Greece: The Cookbook

Author: Vefa Alexiadou

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714873800

Category: Cooking

Page: 704

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Greece: The Cookbook is the definitive work on the rich and fascinating cooking of modern Greece. Greece: The Cookbook is the first truly comprehensive bible of Greek food in English. Rapidly increasing in popularity, Greek food is simple to prepare, healthy and delicious, and, more than most other cuisines, bears all the hallmarks of the rich cultural history of the land and sea from which it is drawn. It is the original Mediterranean cuisine, where olive oil, bread, wine, figs, grapes and cheese have been staples since the beginnings of Western civilization. With hundreds of simple recipes by Vefa Alexiadou, the authoritative grand dame of Greek cookery, the book also includes information on regional specialities, local ingredients and the religious and historical significance of the dishes, and is illustrated with 230 colour photographs. Greece: The Cookbook is the definitive work on the rich and fascinating cooking of modern Greece.


The Greek American Family Cookbook

Author: Georgia Sarianides

Publisher: Capital Books

ISBN: 9781931868730

Category: Cooking

Page: 297

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Popular cable TV chef Georgia Sarianides adapts healthy and delicious Old World Greek recipes to new American ingredients and lifestyles in a book that introduces the cuisine of Greece in a fun and engaging way. Approximately 175 recipes and cooking tips.

Homemade Greek Takeout Cookbook

75 Favorite Greek Food Takeout Recipes For Everyone

Author: Kim Ellis

Publisher: Mayorline via PublishDrive


Category: Cooking

Page: 132

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Enjoy The Pleasures Of Greek Foods Anywhere You Are Greek cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine influenced by many cultures. Greek foods taste amazing and are extremely healthy for you. They have been around for thousands of years, but still retain freshness in every meal with unique spices that will intoxicate your senses.The secret of Greek cuisine is its good quality fresh ingredients,proper use ofherbs and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and its basic simplicity. This book offers an exceptionally rich and diverse array of Greek foods to enjoy. Here’s A Peek At What’s Inside: •An Overview of Greek takeout food. •Ingredients used in Greek cooking, cooking methods and required cooking equipment used to prepare Greek meals •Classic appetizers like the Dolmades, Hummus & the Taramosalata •Traditional salads like the Horiatiki Salata, Salata Marouli and the Froutosalata •Satisfying soups like Avgolemono With Orzo, Hortosoupa & the Greek Tomato Soup With Orzo •Easy-to- prepare takeout sandwiches like the Greek Sloppy Joes & the Greek Salad Pita Sandwich •Delicious beef, pork and lamb recipes like the Stifado, Moussaka & the Paidakia Skaras •Delightful chicken recipes like the Chicken Pilaf Aztem & the Chicken Kapama •Tasty seafood recipes like the Arides Tourkolimano, Kalamaria Yemista & the Greek Octopus with Pasta •Healthy vegetable and side recipes like the Tzatziki, Bamies Me Saltsa and the Fasolakia •Sweet desserts like the Greek Bougatsa With Phyllo, Halvah & the Loukoumades Each recipe is fresh, inviting and unforgettable! Download Now!

Greek Cookbook - Village Taverna Recipes

ελληνικές συνταγές

Author: James Newton

Publisher: Springwood emedia

ISBN: 1476271003

Category: Cooking

Page: N.A

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Village Taverna Recipes is a book that contains many of the loved traditional peasant dishes from across Greece. From appetizers, salads to traditional Moussaka, Pastisada, Stifado, Sofrito, fish, chicken, Baklava and many more savoury and sweet dishes.

My Big Fat Greek Cookbook

Classic Mediterranean Soul Food Recipes

Author: Christos Sourligas

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 1510749845

Category: Cooking

Page: 200

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65 Deliciously Authentic Recipes Straight from Mama’s Kitchen My Big Fat Greek Cookbook is a comprehensive, contemporary overview of Greek food, recipes, and family culture as documented by the son of a Greek immigrant as his mother neared the end of her life. “This Greek eating tragedy has a beginning (appetizer), a middle (main course), and an end (dessert),” Christos shared. “As my Mama is in her final act, it’s fitting that a quarter of her recipes are desserts. Bon appétit! Kali Orexi! (Insert the sound of breaking plates here . . .)” This is more than just a list of ingredients or series of steps, of course. It’s filled with simple recipes, gorgeous photographs, traditional meals, memories, and tidbits of information that draw family and friends to Greek tables time and again. It has everything from iconic egg-lemon sauce to rich soups, sweet pies, and traditional delicacies like rabbit stew and octopus with pasta, accompanied by tales of Greek history and insight into cultural nuances. Recipes include: Meatballs (keftedes) Lentils (fatkes) Stuffed vegetables (gemistra) Spinach pie (spanakopita) Tzatziki Spaghetti with cheese (makaronia me tyri) Roast lamb (arni sto fourno) Moussaka Apple cake (milopita) Ride pudding (rizogalo) And more! With stunning photographs throughout and 65 deliciously authentic recipes, this book is a peek into a Greek family that has achieved what so many of us yearn for: a fuller, more meaningful, and joyful life, lived simply and nourished on real, delicious Greek meals that you can access anywhere with this cookbook on hand.

Total Greek Yoghurt Cookbook: Over 120 fresh and healthy ideas for Greek yoghurt

Author: Sophie Michell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0857836633

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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Total Greek Yoghurt is low in calories and high in flavour, and now you can explore new ways to incorporate it into your cooking. With over 120 recipes developed by top TV chef Sophie Michell, the Total Greek Yoghurt Cookbook shows how you can use it in everything from smoothies and sauces to curries and marinades, as well as for baking, desserts, snacks and dressings. In addition to chapters on Small Plates & Soups, Main Plates and Sweet Plates, Shakes & Smoothies, this easy-to-use recipe book includes amazingly simple mini 'Total ' recipes, showing you how to create truly tasty and healthy treats by adding just a few ingredients to your yoghurt. From Crispy Yoghurt Marinated Chicken with Red Cabbage Coleslaw to Honey, Cinnamon and Yoghurt Cheesecake, the beautifully photographed and delicious-tasting recipes reveal all the flavour and versatility of Total Greek Yoghurt.

The Great Greek Cookbook

40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods

Author: Daniel Humphreys

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781794211421

Category: Cooking

Page: 124

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Did you know that the first cookbook ever written was by Archestratus in 350 BC? He was known as "the Daedalus of tasty dishes." Here, in The Great Greek Cookbook - Learn How to Cook Greek Food - 40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods, you too will learn how to prepare tasty, simple Greek recipes. Greek food changes with the seasons. The majority of these food dishes center around fresh, healthy appetizers drizzled in olive oil and main courses seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. But, save room for dessert! If you have a sweet tooth, then Greek food should definitely be on your menu. With a large emphasis on syrup, honey, and pastry, you will enjoy making some of the most delicious desserts ever. This Greek cookbook will teach you how to make 40 dishes, many dating back to Ancient Greece. If you want to recreate the fantastic food served in thousands of family owned tavernas throughout the whole of Greece, then look no further. The Great Greek Cookbook is divided into three easy to read food sections: Appetizers (including soups & dips), Main Courses, and Desserts. Here, beginners and seasoned cooks will find some of the tastiest recipes this side of the Aegean in The Great Greek Cookbook - Learn How to Cook Greek Food - 40 Greek Recipes, Food Fit for the Gods! As we say in Greece - Kali Orexi!

Regional Greek Cooking

Author: Dean Karayanis,Catherine Karayanis

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781811460

Category: Cooking

Page: 303

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Throughout history, Greek cooking has drawn upon influences ranging from the Arabic flavors of North Africa to the cuisine of the Sephardic Jews of Spain, resulting in a rich, diverse culinary tradition. This family cookbook showcases dishes from the key regions of mainland Greece as well as the islands. The recipes are accompanied by fascinated historical notes and family anecdotes which bring to life the community spirit of Greek cuisine.

Food from Many Greek Kitchens

Author: Tessa Kiros

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1741966841

Category: Cooking, Greek

Page: 335

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Tessa Kiros presents a beautiful collection of traditional and modern Greek recipes, complete with stunning photography from the country, in her signature style.