Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency

Author: John Seymour

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0756647541

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 256

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Teaching all the skills needed to live independently in harmony with the land, from harnessing natural forms of energy and raising cropsto keeping livestock and preserving foodstuffs, this John Seymour classic is still the most practical guide for realists and dreamers alike. John Seymour authored over 40 books, including the DK’s best-selling Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency and The Forgotten Arts & Crafts. He died in the fall of 2004 at the age of 90.

The Seeker's Guide

Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure

Author: Elizabeth Lesser

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345516589

Category: Religion

Page: 464

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In 1977, Elizabeth Lesser cofounded the Omega Institute, now America's largest adult-education center focusing on wellness and spirituality. Working with many of the eminent thinkers of our times, including Zen masters, rabbis, Christian monks, psychologists, scientists, and an array of noted American figures--from L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson to author Maya Angelou--Lesser found that by combining a variety of religious, psychological, and healing traditions, each of us has the unique ability to satisfy our spiritual hunger. In The Seeker's Guid, she synthesizes the lessons learned from an immersion into the world's wisdom traditions and intertwines them with illuminating stories from her daily life. Recounting her own trials and errors and offering meditative exercises, she shows the reader how to create a personal practice, gauge one's progress, and choose effective spiritual teachers and habits. Warm, accessible, and wise, this book provides directions through the four landscapes of the spiritual journey: THE MIND: learning meditation to ease stress and anxiety THE HEART: dealing with grief, loss, and pain; opening the heart and becoming fully alive THE BODY: returning the body to the spiritual fold to heal and overcome the fear of aging and death THE SOUL: experiencing daily life as an adventure of meaning and mystery From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Little Book of Bonsai

An Easy Guide to Caring for Your Bonsai Tree

Author: Jonas Dupuich

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 0399582606

Category: Gardening

Page: 112

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This charming, beautifully photographed beginner's guide from a trusted bonsai expert covers all the basics to keep your bonsai alive and happy. Jonas Dupuich, founder of the #1 bonsai blog in the U.S., shares his passion and expert advice with anyone looking to learn more about bonsai in this modern, entry-level guide to an ancient art. Filled with photos of stunning, inspiring trees, The Little Book of Bonsai provides simple, clear, effective guidance on bonsai care, including wiring, watering, pruning, pests, disease, tools, repotting, fertilizing, and more. Dupuich covers indoor and outdoor bonsai care, selecting the right container, displaying your bonsai, and choosing different species with clear, step-by-step photos to help you cultivate your trees with confidence. With its stylish, full-color design and fresh take on a captivating pastime, The Little Book of Bonsai makes a gorgeous gift for oneself or for others.

The Christian's Dictionary; Or, Sure Guide to Divine Knowledge

Containing a Full and Familiar Explanation of All the Remarkable Words Made Use Of, in the Holy Scriptures, and in the Writings of the Most Eminent and Pious Divines, Whether Ancient Or Modern ... To which is Added, a Brief Explication of All the Proper Names Found in Sacred Scripture ...

Author: John Fleetwood

Publisher: N.A


Category: Theology

Page: 596

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The Cottonwood Tree

An American Champion

Author: Kathleen Cain

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing

ISBN: 9781555663704

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 1076


And so poet and naturalist Kathleen Cain fell in love with the cottonwood tree. Regarded by many as a nuisance, a "trash tree," the cottonwood not only has a fascinating history, it has served noble purposes as well. Ranging from Vermont to Arizona to Alaska, this native North American tree, in various sizes, shapes, and subspecies, has been a sacred symbol, a shelter providing relief from both heat and cold, a signpost for the lost and weary-and underneath its branches many dreams have been born.

A Catholic's Guide to Rome

Discovering the Soul of the Eternal City

Author: Frank J. Korn

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809139262

Category: Religion

Page: 195

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This warm anecdotal guide gives legends and traditions of both the popular sites of Rome as well as little-known places of historical significance. Written by an internationally known expert and veteran of fifty visits to the Eternal City. Color illustrations, photos and maps are included.

The Handyman's Guide

Essential Woodworking Tools and Techniques

Author: Paul N. Hasluck

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1602391734

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 768

View: 3669


With more than 2,500 illustrations, this is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream and a treasure trove of traditional information. It includes an overview of wood and how to choose the right type for specific projects, along with detailed descriptions of both common and unusual hand tools, with tips for their use. (Where else can you learn about the “Donkey’s-ear Shooting Block,” a screw vice, a grinding gouge, various handsaws, and augers?) Most importantly, there’s a wealth of knowledge on crafting almost anything using only hand tools: tables, desks, gates, a revolving bookcase, a linen chest, greenhouses, porches, birdhouses, and so much more. Useful for both amateurs and master craftsmen, this might be the most thorough guide to traditional woodworking available.

Old Testament Study Guide, Pt. 3

The Old Testament Prophets

Author: Randal S. Chase

Publisher: Plain & Precious Publishing

ISBN: 1937901297

Category: Religion

Page: 486

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Old Testament Study Guide, Pt. 3: The Old Testament Prophets. This volume is the third of three on the Old Testament. This volume is an unusually large volume that includes nearly all of the Old Testament prophets, their teachings and warnings to their people, and their prophecies of the coming of the Messiah and the latter days. It covers the period of the Bible from the end of King Solomon?s reign through the end of the Old Testament, including the ministries of Jonah, Micah, Hosea, Amos, Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Haggai, Nehemiah, Zechariah, and Malachi (Elijah and Elisha were covered in Volume 8). We are taken from 826 BC to 430 BC, when the Old Testament closes. Then finally, we read of the Intertestamental Period between the ministry of Malachi and the rise of John the Baptist to open the New Testament. The cover features a classic painting of Daniel in the lion?s den, painted by Riviere in 1890.