Gender Power and Talent

Gender  Power  and Talent

The Journey of Daoist Priestesses in Tang China Jinhua Jia. GENDER, POWER,
AND TALENT Gender, Power, and Talent Jinhua Jia Columbia University Press
New Front Cover.

Author: Jinhua Jia

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231545495

Category: History

Page: 324

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During the Tang dynasty (618–907), changes in political policies, the religious landscape, and gender relations opened the possibility for Daoist women to play an unprecedented role in religious and public life. Women, from imperial princesses to the daughters of commoner families, could be ordained as Daoist priestesses and become religious leaders, teachers, and practitioners in their own right. Some achieved remarkable accomplishments: one wrote and transmitted texts on meditation and inner cultivation; another, a physician, authored a treatise on therapeutic methods, medical theory, and longevity techniques. Priestess-poets composed major works, and talented priestess-artists produced stunning calligraphy. In Gender, Power, and Talent, Jinhua Jia draws on a wealth of previously untapped sources to explain how Daoist priestesses distinguished themselves as a distinct gendered religious and social group. She describes the life journey of priestesses from palace women to abbesses and ordinary practitioners, touching on their varied reasons for entering the Daoist orders, the role of social and religious institutions, forms of spiritual experience, and the relationships between gendered identities and cultural representations. Jia takes the reader inside convents and cloisters, demonstrating how they functioned both as a female space for self-determination and as a public platform for both religious and social spheres. The first comprehensive study of the lives and roles of Daoist priestesses in Tang China, Gender, Power, and Talent restores women to the landscape of Chinese religion and literature and proposes new methodologies for the growing field of gender and religion.
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Gender migration and the global race for talent

Gender  migration and the global race for talent

'Social Construction of Skill: Gender, Power, and Comparable Worth.' Work and
Occupations 17 (4): 449–82. Steinberg, R. J., and D. M. Figart. 1999. 'Emotional
Labor since the Managed Heart.' Annals of the American Journal of Political and

Author: Anna Boucher

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781784996512

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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This book analyses the gendered terrain of skilled immigration policies across twelve countries and thirty seven skilled immigration visas. It argues that while skilled immigration policies are often gendered, this outcome is not inevitable and that governments possess considerable scope in policy design.
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Gender Power Text

Gender  Power  Text

A noble title gives the women access to the world of property and power , though
it is the women's own independence and ... talent for witchcraft runs in the family .
... The reader derives enjoyment from seeing the bad 142 Gender - Power – Text.

Author: Helena Forsås-Scott

Publisher: Series A: Scandinavian Literary History and Criticism

ISBN: UOM:39015060605139

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 292

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Gender - Power - Text: Nordic Culture in the Twentieth Century presents a picture to the English-speaking world, interrogating the constructions, negotiations and transformations of gender and power in a diversity of texts and textual practices.
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Tapping Diverse Talent in Aviation

Tapping Diverse Talent in Aviation

The Greatly Exaggerated Demise of Heroic Leadership : Gender , Power , and
the Myth of the Female Advantage ' , Insights , Center for Gender in Organizations
, Briefing No. 113 . Gilligan , C. ( 1982 ) . In a Different Voice , MA : Harvard ...

Author: Mary Ann Turney

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: STANFORD:36105118031595

Category: Transportation

Page: 233

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Reviews aviation workforce composition, cultural diversity and the training of women and minorities; culture, values and orientation in mixed crews; non-native English speakers understanding; rules; status, assertiveness and differences in flying training
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Sexuality Gender and Power in Iris Murdoch s Fiction

Sexuality  Gender  and Power in Iris Murdoch s Fiction

115 Throughout her life , Beauvoir stressed that the socialization of girls and
women restricted their development of talent . In a 1979 interview , she stated that
women do not usually succeed in acquiring the same artistic and intellectual
talents ...

Author: Tammy Grimshaw

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: UOM:39015062849685

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 261

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"The study concludes that just as it is generally difficult to classify the genders and sexualities of Murdoch's characters, the author's narrative style also evades classification under traditional rubrics of gender or artistic achievement."--Jacket.
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Gender Power Relations in Public Bureaucracies

Gender Power Relations in Public Bureaucracies

Joan likes women and works to correct systemic inequities through individuals
but only to the extent that individual women have talent . Because they are " new
" and because they must try harder , women tend to be better , i.e. , gender is ...

Author: Georgia Duerst-Lahti


ISBN: WISC:89094333226


Page: 890

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The Power of Perception

The Power of Perception

The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide serves as a practical guide to educate women, men and organizations on the barriers that keep women from fully contributing in the workplace.

Author: Shawn Andrews

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781683505808

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 357

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The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide serves as a practical guide to educate women, men and organizations on the barriers that keep women from fully contributing in the workplace. These include differences in leadership style and emotional intelligence, gender bias and stereotypes, breadwinner and caregiver responsibilities, and differences in gender culture which show up every day at work and home. The Power of Perception also explores significant changes in global demographic trends and how our youngest generations are impacting the workplace. The Power of Perception clearly illustrates the reasons that we don’t see more women leading our global businesses. It has nothing to do with women’s skills and competencies and everything to do with perceptions of women as leaders, as workers, as mothers, and as wives. These perceptions have a significant impact on promotion for many women. Perception is reality—and it’s powerful. The Power of Perception provides personal stories of women’s journeys, real-world examples, and is based on the author’s own research as well as that of many others. Every chapter includes practical, easy-to-apply strategies, summary points, and reflection questions to empower women, men, and organizations to fully leverage talent and diversity.
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Talent Flow from Undergraduate to Graduate School 1982 1993

Talent Flow from Undergraduate to Graduate School  1982 1993

... each gender and all ethnic groups -- including trends in the numbers and
percentages of examinees planning graduate study in each area and the
academic qualities of those examinees . Talent - flow analyses examined the
holding power ...

Author: Jerilee Grandy


ISBN: PSU:000043851171

Category: Graduate Record Examination

Page: 62

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Categories: Graduate Record Examination

Gender and Power in Irish History

Gender and Power in Irish History

Harold M . , who was charged with procuring the miscarriage of Sheila D . in
January 1950 , told the court that Sheila ' has considerable intelligence and verve
. . . she is definitely lively and intelligent and has talent in the things she does ' .

Author: Maryann Gialanella Valiulis


ISBN: UOM:39015079262393

Category: History

Page: 244

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This collection of articles poses the question: What can gender history add to the traditional narrative of Irish history? How can it help us to understand the ways in which power operated in and flowed through Irish society? It is premised on the assumption that men and women are actors in the creation of their society, influenced by the ideology of the period, but also challenging and resisting the assumptions and beliefs of their era. The articles included in this collection are far-ranging and thematically diverse, united by the common theme of gender. While women play a dominant role in its pages, it makes visible the power and presence of men. Sometimes implicit, sometimes explicit, the history written on these pages is a history of the ways in which women and men constructed, negotiated and made visible the roles, ideas and representations that governed their particular society. In so doing, it provides an alternative reading to the traditional narrative of Irish history. This book focuses mainly on the modern period and includes two articles from outside of Ireland which provides a comparative focus. It also includes a theoretical introductory section on the nature of gender history from three leading Irish historians.
Categories: History

Doing Leadership Differently

Doing Leadership Differently

Doing Leadership Differently is essential reading for both established and aspiring executives and managers.

Author: Amanda Sinclair

Publisher: Melbourne Univ. Publishing

ISBN: 0522851495

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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The Australian workforce is amazingly diverse, with men and women bringing a huge range of cultural backgrounds, skills and life experiences to their jobs. But this diversity, with all its potential for cleverness and creativity, is not reflected in the ranks our of senior business and corporate leaders. Amanda Sinclair argues that Australian organisations are clinging to an outdated concept of leadership. We expect our leaders to be a certain type of person-a tough, heterosexual male. Drawing on interviews with senior executives, male and female, she shows convincingly why our faith in this traditional style of leadership is so strong-and misplaced. Doing Leadership Differently is essential reading for both established and aspiring executives and managers. It offers a challenging and original analysis of: why the traditional style of leadership has failed us how men as well as women can benefit from understanding how gender shapes leadership style how to put power and sexuality at the heart of effective leadership ways of widening the pool of Australian leadership talent.
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Intellectual Talent

Intellectual Talent

Thus , gender bias at the item level does not seem to be a plausible explanation
for the greater proportion of males compared to ... The effects of selection and
variability in studies of gender differences . ... Statistical power 344

Author: Professor David Lubinski


ISBN: UOM:39015038565423

Category: Psychology

Page: 428

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With intelligence and academic talent a focus of national debate, such concepts as diverse classrooms, multiple intelligences, heterogeneous schooling, and learning curves are frequent topics of discussion. Based on the work of Julian C. Stanley and his landmark model for working with gifted youth, Intellectual Talent brings together a distinguished group of authorities to examine the dominant techniques used to educate gifted youth today and the exemplification of those techniques in various university-based programs across the country. From a review of the current research on individual differences and its relevance to intellectual talent, to descriptions of the current knowledge about educating gifted children, this book illustrates how our educational system can enhance gifted youths' academic achievement. Part One of Intellectual Talent examines the political ramifications of emotionally loaded findings about individual differencesdocumenting cases in which findings that contradict prevailing social values are simply ignored. Part Two explores what is known about educating gifted children and why educators sometimes fail to act on that knowledge. Topics include genetic antecedents to human behavior, the underuse of knowledge, proper provisions for gifted students, the use of knowledge, psychometrics, and genius. Intellectual Talent will be of interest to professionals and students of education and psychology, educational researchers and policymakers, parents of gifted children, and anyone concerned with fostering excellence in our nation's schools. Contributors are Betsy Jane Becker, Camilla Persson Benbow, Carol C. Blackburn, Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr., Linda E. Brody, JamesS. Coleman, Lee J. Cronbach, Michele Ennis, John F. Feldhusen, N. L. Gage, James J. Gallagher, Lynn W. Glass, Lloyd G. Humphreys, Arthur R. Jensen, Timothy Z. Keith, Herbert J. Klausmeier, David Lubinski, David T. Lykken, Matthew McGue, Lola L. Minor, Ellis B. Page, A. Harry Passow, Nancy M. Robinson, Arnold E. Ross, Richard E. Snow, Julian C. Stanley, Babette Suchy, Abraham J. Tannenbaum, Auke Tellegen, Joyce VanTassel-Baska, and Leroy Wolins.
Categories: Psychology

The Gendered World of the Bauhaus

The Gendered World of the Bauhaus

The Politics of Power at the Weimar Republic's Premier Art Institute, 1919-1932
Anja Baumhoff ... In the school's policy the gender question was no longer
mentioned and equal treatment was taken for granted ; “ talent ” alone ostensibly

Author: Anja Baumhoff

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105029714297

Category: Art

Page: 187

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Enth. u.a.: S. 150-155: The female circle versus the male square: order and art in the thinking of Johannes Itten. - S. 155-163: The role of sexuality in the thinking of Paul Klee: "Genius is switching on energy, sperm."
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The Politics of Gender Islam and Nation state in Aceh Indonesia

The Politics of Gender  Islam  and Nation state in Aceh  Indonesia

... 178 , narratives about human beings transforming themselves into other bodily
forms ( both human and non - human ) , having multiple identities , having the
power of invisibility and invulnerability and talent for disguise , are quite common

Author: Jacqueline Aquino Siapno


ISBN: UCAL:C3407598

Category: Islam

Page: 828

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Gender and Israeli Society

Gender and Israeli Society

Rather than challenging the national - religious gender regime , they insisted
their acts were , in fact , strengthening it . ... at the same time understand the big
account of building the future and to constantly draw power from it , that is the
talent ...

Author: Hannah Naveh


ISBN: 0853035040

Category: Social Science

Page: 199

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This volume of essays by prominent researchers in Israeli history and society is the first of two interconnected volumes engaging with the concept of 'women's time'. It recounts stories and histories of women, along with other marginalized groups, categories and classes, and places them back into history. The studies in this volume illuminate the complex and multifaceted nature of issues of feminist concern, asking whether the manifestation of women's interests as a class brings women into the public sphere or whether it induces compliance with national interests. 'Women's time' involves resistance to self-evident and often patriarchal truths and knowledge, and, by creating a model for the investigation of other obliterated narratives, serves the well-being of all, in Israel and beyond.
Categories: Social Science

Sex Gender

Sex   Gender

... invisibility relative to men in terms of recognized achievements is due not to a
lack of talent , but to barriers imposed by discrimination and other external factors
. It is clear that in most fields few women relative to men have managed to
achieve positions of eminence and power . ... An understanding of the large
gender gap in positions of eminence , prestige , and influence requires an
examination of the ...

Author: Hilary M. Lips


ISBN: UVA:X002108418

Category: Sex differences (Psychology)

Page: 398

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This is a comprehensive introduction to sex and gender theories, research, and issues, focusing on social psychological and feminist perspectives. The book examines the similarities and differences between women and men, where that knowledge comes from, and how that knowledge may itself be shaped and limited by cultural perceptions. The text is organized into three primary themes: Part I provides background to stereotypes, theories, and research; Part II is focused on biological and psychological dimensions; Part III examines sex and gender in social relationships.
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... or the best and the brightest regardless of gender ? Power games enact very
high costs as ideas and talent walk out the door . Employers who continue to
allow the old boy network to dominate and to pick the successive old boy network
will ...

Author: Nancy Dodd McCann

Publisher: Irwin Professional Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015029967505

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 128

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Sample situations of harassment or discrimination are followed by advice for a harassment-free workplace
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Gender and Power

Gender and Power

The talent and love from the father forms the basic module in Enide's descriptive
pattern . Advising has a central function in the feudal exercise of power . The
spectrum of advice , as a right or an obligation , is of great importance .

Author: Rosemarie Deist

Publisher: Universitatsverlag Winter

ISBN: UOM:39015058085609

Category: Classical literature

Page: 259

View: 421

By the medieval period the role of the counsellor had become entrenched in romance literature, drawing on classical antecedents. In this study, Deist examines the politics and historical significance of the concept of counsel in French and German medieval romance literature, especially the works of Chretien de Troyes. The chapters are grouped according to the different types and roles of counsellors, such as daughters, companions in love, mothers, father figures, and by their gender. A detailed study of medieval confidentes and advisors and what they tell us about ideas of power, authority and dominance.
Categories: Classical literature

Handbook for Counseling Girls and Women Talent development

Handbook for Counseling Girls and Women  Talent development

... socialized to pursue: status, power, and riches. By the time gifted males and
females have reached adulthood, the development of their talent has been
influenced by gender socialization. For different reasons, they have often
compromised ...

Author: Sharon E. Robinson Kurpuis


ISBN: 0974767727

Category: Adolescent psychotherapy


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Categories: Adolescent psychotherapy

Gender and Genius

Gender and Genius

150 ] For Kant , genius is an inborn talent ( ingenium ) ; but it also involves
autonomy and the power to shape the material according to one ' s own will . The
genius does not ' rule ' art by imitating the natural world he sees around him . Nor
are ...

Author: Christine Battersby


ISBN: STANFORD:36105034225354

Category: Aesthetics, Modern

Page: 192

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Categories: Aesthetics, Modern

Gender Roles and Power

Gender Roles and Power

Many discover their own unsuspected talent for these games . Some women ,
valuing their deep - seated appreciation of the less competitive , more
cooperative life styles and strategies learned within traditional female gender
roles , would ...

Author: Jean Lipman-Blumen

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 013347500X

Category: Poder (Ciencias sociales)

Page: 214

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Resource added for the Leadership Development program 101961.
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