From Slogans to Mantras

From Slogans to Mantras

Maintains that the failure of political activism led many former radicals to become involved in such groups as the Hare Krishnas, Scientology, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, the Jesus movement, and the Children of God, and argues that ...

Author: Stephen A. Kent

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815629230

Category: Political Science

Page: 243

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Maintains that the failure of political activism led many former radicals to become involved in such groups as the Hare Krishnas, Scientology, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, the Jesus movement, and the Children of God, and argues that numerous activists turned from psychedelia and political activism to guru worship and spiritual quest both as a response to the failures of social protest and as a new means of achieving social change. [book cover].
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Evil Deeds in High Places

Evil Deeds in High Places

Kaufman, Burton I., and Scott Kaufman. The Presidency of James Earl Carter Jr.
2nd ed. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2006. Kent, Stephen A. From
Slogans to Mantras: Social Protest and Religious Conversion in the Late Vietnam

Author: David E. Settje

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479803149

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Highlights Watergate as a critical turning point in Christian engagement in US politics The Watergate scandal was one of the most infamous events in American democratic history. Faith in the government plummeted, leaving the nation feeling betrayed and unsure who could be trusted anymore. In Evil Deeds in High Places, David E. Settje examines how Christian institutions reacted to this moral and ethical collapse, and the ways in which they chose to assert their moral authority. Settje argues that Watergate was a turning point for spurring Christian engagement with politics. While American Christians had certainly already been active in the public sphere, these events motivated a more urgent engagement in response, and served to pave the way for conservatives to push more fully into political power. Historians have carefully analyzed the judicial, media, congressional, and presidential actions surrounding Watergate, but there has been very little consideration of popular reactions of Americans across the political spectrum. Though this book does not aspire to offer a comprehensive picture of America’s citizenry, by examining the variety of Protestant Christian experiences—those more conservative, those more liberal, and those in between—and by incorporating analyses of both white and black Christian reactions, it captures a significant swath of the American population at the time, providing one of the only studies to examine how everyday Americans viewed the events of Watergate. Grasping the dynamics of Christian responses to Watergate enables us to comprehend more completely that volatile moment in US history, and provides important context to make sense of reactions to our more recent political turmoil.
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Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets

The Expert ( s ) The Movement Slogan / Mantra Meaning Rise Up Live Free Ryan
D. Lee . We prove that anyone can be Brad Gibb , and financially free in 10 years
or Jimmy Vreeland less regardless of age , income , ( CashFlow or experience ...

Author: Russell Brunson

Publisher: Hay House Business

ISBN: 9781401960476

Category: Customer relations

Page: 384

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Co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels Russell Brunson reveals the secret for positioning yourself as the expert that your future customers need. Expert Secrets is about gaining the confidence to become a leader in your field and turn a calling into a career. Part of his 'Secrets' box set, this is a must-read for any ambitious online entrepreneur.
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Find Your Mantra

Find Your Mantra

In their traditional Buddhist and Hindu roots, mantras are phrases that are
repeated during meditation or chanted in ... These mantras also come by many
other names: prayers, hymns, mottos, cornerstones, catchphrases, and slogans,
just to ...

Author: Editors of Rock Point

Publisher: Rock Point Gift & Stationery

ISBN: 9781631067532


Page: 128

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The Find Your Mantra journal is a beautifully designed tool to help you transform your life through the power of positive affirmations. Mantras--positive phrases repeated during meditation to ignite optimism in daily life--are tools to help you construct your perfect "mind palace" and share your light with the people you cherish. Having a personal mantra can put you in the right mindset to seek out your best self. The exercises and guided meditations in Find Your Mantra help you reflect on your personal experiences in peace, love, happiness, strength, your individual journey, and more. Powerful journal prompts will help manifest each carefully selected mantra into a reality full of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Discover simple methods to be a little kinder to yourself, guidance on how to open your heart and mind to the life that you deserve, and uplifting affirmations to bring inspiration into your life. Some mantras, mantra actions, and prompts include: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. The dark is greedy, but you are bright. During meditations (or just when times are tough) flutter the eyelids closed. Elongate your neck and tilt your chin ever so slightly toward the sky. Find the sun in the dark. Everything will be alright. How can you open your heart and allow in more light? NO REGRETS. Remove the word "mistake" from your vocabulary. You no longer mess up; you only open yourself up to opportunities for learning and growth. You only participate in "happy accidents." Welcome the wrong because from the foulest compost comes the most beautiful flowers. When was the suffering worth the "yes!" you committed to? BE THE CHANGE Always remember to be the change that you wish to see in the world and in your life. When a butterfly enters its chrysalis, it does not simply morph into a butterfly but it becomes liquid, shedding the vestiges of its former life entirely so that it can transform into its true body. Be this change; be something so entire and complete that you can't remember how gravity confined you to the ground for so long. How will you embrace change? Whether you use this journal to help you grow in love and friendship or for little everyday pick-me-ups, Find Your Mantra will fortify your inner voice, and bring insight into your day-to-day life to empower your dreams.

Comprehending Cults

Comprehending Cults

1988 “ Slogan Chanters to Mantra Chanters : A Mertonian Deviance Analysis of
Conversion to Religiously Ideological Organizations ... 2001a From Slogans to
Mantras : Social Protest and Religious Conversions in the Late Vietnam War Era .

Author: Lorne L. Dawson

Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press

ISBN: UVA:X004898638

Category: Religion

Page: 266

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He also analyzes controversial issues such as the accusations of brainwashing and sexual deviance that are sometimes made against cults; discusses why cults sometimes turn to violence; and examines what NRMs can tell us about the future of religion and culture in North America. The result is a comprehensive, evenhanded introduction to the study of new religious phenomena."--BOOK JACKET.
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Antiquity and Social Reform

Antiquity and Social Reform

... xiv Kent , Stephen A. From Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest and Religious
Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era . ... King , Martin Luther Jr. “ The Birth of
the Black Power Slogan , " in The Rhetoric of Black Power , Robert L. Scott and ...

Author: Dawn Hutchinson

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: IND:30000127027781

Category: Social Science

Page: 207

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Although religious innovation in America has historically been the norm rather than the exception, mainstream Americans have often viewed new religious movements with suspicion and occasionally with outright alarm. The question motivating many studies of new religious movements has been why would someone join these religions? In Antiquity and Social Reform, Dawn Hutchinson offers at least one answer to this often repeated query. She argues that followers of new religious movements in the 1960s1980s, specifically the Unification Church, Feminist Wicca and the Nation of Yahweh, considered these religions to be legitimate because they offered members a personal religious experience, a connection to an ancient tradition, and agency in improving their world. Utilizing an historical approach, Antiquity and Social Reform considers the conversion narratives of adherents and primary literature of the formative years of these movements, which demonstrates that the religious experiences of the adherents, and a resonance with the goals of these religions, propelled members into social action.
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The Lok Plan

The Lok Plan

Government Slogans The Government sometimes uses a slogan for its promises
which is a kind of a Mantra . ... test any slogans or Mantras which the government
may use for focusing the attention of government objectives for the people .

Author: Dilip S. Dahanukar

Publisher: Bombay : Orient Longman

ISBN: UOM:39015051182627

Category: India

Page: 155

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Studies of economic and social conditions of India and suggestions for planning based on the life style of the Indian masses.
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Manhood in the Age of Aquarius

Manhood in the Age of Aquarius

Kent , Stephen A . From Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest and Religious
Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era . Syracuse Univ . Press , 2001 . Kern ,
Louis J . “ Pronatalism , Midwifery , and Synergistic Marriage : Spiritual
Enlightenment ...

Author: Tim Hodgdon


ISBN: UOM:39015077130378

Category: History

Page: 225

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Manhood in the Age of Aquarius investigates how a deep commitment to the belief in the naturalness of masculinity shaped the efforts of American hippies to create economic, social, political, institutional, religious, and environmental alternatives to their received culture during the 1960s and 1970s. Their efforts to create such alternatives informed the creation of a range of new forms of masculinity. Timothy Hodgdon compares two sharply contrasting hip communities: The Farm and the Diggers (later known as the Free Families). The Farmies argued that industrial progress had encouraged a dangerous hypermasculinity in men and a corresponding devaluation of women's fertility and capacity for maternal nurture. Only through veneration of women's beautiful yin could humankind return to the path of enlightenment charted by Buddha, Jesus, and other sages, and men were to cultivate a knightly masculinity of egoless service to women within lifelong, monogamous marriages. The anarchist Diggers reached the opposite conclusion: that progress had effeminized the organization man while brutalizing the respectable working-class men who served his interests as wage worker, policeman, and soldier. The Diggers sought to uproot the alienating status hierarchy mandated by private property. Their theater of the streets valorized the manliness of the outlaw& mdash;the Native American warrior, the Black Panther, the bohemian artist, and the Chinese tong member& mdash;who forcefully defended his freedom from the depredations of unjust authority while practicing the communistic sharing of wealth that, they believed, was a mark of honor among those slandered as thieves. Thus, Hodgdonargues, the Farmies and the Diggers occupied widely separated positions on a continuum of countercultural manhood. Their divergent criticisms demonstrate that the shift from producerist to consumerist conceptions of manliness was still by no means complete at mid century. Furthermore, hippies' unabashed commitment to masculinity as a natural trait, rather than a political and social construct, shows how even these incisive& mdash;and at times, impish& mdash;critics of American culture stood utterly unprepared for the emergence of radical feminism in 1967 and 1968.
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Future West

Future West

... and Philip J . Deloria , Playing Indian ( New Haven , CT : Yale University Press
, 1999 ) . Note also Stephen A . Kent , From Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest
and Religion Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era ( Syracuse , NY : Syracuse

Author: William Henry Katerberg


ISBN: UOM:39015082652697

Category: History

Page: 281

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What is the future of the American West? This book look at works of utopian, dystopian, and apocalyptic science fiction to show how narratives of the past and future powerfully shape our understanding of the present-day West.
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Religious Documents North America Annual

Religious Documents North America Annual

Kent , Stephen , From Slogans to Mantras . Social Protest and Religious
Conversion in the Late Vietnam Era , Syracuse University Press . Kidwell , Clara
Sue , et al . , A Native American Theology , Orbis Books . Klassen , Pamela E . ,
Blessed ...



ISBN: WISC:89082370719

Category: North America


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Sikhism and Women

Sikhism and Women

Kent , Stephen A. ( 2001 ) . From Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest and
Religious Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era , Syracuse : Syracuse
University Press . Khalsa , Amrit Kaur ( 2009 ) . “ Update Regarding Lawsuit ' , 2
October 2009 ...

Author: Doris R. Jakobsh

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215180642

Category: Sex role

Page: 383

View: 277

Sikh identity involves intermeshing of several historical and present strands of consciousness. As in other religions, the situation of Sikh women and their experiences are conditioned by multiple factors including identity, socio-economic status, and the political context. The collection focuses on three distinct themes texts, conditions of Sikh women in India, and women in diasporic contexts dealing with women's lives and religious experiences. The essays discuss the way aesthetics and religion merges in the unitary experience of the sacred in Sikh tradition. They also explore gender in Sikh theology and society. One of the first works of its kind to bring together women and being Sikh, this volume engages with issues like religion, rituals, literature, sexuality, and nationalism and their link with identity-formation of Sikh women. It analyses significant issues of gender and religion and provides an empirical as well as theoretical structure to the debate. In their introduction, Doris Jakobsh and Eleanor Nesbitt explore the myriad themes of studies on Sikh women an emerging area for historians, sociologists, and anthropologists alike. They outline major developments and also break new ground with empirical evidence from their research.
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America History and Life

America  History and Life

... mapping thousands of galaxies and deep - space precincts . D . L . Smith 40 :
13739 1970 ' s Kent , Stephen A . From Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest and
Religious Conversion in the Late Vietnam War Era . ( Religion and Politics Series
. ) ...



ISBN: UOM:39015065432984

Category: Canada


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Provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Includes information abstracted from over 2,000 journals published worldwide.
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Choice s Outstanding Academic Titles 1998 2002

Choice s Outstanding Academic Titles  1998 2002

OAT - 3004 From slogans to mantras . OAT - 3083 From steam to diesel . OAT -
1979 From the Greek mimes to Marcel Marceau and beyond . OAT - 1158 From
the Puritans to the projects . OAT - 3181 From tribal village to global village .

Author: Rebecca Ann Bartlett

Publisher: Amer Library Assn

ISBN: 0838982328

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 642

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Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Families in Society

Families in Society

From slogans to mantras : Social protest and religious conversion in the late
Vietnam war era . Syracuse , NY : Syracuse University Press . Kent , S. A. , & Hall
, D. ( 2000 ) . Brainwashing and re - indoctrination programs in the Children of
God ...



ISBN: NWU:35556035612787

Category: Family services


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ISBN: STANFORD:36105113270040

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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Parliamentary Debates  Hansard

Debate ( on motion by Mr Cadman ) adWe are seeing a government that is now
journed . consolidated into a process of government by MATTERS REFERRED
TO MAIN mantras and by slogans . In fact those mantras COMMITTEE are now ...

Author: Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives


ISBN: STANFORD:36105015371565

Category: Australia


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Vietnam War Era

Vietnam War Era

Slogans to Mantras : Social Protest and Religious Conversion in the Late
Vietnam War Era . Syracuse , NY : Syracuse University Press , 2001 . Kimball ,
Jeffrey .

Author: Mitchell K. Hall


ISBN: UOM:39015080884151

Category: History

Page: 261

View: 987

An insightful look into the immediate and long-term impact of the Vietnam War on a wide range of people and social groups, both Americans in the United States and in Vietnam. • Primary sources reveal a broad spectrum of opinion expressed in a variety of forms, including memoirs, documents, and poetry • Includes a chronology of key events related to the Vietnam War and an extensive bibliography covering political, diplomatic, social, and cultural aspects of the war
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Managers and Mantras

Managers and Mantras

CHAPTER 10 ACE and Other Slogans Si ir David Orr sat down . He had just
delivered a witty , and , at times , irreverent after - dinner speech . His audience
was in good humor and applauded warmly . More than ninety of his board
colleagues ...

Author: Charlotte Butler

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000046294289

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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Managers & Mantras One Company's Struggle for Simplicity "The authors have done something I have always wanted to do. Tell it as it is in a less than successful diversified company. This story of Inchcape is a goldmine, offering the chance to test all one's pet theories about management. A must read for students of how to win and lose money in business.." Andrew Campbell Director Ashridge Strategic Management Centre "This is a business book with a difference and I commend it strongly not just to those connected with global companies but to a wider audience as well-it is a thoroughly good read!! " Sir Colin Chandler Chairman Vickers plc "It is the ultimate case study-amazing detail written with authority and competence. A must read for managers of people." Simon Murray Former Executive Chairman Deutsche Bank Group (Asia-Pacific) "Rarely has there been a business book which could be described as 'a real page-turner'. This is a glorious exception. Instead of the usual self-important reworking of the latest management theory, the authors have produced a gripping human drama." Brian J. Dawes Managing Director Quintiles China "The whole saga forced me to reflect about the function and effectiveness of management education. This is a study which, though highly readable and entertaining, will haunt our trade for a long time." Masaaki Hirano Professor Waseda University Business School, Tokyo "Here is an example of that rare kind of book-the management novel-except that it is fact rather than fiction." Dr.Gordon Redding Professor of Asian Business INSEAD
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Mental and Elemental Nutrients

Mental and Elemental Nutrients

You may want to recall an old slogan or make up a new one that is especially
helpful to your willpower ; an example is " a minute on the lips , forever on the
hips . " A slogan or mantra can be repeated to yourself at weak moments . Shop
after ...

Author: Carl Curt Pfeiffer

Publisher: Keats Publishing

ISBN: 0879831146

Category: Medical

Page: 519

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A pioneer in the field of biological psychiatry details the functions of essential nutrients, warns of the dangers of food additives, and explains nutritional therapies for numerous disorders.
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