Gadgets, Games and Gizmos

122 Inventions that Changed the World

Author: Jean-Marie Donat

Publisher: Summersdale

ISBN: 9781786850713

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 96

View: 2206


This book contains the original drawings submitted to the patent office for such indispensable items as the paperclip, the ball-point pen, and the umbrella, as well as technological marvels like the space suit, the floppy disk, and the Polaroid camera--and not forgetting fun and frivolous things like the Barbie doll, the skateboard, and the Game Boy. Expand your knowledge and inspire your inner inventor with this fully illustrated guide to the everyday gadgets, games, and gizmos that changed the world!

Homo Ludens Ludens

Third Part of the Gaming Trilogy

Author: Erich Berger

Publisher: Actarbirkhauser


Category: Art

Page: 555

View: 9788


Home Ludens Ludens is an exhibition and symposium which looks into the expressions of play in contemporary culture and examines the formations of "magic circles" in our digital time. Focusing on play, rather than games, the Exhibition constitutes a setting that embraces different practices and approaches by artists who address, describe or comment on today's play. Play is being reversed and reformed. It carries social and political issues and becomes a tool for critique and social change. By connecting the virtual and the real, it opens new spaces for communication and action. Its ability to approach and fuse into other disciplines gives birth to new forms of art and play. Complementing the Exhibition, the International Symposium aims to situate the framework of contemporary play, and show its multiple expressions in today's activities and functions. This catalogue also contains the re-release of the Gameworld and Playware exhibitions and covers therefore the complete trilogy about videogames and art at LABoral Centre de Arte y Creacion Industrial.