Englische Studien

Author: Eugen Kölbing,Johannes Hoops,Arthur Kölbing,Albert Wagner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Comparative linguistics

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Warum noch Philosophie?

historische, systematische und gesellschaftliche Positionen

Author: Marcel van Ackeren,Theo Kobusch,Jörn Müller

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110223759

Category: Philosophy

Page: 363

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Is philosophy endangered by a scientific culture increasingly influenced by demands of utility and efficiency? What are the goals and intentions of philosophy, and what are the reasons that one practices philosophy at all? The main questions of this collection concern the self-understanding of philosophy. Prominent authors consider historical, systematic, and social approaches to this question and discuss possible answers. The purpose is not merely to legitimate philosophical practice but to understand what such practice consists in at all.

Schnitzler's Hidden Manuscripts

Author: Lorenzo Bellettini,Peter Hutchinson

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039115440

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 202

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This volume, which takes its title from an international conference held at the University of Cambridge in November 2006, aims to shed new light on Schnitzler's "oeuvre" and his period by focusing on his as yet largely unpublished literary remains, his 'hidden manuscripts'. Among the key topics covered in this collection are: the reconstruction of the adventurous rescue of the manuscripts from Vienna in 1938 and a description of their current locations; an overview of the author's life, in its historical context, on the basis of such private documents as his diaries and letters; the plethora of existing variants, both published and unpublished, and their usefulness for our understanding of Schnitzler's work, from the "Anatol" cycle to the 'scandalous' "Reigen" - in the light of the discovery of its original manuscript - and Schnitzler's planned (but never completed) work on the historical figure of Emperor Joseph II; Schnitzler's difficult relationship with one of the most influential journalists of his time, Karl Kraus, and his literary friendship with a close but hitherto neglected contemporary, Gustav Schwarzkopf; the network of intertextual references 'hidden' in the revolutionary monologue novella "Lieutenant Gustl" against the background of Hermann Bahr's modernist theory of literature; and finally, Schnitzler's 'hidden legacy' in our own epoch. This book contains contributions in both English and German.

The Scientific Correspondence of H.A. Lorentz

Author: A.J. Kox

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 038777940X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 780

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This volume presents a selection of 434 letters from and to the Dutch physicist and Nobel Prize winner Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (1853–1928), covering the period from 1883 until a few months before his death in February 1928. The sheer size of the available correspondence (approximately 6000 letters from and to Lorentz) preclude a full publication. The letters included in this volume have been selected according to various criteria, the most important of which is scientific importance. A second criterion has been the availability of letters both from and to Lorentz, so that the reader can follow the exchange between Lorentz and his correspondent. Within such correspondences a few unimportant items, dealing with routine administrative or organizational matters, have been omitted. An exception to the scientific criterion is the exchange of letters between Lorentz and Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Woldemar Voigt, and Wilhelm Wien during World War I: these letters have been included because they shed important light on the disruption of the scientific relations during the war and on the political views of these correspondents as well as of Lorentz. similar reasons the letters exchanged with Einstein and Planck on post-war political issues have been included. Biographical sketch Hendrik Antoon Lorentz was born on July 18, 1853 in the Dutch town of Arnhem. He was the son of a relatively well-to-do owner of a nursery.

Von Eierschwammerlhöhen zur D.H. Lawrence-Ranch

österreichisches Literaturgeschehen in den Rockys? : eine Begegnung

Author: Peter Pabisch,Wolfgang Greisenegger

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783034303347

Category: American literature

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Papers presented at the Literature Symposium in Taos Ski Valley 2007, includes only authors and artists who volunteered to contribute to this work.