooks in Economics, describe and analyze scholarship created since the inception of serious attention began in the late 1970s. This literature appears in the general economics journals, in various field journals in economics (especially, but not exclusively, those covering labor market and human resource issues), in interdisciplinary immigration journals, and in papers by economists published in journals associated with history, sociology, political science, demography, and linguistics, among others. Covers a range of topics from labor market outcomes and fiscal consequences to the effects of international migration on the level and distribution of income – and everything in between. Encompasses a wide range of topics related to migration and is multidisciplinary in some aspects, which is crucial on the topic of migration Appeals to a large community of scholars interested in this topic and for whom no overviews or summaries exist