Prayer From Alexander To Constantine

Prayer From Alexander To Constantine

Prayer from Alexander to Constantine presents and contextualizes approximately
fifty prayer texts covering a span of 650 years. It includes prayers from Jewish,
Christian and pagan religions. The volume, through individual analysis of each ...

Author: Mark Kiley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317798927

Category: History

Page: 352

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Prayer From Alexander To Constantine presents a diverse selection of prayer chosen by over 40 different historians, all specialists in their respective areas of Graeco-Roman literature. This collaboration gives the book a range and depth that no individual author could hope to rival. Each selection includes an introductory essay, followed by a new English translation of the prayer, accompanied by critical notes and biography. In this way the reader is able to gain an insight into the variety of subjects and styles involved in people's communications with their gods in antiquity. The volume will be a key text for students engaged in courses which explore the period's history and theologies. There is no comparable anthology available in English. The volume will also be of value to the general reader interested in the history of this period and anyone interested in the forms of prayer.
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Archaeology of the Land of the Bible 10 000 586 B C E

Archaeology of the Land of the Bible  10 000 586 B C E

Volume 3 explores the archaeological record of the land of the Bible from its conquest by Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE until the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine in the fourth century CE. Focusing on the region's ...

Author: Amihay Mazar

Publisher: Anchor Bible

ISBN: UCBK:C110403895

Category: Religion

Page: 576

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The standard text on biblical archaeology--an award-winning, comprehensive introduction to the subject, from the very beginnings to the divided monarchy and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
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Alexander to Constantine

Alexander to Constantine

The only book-length overview available that focuses on the archaeology of Palestine in this period, this comprehensive and powerfully illuminating work sheds new light on the lands of the Bible.

Author: Eric M. Meyers

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300174830

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

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Drawing on the most recent, groundbreaking archaeological research, Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey re-narrate the history of ancient Palestine in this richly illustrated and expertly integrated book. Spanning from the conquest of Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE until the reign of the Roman emperor Constantine in the fourth century CE, they synthesize archaeological evidence with ancient literary sources (including the Bible) to offer a sustained overview of the tumultuous intellectual and religious changes that impacted world history during the Greco-Roman period. The authors demonstrate how the transformation of the ancient Near East under the influence of the Greeks and then the Romans led to foundational changes in both the material and intellectual worlds of the Levant. Palestine's subjection to Hellenistic kingdoms, its rule by the Hasmonean and Herodian dynasties, the two disastrous Jewish revolts against Rome, and its full incorporation into the Roman Empire provide a background for the emergence of Christianity. The authors observe in the archaeological record how Judaism and Christianity were virtually undistinguishable for centuries, until the rise of imperial Christianity with Emperor Constantine. The only book-length overview available that focuses on the archaeology of Palestine in this period, this comprehensive and powerfully illuminating work sheds new light on the lands of the Bible.
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Backgrounds of Early Christianity

Backgrounds of Early Christianity

From Alexander to Constantine. Oxford, 1956. Peters, F. E. The Harvest of
Hellenism: A History of the Near East from Alexander the Great to the Triumph of
Christianity. London, 1972. Boardman, John, ed. The Oxford History of the
Classical ...

Author: Everett Ferguson

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802822215

Category: History

Page: 648

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New to this expanded & updated edition are revisions of Ferguson's original material, updated bibliographies, & a fresh dicussion of first century social life, the Dead Sea Scrolls & much else.
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Augustus to Constantine

Augustus to Constantine

Relative or not, as bishop of the eastern capital Eusebius was one of the few
eastern bishops known to the emperor, and Constantine's letter to Alexander and
Arius doubtless owed something to him as well as to Ossius. In the letter the ...

Author: Robert McQueen Grant

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664227724

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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This masterful study of the early centuries of Christianity vividly brings to life the religious, political, and cultural developments through which the faith that began as a sect within Judaism became finally the religion of the Roman empire. First published in 1970, Grant's classic is enhanced with a new foreward by Margaret M. Mitchell, which assesses its importance and puts the reader in touch with the advances of current research.
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The History of the Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine

The History of the Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine

Revolution in the East . Artaxerxes king of the Perfians revolts against Artabanes
king of the Parthians , and transfers the empire to his nation . He prepares to
make war upon the Romans . Alexander charged with timidity by Herodian ,
without ...

Author: Jean Baptiste Louis Crevier


ISBN: UOM:39015073722640

Category: Emperors


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Categories: Emperors

Emperor Constantine

Emperor Constantine

Constantine asked Alexander to receive and reinstate Arius; Alexander refused.
Constantine asked again, using stronger words; Alexander refused again.
Constantine reconvened the Council of Nicaea (at Nicomedia, in 327), which ...

Author: Hans A. Pohlsander

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134364466

Category: History

Page: 144

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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Reign of Leo VI 886 912

The Reign of Leo VI  886 912

CHAPTER NINE ALEXANDER Amongst Byzantine emperors the figure of
Alexander I ( brother of Leo VI ) is notorious , and ... is not recorded , but he most
likely acquired an imperial role on the death of his eldest brother Constantine in

Author: Shaun Tougher

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004108114

Category: History

Page: 262

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This book provides a fresh examination of the Byzantine emperor Leo VI (886-912) and his reign. A consideration of personal and political relationships and internal and external affairs forms the basis of a reassessment of his achievements and kingship.
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Prelude to Constantine

Prelude to Constantine

Diotogenes " the Pythagorean . ” Peri basileias . In Stobaeus , Anthologiam II.
7.612. Edited by O. Hense , 4 : 263-70 . Berlin , 1909. Translated by E. Barker ,
From Alexander to Constantine : Passages and Documents Illustrating the
History of ...

Author: Alexander Mirkovic

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39076002687197

Category: History

Page: 182

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Revised thesis (Ph. D.) - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 2002.
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Timeless Truth in the Hands of History

Timeless Truth in the Hands of History

However, Constantine relented and wrote to bishop Alexander of Alexandria to re
-admit Arius to the church. In his letter to Alexander, Constantine states that Arius
was “professing that he has the same views concerning the Catholic faith as ...

Author: Gale Heide

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630877989

Category: Religion

Page: 230

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What is the purpose of theology for the church? Systematic theology provides an inroad into this question by offering both a method for doing theology and an explanation for the purpose of that method. However, system is itself the product of a specific understanding of knowledge grounded in rational demonstration of facts. This study attempts to address the historical debate over when systematic theology began. Much of the debate is centered on the definition of system and revolves around the use, or lack thereof, of external philosophical categories or language. Specific historical figures have been selected to serve as illustrations of how theological prolegomena functioned in works prior to and following the influence of Enlightenment thought. In the early chapters it will be seen that theology was neither totally saturated with, nor totally devoid of, external philosophical reference points or programmatic intentions. On the contrary, both external points of reference and programmatic intentions have played a role in theology since the church's inception. In other words, certain elements of system (e.g., logic, non-contradiction, organization) have played a role in theological investigation and construction since, at least, the second century. The last two chapters of this study demonstrate that these may not be the same influences that have marked post-Enlightenment systematics. One of the primary characteristics of pre-Enlightenment theology is its intentional focus on the life of the church. Theology, like the Scriptures, was often written for specific circumstances. Enlightenment influences significantly changed the intentions of much of theology in that theological knowledge was studied and displayed for the sake of knowledge itself. The church no longer mattered, or was at best an afterthought, in the realm of what is now seen as the domain of academic theology.
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The Vision Thing

The Vision Thing

Chapter 13 Cultural transition and spiritual transformation From Alexander the
Great to cyberspace David Ulansey Let ... a pretty accurate picture of the religious
chaos in which the ancient world was struggling before the reign of Constantine .

Author: Thomas Singer

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415195543

Category: Psychology

Page: 281

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Contemporary politics goes on at a mythic level. This is the provocative argument put forward in this unique book. The first part focuses on leadership and vision, while the second part deals with `the one and many' theme in politics.
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The Student s Companion to the Theologians

The Student s Companion to the Theologians

Alexander's hostile encyclicals to eastern bishops and to widen his support he
was urged to write to Eusebius of ... Arius was probably readmitted to communion
by a local Bithynian synod and Constantine wrote to Alexander urging him to do ...

Author: Ian S. Markham

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118496442

Category: Religion

Page: 1008

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This companion brings together a team of contemporary theologians and writers to provide substantial introductions to the key people who shaped the Christian story and tradition. A substantial reference work, bringing together over 75 entries on the most important and influential theologians in the history of Christianity Structured accessibly around five periods: early centuries, middle ages, reformation period, the Enlightenment, and the twentieth-century to the present A to Z entries range from substantial essays to shorter overviews, each of which locates the theologian in their immediate context, summarizes the themes of their work, and explains their significance Covers a broad span of theologians, from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas, through to C. S. Lewis, James Cone, and Rosemary Radford Reuther Provides profiles of key Catholic, protestant, evangelical, and progressive theologians Includes a useful timeline to orientate the reader, reading lists, and a glossary of key terms
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Arrian s History of Alexander s Expedition

Arrian s History of Alexander s Expedition

By these means he got safe to Constantine , who shewed him all possible
kindness and respect . 23 But Licinius being besieged by Constantine at
Nicomedia also , knew not what to do , being sensible that he had not an army
equal to ...

Author: Arrian


ISBN: UVA:X000386250



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