God Country Vol. 1

Author: Donny Cates

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN: 1534305831

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 184

View: 7975

SOUTHERN BASTARDS meets American Gods in a high-stakes fantasy series that masterfully blends high-octane action and jaw-dropping worldbuilding. In GOD COUNTRY, readers meet Emmett Quinlan, an old widower rattled by dementia. Emmett isn't just a problem for his children„his violent outbursts are more than the local cops can handle. When a tornado levels his home„as well as the surrounding West Texas town„a restored Quinlan rises from the wreckage. An enchanted sword at the eye of the storm gives him more than a sound mind and body, however. He's now the only man who can face these otherworldly creatures the sword has drawn down to the Lone Star Stateƒ In GOD COUNTRY, salvation is a double-edged sword. ñSo much fun to watch creators find that next level. Go, Cates, go!î„BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Collects GOD COUNTRY #1-6

God's Country

A Case Against Theocracy

Author: Sandy Rapp

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136581308

Category: Medical

Page: 156

View: 1268

Explore the influence of religion on the privacy rights of U. S. citizens in this controversial new book! Here is a compelling and controversial new book that explores the enormous political influence that some religious groups currently wield. God’s Country focuses particularly on the issue of personal privacy rights and the strategies and rhetoric these religious groups are using to diminish those rights among select segments of society. Author Sandy Rapp, a grassroots activist, shares her experiences in one-on-one debates with religious fundamentalists who have been on opposite sides of the social issues for which she has so passionately fought in recent years. Topics in this fascinating book include: privacy rights individual’s rights as stated in the constitution AIDS and homophobia the abortion choice global population crisis gay and lesbian reporductive rights effective strategies for lobbying Sandy Rapp traces the patriarchal premises which underlie the twentieth-century crusade against homosexuality. She integrates various personal and professional perspectives and provides a challenging and comprehensive examination of the physical and psychological devastation inflicted upon women, lesbians, and gay men due to religious and political control over such personal decisions as the expression of one’s sexuality, the use of birth control, the choice of abortion, and privacy rights. God’s Country poses some provocative questions that are certain to spark debate among enlightened religious professionals, professors, and students of political science, government, women’s history, human sexuality, and religion: Does the government have the right to impose mandatory childbirth upon women? Should a gay or lesbian person’s sexual orientation weaken his/her civil rights? Can, in a free society, the religious beliefs of one denomination or group be imposed on all citizens? If freedom for all is to upheld in the United States, shouldn’t the separation of church and state be maintained?

The Girl from God's Country

Nell Shipman and the Silent Cinema

Author: Kay Armatage

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802085423

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 428

View: 5856

Armatage reintroduces film studies scholars to Nell Shipman, a pioneer in both Canadian and American film, and one of proportionately numerous women from Hollywood's silent era who wrote, directed, produced, and acted in motion pictures.

Rick and Bubba's Expert Guide to God, Country, Family, and Anything Else We Can Think Of

Including a 'Best of Rick and Bubba' CD!

Author: Rick Burgess,Bill Bussey

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418553794

Category: Humor

Page: 240

View: 1437

Rick and Bubba are two of America's zaniest syndicated radio hosts. Now, Rick and Bubba bring their own brand of southern humor and homespun wisdom to the book world. Rick and Bubba's Expert Guide to God, Country, Family, and Anything Else We Can Think Of is a sometimes touching, always hilarious, look at the world through Rick and Bubba's eyes. Rick and Bubba wax eloquent on everything from little league soccer to the frustrations of getting the family ready for church on a Sunday morning, to big Southern hair. BONUS! Includes a Best of Rick and Bubba CD in the back of the book!

God Country #2

Author: Donny Cates

Publisher: Image Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 32

View: 2912

As Emmett Quinlan attempts to rebuild his family and his home after the devastating tornado that broke them, something otherworldly screams through the sky under a banner of WAR. The GODS have come to Texas and they do not intend to leave it empty handed

God's Country, America's Heartcry

Author: Kay Dee Lilley

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1609574168

Category: History

Page: 244

View: 5451

I Kay Dee Lilley am a concerned wife, mother, citizen, and an American Patriot at heart. My heart's desire is for the truth to be told to all Americans, that America is God's Country and our foundation is His heart cry, to spread His liberties throughout our nation. My book will show through our American symbols, currency, monuments, Founding Fathers, Presidents and many quotes that America is a Christian nation built on Judeo Christian Principles, henceforth the name of this book is God's Country, America's Heart Cry! God is counting on us to arise, stand up, speak up, to use our voice to declare His choice, to restore the foundation of America. America's future depends on "We The People" to come together in agreement to use our God given liberties to defend our freedoms. Will you accept the challenge?

Indian Country, God's Country

Native Americans And The National Parks

Author: Philip Burnham

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597262651

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 9215

The mythology of "gifted land" is strong in the Park Service, but some of our greatest parks were "gifted" by people who had little if any choice in the matter. Places like the Grand Canyon's south rim and Glacier had to be bought, finagled, borrowed -- or taken by force -- when Indian occupants and owners resisted the call to contribute to the public welfare. The story of national parks and Indians is, depending on perspective, a costly triumph of the public interest, or a bitter betrayal of America's native people.In Indian Country, God's Country historian Philip Burnham traces the complex relationship between Native Americans and the national parks, relating how Indians were removed, relocated, or otherwise kept at arm's length from lands that became some of our nation's most hallowed ground. Burnham focuses on five parks: Glacier, the Badlands, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, and Death Valley. Based on archival research and extensive personal visits and interviews, he examines the beginnings of the national park system and early years of the National Park Service, along with later Congressional initiatives to mainstream American Indians and expand and refurbish the parks. The final chapters visit the parks as they are today, presenting the thoughts and insights of superintendents and rangers, tribal officials and archaeologists, ranchers, community leaders, curators, and elders. Burnham reports on hard-won compromises that have given tribes more autonomy and greater cultural recognition in recent years, while highlighting stubborn conflicts that continue to mark relations between tribes and the parks.Indian Country, God's Country offers a compelling -- and until now untold -- story that illustrates the changing role of the national parks in American society, the deep ties of Native Americans to the land, and the complicated mix of commerce, tourism, and environmental preservation that characterize the parks system. Anyone interested in Native American culture and history, the history of the American West, the national park system, or environmental history will find it a fascinating and engaging work.

God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land

Faith and Conflict in the American West

Author: Todd M. Kerstetter

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252030389

Category: History

Page: 213

View: 6055

While many studies of religion in the West have focused on the region's diversity, freedom, and individualism, Todd M. Kerstetter brings together the three most glaring exceptions to those rules to explore the boundaries of tolerance as enforced by society and the U.S. government. God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land analyzes Mormon history from the Utah Expedition and Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 through subsequent decades of federal legislative and judicial actions aimed at ending polygamy and limiting church power. It also focuses on the Lakota Ghost Dancers and the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota (1890), and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas (1993). In sharp contrast to the mythic image of the West as the "Land of the Free," these three tragic episodes reveal the West as a cultural battleground--in the words of one reporter, "a collision of guns, God, and government." Kerstetter asks important questions about what happens when groups with a deep trust in their differing inner truths meet, and he exposes the religious motivations behind government policies that worked to alter Mormonism and extinguish Native American beliefs.

For God, Country, and Coca-Cola

Author: Mark Pendergrast

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0465046991

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 560

View: 3164

For God, Country and Coca-Cola is the unauthorized history of the great American soft drink and the company that makes it. From its origins as a patent medicine in Reconstruction Atlanta through its rise as the dominant consumer beverage of the American century, the story of Coke is as unique, tasty, and effervescent as the drink itself. With vivid portraits of the entrepreneurs who founded the company—and of the colorful cast of hustlers, swindlers, ad men, and con men who have made Coca-Cola the most recognized trademark in the world—this is business history at its best: in fact, “The Real Thing.”