The Dialects of Irish

Study of a Changing Landscape

Author: Raymond Hickey

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110238306

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 519

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The book offers a comprehensive overview of forms of modern Irish within a general linguistic framework. Starting with information on the sociolinguistics of modern Irish and on the overall sound system of the language, it then proceeds with a tripartite division of the present-day language into northern, western and southern Irish. It gives specific information on the features of each dialect and considers many sub-divisions, using maps and tables to illustrate clearly what is the subject of discussion. There are several innovations in the book, such as a system of lexical sets which facilitate the description and analysis of variation and change in modern Irish. The data for the book stems from recordings of more than 200 speakers and all the statements made about the structure of Irish are based on native speakers' speech samples. These are supplied online with a software interface which allows users to quickly orient themselves among the varieties of Irish via clickable maps. A number of further issues are focused on in the book, such as the possibility of dialect reconstruction and the use of place-name evidence for determining the earlier distribution of Irish. Additional historical and background information is provided so that scholars and students without any previous knowledge of the language can readily grasp the themes and issues discussed.

Irish Nouns

A Reference Guide

Author: Andrew Carnie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199213755

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 350

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This book provides the first comprehensive source of reference on noun declensions in Modern Irish. Modern Irish nouns are divided into five declension classes, two genders, three cases, two major classes of plural formation, and by a rich variety of plural inflection suffixes. Each declension class contains subtypes which vary according to the quality of the final phoneme (vowel, palatalized consonant or velarized consonant). The addition of a determiner or preposition determiner combination can affect the pronunciation of the initial segment of the word. The form of the definite article to be used with a noun may vary according to its declension class, case, and number. Regular forms are described by rules describing these properties and the many exceptional and irregular forms must be described uniquely or in smaller groups. Even native speakers may find it hard to write correctly in standard Irish (an caighdean), their difficulties sometimes being compounded by widespreaddialectal variation.

Irish English

History and Present-Day Forms

Author: Raymond Hickey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139465847

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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English has been spoken in Ireland for over 800 years, making Irish English the oldest variety of the language outside Britain. This 2007 book traces the development of English in Ireland, both north and south, from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Drawing on authentic data ranging from medieval literature to authentic contemporary examples, it reveals how Irish English arose, how it has developed, and how it continues to change. A variety of central issues are considered in detail, such as the nature of language contact and the shift from Irish to English, the sociolinguistically motivated changes in present-day Dublin English, the special features of Ulster Scots, and the transportation of Irish English to overseas locations as diverse as Canada, the United States, and Australia. Presenting a comprehensive survey of Irish English at all levels of linguistics, this book will be invaluable to historical linguists, sociolinguists, syntacticians and phonologists alike.

Legal Lexicography

A Comparative Perspective

Author: Dr Máirtín Mac Aodha

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 140945441X

Category: Law

Page: 320

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Legal lexicography or jurilexicography is the most neglected aspect of the discipline of jurilinguistics, despite its great relevance for translators, academics and comparative lawyers. This volume bridges this gap by bringing together contributions from ten jurisdictions from leading experts in the field. The work addresses aspects of legal lexicography, both monolingual and bilingual, in its various manifestations in both civilian and common law systems and also compares epistemic approaches in a subject that is inextricably bound up with specific legal systems and specific languages.

Proceedings of the XIII EURALEX International Congress

(Barcelona, 15-19 July 2008)

Author: Elisenda Bernal Gallén,Janet DeCesaris Ward

Publisher: Documenta Universitaria

ISBN: 8492707399

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

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Els congressos d'EURALEX són fidels al caràcter "internacional" del seu títol: els contribuents d'aquestes actes procedeixen d'arreu del món i el nombre de llengües utilitzades és abundant. En aquestes actes es poden llegir contribucions escrites a sis llengües: català, anglès, francès, alemany, italià i espanyol. Aquesta presència significativa de llengües sembla ajustar-se a una associació europea concentrada en l'estudi i representació de la paraula, i indica l'interès en la investigació i millora dels diccionaris.\n\n

Dán do oide

essays in memory of Conn R. Ó Cléirigh

Author: Anders Ahlqvist,Conn R. Ó Cléirigh,Věra Čapková

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780946452170

Category: Irish language

Page: 610

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