Ginger for Health: Discover the Best of Ginger Root With the Health Benefits of Ginger Including Tips On How to Make Ginger Tea to Get Ginger Benefits!

Author: Pamela Stevens

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365031365

Category: Health & Fitness

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Ginger is a flowering plant that holds its origin from China an Asia country. The underground part of its stem is what is usually used by people to spice up their foods. Ginger is well known for its various forms of alternative or traditional medicine. Well, I dare to say that... if there is one ingredient that every woman should have in her kitchen then, it should be ginger. The reason being that besides its usefulness in the diet of man, for ages ginger has also been used in the cure of so many ailments, however, I guess you’ll be surprised why you’ve never known this. Okay... I want you to get your copy of the book now, and start utilizing ginger in your home today and get the ginger health benefit for yourself. Yes, get the book: Ginger For Health: Discover The Best Of Ginger Root With The Health Benefits Of Ginger Including Tips On How To Make Ginger Tea To Get Ginger Benefits! NOW, then thank me later....

Ginger For Health

100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Ginger

Author: Britt Brandon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440591431

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 126

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"A collection of ways by which one can use ginger"--

The Ginger and Turmeric Companion: Natural Recipes and Remedies for Everyday Health

Author: Suzy Scherr

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 168268377X

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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More than 75 ways to support health and wellness with ginger and turmeric Likely already sitting on your spice rack, ginger and turmeric have been culinary and medicinal staples for centuries—and for good reason. While best known for their flavor, and turmeric’s vibrant color, these spices are also rich in health benefits. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ginger stimulates digestion, strengthens immunity, and helps ease motion sickness, while turmeric can help relieve migraines and even spice up your makeup regimen. Both have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In The Ginger & Turmeric Companion, Suzy Scherr demonstrates how to incorporate these natural wellness aids into daily life. From surprising and delicious recipes—including information on how to maximize the benefits of adding ginger and turmeric to your diet—to health and beauty secrets, she presents a fuss-free guide to these powerful spices. With Scherr’s comprehensive guidance, look no further than the spice cabinet for a feel-good, look-good way to mix up everyday routines.

Parent's Guide to the Common Core: 4th Grade

Author: Kaplan Test Prep

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1618658336

Category: Education

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Helping Your Child Succeed in Fourth Grade: A Parent’s Guide to the Common Core Schools across America are rolling out new, more rigorous curricula in order to meet the demands created by a new set of English and Mathematics standards – known nationally as the Common Core State Learning Standards. You can expect to see a number of changes in your child’s fourth grade class. In English, students will now read more Informational Texts. This type of passage provides facts and often deals with current events, science, and social studies. In addition, questions posed about these readings will ask students to find evidence and use it to formulate an argument. In order to master new Literacy standards, students will need a larger and stronger vocabulary to allow them to both tackle complex readings and write acceptable arguments. In Mathematics, students will spend more time developing their understanding of specific and important math concepts. Students will be expected to both demonstrate understanding of each topic and apply their mathematical skills to real-world situations. As a parent, it is important not only to understand the new standards, but also to have the tools to help your child do his or her best in school. This book is designed to provide you with the guidance and resources to support classroom learning and help your child succeed. It includes: An annotated review of the standards highlighting what your child should master during third grade 20 Important lessons that you can do – together with your child – to support them as they progress through the school year A Vocabulary section designed to make sure your child masters the most important academic words 200+ practice questions to improve your child’s skills Diagnostic quiz and 20+ mini-quizzes to check for understanding

Women's Health in Complementary and Integrative Medicine E-Book

A Clinical Guide

Author: Marc S. Micozzi,Tieraona Low Dog

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 070203598X

Category: Medical

Page: 368

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This book covers the most common areas of concern in women's health. It provides a truly integrative approach, showing when, how, and for whom complementary/integrative therapies can benefit women in continuity with their regular medical care. This is an evidence-based, clinically-oriented book that presents the background and range of complementary and alternative therapies related to common medical conditions and functional complaints and disorders. It summarizes and analyzes scientific studies on the safety and efficacy of these therapies for various women's health conditions. Each chapter includes a description of commonly used treatments, discussions of safety issues (including adverse effects and drug interactions), a comprehensive summary and methodological assessment of clinical trials on the subject (with animal and in vitro data included as appropriate), and advice on counseling patients. Provides a clear review of the scientific evidence relating complementary and integrative medicine to the care of women. Offers a roadmap to the options in the treatment of women with complementary and integrative medicine - expanding the clinician's practice, whatever their specialty, with realistic possibilities. Features comprehensive coverage of safety issues. Written by leading experts in the field. Sidebars within each chapter provide at-a-glance advice for patients and practitioners. Includes key coverage of non-gynecologic issues such as nutrition, headache, depression, cancer, and heart disease. Offers comprehensive coverage of commonly used treatments and related safety issues, such as possible adverse effects and drug interactions, plus a helpful appendix on Botanical Products. A focused table of contents makes it easy to find the right treatment for each patient based on their condition. Features advice on talking with patients about self-treatments they may have read about in books or on the Internet.

Your Health Is in Your Kitchen

Why Momma Made Chicken Soup

Author: Gwenyfar

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 141200442X

Category: Cooking

Page: 64

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Eliminates the mysticism of herbalism. No more intimidation! Designed for anyone with a kitchen and an intrest in improving their health and that of their family members. It's simple and easy to use: if you can shop in a grocery store and have a kitchen, then you can use this book. Topics covered include: more than 30 herbs found in most homes (some you didn't even know you had!) how to prepare and use the plants valuable information on nutrition and diet LEARN HOW TO TREAT ALLERGIES, CHICKEN POX, THE FLU, SPRIANS,TOOTHACHES AND MUCH MORE! ALL IN YOUR KITCHEN!

Garlic, Ginger and Chives

Herbs and Their Health Benefits

Author: Marcus Otah

Publisher: N.A



Page: 36

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Herbs are very good to our health, needed because of their multipurpose and benefits to our lives. This book talks about ginger, garlic and chives pointing out their dietary and health benefits.Feeding on them helps to prolong life and fight against aging. It is also good for strength and helps so many parts of the body that are mentioned here to function well and fights against diseases that might come to you through germs or bacteria. It is so good when eaten as food or used for one purpose or the other. You will learn more about these herbs as you read through.

Best Life & Health

Author: Hannu Hupli

Publisher: Hannu Hupli

ISBN: 9781432755140


Page: 372

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Very long healthy life waiting for you. If you want to live a long healthy life then read on; the information is all here. You and you only can decide if you want live good long life, if so study this book. You hold the keys of your destination, whatever it will be. Your action will help you or give you unwanted solution. If you like to get more time to live, read this book. Take an action now, and change your life better for ever and study this book. I, as the author, I do not want to see that people die and suffering in early age, when there are lot of help and possibilities available in this book. Start reading and see what is good for your body and mind. Take care yourself, it is best lowest priced health insurance available, see details in the book.