Biodiversity in Dead Wood

Author: Jogeir N. Stokland,Juha Siitonen,Bengt Gunnar Jonsson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521888735

Category: Science

Page: 509

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A comprehensive overview of wood-inhabiting fungi, insects and vertebrates, discussing habitat requirements along with strategies for maintaining biodiversity.

State of biodiversity in the Nordic countries

Author: Bo Normander,Nordic Council of Ministers

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

ISBN: 9289318252


Page: 130

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The Nordic countries have agreed on a common target to halt the decline in biodiversity by 2010. This report aims at evaluating the 2010-target by presenting indicators that can describe trends in biodiversity in the Nordic countries. Our results comprise the most comprehensive documentation of land use in the Nordic countries to date. The area of important nature types such as mire, grassland and heathland have decreased significantly over the past one to two decades, whereas the area of constructed habitats, including city areas and transport networks, has grown considerably in all of the Nordic countries. Each of these trends in land use will cause biodiversity to decline. Looking into the quality aspect of biodiversity, our results reveal that two-thirds of the quality indicators presented show declines and the remaining one-third show improvements (or steady-state). Overall, our results indicate that biodiversity has declined in the Nordic countries since 1990. In particular, farmland, mire, grassland and heathland habitats show declines in biodiversity, but also the remaining habitats show negative trends. Therefore, based on the findings from this study, we conclude that it is highly unlikely that the target of halting biodiversity loss by 2010 can be achieved by the Nordic countries. Our results should be perceived as a first attempt to make an overall assessment of biodiversity in the Nordic countries. We believe that if further efforts were directed towards scrutinising existing and historic monitoring programmes and data sources, additional indicators could be calculated and hence a better knowledge base would be achieved.

Ecosystem Services in Forests

How to assess and value them? Nordic Workshop, Oslo, Thursday 13th September 2012 – Conference report

Author: N.A

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

ISBN: 9289327855


Page: 72

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A Nordic Workshop on “Ecosystem Services in Forests – how to assess and value them” was held in Oslo Thursday the 13th of September 2012. During the day, 13 presentations were made, and altogether 41 participants had the opportunity to discuss the way forward and to formulate issues and research fields as recommendations to the Nordic Council of Ministers. This report presents a synthesis of the presentations and provides a brief summary of issues that were raised in the discussions. The workshop addressed both current knowledge of services as well as challenges and possibilities related to assessment and valuation, and challenged participants to formulate new and important issues based on their respective fields of expertise.