Great Moments in Science

Great Moments in Science

Author: Marion Florence Lansing


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Great Moments in Science

Great Moments in Science

Great Science in Antiquity . New York : Abeland - Schuman , 1965 . Dijkslerhuis , E. J. Archimedes . Princeton , NJ : Princeton University Press , 1987 . Gardner , Martin . Archimedes , Mathematician and Inventor .

Author: Kendall F. Haven

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

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Category: Education

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Presents twelve skits on such discoveries as Archimedes' work with a lever, Newton's law of gravity, and Goddard's rockets, along with instructions for related experiments
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Great Moments in Mathematics before 1650

Great Moments in Mathematics  before 1650

The empirical discovery of these laws from Brahe's mass of data constitutes one of the most remarkable inductions ever made in science . With justifiable pride , Kepler prefaced his Harmony of the Worlds of 1619 with the following ...

Author: Howard Eves

Publisher: MAA

ISBN: 0883853108

Category: Mathematics

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Presents a series of lectures on the history of mathematics covering such topics as the Pythagorean Theorem, Archimedes, and Fibonacci.
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David McCullough Great Moments in History E book Box Set

David McCullough Great Moments in History E book Box Set

1776, The Johnstown Flood, Path Between the Seas, The Great Bridge, The Course of Human Events David McCullough ... and Commander Selfridge, plus delegates from the American Geographical Society, the National Academy of Science, ...

Author: David McCullough

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451658231

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From New York Times bestselling author David McCullough, a special eBook boxed set features books that study key points of American history. The David McCullough Great Moments in History e-book box set includes the following McCullough classics: · 1776: The riveting story of George Washington, the men who marched with him, and their British foes in the momentous year of American independence. · The Johnstown Flood: The classic history of an American tragedy that became a scandal in the age of the Robber Barons, the preventable flood that destroyed a town and killed 2,000 people. · Path Between the Seas: The epic National Book Award-winning history of the heroic successes, tragic failures, and astonishing engineering and medical feats that made the Panama Canal possible. · The Great Bridge: The remarkable, enthralling story of the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which linked two great cities and epitomized American optimism, skill, and determination. · Special Bonus: The Course of Human Events: In this Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities, David McCullough draws on his personal experience as a historian to acknowledge the crucial importance of writing in history’s enduring impact and influence, and he affirms the significance of history in teaching us about human nature through the ages.
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Great Moments in Greek Archaeology

Great Moments in Greek Archaeology

Its actions were aimed , and continue to be aimed , at the advancement of science and the protection of antiquities . For many decades it was the only Greek archaeological body active in Greece . Nowadays , when a wide variety of ...

Author: Vasileios Petrakos

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892369108

Category: History

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This beautifully illustrated book offers a wide-ranging overview of the greatest archaeological sites and discoveries from ancient Greece. The contributors include both those who have excavated at the sites in question and scholars who have spent a lifetime studying the monuments about which they write.
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Great Moments in Mathematics After 1650

Great Moments in Mathematics  After 1650

... geometries ranks as one of the very greatest of the GREAT MOMENTS IN MATHEMATICS , and we can see why Cassius Keyser proclaimed Euclid's parallel postulate as “ perhaps the most famous single utterance in the history of science .

Author: Howard Eves

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 9780883853115

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What a splendid addition this is to the Dolciani Mathematical Exposition series! This second set of lectures on great moments in mathematics (after 1650) is a fascinating collection of pivotal points in the historical development of mathematics...The four lectures devoted to the liberation of geometry and algebra are of particular interest. The lectures should be required reading for all teachers of mathematics. —Herbert Fremont, The Mathematics Teacher Eves is never less than tantalizing and usually inspiring...each 'great moment' has detailed exercises following it, as these have been carefully chosen to illustrate the depth of the ideas in question. —C. W. Kilmister, The London Times, Higher Education Supplement As is usual with Eves' work, the books are well written and entertaining. They give an historical background to many of the best known mathematical results, and, in addition, provide interesting pieces of information about the mathematicians involved. Eves includes relevant exercises at the end of each chapter. These are a good source of different, interesting problems, and when combined with the material in the chapter, could form the basis for a mathematical project...Eves' book provides an interesting, well-written, and enjoyable account. You won't be disappointed. —David Parrott, The Australian Mathematics Teacher
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Resources for Teaching Middle School Science

Resources for Teaching Middle School Science

Publisher/supplier: National Science Teachers Association. Materials: Available locally, or from commercial suppliers. 5.64 Great Moments in Science: Experiments and Readers Theatre. Kendall Haven. Englewood, Colo.

Author: Smithsonian Institution

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309174740

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With age-appropriate, inquiry-centered curriculum materials and sound teaching practices, middle school science can capture the interest and energy of adolescent students and expand their understanding of the world around them. Resources for Teaching Middle School Science, developed by the National Science Resources Center (NSRC), is a valuable tool for identifying and selecting effective science curriculum materials that will engage students in grades 6 through 8. The volume describes more than 400 curriculum titles that are aligned with the National Science Education Standards. This completely new guide follows on the success of Resources for Teaching Elementary School Science, the first in the NSRC series of annotated guides to hands-on, inquiry-centered curriculum materials and other resources for science teachers. The curriculum materials in the new guide are grouped in five chapters by scientific area--Physical Science, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth and Space Science, and Multidisciplinary and Applied Science. They are also grouped by type--core materials, supplementary units, and science activity books. Each annotation of curriculum material includes a recommended grade level, a description of the activities involved and of what students can be expected to learn, a list of accompanying materials, a reading level, and ordering information. The curriculum materials included in this book were selected by panels of teachers and scientists using evaluation criteria developed for the guide. The criteria reflect and incorporate goals and principles of the National Science Education Standards. The annotations designate the specific content standards on which these curriculum pieces focus. In addition to the curriculum chapters, the guide contains six chapters of diverse resources that are directly relevant to middle school science. Among these is a chapter on educational software and multimedia programs, chapters on books about science and teaching, directories and guides to science trade books, and periodicals for teachers and students. Another section features institutional resources. One chapter lists about 600 science centers, museums, and zoos where teachers can take middle school students for interactive science experiences. Another chapter describes nearly 140 professional associations and U.S. government agencies that offer resources and assistance. Authoritative, extensive, and thoroughly indexed--and the only guide of its kind--Resources for Teaching Middle School Science will be the most used book on the shelf for science teachers, school administrators, teacher trainers, science curriculum specialists, advocates of hands-on science teaching, and concerned parents.
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Great Moments in Space Exploration

Great Moments in Space Exploration

When World War II ended the following year, the United States Army captured some of the German scientists and their equipment. The U.S. Army had never asked Goddard to work with them. They now realized they had missed a huge opportunity ...

Author: Peter Jedicke

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438123004

Category: Astronautics

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Explores the origins and continuing development of the space program in the United States and the former Soviet Union and highlights the most recent international developments in space technology.
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