French Or Foe?

Getting the Most Out of Visiting, Living and Working in France

Author: Polly Platt

Publisher: Distribooks Incorporated

ISBN: 9780964668423

Category: Travel

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Polly Platt's title French or Foe? is more timely than ever, as the Franco. American alliance frays a little more with each day, the exchanges more vitriolic than ever before. Her book has long been the reference for what it is about theFrench that rubs Americans the wrong way, why the Franco-American alliance has difficulties, and how to handle French people.... and find out, she says, "how wonderful they are." Now in the third edition, she examines the revolution of the last few years brought about by the computer and the Internet. Interviews with many American and French executives explain the differences .. and the similarities .. in procedures in the work place compared five years ago. In addition, French or Foe?Us third edition describes the "French exceptions" of the last few years: the Messier scandal, the reasons why France was voted the Workers' Paradise in 2002; the romantic Look, version 2003; the government's new measures to

The French in the United States

An Ethnographic Study

Author: Jacqueline Lindenfeld

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780897899031

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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Contemporary French immigrants have a high degree of integration into American society in terms of socio-demographic features and behavior patterns. While the foreign-born generation maintains a French identity beneath the surface, acculturation seems inevitable in later generations, due to a variety of social and attitudinal factors. Lindenfeld examines these factors, shedding light on a population that has, until now, remained fairly invisible.

Paris: The Collected Traveler

Author: Barrie Kerper

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307739325

Category: Travel

Page: 752

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Each edition of this unique series marries a collection of previously published essays with detailed practical information, creating a colorful and deeply absorbing pastiche of opinions and advice. Each book is a valuable resource -- a compass of sorts -- pointing vacationers, business travelers, and readers in many directions. Going abroad with a Collected Traveler edition is like being accompanied by a group of savvy and observant friends who are intimately familiar with your destination. This edition on Paris features: Distinguished writers, such as Mavis Gallant, Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, Herbert Gold, Olivier Bernier, Richard Reeves, Patricia Wells, Catharine Reynolds, and Gerald Asher, who share seductive pieces about Parisian neighborhoods, personalities, the Luxembourg Gardens, Père-Lachaise and other monuments, restaurants and wine bars, le Plan de Paris, and le Beaujolais Nouveau. Annotated bibliographies for each section with recommendations for related readings. An A-Z "renseignements pratiques" (practical information) section covering everything from accommodations, marches aux puces (flea markets), and money to telephones, tipping, and the VAT. Whether it's your first trip or your tenth, the Collected Traveler books are indispensable, and meant to be the first volumes you turn to when planning your journeys. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Art of Doing Business Across Cultures

10 Countries, 50 Mistakes, and 5 Steps to Cultural Competence

Author: Craig Storti

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473645328

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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50 common cultural mistakes made in business are presented in the form of short conversations which show that there's always a reason why people do the strange things they do, the reason is almost never to upset you, and there's always a way round. The Art of Doing Business Across Cultures presents five brief, unsuccessful conversational exchanges between Americans and their business colleagues in 10 different locations-the Arab Middle East, Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, and Russia.

The Outlook

Author: Lyman Abbott,Ernest Hamlin Abbott,Hamilton Wright Mabie

Publisher: N.A



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