Steamy Tales of Wife Tail

Twenty Hot Wife Stories

Author: Karla Sweet,Sarah Blitz,Fran Diaz,Skyler French,Hope Parsons,Andrea Tuppens,Kandace Tunn,Connie Hastings,Amy Dupont,Jeanna Yung,Tara Skye,Kimmie Katt,Alice Drake,Nycole Folk,Geena Flix,Savannah Deeds,Angela Ward,Brianna Spelvin,Carolyne Cox,Melody Anson

Publisher: Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 149

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How do you like the thought of this hot wife story? Chloe's Wife Swap (The Cuckold Vacation Group Surprise) A Hot Wife Erotica Story by Karla Sweet This lovely hot wife tale is only one of the stories you’ll find in this collection. Click now and you can have it on your Kindle device in almost no time at all. Here are the rest of the stories: 2. Carolyn, My Husband, and Me (When My Best Friend Joined Us for a Threesome) An FFM Ménage a Trois Story by Sarah Blitz 3. Dawn’s First Couple A First Lesbian MFF Threesome Short by Fran Diaz 4. Hubby Has a Lot of Us to Satisfy (And We Won’t Let Him Loose Until We’re Done!) A Reverse Gangbang Story with Bondage by Skyler French 5. My Husband Tied Up (A Tale of Reverse Cuckoldry) A Hot Wife Story by Hope Parsons 6. Sunny Wants a Threesome (That Means My Best Friend, Her Husband, and Me!) A Hot Wife FFM Ménage a Trois Story by Andrea Tuppens 7. Double Penetration at the Key Party A Wife Swap Story by Kandace Tunn 8. Lena’s Husband Wants My Bum! (When the Older Couple Took Me Together) An FFM Ménage a Trois Story with First Time Action by Connie Hastings 9. A Stripper Tonight An FFM Threesome Story by Amy Dupont 10. Threesome with Nadine and Jake: An FFM Ménage a Trois Story by Jeanna Yung 11. My Husband and the Video Camera An Explicit Story by Tara Skye 12. Damon Caught Me and Sadie (And Sadie Gave Him My Ass!) An FFM Story with First Time Action by Kimmie Katt 13. My Husband the Cuckold (The Day I Became a Hot Wife) A Rough Story by Alice Drake 14. The Lessons Continue An Erotic Romance Story by Nycole Folk 15. Wife Swap Plus One A Group Story with a First Lesbian Encounter by Geena Flix 16. Kat’s Double Team Penance (The Hot Wife’s Very Rough First Experience) An MFM Ménage a Trois Story by Savannah Deeds 17. Charlene Is Afraid (And Her Husband Knows AFRAID Makes Her Horny) A Halloween Gang Story by Angela Ward 18. How to Deal with the Stress of Buying a House (Taking the Real Estate Lady) A Hot Wife FFM Threesome Story by Brianna Spelvin 19. Sonia, My Husband, and Me (Dressing Up and Doing the Deed) An FFM Threesome Story by Carolyne Cox 20. Thoughts of Tori Consuming Her (Fantasies of a Woman while Her Husband Touches Her) A Hot Wife Story with Rough Action by Melody Anson