Going Beyond

Perceptions of Sustainability in Heritage Studies

Author: Marie-Theres Albert,Francesco Bandarin,Ana Pereira Roders

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319571656

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

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This volume looks at sustainable protection and sustainable use of cultural and natural heritage, particularly in view of the current challenges of the 21st century. For more than 40 years the World Heritage Convention has regulated the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of humankind, particularly in that heritage shall be protected if it is threatened by modern development. The international community has also adopted sustainability and sustainable development, as objectives to facilitate the protection of cultural and natural heritage. Sustainable heritage protection and use must therefore be preserved in the face of the global challenges it faces and must be perceived in terms of societal, political and corresponding economic paradigms.

Refugees and Migrants in Law and Policy

Challenges and Opportunities for Global Civic Education

Author: Helmut Kury,Sławomir Redo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319721593

Category: Law

Page: 913

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Refugees and migration are not a new story in the history of humankind, but in the last few years, against a backdrop of huge numbers of migrants, especially from war-torn countries, they have again been a topic of intensive and contentious discussion in politics, the media and scientific publications. Two United Nations framework declarations on the sustainable development goals and on refugees and migrants adopted in 2016 have prompted the editors – who have a background in international criminology – to invite 60 contributors from different countries to contribute their expertise on civic education aspects of the refugee and migrant crisis in the Global North and South. Comprising 35 articles, this book presents an overview of the interdisciplinary issues involved in irregular migration around the world. It is intended for educationists, educators, diplomats, those working in mass media, decision-makers, criminologists and other specialists faced with questions involving refugees and migrants as well as those interested in improving the prospects of orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration in the context of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. Rather than a timeline for migration policies based on “now”, with states focusing on “stopping migration now”, “sending back migrants now” or “bringing in technicians or low-skilled migrant workers now”, there should be a long-term strategy for multicultural integration and economic assimilation. This book, prefaced by François Crépeau, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, and William Lacy Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration, addresses the question of the rights and responsibilities involved in migration from the academic and practical perspectives of experts in the field of social sciences and welfare, and charts the way forward to 2030 and beyond, and also beyond the paradigm of political correctness.

Mood Disorders

Author: Nese Kocabasoglu

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9535109596

Category: Medical

Page: 298

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Mood disorders are a crucial group of mental disorders that last for a life time, cause psychosocial dysfunction, disrupts interpersonal relationships and are overall highly restrictive. The facts that mood disorders are seen as high as 3-5% of the society and 70% of the patients' first psychiatric application puts forward that they are not well known show that these are a serious type of mental illness. The average time to make the right diagnose is reported as 10 years. The delays in diagnose and beginning of treatment lays a heavy burden on the patient, their relatives and society in general. After the diagnose begins the process of selecting the right treatment method of each individual which is of high importance as to enable the patient go through their treatment period without mental exhaustion. Protecting treatment planning and management in long term treatments are significant for the control of the disorder. Difficulties are frequently experience during diagnose, treatment and follow up for mood disorders. Professional constantly seek for innovations to resolve these issues in treating mood disorders. In this context, we hope that this book will become an important resource of some new researches for clinicians.


Internationale Perspektiven und Implikationen für die Praxis

Author: Barbara Covarrubias Venegas,Katharina Thill,Julia Domnanovich

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658151706

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 485

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Dieser Sammelband greift das vielfältige Wirkungsfeld des internationalen Personalmanagements auf und präsentiert aktuelle wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse sowie Implikationen und Perspektiven für die Praxis. Internationales Personalmanagement zeichnet sich durch erhöhte Komplexität und vielschichtige Herausforderungen aus, da sich die unternehmerische Tätigkeit auf zwei oder mehr Länder erstreckt. Es gilt unterschiedliche rechtliche Regelungen, kulturspezifische Besonderheiten und Erfordernisse verschiedener MitarbeiterInnengruppen zu berücksichtigen. Darüber hinaus verändert ein erweitertes Aufgabenspektrum die Rolle von HR und erfordert neue Kompetenzen. Als strategischer Partner leistet HR somit einen wesentlichen Beitrag zum Unternehmenserfolg. Die AutorInnen der Beiträge werfen einen kritischen Blick auf die Aufgaben, neuen Rollen und alternativen Ansätze im Personalmanagement.

Christian Ludwig Teutsch-Englisches Lexicon

Worinne nicht allein die Wörter, samt den Nenn- Bey- und Sprich-Wörtern, sondern auch sowol die eigentliche als verblümte Redens-Arten verzeichnet sind. Aus den besten Scribenten und vorhandenen Dictionariis mit grossem Fleiß zusammen getragen

Author: Christian Ludovici

Publisher: N.A


Category: German language

Page: 6

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